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  1. Today I decided to roll back my HD500 from fw v2.62 to fw v2.32 so I could compare them to see if my tone changed at all on existing patches. First off I connected my HD500 to PC and backed up my User Set list, and the supplied Variax set list. I then rolled back the fw. I only rolled back the fw to v2.32 and did not roll back any other software on any other components so everything else is latest level. It said flash update successful after the first requested power on reset. I then performed the 2nd power on reset to reinitialise the Global parameters. (Hold left key down) I then performed the 3rd power on reset to re-calibrate the expression pedal. (Hold right key down) I then performed final power on reset to get back to standard operation and connected to PC via USB Started up HD500 Edit Received the patches from the HD500 Navigated to Set List User 1, and used HD500 Edit to open up the previously saved Variax Set list and then sent that to HD500 - all OK Navigated to Set List User 2, and used HD500 Edit to open up previously saved User Set list, and then sent that to HD500. Just after the status box reports 95% complete, I get the error pop up message - see attachment. . So, I follow the recommended steps. Closed HD500 edit. Powered on and off HD500. Rconnected to PC. Restarted HD500 edit. Re-opened the saved User Set List and sent it again - same error. DId this about 3 times - same error every time. Last time, I loaded a blank set list and sent that to the unit first and then tried sending the saved user set list - same error. I decided to go and try my HD500 with my JTV and L2M to see if the User Set List worked correctly as it appeared to have downloaded to the HD500 despite the error message. From my limited testing, it appears to be OK. But do I have a corrupt patch in there somewhere that is going to bite me in the middle of a gig when I least expect it? Why am I getting this error message? And what can I do to fix it? Or can I ignore it? Thanks in advance for your help
  2. I need help getting my HD500 to be controlled by Cubase 6.0. I have set up a midi track on channel 1 Cubase and in one of the lanes, changing #CC051 value from 0 to 127, which should turn on FS1. I have connected my PC to an AKAI EIE Midi / Audio with one midi out cable connected to my HD500. I went into set-up on my HD500 and set midi to channel 1. I have confirmed that Cubase sees the EIE on the midi output. But when I play the cubase sequence, nothing happens on the HD500 when it passes the 0-127 trigger point. Is there anything special I need to enable on the HD500 as I have spent far too much time on this trying to figure it out. Thanks, Gorden
  3. I think this has just started happening...Whenever I change the patch on the HD500 the Variax switches to a model (even though the guitar is set to magnetic pickups only). I have double checked the Variax controller window in HD500 edit and that says "Don't force" for model selection. So if the Variax (JTV59) is set to magnetic pickups then changing the patches on the 500 shouldn't have any effect on the guitar - but it does. I feel I must be missing something simple. Any ideas?
  4. So Ive been having problems with L6 monkey when I try to update it on OS X. Now I notified Line 6 of my problem however that was two weeks ago so I figure this is the next best. When I click on the icon it bounces like it normally does in mac, but then nothing, no window, no nothing and I can't make it do anymore. I tried uninstalling then reinstalling and still nothing. I was hoping to update and maybe look at the new model packs but thats not looking very likely.
  5. Good Afternoon, I have acquired a POD HD500 from a friend and love interfacing it with my computer and dialing in the sounds. My only amp is a Spider IV 75w and I have to run it in test mode as there is no FX Loop on it. I play my American Telecaster and Epiphone Les Paul Standard through this amp. I recently purchased a Taylor 214CE and was looking at the Marshall AS50D as a amp for it. My question is: Could I use the HD500 with the AS50D, playing my two electric guitars through it and get the same tones I get with my Spider IV. My venue is a medium sized church and my sounds range from clean to distortion, always rhythm, never lead.
  6. I typically gig with a Spider IV 150 and am looking at potential backup scenarios. 1) buy a Spider IV 75 and upload all my current gig patches to it 2) get an HD500 and backup all my gig patches to that, and bring any one of the other amps I've accumulated through the years. One thing I haven't been able to find easily is whether the patches on an updated Spider IV will "translate" to an HD500. Anyone ever done this? Thanks, Curtis
  7. My setup: JTV59 > VDI > HD500 > L6 Link > L2m JTV fw v2.21 HD500 fw v2.62 I just upgraded my HD500 to v2.62 and wanted to try out the Global EQ, so I needed to swap from using L6 Link to my L2m to using the 1/4" out with the switch next to the expression pedal set to Line. I tested that the Global EQ was having an effect and then disconnected the 1/4" and reconnected the L6 Link. I immediately noticed way more volume from the same patch. So to be certain I double checked and tried both connections again one after the other, and found that the 1/4" line out is much quieter than the L6 link connection. I have mainly used L6 Link and the only times I have used the 1/4" line out before were stand alone without using L6 Link so I never made a direct comparison before. I thought that L6 Link and 1/4" out at line level would produce a similar level signal but maybe I am wrong - maybe they are designed to be different levels. Questions: Is this something that has been introduced with v2.62 or has L6 Link always been way louder than the 1/4" line out level? Does anyone know what the output level spec's are supposed to be with L6 Link and 1/4" line level? Has anyone lese noticed this? Or is it just me and my HD500 at v2.62 or does it do the same thing with earlier fw levels? Thanks in advance for your input. .
  8. I've hooked up my HD500 to the DT50 head (line6 link) and have a few patches switching various pre amps in and out. My question is what happens when you disconnect the HD500? The reason for this question is does the HD head remember the last pre amp selected on the channel via the HD500 or does it revert back to the base settings in the head? When I go guitar direct to the jack with no HD500 the DT50 is the base condition "out of the box" other changes on the front dials. I'm just a little confused on how this routing works. When you switch channels A to B and back the head will remember the configuring set from the previous time the channel was used how does the HD500 effect/interact with this. Thanks
  9. I have both the 500 and the 500X -- got the 500X because I wanted a backup. I had the XTLive -- bought it in 2005 or 2006 when I got my Variax 300 and had a midi pedal to my FX shoot craps. In 2009, the XTL died at a gig and I had to make due without. The wall wart power input jack on the XTL failed, and left me dead in the water. I went to GC and picked up the new (at the time) X3Live -- was able to import the XTL patches into the X3L. When I got my JTV-59 in 2011 I wanted the better JTV control features of the HD500, so it was not long before I got the 500. Well, with the XTL failure experience in the back of my head, I saw my way clear to buy the 500X when that had just come out, so I could use one as a backup. I also got a JTV-69S in 2012 as a backup to my 59.... I'm an engineer, and tend to think in terms of contingencies... Yeah, I know, but just the way I am... I was able to put my set lists from the 500 into the 500X, and was off. Over time, went through some updates, and my patches evolved, like everybody who tweaks, I decided to put my current set lists into my backup 500 to keep them both alike, but noticed the 2 units sounded different with the same patches. I have a thread on here describing the differences: Anyway -- I was also looking forward to this latest round of FW and software updates this last week. I did the 2.61 500X FW updates then bought and installed the full model pack set. Found the Global EQ was not doing anything. so when they fixed that with 2.62, it was ready for the HD 500 as well. Got the 500X squared away Tursday, then did the 500 on Friday night, and installed the model packs on that as well -- settled an uncertainty we've been reading about concerning multiple installs -- everybody said we should be able to, and I was able to get it on both. The License manager is a bit fussy -- had de-authorize some stuff to get 'er done. what up with that -- heaven help you if you buy more than 3 things that need to be authorized... jeesh... I digress... I just want to report that with the 2.62 FW updates, the 500 and the 500X now DO sound EXACTLY alike. Before the update, the 500 sounded quite a bit more "treble-y" than the 500X with the same patches. After the update - completely the same. Also with all the updates, I saw they had updates for the JTV's -- updated HD Workbench for the new Standard Variax, but also a FW update for the JTV -- FW 2.21. It's the first one I've seen with absolutely not firmware realease notes. I asked if anybody knew what it was about on the JTV section of the Forum -- nobody seems to -- never heard from Digital Igloo or any other L6 Staffers. Well, I gritted my teeth and updated both the 59 & 69S. I haven't found any bad issues with it, but really can't tell any positive changes, either. Anybody here heard what it was about? Wanted to thank the L6 folks for a fairly smooth update. the 2.60 to 2.61 to 2.62 fixes were pretty timely. My HD500X & JTV update installs went very smoothly. I had 2 USB communication errors when installing the 2.62 update to the 500. I disconnected any other connections to the 500 and made sure the USB cable was firmly in place, and it worked. Thanks, Dave
  10. I have never owned a 300 but a friend of mine is telling me that his HD500 would not power the 300 through the variax cable. He has upgraded to a 500x now but can any of you verify if the 300 power should be supported by either unit?
  11. When purchasing an HD Model Pack, can I install it on both of my POD HD500?
  12. I have finally come tweaked an HD500 patch for JTV model Acoustic-5 through my L2m that I am happy with for live band use. It was set up and saved with HD500 connected to my L2m in ACOUSTIC GUITAR mode via L6 link. FS4 is set to toggle on/off tube compressor for solo boost if needed. It reduces the boomy resonance with the L2m when playing an acoustic model at volume and also reduces the harsh high-mid treble allowing the more subtle acoustic qualities to come through at volume in a live band setting. I have added it to CUSTOMTONE so please feel free to download it and try it out. Background info: I have a JTV59 with fw 2.1 and it is strung with Fender 150R's - and they are 10's. I have made some slight global string adjustments and model string level adjustments under Workbench HD. I hope that this patch will be useful - even if it needs to be tweaked some more for your own setup.
  13. I'm very happy with the way the HD 5150 amp has turned out. It's my favorite amp model on my Peavey Vypyr II amp, and it's now probably going to be my favorite on my HD500X. Having said that, it definitely needs some tweaks and adjustments to get a usable sound. To my ears, the default settings have way too much mosquito buzz and a little too much low end, but to be honest, the exact same is true with the 5150 model on my Vypyr amp, so I believe that those are just characteristics of the actual amp (but I've not played on a real 5150, so my experience is limited to modelers). I purposely recorded this clip with the default settings of the amp model to give an idea of the sound without any adjustments. The only exceptions are that I increased the mids about 12%, I added plate reverb and I added tape echo. Also, I did not add drums or bass when recording to let the guitar be fully heard. So, all of the items that to me need tweaked are still present in this clip, so you'll hear too much buzzyness. But again, this is purposely to give a demo of the raw sound of the amp without much tweaking. I plan on doing an A/B comparison with my Vypyr 5150 settings, which I have set the way I like, to get this more in line with that. Lowering the gain, lowering the presence, reducing the bass and treble a little, and a few other things should get this amp model sounding pretty good. Edit: I also meant to say that for this clip, I did not change the input settings to guitar/variax instead of guitar/same, so changing that may help, too.
  14. hello, being a bit of a tech head (been into computers and related hardware for about 14 years as hobby and private work) I like to get into the tech side of hardware and see what hardware is worth buying, not based just on the hardware spec's listed on the products website, but also the chips that are used to create the product i'm buying. after starting to get into guitars and effects just lately and buying a second hand, Mint condition (still boxed) HD500 for only £260, I decided to have a look at the chips being used to create the effects/tones in this device, after all its these important parts that will decide the end result being produced, oh and the skill of the software programmers to get the best use out of the hardware. it turns out Line 6 choice of ADSP that's being used in the HD500 is a really good choice for this product even more at the price point of the HD500 second hand price, for all the haters of the POD HD500, Who will say they are rubbish or over hyped etc, I hate to break this to you .. but the hardware being used in the HD500 Is really good and proven tech. POD HD500 owners should relax, knowing the tech Line 6 is using and giving us, at such cheap prices, its a steel. The ADSP-21369 used inside the HD500 is used in other audio devices such as : I will quote : "SHARC: You Never Have to Compromise" As previously stated, CreamWare has been using ADI's SHARC DSPs since 1997, and most of the company's SCOPE line includes the processors. "We are enthusiastic about SHARC technology and love to spread the word," said Hund. CreamWare's SCOPE is a highly flexible studio system that can be configured, adapted, and used according to specific needs such as recording, mixing, and mastering. It is a flexible powerful digital mixer with latency-free real-time DSP plug-ins and other quality features. It includes SHARC DSP boards, software packages, recording tools such as mixers and effects, and exclusive sound machines such as synthesizers and samplers. SCOPE is fully expandable. DSP power, I/Os, and software can all be updated thanks to its modular structure. One can implement configurations comprising as many as 42 SHARC DSPs and more than 100 I/Os. "The considerable DSP power of the platform itself allows for implementing only sophisticated top-notch algorithms — we have always focused on quality. For example, the synthesizers on our platform rarely provide extensive polyphony but the sound just blows right into your face. There is, however, one more technological motive: The employed SHARC DSP was specifically designed to perform high-resolution audio processing. It always processes the audio with a 32-bit resolution, and algorithms and parameters are computed with a floating-point resolution of even 40 bits," said Hund. "If there are no such powerful structures at hand, programmers will have to make compromises regarding the resolution (accuracy) again and again for performance purposes; so the weakest link in the processing chain will often determine the sound. With SHARCs, however, you never have to compromise — the highest resolution is maintained during the entire process without affecting the performance," Hund said. "You can hear it in the results." would love to know what ADSP the HD500X is using. sorry just add : this should be good news on the longevity of the product so money well invested in the hd500 and probs even more so in the HD500X
  15. Global EQ is used for compensating for the wide disparity in acoustic environments on tour or when traveling from studio to studio, and is applied to all setlists and presets. Global EQ features three fully parametric bands plus variable low and high cut filters. This feature is not available in the HD editor programs used via computer. To access Global EQ: Press and hold the VIEW button to open the Setup Menu. Using the four-way, cursor right until you see the Global EQ screen. Turn Knob 1 to select the desired EQ band (Low Cut, Low, Mid, High, High Cut) andturn Knobs 2, 3, and/or 4 to adjust the selected band. To bypass or enable Global EQ, press ENTER. NOTE—Due to L6 LINK’s flexible routing, Global EQ is not available at this output.
  16. This just started happening tonight, after working fine for a few months. I have my HD500 connected to an M5, Whammy 5, and Source EQ through a MIDI Solutions Quadra Thru. Was playing a few songs before I noticed that the tempo leds were falling out of sync. Never happened before. Tried resetting tempo a few times, but it kept on happening. The leds would flash in sync as I was tapping the HD500 tempo switch, and then after a few beats, they would lose each other. Has anyone experienced this and found a reason/solution?
  17. Anybody have a good slide guitar setting for a DT-50 and a HD500?
  18. Did a quick looping video today using the HD500X and JTV. It was off the cuff, so there are a couple of slips in there, but still fun :)
  19. There I was, recording my little heart out and I needed som wah-wah. As per usual, HD edit crashed (as it always does when using the on board expression pedal) I didn't want to go through the process of shutting down my DAW so I hit the "ok" button knowing that this will erase all of my patches except the one that I am using at the moment. I figured that I would stay in my creative flow and do the whole shutting down and rebooting process after I finished recording this one little passage. The genius that I am, I decided to try something new. I hit the send All button on the HD edit. AAAAUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH! ALL OF MY PATCHES ARE GONE! Why did I do that! And NO! I didn't have a back up! Hours of tweaking gone! But you know what? This is exactly what I needed! I reflashed the POD and got the factory bundle reinstalled. I basically have a brand new pod to play with but this time around I have a lot of experience behind me. I'm not trying to figure out how the POD works. I can just dive in and start creating patches that make sense and have them in an order that makes sense. Save my bundles and set lists in a manner that makes sense! Sure, I have lost some presets that I really liked. Presets that took me a long time to dial in. But a lot of that time was spent figuring out the difference between eq's and the different modulation types, mic options, DEP stuff and so on. I am going from "I wonder what will happen if....", to "I know what will happen when..." So recreating my lost patches has been pretty simple so far. I had run so deep down the POD rabbit hole, that it is oddly refreshing and exciting to have to start over. And here is something that I NEVER thought would be possible; a lot of the factory presets sound pretty darn good to me! I know that is crazy talk but it's true! Yes there is some stuff that is just plain goofy (Mysterious Wei comes to mind) but I am finding that I like quite a few of the factory offerings. Where as before, I had written them all off as garbage. So that is my tale of disaster and the Lotus flower that has risen from the ashes! Pretty cool in my mind! But seriously Line 6, you gotta do something about the crashing HD Edit expression pedal issue! It is REALLY ANOYING!
  20. I am thinking about trying to find some cheap studio monitors and a little powered 4 channel mixer to plug my HD500 at home (like 25W or something) in order to get a somewhat normal sound like when I go straight into the board. So I can work with the EQ thru the HD500 and not thru a amp. Any suggestions or ideas?
  21. Line 6's l2's seem a good sounding match but an expensive (and large) overkill, I think. What are currently the best options for a good sounding stereo home solution? Active studio monitors? Small stereo solid state amp with passive speakers? I realize there is lots of info spread throughout older threads. Looking for any new insight and/or experience on the topic. Thanks, Martin
  22. How to create the tone of the "synthesizer or loop machine" from this pink floyd song in pod hd 500? tks & regards!
  23. There will be a huge noise when use USB cable connecting the HD500 to computer. While no noise without USB cable. Please help to identify this problem. Thanks in advance I live in China , so I can't find any official after sale service , please tell me how to fix it by myself .... thank you very much .....
  24. So when I download a new tone from the line 6 website, it goes in my downloads and when I click on it to open it while I have hd500 edit opens, it wants to open the line 6 amp in reason. Any know how to fix? Really weird, never had this problem before. Just started doing it.
  25. Hi all, This is my first post, please move if I am in the wrong area. I'm looking to get a tone like used by ORGY,Deadsy, and Spineshank. Anyone who is into them knows that the Boss FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz is a huge part of the tone they have. Can anyone help me get that tone, or am I better off buying the pedal and running it into my HD500?
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