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  1. Hey guys, Here is a quick video comparison between the AMPLIFi and the POD HD500x's AC 30 Top Boost Amp Models.
  2. I've started using my HD500X as a midi controller in Ableton Live. I'm currently using it to control different parameters across several HD patches. For example patch 1A controls electric guitar settings (S Gear), patch 1B controls loopers in Ableton, patch 1C controls acoustic guitar settings, etc On patch 1A I put effects in the effects slots of the HD to give me visual feedback for what switches are turned on/off. This way if I turn delay on for example the corresponding footswitch lights up so I know it's on. This works out great, until I have to change patches to control something else and then come back to patch 1A. It restores which effects are on/off based on the saved state so my visual feedback is out the window. I don't think that there is a way around this but I thought I'd ask to see if anyone has any ideas. The two solutions I can think of are: 1. Have the HD500 return to the last state of a patch used instead of the saved state (from what I can tell it just doesn't do this) 2. Have the HD receive data from Ableton to coordinate when the lights on the footswitches should be on based on midi note on/off (pretty sure that's impossible). I'm stumped on how to accomplish this, or if it's even possible. If any one has any ideas I'm all ears! Thanks
  3. Hi guys, I am not new to using modelers. I have been using an Acoustic guitar with hex pickup with a Roland VG8 for many years. (I'm a finger style player and I play rock). I bought the HD500x so I could run direct with my electric guitars since they are much easier to play. I'm not even coming close to getting my electric guitars to sit in the mix as well as my acoustic through the Roland VG8 live. (I spent forever working on my sound with the acoustic and Roland… and now have spent months working with the HD500 with my electric guitars and I'm getting pretty frustrated). In the studio playing heavy rock, the HD500 is not bad. But live through the PA, both my Strat and Les Paul both sound very thin. I get a better Strat sound out of my Acoustic with the hex and Roland. It just fits in the mix. I never thought I'd be trying to get a Strat to sound as good as a modeled Strat out of an acoustic guitar. But that's where I am today. I want this to work since it would make my set up easier as well as traveling, since having to carry an acoustic to outside shows is hell on the guitar and being a slave to a multi pin connector makes wireless impossible. I perform a solo act / using tracks and so I need to run direct. Any suggestions to fatten up and get the imaging better (fitting in the mix) would be appreciated. Here is my Facebook link to some samples of what I'm doing in my solo act. There is a complication track… all acoustic guitar through the Roand (doesn't sound acoustic though…. ) and live video so you guys can see what I'm doing with the acoustic. Thanks. PS - help!
  4. Hey guys, first time post. I'm using the POD HD500 to record in Ableton via USB, just as a standard interface, and I'm getting really low output volumes. I've tried tweaking things and maxing out both the master and amp volumes but nothing works. It will sound fairly loud when playing back, and the right volume when listening to it through the headphones I have connected, but when I export it the guitar track is barely audible. This has happened with both Reaper and Ableton so I know it isn't the software itself. any reccomendations? At max output I am getting around -18 Db
  5. Hi guys, just got a HD500 and was wondering how to set it up so I can listen through my PC while I'm recording. I'm going to be using Reaper and have a vista PC. Is It possible and if it is could you guys help me with settings etc. Many thanks.
  6. Hey, I really REALLY like the Line 6 POD Pro X, because it's unbelievably affordable and sounds great. But, I don't like the Line 6 controllers very much. Can I hook up a normal midi controller to it? Also, how many other midi devices can I control at the same time? On an unrelated note, I play 8 and 10 stringed guitars, and will this be able to handle that kind of low end? Does the chromatic tuner work that well? Thanks!
  7. Just doing a fairly unscientific poll of those who actually use their POD HD unit with Tec21 Power Engine 60(s). I'd just like to hear what other folks are doing and their experiences that brought them to that point. For years, I have been setting my modelling setup to the Studio Direct just because Tech21 has claimed these PE60s I have are FRFR speakers. Well, they're not FRFR although the older ones with the Tech21 Special Design speakers like I have are closer than the newer Celestio nSeventy80 equiped units are, according to Tech21 again. So how do you setup your output mode? Studio/Direct? Combo Power Amp? Combo Front? Something else? And if you could add which model you have, or what mods you have made (IE speaker swap) that'd be great too.
  8. Is it possible? I'm not above getting MIDI distribution hardware to make it happen, but this would enable me to do some cool stuff.
  9. Hi I have a POD HD500 running in to a Line 6 DT25 head. The HD500 is connected to the DT25 via the L6 link. The unit has worked perfectly fine for a few months until recently. During a gig the sound just cut out completely. After swapping different cables (XLR, guitar etc) the sound came back. When back home I tried to replicate the fault but everything worked fine once again. A few weeks later the same thing happened again and then the display on pedal went blank, lit up but no information displayed.I un-plugged the pedal and went direct in to the amp, it worked fine. The following night I had another gig, plugged my pedal in as normal and it worked fine! I've just come to plug my pedal in again but first did a factory reset and flashed the firmware (successfully). Now I'm getting no sound or control from my pedal to the amp. If I plug headphones in it's fine, if I go direct into the amp without the pedal it's fine. I know straight away someone is going to say use a DMX XLR rather than standard but I honestly can't see this being the problem as the unit has worked fine with this XLR for months until now, I have also tried various other high quality XLR cables and none work. DMX cables are hard to get hold of here without ordering on-line. I can't use the warranty as I purchased the unit second hand and don't have proof of purchase. Can anyone recommend a solution or at least how to open the unit up to see if there is a loose connection on the XLR output? PLEASE HELP, I have a gig tomorrow!!! Ian
  10. I'm looking for some advice on hooking my HD500 up through MIDI. I've never used MIDI before so the concepts are beyond my current scope. I'm about to purchase a Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister 36, and was going to get the pedal for it, but then when looking through the specs remembered that my POD has MIDI in it. Would I be able to switch back and forth between channels using the foot switches? I want to use the effects in the POD, vs selling it and purchasing a M-13 or something so that I've got the range of other features the POD offers. Has anyone tried this? Curious about the "language" between the H&K and the POD to make sure that they sync up correctly, or does all MIDI do that automatically because MIDI IS the language? Any help would be awesome. Thanks! Justin
  11. Hi, Recently I changed completely my setup. instead of a mic'ed amp and then into the mixer, what I do is HD500 directly in the m20d mixer. The m20d has a specific dsp preset that is optimized for the hd500. That works extremely fine for me. Especially because I can now use stereo effects. That's really cool when you do say "Where the streets have no name" from U2 with plenty of delay. But, now the following question arises. My band has got an invitation to do a gig in a bit bigger venue. They have their own infrastructure (mixer, sound man). So we will not use the m20d. And I am asking myself, what will be the tone? Does anyone has experience. Perhaps I can ask Line6 for the details of the hd500 optimized dsp preset so that I could forward this info to the sound man. Does anyone has experience with the hd500 going into a normal mixer? Thks for the help Markus
  12. uso la hd500 + dt50 con la coneccion line6. Cuando estoy tocando la hd500 se apaga y se vuelve a prender. Generalmente pasa cuando toco algun shiwch o cuando presiono el pedal de expresion
  13. OK so here is my first official problem with my HD-500. (That I bought the first month they were available) I can no longer use the toe switch to select between exp-1 and exp-2. It had been getting more and more difficult to get it to actually click and now it is not operative at all. I wonder if there is some type of solution that doesn't involve taking it to be repaired. Does gunk or dust collect that can be blown out? Is this a ridiculous and wholly idiotic question? (well maybe that was overstating it, but you get the point... :) Thanks for any help you may be able to share.
  14. I am just wondering ifanyone here has already built a nice jazz rig using a JTV59 and POD HD500?
  15. Hi, I'm wondering what kind of guitar signal it records into My DAW both on PC & on My iPad? I own a Pod Pro XT and HD500 and want to being able to reamp the dry guitar signal recorded with Sonic Port VX into them (like when you use the Unprocessed Guitar Out signal on the Pods), or using Insert Plugins like Pod Farm2 or EzMix Presets on My PC? Does it record a wet signal at the same time? Or can you choose what signal to record. Sorry if I'm blurry :-) /Stefan
  16. pfsmith0

    HD500 Input Z

    I took my HD500 into the lab to measure it's input impedance to see if it was "real" or just an simulated/emulated effect. Summary: it is a real resistor. Details: I used an Audio Precision APx525 to generate a 100mV RMS signal at 100 Hz (because 1kHz caused too much cross-coupling at the higher impedance settings of 1M and 3.5M) with a 20 ohm output impedance (which is negligible). I switch in various series resistors until the signal out of the HD500 into the APx525 (either XLR out, 1/4" out, or SPDIF, it made no difference) dropped 6dB. Only the first FX block was installed in the HD500- the Studio EQ set to its default settings. The results are below: HD500 Input Z selected / Input Z measured 22k / 22.21k 32k / 32.03k 70k / 69.8k 90k / 90.1k 136k / 136.5k 230k / 232k 1M / 999k 3.5M / 4.57M (noisier measurement than the others) So what? Well, the HD500 input Z interacts with humbucker and single-coil pickups in an identical way that amps and FX boxes do. Humbuckers generally like (or require, depending on your point of view) higher impedances than single-coil pickups. Also, if you're driving the HD500 from a source w/o pickups, such as another FX box or a wireless receiver, then input Z selection should have no impact on your tone (as long as the box can drive the selected input Z). Generally, lower input Z offers lower noise but is harder to drive (prone to amplitude loss or more distortion).
  17. I am using an hd500 into a Crate Powerblock for guitar and vocals, I was thinking about adding a pedal or two using the integrated fx loop and then I thought: The added D/A/D conversions will double the latency, will it be noticeable? What's the precise latency value?
  18. I would appreciate you sharing your patch and/or settings for the song Baby Blue by Badfinger. I just can't seem to get even close to it. Any advice would be much appreciated :-)
  19. I recently purchased a POD HD500 and love it. I now need a speaker for it. Now I live in apartment so that is also to be considered. I have played it thru my Peavey Vypyr but looking for much better than what that has to offer, I even tried it through my Klipsch computer speakers, but need more headroom. I have considered an active PA speaker but when I looked at those they are 800+ watts and me being in an apartment not sure if that is the way to go or not. I have also considered the Tech21 power Engine. Now I do have a EVH 5150-III 1x12 cab but no power amp. So what would you guys suggest?
  20. Hi there, I have a little problem with my pod hd500: When working with patches in the ABCD mode the postion of the effects assigned to the footswitches 1-4 always stay the same. What I mean is: I have saved a patch with a effect on fs1 that is activated. I turn it off. Then I change to preset 2 and back to the first one (with the effect pedal). The effect will be turned on again, even if I left it deactivated. When switching to a preset the footswitches always return exactly to the positon in which they are saved. :( I find that really annoying. Any possibilties to change that, so that the pod will remember if I turned the effect on or off without saving it everytime (which isn't possible while playing of course). I hope you understood my question, :) Steven
  21. i'm running my hd500 into my boogie dc5 combo. i'd like to use the dc5's tone and use the stereo effects of the hd500 in stereo. right now, i primarily run the hd500 effects only, no modeling - i'm in love with the boogie tone and haven't found an equal in the models. how do i set up the loop from the hd500 to 2 amps? do i run the single hd500 send into a TRS with 2 1/4" cables out of the single TRS to the 2 amp's loops? thanks...
  22. I noticed that the aux input is considerably louder than the guitar input in my unit, but I couldn't find any explanation on the user guide or forums. Is that supposed to happen or may be a defect in my unit? The amp block is on Path A (Path B is muted). The input 1 is Guitar+Aux and input 2 is Variax (nothing plugged).
  23. I purchased the AMPLIFi 150 the day it came out. Thought the iOS concept was a cute idea for high school garage bands, so I didn't have any real expectations that it would work for any professional applications. For me, the price alone justified the Bluetooth stereo feature while jamming along/practicing. But I was sorely disappointed that the advertised "revolutionary 5-speaker stereo system" didn't truly work with any of the guitar tones. However, I accidentally found out that if I use a 1/4" stereo out of the HD500's headphone jack to a 1/8" stereo cable into the AUX IN on the back of the amp, I've now got sonic paradise! Granted, it's similar results I'd get plugging into a PA system, but I'm much happier with the tones now. Reasonable price for a small stereo guitar reference monitor that steams audio content.
  24. Hi, My looper on my HD500 has stopped working correctly. I think it is since last update. Example of what happens - Using variax set to 12 string. Record loop in post Change to distorted to play over loop Sound changes in loop it appears to change to normal acoustic guitat Some patches do not change sound of loop Brand new patch changes sound of loop This makes the looper pretty useless and I use it frequently in my band. I do have another looper to use, but great inconvenience as the FX loops is used as volume boost and I would have to chage all my patches to suit I have tried changing to pre once loop started to see what happens and it adds effects of new patch selected.
  25. I have a serious problem setting up my signal chain. I'm using a HD500 connected to a DT50 Head via Line6 Link. The signal chain is Guitar in - Noisgate - Wah -Amp Pre Model (-Delay -Reverb) -DT50 For some strange reason the effects post the amp simulation won't work. They show up correctly in the HD500 edit software are turned on etc. but have no effect. Putting them before the amp works.... but sounds terrible. Seems to me like I miss some little detail that i just can't see.... HELP !
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