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  1. Hola banda, necesito su ayuda, tengo el pod hd500, me di cuenta que al cambiar en el footswitch de efecto guardado en el banco A1 al B1,, y después al regresar al A1 nuevamente pierde algunas características del efecto A1, por ejemplo en mi pedal tengo en el banco ("A1" clean) ("B1" overdrive) ("C1" lead overdrive+delay para solos).. cuando toco con el (B1 overdrive) y después paso a hacer solos voy al (C1 lead overdrive+delay para solos), el banco C1 pierde un poco de graves de delay y alguna característica que le puse al preset, cuando toco con la (A1 clean) y paso a la (C1 lead overdrive+delay para solos), pierde mas delay el sonido se hace chillón y fino con muchos brillos, osea se pierde mas características que le puse a ese preset en su cadena de efectos,, pasa incluso con los efectos ya predeterminados del pedal, los nombres de los bancos (clean overdrive lead etc) son solo para los ejemplos, cada banco (A1 B1 C1 D1) tienes su preset con su respectivo cadena de efectos , Ya le actualice con el programa monkey, le hice un reseth con el método del botón derecho, incluso le hice el método flash memory con el programa que según leí es el único método de restablecer el POD a modo de fabrica, leí que a alguien le paso cuando actualizo el firmware su pedal tuvo comportamientos raros y tuvo que regresar al firmware anterior, y después actualizarla de nuevo, alguien tiene el firmware anterior del pedal que me lo pasen o alguna otra solución, muchas gracias ImI
  2. Hello, So I acquired an HD500 through a trade. It has been a little work as I discovered I was given the wrong power supply for the unit and it would overheat and restart mid-gig. I purchased the correct one and everything has been great. Every once in a while my FS3 freezes up but seems to work after a few minutes. Sometimes it works immediately. I took the pedal apart and blew some dust out and it hasn't really given me any issues. All has been well EXCEPT today=( I booted up my HD500 and the entire bottom row of footswitches were not working at all. I immediately thought that it sounded like a software issue or the ribbon connecting the bottom portion was disconnected or something. So, I took it apart again and everything seemed fine. The strange thing? I reassembled the board and googled for about 10 additional minutes. I plugged it back in and the switches work perfectly. The firmware is up to date and I just want to know: Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what the hell is happening? How can I rectify this and avoid this issue in the future? I appreciate any comments ahead of time. Thanks guys, Beau
  3. I posted this in the old forum months ago, since many peole found it useful I thought I could re-post it here: ___ I really think these are important things not stated (or in some cases not clearly stated) in the manual, that you need to know to start seriously programming your POD HD I ran some serious tests on my Pod HD 500 and here is what I found out (I made my tests on a POD HD500 but this is valid for HD500X and HD Pro and is very similar for the "bean" version too), I'll try to be as synthetic (but complete and clear) as possible, but this is going to be a long reading so sit down and take your time or just go surfing somewhere else §§§ In short: the "famous" [input-1: guitar / input-2: variax] setting gives you different levels of signal depending on the position of the first *mono* effect block you use (amplifiers included), in particular you LOSE 6dB in the "pre" path in comparison to the path A/B or post path (note that this is not the same as saying that you gain 6dB with input-2 to "same", read on). [ if you don't know what I'm talking about just go and read this thread: then come back here to hear a different opinion on the matter] first of all, try it out: - connect a guitar to the guitar input and the Left output to a full-range linear amp (or use your headphones) - recall a "new tone" default blank patch - set input-1 to Guitar and input-2 to Variax - set mixer channel A fader to unity (0.0dB) and pan to center - set mixer channel B fader to mute - setup a noise gate* with the threshold set to 0% in "pre" position (with this setting this IS a unity gain mono fx block) - play thru it - now if you bypass it, you'll hear that it looses 6dB of level when it's active (I initially thought this was noise gate's fault, but it's NOT) - now re-activate the noise gate and move it in A or "post" path - now if you try to bypass it you'll hear that it does NOT loose any dB - try moving the block back and forth between pre and A or post paths and you'll hear more level in path A or post than in pre this was already found out at least by hurghanico here: but it's so important that needs a dedicated and more detailed thread. [* you can repeat the experiment with other mono effects instead of a noise gate but keep in mind that, if you want to clearly hear a level difference, you need a mono unity gain ( effect, for example: - a tube comp with thresh 100% & level 2% settings will work just as the noise gate above - an fx loop block with a mono cable connected between send and return will work just the same (but also read point 2 below) - do it with an amp with medium-low gain and, moving it between pre and A or post paths, you'll hear a significant difference in gain/ovedrive/distortion, not only level difference] §§§ OK now that you heard it, let's see it in detail; these are the REAL schemes of the pod and fx blocks routing, yes it's done by hand and I love it ;-) As you can see the pre path is a "dual-path" while A, B and post are all stereo paths; at the splitting point, where the path A and B are born, the signal coming from input-1 is splittted to the Left and Right channels of the path A and the signal coming from input-2 is splittted to the Left and Right channels of the path B; furthermore all fx blocks have TWO inputs and two outputs and the mono blocks do attenuate by 6dB and sum their inputs, then process the result and then split their mono output to both outputs of the block; for those who don't know, notice that: - "splitting" means duplicating one mono signal to two "routes" - and summing those two identical signals means doubling the level of the original signal (which equals to 6dB more) [and some side-notes: - the "stereo dry & mono wet" effects are for example the pitch effects and the "dry" type delays, I'm not considering this type of effects in this post, but they work as expected from the scheme you see above; - you can find a list of all the fx blocks divided by type here: where "stereo dry & mono wet" blocks are called "Stereo Thru/Mono Effect" which I personally find less clear - the mixer control named as "pan" is actually a "balance" control because if you move it to one side (e.g.: left) it acts on the stereo or dual mono signal by doing NOTHING on that side (left) and ATTENUATING the opposite side (right)] §§§ So, summarizing, if you only activate input-1, in the pre path, the first mono effect is attenuating the input 1 and 2 and summing them, but, since input-2 is actually silence, you loose 6dB; in A, B and post paths the effects are receiving a doubled signal on L/R, so the mono blocks, attenuating and summing the two signals, receive the right signal level to process so using "same" or "guitar" for input-2 does not mean to gain anything, but having a constant doubled signal wich is compensated by a 6dB attenuation in each mono summing it encounters in his flow please note that I am NOT saying that using only input-1 is wrong, you just need to know that this can give you different gain results depending on the position of the first mono effect with only input-1 active (Guitar/Variax) and the same parameter values, this: is giving you more distortion than that: now, if you use those two setups with "Input-1: Guitar / Input-2: Same", you get EXACTLY the same sound with both and this is something that can not be ignored ...don't know how to be more clear than that
  4. SergSal

    HD500 and Win10

    Hello. Trying to connect HD500 to Win10 notebook. Installed Monkey, latest drivers, licence manager. Connecting HD500 to PC via USB => PC does not see it. I try to "instal old USB equipment" -- choose "Sound EQ" \ Line6 manufacturer \ POD500 driver. It installs, it appears in device Manager but it doesn't appears in list of playback device (or sound devices). Thus, there is no connection between Monkey and HD500. What to do? Previously I use POD400, it connects to my Win10 ok.
  5. Hello All Anyone used E & M in Milton Keynes to get their HD500 repaired? Suffering from a sick HD500. The thing has never left the house from new. The unit was left untouched for around a year and on powering back up I received 'Update Flash' message. Carried out the procedure without incident and now the unit will boot up in one of two ways: 1 Only controllable from HD500 edit software except for volume/tone knobs which appear responsive 2 Very rarely everything working as should be. Trawled this forum and followed all the advice of reflashing etc however could never invoke global reset via the power up/ left button method. Anyway back to the original point, the line 6 site says E & M are the repairers in the UK - has anyone tried them for this kind of fix.? Thanks for reading Steve
  6. Greetings, I've searched the forums and net for some resolution on this issue, and I have seen several with a similar issue. I'm just getting some conflicted information and wanted to see if anyone here can help me pinpoint the problem. I purchased the HD500 used from a private seller. It has worked fantastic so far (aside from this issue and the FS3 sometimes deciding to take awhile to work...but that's another story). I took the pedal to band practice and gave it a go after installing a few patches from the EDIT program. I left the power supply plugged in for most of the practice, which lasted a few hours. During the last hour, the pedal powered off, then immediately rebooted. It would be good for a few minutes before rebooting again. The time between reboots was seemingly random. The room was quite warm and I noticed the power supply was extremely hot to even hold. I chalked it up to overheating and thought that I could unplug it in between sets to rectify the issue. Played a gig Friday at a nice large stage/club and it performed fine (unplugging between sets). I played at a smaller (and probably warmer) venue Saturday and again unplugged the pedal between sets. The pedal rebooted twice during the last set. The power supply seemed pretty hot once again. I've read something about holding down left on the directional pad as the pedal boots up, but I honestly haven't tried it as I'm still pretty new and don't know exactly what that does. I don't want to look at deleting everything and starting over (even though my patches are backed up on HD500 EDIT). I've ran the pedal through Monkey and everything is up to date. Have I singled out my issue to a simple power supply replacement? Any advice would be great and appreciated! I LOVE this thing...don't want to go back to my Digitech Rp500:(
  7. I have an issue with excessive hum and the jtv59. I'm running guitar via VDI cable into a HD500. I'm using the magnetic pickups and the modelling at the same time and using a panner to switch between them. For example: Acoustic jmodels and panning into a heavy magnetic-based tone. I'm running XLR right out to a EV monitor on stage and XLR left out to board. I'm getting a horrible hum now. It has happened before but seems to have gotten worse. I switched inputs in the presets in the pod to just the variax (right before the gig in a panic) and the buzz is gone. Trying to brainstorm causes and solutions. The hum sounds like a typical ground loop. I've tried the ground lift on the pod and it seems to have no effect. This venue has bad power (as does a lot of places we play). Getting a few furman SS-6B filtering power strips that may help. I could just run to the board and the send guitar back to wedge. Thought about getting the pyle PHE400. Thought that is maybe a grounding issue in the JTV. If this was a normal guitar, I would gut it and foil and ground the pickup cavity. I'm a little hesitant to dig into it but will likely crack it open soon and take a look. I saw the pickup diagram that is flowing around. Afterthought: I don't know if switching to the magnetics would bring hum back. That would be a great test. Any help would be most appreciated.
  8. In looper mode, when you stop recording, it immediately drops into overdub mode. If you don't stop playing the riff exactly when you hit the stop recording button, you'll over dub that first note. That causes volume of the first note of the loop to double. I'd prefer that you aren't dropped into overdub immediately, and instead have to press the rec/overdub button again to start recording a new layer. Is that configurable anywhere? I can't seem to find it.
  9. Suddenly one day, my Delays and Reverbs and any effect I place post FX Loop no longer work. The buttons respond, but the audio is not changed. If I move the effect block before the FX Loop, it makes some audible change but is quite lollipop. I am using the 4CM and it was working, and now isn't. Is there a setting I may have accidentally changed or has anyone else has this problem? Thanks, Greg.
  10. I just received my POD HD 500 and wanted to update it with the Line6 Monkey. I downloaded the file, but while installing it said "POD HD 500 Update failed. (Code 80007211) Firmware update timed out waiting from response to the device. Try the update again, making sure the cables are still connected". I tried it a few time, but the problem was always the same. So I downloaded the firmware (2.10) directly from and selected "update from file" in the monkey. Again the update failed an now the POD doesn´t boot anymore. It shows the Line6 logo, then blacks out and reboots. Even save mode doesn´t work. It just hangs while showing the logo (but doesn´t reboot). The POD isn´t recognized by the computer anymore, so I see no way to flash the firmware again. My system: WIndows 8, Intel Core i7-3630QM, 8GB Ram If anyone has a idea I will try it, even if it sounds stupid, cause I´m quite desperate. Greetz
  11. Hi, I use a Fender HR Deville with Strats & Rics. I've used the HD500 for a few years now with my Variax but have never been that happy about the distortion with my standard guitars. Just seems limp and without punch. The Variax I would continue to use with one of my bands, but for my other band I've been screwing around with just using my amp's distortion and just switching channels (clean/dirty/lead). I gotta say that I really like the sound of just an amp running in this way. My problem is, I'd like to be able to use the delays, wahs, volume pedal, etc. (not to mention the tuner!) that the HD500 has but also be able to switch the channels on the amp without the HD500 affecting the sound. Being that my amp doesn't have any, I can't use the HD500 to swap amp channels (right?). The 4Cable thing might work, but one catch is that I use an attenuator on my EFX loop presently because the Devilles are super loud. I'd have to take that out of the mix to do the 4Cable thing and I'd have to have my amp channel switching pedal next to the HD500 (basically adding more stuff... grr). Is that a correct assessment or is there a way that the HD500 can do the switching that I am missing? Thank you!
  12. Okay, my GF just got me the HD500 for Christmas and I have yet to find a video or friend to help me program this thing the way I want it. I've been a Digitech guy for years...I love the easy, intuitive way you program them. Anyway, the way I've always used my RP1000 is programming each button to have its own set of preset effects. So to better explain, I don't use the distortion from my amp head so I have a clean, dry signal running to whatever FX processor I am using. So button 1 is my main rhythm distortion, 2 is a clean with chorus n delay, 3 is a hi mid, short delay lead, 4 is a phase shifter distortion, 5 is an ambient distorted lead, 6 is a different ambient lead, 7 is an ambient, high reverb clean, etc... That is how I want my FS1 thru FS8 set up on the HD500. But everytime I try to program it, it only lets me do one effect per a stomp box. I want each of the 8 buttons to be an individual, stand-alone line of preset effects. Is this possible? If so, please help! If not, I guess I'm going to sell the thing. Thanks for any and all help. Steve
  13. Many threads have been started about how the overdrives and distortions are not the strong points of the POD HD series. However, there are some great blind tests on YouTube that show they actually do a great job modelling the real units they are based on. That leads me to believe that its not a weakness of the POD but rather the models themselves are dated compared to some of the ones in use today. Instead of asking for new amp models (I think the ones we have are plenty anyways) perhaps we would be better off with a collection of new overdrive and distortion models. I imagine these are easier to program than a complete amp but I could be wrong. Anyways, lets start a list of ultimate OD pedals that we would like to see in a future update. Here is my selection to get started: 1, Fulltone OCD V3 2. Wampler Sovereign 3. Wampler Triple Wreck What overdrive or distortion pedals would you add to the list?
  14. Currently I have PodHd500X, Steinberg UR22 (audio interface) and Garageband. For recording, should I directly use the USB from POD into the computer? Or should I plug the output of the Pod to the input of UR22? Which method will give me better recording quality? If I use the UR22, is it better to use the balanced (XLR) output of the Pod or the unbalanced output? I tried messing around with both the methods but can't seem to distinguish much in quality. Your suggestion will be highly appreciated.
  15. Hello. I have a little problem with my POD HD500. I notice that the sound of the preset, when I hear it on the speakers, it sounds one way, and when I record via USB sounds a little less quality. There is a small difference. Someone has been the same? Can be resolved? I have the latest drivers installed and the last firmware. Thank you very much from already.
  16. Greetings, I have an HD500 that I purchased in 2012. I also have a Variax. I use the two together, with the Variax Ethernet cable. At the end of 2015 I updated the firmware on both the Variax and the HD500 to the latest and greatest at that time. I have most of my patches set to also select specific Variax models, including custom tuned models that I created. Everything was working GREAT until yesterday. As a fully immersed computer scientist with an electrical engineering degree as well, it would be strange to hear anyone suggest upgrading the firmware yet again from a configuration that was working fine for over a year. Hopefully, someone has knowledge of the root cause of the following problem, and we won’t need to travel the path of “spray and prayâ€. At this time, I have about 40 patches that work flawlessly. But 3 patches have begun some odd behavior. All three are basic, clean sounds; a noise gate, a red comp, a clean amp with maybe a slight bit of modulation and reverb on the back end. Each patch selects either the Variax banjo, sitar, or a custom tuning. The problem now is that all three of these patches (and only these specific three out of the 40 patches I have programmed) are now dead silent when foot selected. They were working fine a week ago. Since that time, I only made some output balance adjustments between some of the other 40 patches, and not these. If I’m in the POD HD500 Edit app on my desktop, with the HD500 connected via USB, I can load these dead-silent patches to the HD500 from the app and they come alive and sound fine. I can do a “save†on the HD500, and they still play. But as soon as I select another footswitch patch, and try to come back to these problematic patches, they are once again silent. I can even “push†the sound from the POD HD500 Edit, have it come alive and be playing, hit save on the HD500, push the same footswitch assigned to that patch, and it goes dead silent. I have tried a “restore†of sorts by loading saved bundles from 3 and 4 weeks ago. Same problem. I have tried rebooting the 500 (power cycling) --- same problem. I can bring up any working patch, and manually select (on the variax) the banjo, sitar, and custom tuning, and they play fine. Those settings on the Variax are alive and well. WTF, BBQ?!?
  17. Hey everyone, Hopefully this isn't frowned upon on the forum (my apologies if it is!). So i got my Helix today :D and sold my Hd 500 and XT Live to the local Music-Go-Round. I tried to explain the whole model packs/registration deal, but they really didn't care :blink: .....long story short, i have the following model packs if anyone is interested: HD - Fully Loaded Bundle XT Live - Collector's Classic and Metal Shop Thinking half price. Thanks, Steve
  18. Hey everyone, Hopefully this isn't frowned upon on the forum (my apologies if it is!). So i got my Helix today :D and sold my Hd 500 and XT Live to the local Music-Go-Round. I tried to explain the whole model packs/registration deal, but they really didn't care :blink: .....long story short, i have the following model packs if anyone is interested: HD - Fully Loaded Bundle Sold XT Live - Collector's Classic and Metal Shop Thinking half price. Thanks, Steve
  19. Hello all, I just (yesterday) got a Digitech Trio Plus - Band creator with a built in looper. I've just scratched the surface and it seems very useful for what I do - loop a few parts and mix / record simple compositions to a digital workstation. I'm having a good bit of difficulty getting it to work with my HD500. What I'd like to do is layer loops on the Trio+ with different tones/patches from my HD500. But I'm not sure of how to run the signal path. I know the guitar must go into the input of the Trio+ but not sure if the Trio's effects loop can somehow include the HD500. ANY help is much appreciated. Seems like back in my younger days (56 now) this tech stuff was a no brainer. TIA. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all!
  20. Hi there--my Line 6 driver (currently 7.6.5, but previous versions too) crashes my iMac when it's been active for awhile. Is there a driver version that doesn't cause a kernel panic and can work with Sierra, a fix for this issue? I know an earlier version addressed kernel panic in Yosemite. Thanks.
  21. Just picked up a helix this weekend and so far I'm loving it! First order of business was to recreate my main patch that I've been using for years on my HD500X. It's based on a Dr. Z model and I've been really happy tone wise. Quite honestly it was the additional features, routing, options, etc that drew me to Helix. I wasn't unhappy with my tone at all. So anyway I built the patch in Helix and thought it would be fun to A/B them. Here's a link to it on Soundcloud. Dr.Z amp and cab, some reverb, delay, and a couple of tube screamers. I'll take a few guesses on which is which before I say what's what, just for fun :) Technical bits: Used a Variax via the VDI. Captured the dry signal via USB and reamped, so it's the same performance for both tracks.
  22. Had an issue the other day playing a festival where my rig dropped significantly in volume during a set. I haven't had this issue in the past. Luckily our sound guy was able to boost me in the main but still a concern. Signal Chain: Guitar > T.C. Electronic Polytune > Boss NS-2 > Pod HD500 >Crown XLS 1000 (running Input Y/Bypass into 2 cabs) What happened: Was playing fine at a normal volume, after a song I used my Polytune to tune. When I turned my tuner off my volume had dropped significantly. I don't believe it has anything to do with the tuner or NS-2 causing a sudden volume decrease as my tone was still the same (as I use the Pod as an amp modeler) all I had was a level drop. Is this an issue with the Pod? I updated firmware about 2-3 months ago but I will be updating tonight and will be downsizing to one cab which will hopefully resolve the issue but I was curious if this is a known issue with the Pods.
  23. Hi all. Is there a way to send separate (fixed) independent volume control to the sound engineer for the front of house? I want to be able to slightly adjust the volume for my on monitoring, using the foot controller, without affecting the FOH. I have tried to adjust all of the volume levels of the set list but some patches are still too loud when played at gigg levels. The equipment I use will be a JTV-69, in to the HD500, XLR L and R to the FOH, 1/4" out to one Alto TS-212. Thanks.
  24. Hi All I've set up dual chains: Chain 1 - distortion, tube screamer Chain 2 - reverb, delay, chorus How do I set up the HD500 to send each chain to 2 x physical amps? So that chain 1 sends to physical amp 1 and chain 2 sends to physical amp 2. Cabling - amp1 is connected to Unbalanced Output L/Mono and amp 2 is connected R/Mono Recommendations are most welcome. Cheers Dreese
  25. Oddly I cannot download the HD500 Edit software. I've tried multiple browsers (turning off all adblocking, etc.) as well as through the Monkey interface. No matter what I do the download initializes but will sit at 0.0 kb. Anyone know what's going on? Is there an alternative link I could try instead? EDIT: Oddly I can download it without problem on my machine at work.
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