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Found 369 results

  1. As above really. HD500x brandnew. Guitar old now. Not really used VDI till I bought HD500X. I have the Line 6 official vdi cable. Seems to cut out when I move a certain way. I have to jiggle the cable to get it to come back on. Got first gig with new band next week and now my sounds are reliant on HD500x but I can't even get through one song at rehearsal. So frustrating. Anyone else had this problem?
  2. richprice79

    Hd500 X Rack

    Hello all, I am in the process of building a new studio in the house and I am considering ordering the line 6 hd500x rack. I was actually convinced I was going to get it after checking it out but after the gear lust period died down I figured I would come ask a few questions. How does this processor compare to amplitube 3 and guitar rig 5? I have been using those and I am happy however they eat up a ton of cpu after awhile and the line 6 would free this up in theory. I just want to make sure the tone is as good or at least close. I threw together a quick recording using amplitube 3 for reference (excuse the vocals and production its early and not finished writing it). Can I get a similar sound quality with line 6? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbGZibXDJUI
  3. Hi! I tried the Plex 2 tone described in Sean Halleys Blog (last minutes of the last video in the blog) where the Variax toneknob is controling the drive, treble and presence of the amp. It all works fine except that the toneknobs normal function is also activated wich really makes the tone unusable. Is there any way of cancelling that function? I have set my HD500X to lock the toneknob and as said, all the settings above works as they should so... Many regards! Olle
  4. Hey fellas, I've had a HD500X ever since they came out, and I love it. If you have an older model POD, you should seriously consider the upgrade. Anyway I have a few questions, hopefully some of you guys can help me out here.. Recording: I have a Macbook and I'm using an old version of Garageband from like, '09. I plugged in my acoustic to record Here Comes The Sun, and post it on Facebook. WOW! It sounded fantastic! Everyone asked me to do another cover and so I thought, ah, what the heck? Sure thing... I plugged in my LP, and switched it over to the assigned switches and played without doing a sound check. (Stupid) Five minutes later I'm playing it back, and it sounds like absolute crap! I was in shock compared to the acoustic! It is majorly distorted! Even on a clean assign, with or without an amp model. Long story long, what recording software are you guys using? I'd like to keep it under $150, and it has to be Mac compatible. (This is why I hate you, Mac) I have 2gb of Ram so any older versions of Logic, are kind of out of the question. (Logic demands to much for my old hunk of junk)... Second thing: I'm planning on doing a small little guitar session at my school. Play along with the art teacher who plays piano and do a cover of, Let It Be. Our school stage has imbedded XLR inputs on the stage, and then that runs straight to the sound system amplifier, then to the speakers. Now, I'm no technical advance kind of guy when it comes to stuff like this. It's all new to me. Even though I know computers like the back of my hand. I see on the back of the 500X that it's got two, what appears to be XLR, even though it says Balanced Left and Right. What I'm trying to do is just get the sound from my pod straight to those XLR inputs in the stage. Any ideas of what cable I would need? I feel like a 1/4 inch to an XLR would work, but what would those balanced be used for? (future reference) Thanks Guys.
  5. Ehy Guys, What is the best PC soundcard to use with the HD500X ? Or what is really needed to get a good and nice sound when you connect it to the PC? Thank you all in advance! fr2632
  6. Where is everyone downloading HD500X Edit from? I have searched everywhere, including through all the forums, looking for a link or for someone to have said something. On the downloads page it shows all of the other products and their edit software EXCEPT hd500x. Did they remove it for some reason? Am I blind to something? Everytime I call customer support they say they're in a meeting and call back in an hour. Someone please show me where you are all seemingly easily getting this program. I even downloaded the regular HD500 Edit just in case every 500X owner was using that, but calling it 500X. Anyway, program doesn't recognize my 500X. Thank you for any help, Thanasi
  7. So, my brand new HD500X came yesterday. I've already got a DT25 and a Variax 600. Hooked it up using the L6 Link and the Variax VDI Cable. Problem - the sounds cuts in and out. Tried it with a 'normal' guitar plugged in - no problems. Tried it with Variax plugged in - problem returns. Plugged Variax into my old X3L - no problems. Signal gets through ok and no problems with tone. So at this stage I'm thinking the problem is inside the HD500X. The VDI cable is ok because it works in the X3L, the L6 Link is ok, the rest of the HD500X is ok because the strat worked through it. Am I missing something here, or have I got a dodgy POD?
  8. Hi, I have a Brian May Special guitar and the pickups are wired in parallel, which apparently makes the sound heavier on the bass when you have more than one pickup selected (you can select all three, as they have individual switches). That's why Brian May himself plays with a treble booster all of the time. I've checked the list of effects on the HD500X (useful background information: I have one!) and I don't see a treble booster. Is there another pedal on the pod that would produce the same effect? Is it different from just whacking up the treble knob on the amp? Or would it be simpler if I just buy a treble booster? Thanks for any thoughts! ;)
  9. So my input is set to guitar and my output is to power amp in-going into the PWR Amp input on my Blues Delixe. With no amps or pre-amps selected, why do I have a clear audio signal from my guitar? It is as strong as the if an amp was on. The end result is that an amp selection merely colors this dry signal.
  10. OK I now have 2/3 of the Dream Rig. JTV69S and HD500X. I play at home both acoustic sounds and classic rock stuff. I am trying to decide what to get for a full range output device that will sound good with Acoustic guitars and Electrics. I do not play out now so I do not need to fill a hall just a room. I think I want a powered PA speaker but I have no experience with any. My amp collection is all tube amps that I have built over the years and none are full range. The only amp I have with me now is a Tweed Deluxe which sounds great for some stuff but not with acoustic guitar. Any recommendations for a decent powered full range speaker? I also am considering studio monitors but I am afraid that they are too directional for my needs. The rig sounds great through my good quality headphones but I don't want to play wearing headphones all the time. Let's hear some ideas!
  11. Hey! I've just started using the line 6 pod hd500x and need to recreate richie sambora of Bon Jovi's live tone for my Bon Jovi tribute band. Does anybody have any really good sambora settings? Or tips?
  12. Ok - I just got my HD500x and when plugged into Logic Pro X it's freaking fantastic - within an hour of receiving it I had some awesome tones dialed-in! My questions are related to connecting the 500X to my Blackstar Venue Series amp via the 4 cable method and using the HD500x as a stomp-box board for mostly modulation and delay - no amp models (all the gain coming from my amp). So far I have these 3 questions/observations: Since I'm using it for effects and not amp models, do I need to add any type of amp, pre-amp or other component in the patch? When it's connected, but nothing enabled in my patch, my amp sounds very thin and weak on either of the gain channels. I made a patch with just a noise-gate, fx-loop, digitial delay & tri-chorus. There is no audible difference with the delay before the loop or after, so I must be doing something wrong... I have the output set to Combo Front. Please note - I've been using a M13 in the 4 cable method for 2 years, so I have an understanding of how the setup works. Any input from someone who has actually run their rig like this would be very much appreciated!!
  13. 92 custom tone downloads are listed for HD500X, but none of the instructions seem to sucessfully install them. My EDIT and MONKEY software/firmware is current. I got the downloads over to my windows (vista) computer but can't seem to move them into my SETLIST. Never attempted this before, caus' I'm enjoying my tweaked presets for the Les Paul and my acoustic tones so far. Yet the "compatibility list" seems to exclude what I am trying to do. I've used HD500 edit a lot, but now MONKEY does nothing for me since I upgraded from the old X3L. Those custom tones look pretty cool....how to get them transfered? warcloudwells
  14. Hi. I have a new HD500x and a new DT25. There are linked via L6 link. I have tailored a number of tones. Mostly these tones are fine. However, every now and then, perhaps when I select to tune the guitar or when shifting quickly through presets using the footswitches, an extreme reverb effect kicks in drowning out the tone. The tone is lost remotely in this massive reverb sound. Switching presets does not assist. The excessive reverb is on all presets. It can then sometimes go away after switching both units off and then on again on a number of occasions. At the moment I have just switched both units off and on about 5 times but no luck. I have also updated the firmware from 1.1 to 1.2, but the problem persists. As I write the unit is unusable. The sound is horrid and there is very little reverb set in any of my tones. Plugging straight into the amp with the guitar the tones are fine. This is only happening with the HD500X plugged in via L6. I have lodged a support ticket but appreciate any help in the meantime. I also seem to be getting the attached error when reading from the HD500x - although it has been intermittent while the reverb fault has been active - soem times the edit software could read the POD, other times not. Regards, Allan edit...... Just turned both units off for a couple of minutes, and back on one more time before abandoning it as a lost cause. HD Edit was able to read from the HD500X this time. and the tones have returned to normal. All good, but this is seriously starting to tick me off. I spend more time fiddling with the POD to get it to operate properly than I do playing.
  15. Hi Folks, Anyone encounter this issue? I play in a three piece, lead vocals and guitar, there is a lot happening on stage and more than once i have accidentally hit the looper function instead of fs4. while toe tapping and had some nasty loops kick in in mid song!!! Is there any way to completely disengage the looper on the hd500x? I saw a post that suggested wrapping an elastic band around the switch but wanted to hear if you have had the same experience and what your solution was... cheers!!
  16. yumbogtr

    Hd 500x Output..

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to find out if there's a way to split and assign outputs in the POD HD500x? For example, If I'm running a variax through it, could I assign my electric guitar patches to come out the quarter inch outs so I can run into an amp, but assign my "acoustic patches" to come out the XLR's so I can run them straight into the board and not have them come out my amp. And so my electric sounds don't go to the board. Is this possible?
  17. GRLidstone

    Setup Troubles

    I've only recently purchased my 500x and I've got my rig connected in what I believe to be the correct input/output setup but I'm having no joy in getting any sound out from my guitar. My rig is the 500x runninh from the 1/4" l/mono output into a Peavy IPR 1600 power amp input and that is connected to a Blackstar cab. Any ideas as to where I'm going wrong?
  18. johnrobb

    Hd500x Vs M13

    Hi - I currently use a M13 using the 4 cable method with my Blackstar amp and it sounds good - for the most part I use modulation & delays on the M13. I'm thinking of replacing it with a HD500x to get additional features for recording. My primary question is can the HD500x function as a pedalboard, in the same way as the M13 does? (No amp modeling, just effect chains). Anyone here compared them? Thanks, John
  19. I would like lock controls on JTV for modeled guitar, but keep them for "normal" guitar sound. If I set lock volume+tone+control in my HD500X, I can control tone of normal guitar but volume is locked. Can anyone verify if this is common for all JTVs or if there is some glitch in my guitar?
  20. I am using hd500x plugged in directly via USB to a Macbook pro. I get the sounds. Both the guitar and the computer playback sound fine. However, volume controls on the mac does not seem to work. I tried the slider under the sys preferences > sound (hd500x selected as output device), but that does not change the output level either - mac's volume change effect plays each time I play with the slider, but its volume is always the same.. Volume knobs on the pedal are set to reasonable levels. master volume knob just turns up everything (computer + guitar), while amp knob adjusts the guitar. Even when I max the amp volume out, guitar output is much quieter than the computer, which means I need to turn the computer down, which I cannot do. Does anyone have this problem?
  21. I had a POD X3 Live and I used this feature (from the manual): "Set up one sound on Tone 1, and a different sound on Tone 2, and switch between them instantly, with seamless transitions including delay and reverb trails. We like to refer to this as “Alternating†tones." How do you do the same in HD500X? Thanks!
  22. I tried to do this last night and it sounded really bad. I switched the XLR to the balanced mono on the Pro and the input on the L2M and it sounded a little better. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to turn off the cab sims? Do I put the DSP on the L2M to Line or Electric Guitar? Help!!!!
  23. Does anyone know if it is possible to import HD500 presets/set list/bundles into the HD500X? The editor won't do it. . .thought there might be a trick or an update for it.
  24. Hey all- Curious if you can have one signal path be a vocoder with the carrier signal being a synth plugged in via aux in rather than a guitar. So the programmed synth parts would control the pitch and sound rather than the guitar. Essentially I want my guitar to be one signal path with it's own effects and then the 2nd signal path be the vocoder filter + synth via aux in. My setup right now is that I use an EHX V256. Plug my mic in and plug an outside synth in via 1/4". Sounds great, but I get some ducking and squashing since I have no compression or gate on the vocoder. Rather than buy more pedals or a compressor, I'm considering the HD500 which would allow me to put these effects on the vocal path. Thanks!
  25. I'm having issues with volume from different sources back to the headphones out on my hd500x. I would like to simultaneously output to headphones attached to the hd500x: Guitar (guitar in on hd500x) Mic (mic xlr in on hd500x) Mac Mini (via USB to hd500x) including iTunes, drum machine software, recording software Occasionally, iPad drum machine (via CD/MP3 In) The problem is all volume levels coming from my Mac are unbearably loud. I've tried dropping my Mac volume controls as low as possible but it takes away all balancing control. My volume and master volume and guitar volumes are all set at near max volume. I have looked for input volume options on both the hd500x and my mac to no avail. Any help is appreciated. My only thought at this point is to get a second mixer to run the Mac and HD500x through and then plug the headphones or monitors into that. Thanks, Scott
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