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Found 373 results

  1. rye715

    XLRs with HD500x

    Hi guys. I'll be gigging with HD500x on an XLR setup to be connected via the PA/Mixing Console. Sadly, I only have a single XLR cable that I connect as Left XLR Output. Will this suffice or will there be setbacks? Do you recommend that I use 2 XLRs instead just to maximize the HD500x? What other recommendations or tips can you suggest in using XLRs-to-PA setup with HD500x? Thanks.
  2. So I just bought this thing and I'm trying to create my own presets in the in the Edit application running in Windows 7. It works great, but for only a minute or two, and then the unit stops syncing and is locked on whatever sound I was currently at. After that nothing responds. If I turn pedals on or off, change pedals, change amps, the sound stays the same and I no longer see "syncing" on the device screen. If I try to Receive anything I get an error message: Operation timed out, Code 8000000000a When I unplug and plug the device back in it works again for only a minute then the same thing. This is unacceptable. Any ideas? Did I just waste a lot of money? Device is updated.
  3. Anyone have suggestions for a good bag to carry around my new HD500X? Nylon with pockets for cables? Thanks, Dennis (New DT-25 & HD500X owner)
  4. Hello there, I have recently gotten a DT25 combo and a Pod HD500X to replace my aged and now defunct Spider III 120. I have enjoyed learning to use it and although i have come across a few quirks of using the two together and with other devices, I have so far been able to come up with a solution to all of my issues. However, a new issue has come up and I am hoping that this very knowledgeable forum can help! -Firstly, what I have been doing and enjoying; 1. DT25 is in LVM 1a. Looper is in post mode 2. Start on clean patch 3. Record chord progression 4. Exit overdub and exit looper to switch patches 5. Switch to lead patch (uses treadplate full and cab sims) 6. Loop is playing with the same volume as on previous patch, and I have my lead sound to solo with. 7. No issues with this method! It works how I would expect. :) -Here is where the issue arises. I had not noticed this yet as I had not had a chance to play with the DT in Normal Volume mode and use the looper; 1. DT25 is in Normal Volume Mode 1a. Looper is in post mode 2. Start on clean patch 3. Record chord progression 4. Exit overdub and exit looper to switch patches 5. Switch to lead patch (uses treadplate full and cab sims) 6. Loop is playing much louder as compared to the previous patch, and I have my lead sound to solo with. 7. What is causing this volume change when in this volume mode on the DT25? It makes it very hard to use the looper as the volume changes are quite abrupt and it creates a weird disparity between the original comp and the loop. I appreciate any comments that you all are able to offer, thank you! :)
  5. My first problem with POD HD500X is that, it switches itself to preset A (FS5) and sometimes I can not go to other presets or open the tuner. This problem is temporary, sometimes it works fine. This happens especially when I press FS1 to activate an effect. I tried to install the latest firmware, and did the global reset on the unit by holding the LEFT ARROW (<) button as I plug-in the Power adapter. But the problem was not solved. I suspect of a switch error. Another problem I face is when pitch shifting, the sound is not sustained, but delayed. As if there is an echo on. I do not have any other effect on. Just amp/cab simulation is on with pitch shifter. Is there any solution to above problems? Thanks in advance
  6. [Hi! Long-time player - first-time poster] I'm using my HD500x in Pedalboard mode with different effects assigned to each of the 8 foot switches. I would like to assign WAH and VOLUME to the Expression pedals, EXP 1 and EXP 2, but cannot figure out how to do that. I can take one of the FS and change it to WAH and then change the assignment to EXP 1, but then I lose the effect I had on that FS. I feel like this should be easy to do, but I just can't figure it out for some reason. What am I missing here? Thanks for your help.
  7. Does anyone know how I can turn my effects loop on'off via midi with my POD Hd500x?
  8. Is there anyone using full amps with their HD500(X) and DT-25 or DT-50? I had great trouble finding great high gain sounds at high volume on this combination. After a long search for great tone I ended up using double cab tones with a Line6 drive in front of the amps (drive to 0). This finally gave me some really great high gain tones that held up at gig volume. Even though I was really happy with the tones I naturally went on trying to improve them anyways. Now I am experimenting with using the full amps instead of pre-amps and it seems to me the amps come to life even more this way. At rehearsal it also seemed to hold up. Does anybody have any experience using full amps at gig volume? What are your finding?
  9. Hi - Wondering if anyone has experienced the HD500x changing patches on it's own? I use the HD500x basically as an effects box to my JVM with MIDI to control my amp channels. Lately, I will be playing and step on say patch 2 - and within a second it'll go back to patch one. Sometimes it won't change at all - but more frequently it'll go back to the previous patch. Wondering if this could be something MIDI cable related? I don't have a lot of experience in that arena, but just wondering if using that could make odd things happen at times, like if the MIDI cable was maybe going bad. Anyway - thanks for any info you might have. I haven't reset the HD500x to factory or anything like that yet - I've been able to get back to where I need to by stepping on the patch button a couple times and it's intermittent - so I'm not convinced there is something wrong with hd500x yet at this point. Brian
  10. Hey guys, Check out this recording I did today using the HD500x, JTV-69, and Variax 700 bass with Addictive Drums 2. Tell me what you think. Thanks. https://soundcloud.com/chris-arnold/song-idea-762014
  11. Hi, Just bought an HD500X and was under the impression that it could export the Midi-in port to my software. I haven't been able to do that and then I realized that it could be used exclusively to control patch changes etc. for the POD. So my question is - is it possible to setup so midi messages appearing on midi in are seen by the driver? (My use case is that I have a midi keyboard but no (reliable) midi input for the computer and I would like to use midi to control a software piano (Steinberg, The grand)) Anyone can offer some help? I'm using a fairly recent Macbook Pro retina display. Kind regards, /Daniel
  12. Hello, I've had the Pod HD500X for a few months now and I'm still not sure whether I'm using it properly. I'm finding that I'm getting quite a bit of feedback out of my amp at a high volume in band rehearsal and live settings. I should say that I'm a very plug-and-play kind of guy. The Pod HD500X is the most complicated piece of equipment that I've ever had to work with and I'm fairly undemanding, so I'm probably making some very elementary mistakes in terms of getting the right balance. A bit more about my set up: Guitar (LTD MH417, EMG 81-7 in the bridge) -> POD HD500X -> Carvin TS100 (tube power amp) -> Line6 4x12 (not sure of the model, I bought it with a Flextone head about 10 years ago, has a tweed front). I've attached my main setting here (we play thrash/death metal), but I have some questions about the switches and outputs. Currently, I have my output set to "Studio/Direct" and my quarter out to "Line". This seems to fly in the face of everything I'm reading, but it seems to be the setting that puts out the most volume and the heaviest sound. Could this be causing a feedback problem? Is it simply too much for the amp to handle? If I should move my output to "Stack Pwr Amp" and my quarter out to "Amp", how difficult would it be to achieve the same sound and volume? If you open the file, you'll notice I have two preamps running with an overdrive. The gain/drive on all three doesn't exceed 40% and I try to keep my treble settings reasonably low enough. There are some extra effects at the end of the chain that I almost always never use except for the reverb. While I'm pretty happy with the sound I'm getting at bedroom volume, if I crank the Carvin to about 1:00 with the band, I start to get feedback. So what exactly is the best balance of settings, gain and volume to avoid feedback at high volumes when playing this kind of metal with the Pod HD500x? Please let me know if the file doesn't work or if I've attached it incorrectly. Many thanks in advance!
  13. is this possible. i want to replace my pedalboard full of fx with the HD500X. but i use a channel splitter to send ut to the clean then the dirty channel of a marshall. so i would need the HD500X to do this too. any thoughts?
  14. Hey guys, I've had my 500X for quite some time now, and am still having issues. When recording on my MacBook, I get a terrible buzzing noise, almost feedback, in my DAW. Whether it's garageband or Reaper. Here's the first video I did with it, you can hear the noise. I'm recording via USB. My cover of FaceDown The actual song for sound comparison The noise is very distinctive.. Almost uncatchable. But the strange thing is, is when I use my acoustic, it's silk smooth. Just like glass. But with an electric, whether it's my schecter, or Gibson LP, it's got that god awful noise. Honestly, I'm almost thinking about sending it to Line 6 and seeing whether they can fix it or not. Yeah, I made a few mistakes. Lol Thanks guys.
  15. I have a 59 and a 69S. I was playing my 69S last night, and it had a new behavior -- at the end of playing, I rolled the volume knob all the way down as I always do, and could still hear the guitar out the amp. I was connected to my HD500X via the VDI input and cable. I was on the mags, as I am, probably 90% of the time when gigging. I switched to the models and rolled the volume up and down and the output went to zero as it should all the way down. I switched back to the mags and it still would not go to zero output. It was very low, not off. I unplugged the VDI from the guitar and then plugged it back in to let the 69S reinitialize, but it still had the same result. I rebooted the 500X, but no change. The guitar works fine, but this was new. When I'm gigging (as I will be this weekend) my normal thing to do during breaks is roll the guitar volume off and the 500X pedal (I always use for volume) off (heel position), so this will not affect the use of the guitar (I hope), but is still a bit troubling.... I was thinking it could be some control voltage from the 500X & VDI not being right or it could be something up with the 69S... Tonight when working with the guitar, it did not go immediately to zero volume when I rolled it off, but decayed to zero shortly after the volume was rolled off. Again the models go right to zero volume, no time lag. I plugged in my 59, and it rolled right to zero with no lag on both the mags and models, so I'm pretty sure it's not an issue with the 500X or VDI cable, so must be with the 69S.... I've had my 59 since May 2011, and my 69S since October 2012. I've had no issues with my 69S, this is my first odd behavior with it. Anybody else have this happen? Weird... Thanks, Dave
  16. My HD500 works fine and all and I know the 2 differences between HD500 and HD500X. I hardly use dual-amps but I was interested in knowing if footpedals on HD500X endure better. It's my belief that the changes are only aesthetic; just more light, different footswitch but the microswitch in the board is probably the same one. Does anyone know if footswitches are actually better?
  17. Hi all! I have had the 500X for awhile now and I am really enjoying it!! I've been surprised at how well all of the pedals are done and they really emulate some good sounds of outrageously priced pedals. There is one pedal that I have had trouble replicating though and that is the micro pog. I tried the pitch up and a bass octaves paired together but the sound was unclear and it didn't balance out. Then I paired 2 smart harmonies together (using the major scale setting and one with +6 and the other with -6 shift) and it was better but still not full enough. Both also were shifting the pitch really odd and they were giving me some trouble. So, I was thinking about purchasing an actual micro pog and putting it in the pedal 2 input on the board. I was just wondering how that thing worked in the first place and even if I could properly place a micro pog in my chain whilst using the 500X. Thanks for the input guys!!
  18. Good day folks. I just plugged my guitar into my HD500X, which I've left on for the day. However it was not exposed to heat of any sort or any damage, and there is no sound from the 1/4 Output, I've plugged the amp to the headphones output and it works, haven't tried the XLR's because there's no compatibility here. I've established it's not from the cables, nor the input. For one reason or the other it's JUST the 1/4 output. I've reinstalled the flash driver, computer driver, and anything else I need to reinstall, offed and turned it back on, nothing. Do they have a history of doing this?
  19. Hello, I connect my XLR outputs on the PODHD500X to a set of KRK Rockit 5 monitors, and the signal is extremely weak and I have to crank the level on the speakers, the level on my monitor controller, and the master output on the POD to get adequate volume out of the speakers. I have even started boosting the levels on the mixer to about +3 dB, but I don't want to go higher than that cause I don't know if I am clipping. I think it is pathetic that there is no indicator on the pod to tell you if you are clipping or not. Is there any way I can monitor this? There is an output meter on POD Farm, but not in the HD Edit software. Thanks in advance
  20. Hello, so I recently bought an HD500x, which I use as an audio interface for my speakers, and mainly to record stuff with my guitar (mostly for guitar covers). But, I've got an M-audio keystation 61es, so my question is, can I use this as Midi through the HD500x to record stuff with, and can I use HD500x presets for the keystation, and if so, how do I do this? Because I want the sound from the keystation to come from the same speakers as my HD500x (my guitar, spotify, all that). I would also like to get other effects and stuff out of it, instead of just the regular piano. And IF this is NOT possible, do you guys have any suggestions of software that can do this? Thanks.
  21. Hi there Apologies for this very simple, but I am just starting out with this stuff!! I have a guitar, a windows laptop, a POD HD500X. I would like to record a solo over a backing track that I have on mp3 and I have no idea which software I need to do this. I have worked out how to USB the guitar signal from my POD into the laptop so that works, but I dont know how to do the actual recording and layering of any tracks, etc. I tried some software called Stagelight, but it just stopped working so does anyone know anything else I can try? I am a massive beginner so simplicity is key for me!! Many Thanks to anyone who can help. Phil
  22. I'm trying to record with Garageband 10 and a Line6 HD500X. The problem is that the click track/metronome is a split second ahead of the measure indicated on the screen. In otherwords, if I play to the click track, my playing is slightly ahead of the measure as it's recorded. How can I fix this? I'm using the HD500X as both the input and output device, monitoring through headphones on the HD500X. My Mac Mini is connected to my LCD TV via an HDMI. I know that games like RockSmith have a sound latency issue that can be corrected, but I have no idea how to tell Garageband it's recording too late vs. the click track... Any help is appreciated!
  23. I have a question about the audio over USB functionality of the HD500X. I use a audio interface when I'm recording and use plug ins, and I use the HD500X for live work. The other day I was experimenting with using the HD500X as an audio interface and incorporating Ableton Live into my live rig. Since then whenever I plug the USB into my laptop it mutes the analog outs of the HD500X and audio is only passed through USB. I don't remember changing anything specifically to make this happen, and I'm not sure how to undo it. I don't mind being able to choose whether audio gets passed via USB or analog outs when connected, I just can't figure out how to change it :) I haven't messed with it much since this happened, and I haven't tried re installing the driver yet. Any suggestions?
  24. I noticed the other day that on my POD HD500X, which I just bought in April, that the FS2 switch didn't change a couple of times when I pressed it. This was when I was sitting on the floor using my hands as I was using HD500X Edit with my laptop, so it wasn't when I used my foot. The way the footswitches are designed, they click, and then there is still some small distance that they travel downward before they stop. So there is by design a little play between the click point and the stop point. On that one footswitch, I tried pressing it with different amounts of pressure. On all of the other 7 footswitches, the red light changes the very instant that the "click" happens, even if I don't completely push the footswitch all of the way down. On FS2, the red light doesn't always change when the click occurs. I have to press it all of the way down sometimes, while at other times it DOES change right at the point of the click. Now this may seem trivial, and it may be, but I'm asking simply because 1 of 8 footswitches is behaving slightly differently. I think when using my foot I will always use enough pressure to change it, but if this is something that is not normal and could get worse so that it does become a problem, I'd like to know so I can address it. And since it's brand new, I want to make sure that even the slightest thing isn't working incorrectly. So, those of you with a 500X, do you notice the same thing and is this somewhat normal, or do all of the footswitches change exactly at the click rather than when the switch is pressed completely down all of the way?
  25. So I've had my HD500X for a little over a month now and I spent quite a bit of time, of course, creating usable tones that I like. I've used the POD with headphones, computer speakers, my Vypyr VIP 2 amp, and more recently, and old Crate PA/Mixer system that my parents used to use years ago and have now given to me. The Crate PA system really brought the tone to life and allowed me to get the tones dialed in the way I like them before using the POD live (although my wife wasn't happy about how much space it takes up :D ). I have to say that with the HD500X, my tone was the best it's been since I was much younger and used to use a Crate G120C amp when playing live. I play lead guitar at church, and I've been using my Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 amp with a Sure SM57. I love the Vypyr amp, and with the SM57 off-axis, I was able to get some decent tones live, but the problem is that the stage volume became an issue. The Vypyr doesn't have a line out, so I had to mic it, which would normally be fine, but In the church setting, if I turned the amp up loud enough to get a good fat mic'd tone, it would overpower the bass and keyboard players because of speaker beaming, and be overpowering in general for a church service. If I turned it down to keep that from happening, I'd end up with a good, albeit quieter, tone on stage, but the mic'd sound coming out of the PA was thin and weak because of not having enough volume for the mic to pick up a good source sound. So after tweaking and learning the POD for a month, I used it at practice and during the performances this past weekend. It made a huge difference in my sound. No longer having to worry about being too loud or too soft was great, and the tone I got through the PA system was the best I've had playing here. I used my Crate PA system and one of it's 2x8 speakers as a monitor, and placed it in front of me pointing away from the audience but toward my ears so that I could hear it pretty well without it being too loud. All in all, it's been a great experience and I'm pretty excited about using it from here on out.
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