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Found 373 results

  1. Hello, Just bought my HD500x a couple of hours ago. I don't know what I did, but the expression pedal doesn't work anymore. Can I reset the to factory settings or something ???
  2. Hello All! I am a new HD500X owner and would like to introduce myself. My name is Tom and I have been playing guitar for over 30 years. Some of the gear I have owned in the past are, Bass Man, Twin Reverb, Marshall 2003 and 2204, Carvin, Hughes and Kettner, Peavey JSX, Mesa Boogie 2:90 / Triaxis, Mesa Boogie Mark III, Mark IV, and Mark V, EVH 5150 III 50 Watt I still own the Mark V and the EVH 5150 III 50 Watt. The Mark V head gets hooked up to two cabs and many pedals that I need for my cover band. I end having to carry a lot of gear to my shows and wanted an amp that was a different flavor than Mesa. I found the EVH 5150 III on line for a great price and wanted a single unit that would provide me the effects and channel switching. After some research, I decided on the HD500X I just got the unit last week and my cables and accessories to make my snake. I already have installed the editing software and have updated the firmware in the POD. I will be using the 4CM method with the four assigned on off switches. I have one question right now. When I create a patch with a modulation effect and assign a switch for on/off. Can I and how do I set the default on/off condition for that particular patch? Thanks, Tom
  3. I was just playing around with workbench and HD edit and I thought of something I think would be a cool idea. Add HD500(X)/JTV functionality of assigning controls to certain positions of the JTV's pickup selector. For example you could assign a distortion box to the bridge position of the JTV patch. When you switch from the neck pickup to the bridge pickup it automatically would turn on the distortion box. There are countless more examples you could use with this functionality, but I think this explains it. If anyone thinks it's a useful idea here's the link to the ideascale page. http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Ability-to-change-HD500-X-settings-with-Variax-pickup-selector/623066-23508?submitted=1
  4. I would like to add a cabinet model to all my presets of one of my setlists. Is there any other way than doing it one by one? I have a setlist with all the presets I use for live performing. These presets have don't have a Cab model selected, as I send the POD output through the power amp section of my half stack. On the other hand, for home (pc) recording, I want to use the same setlist, but with a cab model (can be the same model for all presets). I can duplicate the setlist by saving it on my pc and opening it in the Edit program, but in the duplicated set, I want to enable a cab model. I have tried to select mutiple presets (CTRL + click) and change the cab, but that updates only the active one. Would there be any means at all? Or is possible to export the setlist to a csv (comma separated) file, and have it in excel for batch editing, then re-import it in the Edit program? thanks!
  5. Hello peoples of the Line 6 forum, I have some questions about the MIC input/output and routing on the HD500X: Is it possible to route the signal from the Mic Input to one of the Balanced Outputs, while simultaneously running the Instrument Input to one of the Unbalanced (1/4") outputs, so that when I play gigs I can route my mic through the pedal and give the FOH guy the Mic output separately from the instrument output (which I would give him from the DI in my amp, further down the signal chain, due to using more effects)? They key thing is I'm curious about keeping the instrument and mic outputs separate, so the channels can stay discrete on the FOH mixing board. Related to that, when using the Vocoder, will the effected sound pass through both the instrument and Mic outputs, or just one or the other? I.e. if running my instr and mic through the HD500X as separate channels (assuming that can be done), when I turn on the vocoder, will I hear the output through my instrument output only, the Mic/PA output only, or both? Finally, does anyone know if the HD500X will have additional effects/packages that can be applied to it? I'm a bassist, and it's very light on bass-specific stuff. I've always had an issue with buying pedalboards because they don't seem really futureproof sometimes. It would be nice if this platform will be somewhat expandable. Thank you!
  6. I downloaded Lincoln Brewster's official HD500 presets from here http://www.lincolnbrewster.com/podpatches/ And specifically, the one named Lincoln_Brewster_Main_2012.h5e For some reason, this preset is much much louder than any preset I create myself without messing too much with the volume settings. I've turned off every effect/amp block and checked all of the levels, including DEPs and none are really any different than any settings I use in my patches, and this patch is still much louder than any of my patches. The only difference I can see is that at the mixer he has both R and L set to Center instead of the default !00% Left and 100% Right. Changing that makes some difference, but it seems like the volume difference is more than just that. I also changed the extension to .5xe to import on my HD500X. That shouldn't make any difference, should it? Is there something else I'm missing, or does centering the Mixer block actually really make that much difference in overall volume without actually changing any volume parameters?
  7. Made the switch to the HD500X after spending some time with Pod Farm. Can't understand why you can't assign a controller to Mixer Path A or Mixer Path B. Seems like a real oversight, given that Pod Farm allows this on its mixer. Suggest this as an enhancement.
  8. withrowsp

    Line 6 Link

    Just curious if anyone knows what the longest XLR cable you can use for a Line 6 Link connection without risking signal degredation or other problems?
  9. I've spent a couple of days trying to create a decent djent tone through my headphones that'll be good for recording with minimal need to master it. Hpwever I'm having serious problems trying to get the results I want. My current signal chain is: Noise Gate - Red Comp - Screamer - Noise Gate - Parametric EQ - Engl Fireball with XXL V-30 (Mic is 409 Dyn) - Noise Gate. The problem I've got is while the noise gates are cutting in fine, the sound is too full of treble and I've done my best to remove that but the sound then lacks any sort of power in it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I've crafted a tone on my hd500x while running it through a power amp and cab. The tone sounds really crisp, tight and nearly devoid of noise. However when I run the same preset through my headphones it sounds really high in treble and isn't as clear as when I run it through my PA and Cab combo. What I'm asking is how to fix the problem as it translates to when I'm recording as well and why it's happening as I'm utterly clueless on this.
  11. Hi, Does anyone know how to load .l6t files into an HD500 or HD500x? Or could anyone convert .l6t files to be loaded into HD500 Edit or HD500x edit? I really appreciate the help! Cheers. R.T.
  12. Okay guys. I need suggestions, please. I just purchased a new 5150iii combo amp and I'm looking to setup a wet, dry rig if possible. I have the pod HD500x and PA speakers. Is my idea mad, impossible or easily done?? Thank you in advance for the help.
  13. Hi, I'm hoping to user a Voodoo Lab Commander to control the HD500x via MIDI, but the Commander requires getting it's power from the 5 pin MIDI connection. Is there any way to get power out from the HD500x or an adapter cable maybe? Thanks! SSG
  14. Hello all. I just picked up a Pod HD500X about a week ago with the intentions of using it mostly for recording. I know that using the HD500X as an interface is a popular setup and many people have success with it. I however am not having much success at the moment. My setup is as follows: Pod HD500X, LTD 307-w EMG active pickups, Two KRK Rokit 5s, Logic Pro X, Macbook Pro 13" with trs-xlr cables from the UNBALANCED OUTPUTS on the Pod HD500X to my KRK monitors. I have recently been told that using balanced cables from unbalanced outputs doesn't yield me any of the benefits of balanced connections. Needless to say, I am still very new to this. My issues I'm having are related to distortion and hollow, tinny sound through my monitors as I try to increase levels to get the strongest levels without clipping. The distortion is also seemingly increased by selecting my INPUT MONITORING option on Logic Pro X. It is as if something between my Pod and my Mac is off. My waveforms at varying volume levels are all very "peaky" and undefined. Clearly there is an output/level issue that I am overlooking but I can't figure it out. Any help with this matter would be fantastic!
  15. Ive just started using the hd500x after years of standalone pedals and im really impressed with it. im using the 4 cable method into a Vox AC30 cc2x, its a great setup once its up and running, ive even used some of the modelled preamps straight into the power section with great results, just have one question Im trying to find a method of setting up patches through headphones for the vox because its not exactly the quietest of amps but im assuming that ill have a very different sound between headphones and amp? has anyone any tips for working this way?
  16. Sorry if this has been asked before but I wouldn't know how to start searching for the answer. I have just purchased a "dream rig" consisting of a DT25, HD500x & a JTV69. I have watched several line6 videos about creating patches but they all sound different out of my amp because I'm not sure what settings to have the amp on. I don't have the line6 cable for connecting the HD500x to the DT25 so how do I know which amp model to have selected on the amp. Obviously, having the wrong amp and settings selected defeats the object of the patch. If you have the line 6 connector, do you have to tell the editor all the amp settings so it selects them every time or does it switch the DT25 settings out and use the amp models settings. This probably sounds like mumbo jumbo but I am very confused! Do you have to buy a expensive line6 cable or will any microphone lead do? thanks in advance for any advice
  17. Hello all. Just took a brand new unit out of the box. I am on a windows 8 laptop. Monkey recognizes the device and allowed me to download and install the drivers. When I try to update the USB firmware, I get a message it does not detect it and reconnect (which I've done several times). When I try to update the flash memory, it tells me there is a problem opening the MIDI ports. I am not using a MIDI connection at all. Please help!
  18. Hey guys, Question: what is the different between the jacks and XLR cable ? I have a mixer connected to the PC but I was wondering the difference between those two connections. Has XLR better quality or something ? Can I connect my HD500X to the mixer with those cables ? Thank you in advance. fr2632
  19. I have a new PD HD500X which am trying to connect to Edit software to download custom tones. I have successfully installed Line 6 Monkey and the USB connection is fine. Monkey recognizes the POD HD500X with no problem.All Drivers, Firmware, Flash, etc. is up to date. However, when I run Line 6 Edit, it will not recognize the POD HD500X, and immediately opens a midi connection screen as if I were trying to connect via MIDI cables which I am not. I have tried uninstalling drivers, the firmware, and the Edit software to no avail. Please help!
  20. Hey, so, when I first got my pod, I was playing mostly through my Spider III - I set up my presets for it, and it sounded okay like that. However, recently, my Spider went to crap on me, and so I've been playing mostly through headphones - and I realized just how entirely different EVERYTHING sounded. So, I started all my tones from scratch, and have everything sounding really nice through headphones. Now I'm looking to replace my Spider so I can actually play out loud, and I'm wondering what would work better - to chain like: Guitar->Pod->combo-amp, or if I can essentially use the Pod as an amp head, not bother with a combo amp, and go directly to a speaker cab. What are the pros and cons of each setup?
  21. I have a weird situation. I'll be playing my JTV-69 through L6Link to HD500X through L6Link to DT25 112 and after an random amount of time the HD500X will switch to the amp parameter edit screen and the amp will go silent. All pieces are still operating, and if you change the HD500X to another bank the sound comes back. Thoughts?
  22. Hey all, like the title says, I am ordering a new HD500X after a few things finish up on ebay this weekend. I'm already planning on getting a gig bag for it. What else do I need? A special cable to connect it to my PC? Something to go to the PA, if desired? Eventually I'll get a DT amp (no idea what wattage or head/combo yet, but that's another thread), will I need another type of cable to connect that? My big fear is, I'll get it, open it up, all excited and be like "Oh, well, crap, I need another 3 types of cables to edit this on my PC/play with it in front of my amp." Save me from me! :p
  23. I Just recently Purchased the HD500X (3-5-2014) and i know their is an update from 1.00 to 1.20 has any whose jump from that experience anything negative from it? i know i'm pretty content with a patch i edited but i'm also one who desires things up to date. my main request is primarily the Angel F-ball Pre. has that been enhanced? thanks guys i appreciate it
  24. Hi. I recently purchased the POD HD500x second hand and I was using the Edit program for the first time. It said the device was not connected so I went to the Monkey. It showed the device but the serial number was listed as unknown. I registered the serial number correctly under my account, but I don't know where the Monkey is looking for the SN. I've gone through the all of the online suggestions (i.e. plugging in the device while holding the left arrow) but nothing seems to help. I can't install drivers or update either the flash memory or the USB firmware. Any suggestions? I already have a ticket open. Ah, the joys of buying used gear...
  25. I just got my HD500x today, its pretty tricky to figure out, but im getting there. I cannot seem to figure out a couple of things so I joined this forum just to ask these 2 questions: 1: Is there a recommended way hook both my Boss RC-300 and my HD500x to my Vox AC-30? I have tried, and succeded, but I am sure whether or not I did it right. I want it so that I can get the best possible sound. There is a footswitch and speaker output on the back of the amp, and a input on the top (of course). 2: My looper on the HD500x is not working when I put it on POST(FS3 light on). I turn the looper on, and then I record a guitar part, but then when I finish and hit play, I cannot hear it, what is the problem? Thanks
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