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  1. New to the Dream Rig setup, but so far love it. Found a cool way to get a direct out of the Pod HD and have a mic'd DT amp sent to the FOH via one line without any extra summing pre's, mixers, etc. Check it out. Routing Acoustic Output with Variax, POD HD500, and DT Amps There's also another option, if you're wanting to bypass the DT for acoustic presets and only run 1 line to your FOH while still using your mic'd DT.. 1.) Assign input 1 source to Variax, and assign audio output 1(left) to your DT50. 2.) Make sure your mixer is hard panned left and right in all patches you intend to use. 3.) Assign input 2 to your mic input. 4.) For electric patches, only use the top signal path for guitar effects, amps, etc. 5.) Run your mic line from your mic'd amp to the HD500 mic input, and adjust the input gain accordingly 6.) Run an XLR from the right output of your POD HD to your stage snake or mixer. 7.) If necessary, you can add EQ, Compression and other effects to the lower signal path to alter the mic'd amp's signal. 8.) For acoustic patches, route the variax to input 2, and only use the lower signal path. This does add a hint more latency for electric patches since you're processing the signal twice, but it's fairly neglegable and allows you more versatility to altering and saving your sound.
  2. Hello! From what I've researched and tried out at Guitar Center, I believe I am prepared to purchase a POD HD500X! There are just a few questions that I have that I haven't been able to find an answer for by just searching. 1) From my past use of the old TonePort GX w/Gearbox, I used an amp called Line 6 Big Bottom, which was available in the Metal Shop amp pack for $50. When I was looking through the list of amps on the HD500X overview, I noticed it wasn't on there. Does this mean that I either have to buy the Metal Shop pack again, it is renamed or replaced on the 500X, or is just gone? This is important as that amp model gave me my favorite tone (I play progressive metal). 2) When I get this, would I have to play it through an amp or PA speaker? All I have are computer speakers that don't sound too bad. Also I don't own an amplifier (unless you consider a crappy little 15 watt Epiphone amp from my starter kit 8 years ago to be alright to use). 3) As I stated previously, I used to have a TonePort GX. Would Gearbox files (.l6t) be compatible for use with the 500X? I have a few of these files saved on a flash drive that I really liked and would love to use live or in studio. Thanks!
  3. Hi All. I have an issue with the expression pedal. If I am playing within a patch and press on the expression pedal to change it to wah or whatever, there is a loud squeal then the unit shuts off and then turns back on. Some patches do work if WAH or another effect is programmed to be used on the pedal. Is this common if the expression pedal has nothing programmed to it and I press down to engage it?? When downloading new tones, I am just simply testing the patch to see if wah has been programmed. I calibrated the pedal when I first set up the HD500X. However I believe the flash memory has been updated. Should I need to calibrate the exp pedal every time I have Line6 Monkey up and running and something updates? I hope this is something simple...this is already the 2nd HD500X for me. The first one right out of the box would constantly restart and shut off. Thanks, Mark
  4. I cannot decide which unit to purchase. I have no intention of gigging, both units sound fantastic but it will be for home use only. Any advice from people who have either of these units would be a help. Thx
  5. Hello to everyone. I connect the guitar to the Guitar In and doesn´t work. Apparently HD500X is OK but does not get the sound from the guitar. Volume and Master up and nothing. I actívate the tuner and the screen is clean, play a string and doesn´t no appear on the screen. OK: guitar, amp and cables but Guitar Input and Aux In don´t work. I have reset the unit and the problema persists. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  6. richprice79

    Hd500 X Rack

    Hello all, I am in the process of building a new studio in the house and I am considering ordering the line 6 hd500x rack. I was actually convinced I was going to get it after checking it out but after the gear lust period died down I figured I would come ask a few questions. How does this processor compare to amplitube 3 and guitar rig 5? I have been using those and I am happy however they eat up a ton of cpu after awhile and the line 6 would free this up in theory. I just want to make sure the tone is as good or at least close. I threw together a quick recording using amplitube 3 for reference (excuse the vocals and production its early and not finished writing it). Can I get a similar sound quality with line 6? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbGZibXDJUI
  7. Hi! I tried the Plex 2 tone described in Sean Halleys Blog (last minutes of the last video in the blog) where the Variax toneknob is controling the drive, treble and presence of the amp. It all works fine except that the toneknobs normal function is also activated wich really makes the tone unusable. Is there any way of cancelling that function? I have set my HD500X to lock the toneknob and as said, all the settings above works as they should so... Many regards! Olle
  8. Hey fellas, I've had a HD500X ever since they came out, and I love it. If you have an older model POD, you should seriously consider the upgrade. Anyway I have a few questions, hopefully some of you guys can help me out here.. Recording: I have a Macbook and I'm using an old version of Garageband from like, '09. I plugged in my acoustic to record Here Comes The Sun, and post it on Facebook. WOW! It sounded fantastic! Everyone asked me to do another cover and so I thought, ah, what the heck? Sure thing... I plugged in my LP, and switched it over to the assigned switches and played without doing a sound check. (Stupid) Five minutes later I'm playing it back, and it sounds like absolute crap! I was in shock compared to the acoustic! It is majorly distorted! Even on a clean assign, with or without an amp model. Long story long, what recording software are you guys using? I'd like to keep it under $150, and it has to be Mac compatible. (This is why I hate you, Mac) I have 2gb of Ram so any older versions of Logic, are kind of out of the question. (Logic demands to much for my old hunk of junk)... Second thing: I'm planning on doing a small little guitar session at my school. Play along with the art teacher who plays piano and do a cover of, Let It Be. Our school stage has imbedded XLR inputs on the stage, and then that runs straight to the sound system amplifier, then to the speakers. Now, I'm no technical advance kind of guy when it comes to stuff like this. It's all new to me. Even though I know computers like the back of my hand. I see on the back of the 500X that it's got two, what appears to be XLR, even though it says Balanced Left and Right. What I'm trying to do is just get the sound from my pod straight to those XLR inputs in the stage. Any ideas of what cable I would need? I feel like a 1/4 inch to an XLR would work, but what would those balanced be used for? (future reference) Thanks Guys.
  9. Hi folks, I followed all the instructions (both video and manual) from Line6 and yt and I'm nowhere near to be able to control pitch shift (like Whammy) or Wah pedal in my chain of effects. What I do: 1. Put Wah pedal in chain of my preset, enter the switch assignment options and choose toe pedal to control wah effect 2. Result: effect is always on, and moving the expression pedal doesn't change anything In pre-made presets however I do can control volume level of some presets, and I also can control VOL level in my own made preset. I did calibrated pedal before using the POD HD500X What Am I possibly doing wrong?
  10. So, my brand new HD500X came yesterday. I've already got a DT25 and a Variax 600. Hooked it up using the L6 Link and the Variax VDI Cable. Problem - the sounds cuts in and out. Tried it with a 'normal' guitar plugged in - no problems. Tried it with Variax plugged in - problem returns. Plugged Variax into my old X3L - no problems. Signal gets through ok and no problems with tone. So at this stage I'm thinking the problem is inside the HD500X. The VDI cable is ok because it works in the X3L, the L6 Link is ok, the rest of the HD500X is ok because the strat worked through it. Am I missing something here, or have I got a dodgy POD?
  11. Where is everyone downloading HD500X Edit from? I have searched everywhere, including through all the forums, looking for a link or for someone to have said something. On the downloads page it shows all of the other products and their edit software EXCEPT hd500x. Did they remove it for some reason? Am I blind to something? Everytime I call customer support they say they're in a meeting and call back in an hour. Someone please show me where you are all seemingly easily getting this program. I even downloaded the regular HD500 Edit just in case every 500X owner was using that, but calling it 500X. Anyway, program doesn't recognize my 500X. Thank you for any help, Thanasi
  12. Ehy Guys, What is the best PC soundcard to use with the HD500X ? Or what is really needed to get a good and nice sound when you connect it to the PC? Thank you all in advance! fr2632
  13. Hey guys, Slowly discovering all the goodies that come with hd500x :D Here's a short video in which I'm using a combination of factory and customtone patches, slightly tweaked to my personal taste. Very happy with the initial result, but thinking that the best is yet to come
  14. Hello all, I can't find it today, but I saw somewhere on here instructions for sending two outputs from the HD500X - one direct to the mixing console and another to my amp. IIRC: XLR Left Output to the mixing console and the 1/4" Left output to my amp. Does that sound correct? What output setting do you recommend I use? Thanks for helping out a noob.
  15. Hi, I have a Brian May Special guitar and the pickups are wired in parallel, which apparently makes the sound heavier on the bass when you have more than one pickup selected (you can select all three, as they have individual switches). That's why Brian May himself plays with a treble booster all of the time. I've checked the list of effects on the HD500X (useful background information: I have one!) and I don't see a treble booster. Is there another pedal on the pod that would produce the same effect? Is it different from just whacking up the treble knob on the amp? Or would it be simpler if I just buy a treble booster? Thanks for any thoughts! ;)
  16. Before anyone judges my post by the subject alone, I would like to note that I am not attempting to use VDI, simply 1/4" setup. I am toying with the idea of using the 4-cable method and buying 4 separate wireless systems to make it cable-free. I am wondering (from experienced wireless users and/or audio engineering experience people) if this is a bad idea. I would love nothing more than than to have to never mess with cables again, but I am wondering how much signal loss and/or hum I will get from this. I would like to hear some advice, warnings and educated coaching on this matter. Is it plausible?
  17. I finally got my HD500X and it is amazing. This may not be the problem but when i turn on the POD i see total 16 factory presets. But after 16D it again goes back to 1A. I don't want to change the factory presets but need to make something new in user presets. How can I go to user presets?
  18. So my input is set to guitar and my output is to power amp in-going into the PWR Amp input on my Blues Delixe. With no amps or pre-amps selected, why do I have a clear audio signal from my guitar? It is as strong as the if an amp was on. The end result is that an amp selection merely colors this dry signal.
  19. Hi All, I have just bought a Pod HD500X after owning a UX2 for a couple of Months. I am putting the HD500X through my Fender Hot Rod Deville Pre Amp in socket. Firstly I'm getting an awful Hum as soon as the Pedal is plugged in. Secondly all effects sound muddy and to be honest pretty crappy, at least compared to the UX2 with my PC Speakers, the Amp with just a Guitar and the Amp with my Boss GT6. Has anyone had a similar issue? I have seen some people talking about disconnecting the Earth cable to the power, but I'm not going to start screwing around with my power wiring. Anyway any help will be gratefully accepted, otherwise this Pedal is going back to the shop. Cheers Lee
  20. Trying to resolve an issue with my laptop. After trying to flash HD500X which failed and now the unit appears to be bricked, my laptop USB ports (4) are non-functional. Can't see where to uninstall the edit software. Trying to clear all Line6 software to try to restore USB functionality. Any help is appreciated!
  21. Links to Line 6 Product Specialist Joe Butterfield's videos of: Joe's tones are available here: Presets.zip Links to Line 6 Product Specialist Nick Bell's versions of: Nick's tones are available here: Nick Bell tones.zip Line 6 Product Specialist Joe Cozzi's Spanish-language videos: (Spanish) Creating tones on the Line 6 POD HD500X Every Breath You Take
  22. Apologies in advance if this has been addressed before. I tried several keyword searches and did not find this discussed here. I use a different brand of floor multi-fx and amp modeler, because I almost always use two guitars during shows or church services; I appreciate the simplicity and repeatability of a single signal chain. I create "from scratch" presets for each guitar, then use "stomp box mode" to layer individual fx as needed. I recently bought a JTV-59, which I love. It has become my main electric. I'm intrigued by the added possibilities of connecting it to an HD500 or 500X using the Variax input. However, I prefer my "real" acoustic guitars over the Variax, so I still need to switch guitars. My question: can I use the multiple inputs of an HD500 or X to switch between guitars, without any additional outboard gear? Specifically, I want to connect the JTV to the Variax input, and an "analog" guitar to the Guitar input. When I activate a Variax preset, it would mute the Guitar input. When I activate an acoustic preset, it would mute the Variax. I would also need access to the tuner for either guitar, with the output muted while tuning. Does anyone know if this is possible? And is there a difference between the oriinal 500 and the 500X in this regard? I've read through the HD500 & X product info, Pilot Guides and Advanced Guides, but they all seem to assume that you only connect one guitar to the POD. There is almost no info about how to make effective use of the Pod's multiple inputs. Thanks, Rob
  23. Does HD500 and HD500X have same dimension where I can get a soft case for it??
  24. Hey! I've just started using the line 6 pod hd500x and need to recreate richie sambora of Bon Jovi's live tone for my Bon Jovi tribute band. Does anybody have any really good sambora settings? Or tips?
  25. OK I now have 2/3 of the Dream Rig. JTV69S and HD500X. I play at home both acoustic sounds and classic rock stuff. I am trying to decide what to get for a full range output device that will sound good with Acoustic guitars and Electrics. I do not play out now so I do not need to fill a hall just a room. I think I want a powered PA speaker but I have no experience with any. My amp collection is all tube amps that I have built over the years and none are full range. The only amp I have with me now is a Tweed Deluxe which sounds great for some stuff but not with acoustic guitar. Any recommendations for a decent powered full range speaker? I also am considering studio monitors but I am afraid that they are too directional for my needs. The rig sounds great through my good quality headphones but I don't want to play wearing headphones all the time. Let's hear some ideas!
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