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Found 372 results

  1. Hi all. The advanteges of the hd500x have been discussed in several threads. Maybe it's time to talk about some disadvanteges. All of them are the result comparing the setup of my old Rack (Marshal JMP1, BOSS GX700 and TC G-Major) with the "all-in-one"-solution HD500X. First of all: The sound is great. Now the disadvanteges: 1. Switching time and "noise": Switching from one preset to another takes too long and produces noise on both outputs (line and XLR). This has been a suprise because switching the presets on my old stuff (which is in fact a program change on three somewhat old devices) is not noticable. Even switching to the same sound (e.g. from 8C to 8C) causes the interrupt and crackle. That's the major weakness. Still searching for a solution on this. 2. MIDI-Controller: Our Band-Setup is all done by the stage sequencer. Here it sends CC 7 and CC 11 for the volume-pedal and a global value for predefined effect values. The HD500X is only capable of receiving CC 1 and CC 2, which is usually Modulation Wheel and Breath Controller. Even this does not follow MIDI-Standard it would cause a lot of effort to re-programm the sequenzer and would make it afterwards unusual for my old setup. I ended up with a MOLTON VOLTAGE OSMOSIS, which translates the incomming controller 7 to 1 and 11 to 2. 3. No Volume-independant XLR: There seems to be no way to make the XLR-Outputs independent from the master-knop. This implies that every time I got the feeling, that my stage sound is to loud or not loud enough our mixer gets a problem. Realy love the JMP1 for that feature. If anyone has a solution or tip for No. 1 it would be highly welcome. Still hope I can get the baby running. Chris
  2. Hello guys, I was looking for such a topic, but could not find. If it exists, please give me a link and kill this topic.. Just bought a new POD HD500X. Could you tell how can I mute one channel entirely? In presets I have 2 parallel amps, and mixer, 100% left and 100% right, one amp gets muted by a control. Output goes from unbalanced channels to amps. I use it on live gigs, had Morley di box before. When I press the control on POD HD500X, I still hear the clean sound from the muted channel. Could you tell if you know how to make it properly? Maybe you have a tone with such function? Thanks!
  3. Hello all, I am considering purchasing the model pack expansion for the HD500x but have a couple of questions. I have an HD500x and use it regularly for gigs, recording, rehearsals etc. So much so that I'm going to be buying a second hd500x as a backup. I want to have matching presets on both units so it's a seemless switch if something does happen. If I buy the model pack(s) for the HD500X is this a license for only one unit? Or is it good for multiple HD500X's for the same registered user? Thanks for any info, advice, etc!
  4. Is anyone using a M5 in the FX Loop of their HD550X? Just have a few simple questions before I dive in.
  5. I bought the Ultimate Model Packs Bundle before the HD500X was released, and the individual Power Packs b4 that... I was wondering if I could get the HD Model Packs for FREE ? I no longer have the POD Studio UX2. Bought the POD Farm Plug-In as well... Doesn't hurt to ask...thx.
  6. I have never owned a 300 but a friend of mine is telling me that his HD500 would not power the 300 through the variax cable. He has upgraded to a 500x now but can any of you verify if the 300 power should be supported by either unit?
  7. Check out my little tune using the new Roland Jazz Chorus amp model and the Gallien-Kruger bass amp model on the #HD500X. Both of these were just released with the new amp bundle for Pod HD500, HD500X, HD Pro, and HD ProX. I'm also playing both a JTV Variax and Variax Bass.
  8. Hey guys, Check out my latest video showcasing the new 5150 amp model.
  9. I have both the 500 and the 500X -- got the 500X because I wanted a backup. I had the XTLive -- bought it in 2005 or 2006 when I got my Variax 300 and had a midi pedal to my FX shoot craps. In 2009, the XTL died at a gig and I had to make due without. The wall wart power input jack on the XTL failed, and left me dead in the water. I went to GC and picked up the new (at the time) X3Live -- was able to import the XTL patches into the X3L. When I got my JTV-59 in 2011 I wanted the better JTV control features of the HD500, so it was not long before I got the 500. Well, with the XTL failure experience in the back of my head, I saw my way clear to buy the 500X when that had just come out, so I could use one as a backup. I also got a JTV-69S in 2012 as a backup to my 59.... I'm an engineer, and tend to think in terms of contingencies... Yeah, I know, but just the way I am... I was able to put my set lists from the 500 into the 500X, and was off. Over time, went through some updates, and my patches evolved, like everybody who tweaks, I decided to put my current set lists into my backup 500 to keep them both alike, but noticed the 2 units sounded different with the same patches. I have a thread on here describing the differences: http://line6.com/support/topic/7649-500-500x-side-by-side-comparison/?do=findComment&comment=53117 Anyway -- I was also looking forward to this latest round of FW and software updates this last week. I did the 2.61 500X FW updates then bought and installed the full model pack set. Found the Global EQ was not doing anything. so when they fixed that with 2.62, it was ready for the HD 500 as well. Got the 500X squared away Tursday, then did the 500 on Friday night, and installed the model packs on that as well -- settled an uncertainty we've been reading about concerning multiple installs -- everybody said we should be able to, and I was able to get it on both. The License manager is a bit fussy -- had de-authorize some stuff to get 'er done. what up with that -- heaven help you if you buy more than 3 things that need to be authorized... jeesh... I digress... I just want to report that with the 2.62 FW updates, the 500 and the 500X now DO sound EXACTLY alike. Before the update, the 500 sounded quite a bit more "treble-y" than the 500X with the same patches. After the update - completely the same. Also with all the updates, I saw they had updates for the JTV's -- updated HD Workbench for the new Standard Variax, but also a FW update for the JTV -- FW 2.21. It's the first one I've seen with absolutely not firmware realease notes. I asked if anybody knew what it was about on the JTV section of the Forum -- nobody seems to -- never heard from Digital Igloo or any other L6 Staffers. http://line6.com/support/topic/12901-jtv-fw-221-whats-new-in-it/?view=findpost&p=90279 Well, I gritted my teeth and updated both the 59 & 69S. I haven't found any bad issues with it, but really can't tell any positive changes, either. Anybody here heard what it was about? Wanted to thank the L6 folks for a fairly smooth update. the 2.60 to 2.61 to 2.62 fixes were pretty timely. My HD500X & JTV update installs went very smoothly. I had 2 USB communication errors when installing the 2.62 update to the 500. I disconnected any other connections to the 500 and made sure the USB cable was firmly in place, and it worked. Thanks, Dave
  10. On the POD HD500X, is there a way to move (or maybe copy and paste) a preset from one setlist to another? I want to gather the presets I use most often together into one of the empty user setlists, so I don't have to move back and forth between different setlists all the time. The manual shows how to move a preset within a setlist, but not how to move it to a different setlist. Can this be done?
  11. When purchasing an HD Model Pack, can I install it on both of my POD HD500?
  12. I have an HD500X on order. Thought I researched it fairly thoroughly.....but after seeing some posts about how the 500x implements MIDI and program change messages.....I'm a little confused and worried this might not serve my needs. Here's the scenario I want to use this for....please advise if this will work as I'm hoping it will. I would like to use the 500x to do the following simultaneously: Change the preset on the HD (A,B,C,D) for a given bank and send a PC message of my choice on a MIDI channel (other than 0 as to hopefully avoid issues with those fixed global messages) to my Rivera head (its MIDI controllable). So basically when I hit "A" preset on a bank....I want HD to load that preset, and send the PC message to my Rivera for the clean channel, reverb on, fx loop on (PC #4 on MIDI channel 2). The Rivera has a fixed set of PC mappings (1-105) that cannot be changed. Currently I have no need to set FS1-4 to toggle any of those functions. I really just need to go to the right amp channel. Am I correct in thinking the HD can handle this kind of MIDI functionality? I dont want to tap dance, hit preset buttons twice....I need to hit "A" and the HD goes to my preset, and sends the PC message of my choosing on MIDI channel 2. I cant seem to find any clear answers on all the posts and manuals Ive read. It all seems clear at first....but then I see things like "PC messages are fixed and sent on all channels"...or....you can only send MIDI messages in "Pedalboard Mode". To me it seems like MIDI 101 to be able to send a PC message on another MIDI channel and the patch to change at the same time. I really would like to see the HD have the ability to send multiple MIDI messages on multiple channels simultaneously.
  13. I'm very happy with the way the HD 5150 amp has turned out. It's my favorite amp model on my Peavey Vypyr II amp, and it's now probably going to be my favorite on my HD500X. Having said that, it definitely needs some tweaks and adjustments to get a usable sound. To my ears, the default settings have way too much mosquito buzz and a little too much low end, but to be honest, the exact same is true with the 5150 model on my Vypyr amp, so I believe that those are just characteristics of the actual amp (but I've not played on a real 5150, so my experience is limited to modelers). I purposely recorded this clip with the default settings of the amp model to give an idea of the sound without any adjustments. The only exceptions are that I increased the mids about 12%, I added plate reverb and I added tape echo. Also, I did not add drums or bass when recording to let the guitar be fully heard. So, all of the items that to me need tweaked are still present in this clip, so you'll hear too much buzzyness. But again, this is purposely to give a demo of the raw sound of the amp without much tweaking. I plan on doing an A/B comparison with my Vypyr 5150 settings, which I have set the way I like, to get this more in line with that. Lowering the gain, lowering the presence, reducing the bass and treble a little, and a few other things should get this amp model sounding pretty good. http://www.mediafire.com/listen/2cxbx2idr74x726/PVPanamaAmpModel.mp3 Edit: I also meant to say that for this clip, I did not change the input settings to guitar/variax instead of guitar/same, so changing that may help, too.
  14. Hello all, My problem with my HD500x is humming and buzzing, mostly with LED lighting and neon lightning. My first 2 gigs with the unit were all quiet, we were using my drummers Chauvet 4-bar mini LED lights. The third gig and every gig from then on, with the same setup, I got this loud buzzing through my HD500x. It was so loud, it was unusable. Shutting the lights off got rid of it. Now picking up buzzing from neon lights in the bars as well as other buzzing at different locations, some bars worse than others. I tried another power supply - no luck. Tried an Ebtech Hum x - no luck. Tried an ABS power filter - no luck. I'm running straight into the PA through XLR's and using the 1/4 inch outs to my monitor. The ground lift does nothing. Pad switch is at normal, output set to Studio/Direct. Noise gates help a little but the LED buzzing is too loud to gate. I'm running out of options here. I love the sound of the HD500x but the noise issue is killing me. It seems every place I play has some buzz issue. Anyone else have these issues? I can't understand why the first 2 gigs I played were fine and now I got noise. The only thing different is that I tweaked the patches, but that shouldn't have anything to do with it. I'm thinking I may have gotten a bad unit since I can't find a solution. Thanks for any help....
  15. Global EQ is used for compensating for the wide disparity in acoustic environments on tour or when traveling from studio to studio, and is applied to all setlists and presets. Global EQ features three fully parametric bands plus variable low and high cut filters. This feature is not available in the HD editor programs used via computer. To access Global EQ: Press and hold the VIEW button to open the Setup Menu. Using the four-way, cursor right until you see the Global EQ screen. Turn Knob 1 to select the desired EQ band (Low Cut, Low, Mid, High, High Cut) andturn Knobs 2, 3, and/or 4 to adjust the selected band. To bypass or enable Global EQ, press ENTER. NOTE—Due to L6 LINK’s flexible routing, Global EQ is not available at this output.
  16. Are there any factory presets using the amps from the new Model Packs?
  17. NOTE: HD model packs are not compatible with POD Farm 2.5. Only standard model packs can be used with a Line 6 device and/or a computer authorized with POD Farm 2.5 or better. This is a step by step guide on using the Line 6 License Manager to install Model Packs on the POD HD500X and HD Pro X. If you have Line 6 Monkey installed, then you have Line 6 License Manager. There are a few things to check before we get started: Make sure you have the latest version of Line 6 Monkey installed. If you don't you can find it here: http://line6.com/software/ Line 6 License Manager comes in the Line 6 Monkey installer. Before you Begin: Connect your POD via USB, open Line 6 Monkey and make sure the latest drivers are installed. Next, the Flash Memory version on your POD must be version 2.60 or higher: And the firmware must be updated to version 1.04 or higher. Step by Step in Line 6 License Manager: After your POD is updated it's time to run the License Manager. You can access it in the Start Menu on Windows or in C:\Program Files(x86)\Line6\Tools on a Mac it's in the Applications\Line 6 Folder in Finder. When License Manager opens it looks like this: Click the Login Button and type your username and password for Line6.com: Once you are logged in, you will see your computer and the POD: Authorize your computer first: Then highlight the POD: And authorize again: Next, the POD will indicate that there are add-ons that need to be installed: Click the install button to program your model packs on the POD: The POD will tell you to Power Cycle. Unplug the power for 5 seconds and plug it back in. Now you can Check the hardware for your new amp models buy putting your cursor over the amp icon in a patch and using the first knob under the LCD screen to search: Enjoy your new amp models! About Amp Models: Here is a Full list of Amp models in the Fully Loaded Bundle: http://store.line6.com/software/hd-model-packs/hd-fully-loaded-bundle.html You can learn more about individual model packs here: http://store.line6.com/software/hd-model-packs.html Keep in Mind that the new amp models will "allude" to the amp they are modeling like all of our Line 6 models. Example: VOX® AC30 (Fawn Bright Ch.) = A30 FAWN BRT on the hardware. NOTE: HD model packs are not compatible with POD Farm 2.5. Only standard model packs can be used with a Line 6 device and/or a computer authorized with POD Farm 2.5 or better.
  18. I created a clean tone that sounds very clean when its played through my real amps but when I try to plug my hd500x into my audio interface and DAW the tone is distorted. I understand that all the tones will sound different going to a real amp or going direct in but there is no distortion/overdrive when I hear it through my amps and its very apparent when going direct in for recording. I'm not new to recording but I've always used microphones and never gone direct in from a pedal like this. I tried both the XLR and 1/4" outputs going into a Tascam US-1800 and Adobe Audition and also tried the USB connection, bypassing the Tascam and going into Audition. Does anyone have any idea what's going on or how to use this pedal to go direct in or do I need to mic the amps?
  19. This is a song I wrote when I was probably 15 or 16 years old, but never actually recorded (other than just by putting a tape recorder next to my amp). I decided to put it to a drum track and see how it turned out. The patch I used is a Gibtone 185 with the gain controls set around medium and using nothing but some plate reverb and a digital delay (and a Noise Gate at the front). The drum track is from a website that provides free drum loops, and the bass was just me improvising using my guitar and the HD500X with the Flip Top bass amp and the bass octaver effect. The track is here if you're interested in hearing it: http://www.mediafire.com/listen/mh8ffxrjegn7lu8/IntoTheEyeOfHarmonyCDMaster.mp3 I originally wrote the song using a Crate G120C amp with a Digitech Digital Delay pedal (which I still had until about a year ago, and I regret selling it even with all of the built in delays on the POD and on my Vypyr). The original settings on that gear were for playing Van Halen's Cathedral, but I ended up making my own song using the same settings. I just recreated the delay I used back then on the POD for this recording. I have a little more info about it on my blog.
  20. Hello all. I hope I put this in the right area of the Forum. I have been using my Hd 500x most of the time as an effects pedal. Using the 4 cable method to utilize my amps distortion but have been using an amp simulator on the pedal for clean, say using channel 'c' on all banks for my clean settings. I would like to some how assign a channel to switch the amp channel to clean and add efects to it rather then use an amp/sim on the pedal. I do have some pretty great clean sounds but nothing quite as nice as the marshall clean(imho) I have an A/B channel switcher for the amp, but to switch the amp cahnnel then switch to the assigned channel('c') to get the effect i need is not seemless unuf. I have zero experience with midi or expresion pedals and am at a loss on how to achieve this. Does any body have a solution that may help me with this project? Thanks in advance Rick
  21. A few months ago, I got a new microphone and preamp and did a handful of recordings though my old TonePort KB37. The preamp has a balanced TRS output and an XLR output, so I connected it with a balanced TRS cable to the KB37's Line 1 input. Because I just wanted a dry vocal signal, I didn't install Pod Farm or any of that stuff, just the driver. Recently, I've switched to recording on my POD HD500X. To record dry vocals, I just switch on the tuner (in bypass mode) or use an empty preset. However, I noticed that my recordings sounded very different. So, I did some side-by-side comparisons. I also tested the Mic input on the KB37. What I found out is that everything sounds exactly the same except the KB37's line input. I've attached some samples for comparison (the HD500X recording was connected with a TRS cable via the Aux input). Is there any explanation as to why the line input on the KB37 sounds this way? Can I fix it? Should I redo all of those recordings? Here are the samples: KB37 Mic Input: mic.mp3 KB37 Line Input: line.mp3 HD500X Aux Input: hd500x.mp3
  22. Did a quick looping video today using the HD500X and JTV. It was off the cuff, so there are a couple of slips in there, but still fun :) https://youtu.be/SVjNlvLXN-o
  23. Hi all, I recently bought a Pod HD 500X - however the only good sound I can get out of it is if the headphones jack is NOT all the way, about 3/4 of the way. Is this normal? I took the unit to the shop and they told me that everything is fine and I should look elsewhere in my signal chain.
  24. Hi, I have a HD500X and will by the Model Packs when they and FW 2.6 are available. I'm considering buying another HD500X for backup (using a X3 PRO now) and have a question about model pack licensing: -Can I use the same license for both HD500Xs, or do I need two licences? Thanks, Jostein
  25. I have a nice laptop I7 quad, 8 gigs of ram and just put a 250 gig ssd drive in it. What is the most effecient setup for recording? Currently i have a 500 gig external drive hooked up but i think its only 5400 rpm. Should i just find a 7200 rpm ext drive and call it a day? I am using the line 6 hd500x as my sound device currently and have no need to record live drums at the moment.
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