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Found 372 results

  1. I am wondering what the best headphones are for the hd500x. I have a price range of about $225-$250. Can anyone help me out with some suggestions and reasonings behind them please? Im new to this and want to get the right set the first time
  2. Ok so basically i think i have decided to not pick up a DT50 even though i have found a few used ones for really good prices. The weight of the thing is basically whats making me shy away. I am not a pro and i will probably not make much money if any playing around. So with that being said i am thinking that the DT25 combo and a ext cab should be enough for practice, playing at home, and small venues. Thoughts? Also i should not even consider an Amplifi right?
  3. Hi, everyone. Newbie HD500X user here. I've spent the last couple of days programming patches and I use a lot of delays a la U2's The Edge. I noticed that I have to set the delay mix to around 60% so that I get the same levels as the dry signal and the repeats, at least with the analog and digital delays. Anyone noticed this as well or are my ears deceiving me?
  4. I'm trying to dial in some tones but I'm seeing a really strange behavior. Hopefully someone might have some insight as to whats happening. I have a POD HD500X, DT50 212, hooked up via Line6 link. I'm using the POD HD500X Edit software to create some tones that I will be switching between in the same song. The first patch is slightly distorted crunch, the second very clean. For all patches I'm using pre-amp only models. When switching between patches using the edit software they sound exactly how I wanted, However, if I switch using the buttons on the HD500X itself the the second patch does not sound right, distorted and crunchy when it is supposed to be clean. The first patch is using the Brit J-45 Nrm Pre model with the 4x12 Greenback 25 cab and a 421 Dynamic mic. The DT is set to Class A/B, Topology II and Pent mode. The second patch is using the Blackface Dbl Nrm Pre model with the 2x12 Blackface Dbl cab and a 57 on Axis mike. The DT is set to Class A/B, Topology II and Pent mode. Typically the Blackface model would use topology 1 but I wanted quicker switching in the song. Any thoughts on whats happening or how I can get the POD itself to switch the same way I am when using the edit software? Thanks!
  5. I am thinking about getting back into the gigging business, playing around with people and doing a few shows here and there. Is the dt25 for me? Also right now i have a Marshall JCM900 i think i am going to sale it in order to fund my dt25 venture. Thoughts? Also combo vs head. My thought are i can get the combo which is cheaper currently and add another cabinet if i need to. I was thinking about keep my Marshall 4x12 for this purpose. Is the DT25 a) going to be loud enough or should i go with the head?
  6. A week ago the looper in my pod hd500x started stuttering. As in, I record something and when it loops the recording, the sound gets cut off and starts off after 1-2 seconds. I don't know if its a common problem but it's really frustrating. I've tried to re-flash the firmware too, it's still not working properly. Please help. Also, this cannot be because of any physical damage because I havent gone out with the processor in the last two weeks and has been in the same place in my room and i haven't picked it up or anything.
  7. Hi, I have a JTV69 and I'm looking to buy an Hd500x. In anticipation I've already downloaded the editing software for the Hd500x so I'm familiarising myself with way it works. I know i can assign a foot switch to switch FX block in and out of the signal chain and that i can assign more than one FX block to a switch. Does anyone know if its possible to assign a foot switch to change a JTV patch in the same manner? I know that each patch within the Hd500x can have Variax patch assigned to it but it would be very helpful if it were possible to toggle between 2 sounds within an Hd500x patch - e.g. An acoustic and an electric... preferably using the same foot switch to switch in/out multiple fx blocks at the same time. For example if I wanted to play "Pinball Wizard" by The Who, I would need an acoustic sound with quite a lot of compression and a Hi Pass Filter but no 'amp' sound... Then for the chorus it would need and electric sound, different compression, EQ etc., and a 'Hi Watt' or similar... I know i could use the Mag pickups and an acoustic sound on the variax and go between them with the expression pedal but i want to use the modeled sounds. As far as i am aware, the variax changes patches using a MIDI protocol down the VDI cable... I cant see that this would be too difficult to implement with software. I hope i've explained myself - and that i havnt asked a stupid question... Vin Xxx
  8. I'm new to the HD500x and initially I wanted to use this so that I didn't have to bring an amp to gigs. I tried playing through my Bose L1 and while I can pull it off at restaraunt gigs, I've decided I just can't match the tone and presence of a real tube amp for my bar gigs. So...I'm happy with using it with my Fender Hod Rod Deluxe, but have discovered that I like it better without using the amp modeling, just using effects like reverb, distortion, etc... I love my stage sound now, the problem lies with the PA/recording. I'd like to go from the HD500x straight to the mixer. The sound though, through the PA isn't very good. Is there a way to get amp tone through the PA (XLR) but not through my guitar amp? We record with the mixer as well. I could mike the amp, but that is obviously not my preferred solution.
  9. Just got a HD500X and I'm slightly confused as to what the latest firmware version is. Line 6 Monkey says 1.01 for USB Firmware and 1.32 for Flash Memory. Is that it?
  10. Hi Last night I was doing my usual You Tube browsing then I found this guy from South Africa with this HD500x instructional video and totally blew me out with his patches, highly recommended…! His name is Peter Hanmer from South Africa and his page is www.peterhanmer.co.za Here is the video… Enjoy cheers, Charles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWrRLPRh1A0
  11. My guitar sounds fine going into Ableton live 9 via USB. However on playback it is distorted. I can see where the signal seems to be blowing it out, but no matter what i try it seems to do it. I turn my send down, i have the pod set to studio mode, i turn the volume down on the pod itself via the volume nob and no good. Ideas? This is driving me nuts.
  12. I picked up a HD500x yesterday and before i was using a focusrite sound card. I got rid of it so i could just use the pod to do the interface part. i have a question though. I can hear everything and all that, so thats not a issue. What is an issue is i can barely hear the drums i have programmed in Ableton live when i am trying to track guitars. My guitar is PLENTY loud. Any ideas on adjust levels like that? I have the volume on the track all the way up on the drums.
  13. Seriously considering to buy HD500X. I want to minimize my gear and think HD500X is good solution. I can not find information on the following issues: Can I use HD500X to mixed signals from the PA in in-ear headphones and so to use it as personal monitor system. If "YES" which input to use for the signal from the PA (CD/MP3, AUXIN?). Can I control the signal strength from my guitar and mix PA. Do I need additional settings to prevent the signal from the PA to be back in the mix from the processor output, ie to be heard only in the headphones. If "NO"... :( Thanks in advance for your replies :-)
  14. Hi all Im trying to get the Noel (Oasis) sound via my HD500x. I am using my Vox ac30s preamp so only using effects. Anybody got any recomendations (with settings) for the effects ill need? Ie Tubescreamer, Delay etc Cheers
  15. I ordered some of the magnetic labels from Gigwrx last week and they came in yesterday. These are nice quality and I really like how they look. Just thought I'd share. I ordered more than I'll use at once, and one that I rarely would use to turn an effect off with a footswitch (reverb), but it's nice to have the label in case I ever want to.
  16. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum and I just got a DT50 212 Combo to join my POD HD500X and I need some advice. I want to Loop with distortion for in a live concert. I mean, Record a Rhythm with Distortion, Loop it, and Solo over with Distortion. Just like Paul Gilbert does in this video (at 1:47): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oc0yCiCvy6Y He uses an AB pedal to switch between 2 amps, one for Rhythm and another amp for Solo. Can I do this with one HD500X and just one DT50 212 Combo? Or do I need to buy another DT50 212 Combo? Or maybe one DT50 Head and use the speakers of the DT50 212 Combo? Is it possible at all? If not what's your advice for playing live with loops? Backing tracks? Thanks in advance. Pedro
  17. As the title says, is it possible to achieve a shimmering delay effect with the POD HD500x? Examples of the effect I am trying to achieve are "Day at the Beach" by Joe Satriani and "Baroque" by Joe Satriani. It's a really wierd but cool dealy and I was wondering if this is achievable with the POD HD500x (or something very similar), and if there is, can someone help me configure the pod HD500x to do so? Thank you all!
  18. Has anyone experienced this issue? I have a HD500X patch using one Bomber Uber preamp with no cab and a few effects. Sometimes, after playing for a few minutes, the sound from my DT amps get extremely muffled and extremely quiet only when using this specific patch. The following behavior seems odd: If I switch to a different patch that uses a different amp model, the rig sounds 100% normal. Then... when I switch back to the "problem" patch it also sounds 100% normal... for a while until the problem happens again IF the problem happens again. The problem sometimes appears, sometimes not, it's not consistent. My setup: Variax or regular guitar - HD500X - L6 link - DT25 combo #1 - L6 link - DT25 combo #2, both amps running in low volume mode. If I plug directly into either combo amp and disregard the HD500X entirely, the amps work A-OK and sound great. Just curious if anyone else has stumbled across this, perhaps on other amp (or preamp) models? I don't have my rig nearby right now, but the one thing I remember changing in the patch that might affect the DT25's was that I selected Topology IV instead of the Uber's default Topology III. I don't think that should matter, just thought that info might help. Thanks!
  19. I am having a strange behavior whenever I use the HD Edit software. When I am trying to edit the pedal parameters on ANY amp the tab always goes blank after I choose the amp. It happens about 75% of the time. It's as if the laptop mouse button is stock. nothing like this happens on any other software while using the mouse buttons. Any ideas?
  20. Is there a function or utility to delete settings from a A, B, C, D in a given bank so I'm starting with everything blank? I don't want to reset the factory settings. I want to select a bank, select "A", and then remove all settings so I can create from scratch. Thanks for any help. David
  21. So I've spent quite a bit of time deciding which active monitor to buy to use at home for dialing in patches. I've been using an old Crate PA system with a left channel that no longer works. It's a big, heavy, and bulky 3 piece system that stays in my basement, but it worked for the purpose of helping create patches for when I play live. Since all of the rest of my guitar gear is upstairs (2 levels up from the basement), I've been using a decent pair of PC speakers plugged into the headphone jack on my POD. It works for practicing, although the POD clips the speakers on a number of patches, even with the volume fairly low on the speakers. I'd been planning on getting an active monitor and looked at Behringer, Kustom, and a few others. I finally settled on the Alto TS110a and it arrived today. It's bigger than I expected and is currently sitting atop my Peavey Vypyr VIP II amp. I've only had about 15 or 20 minutes to play through the speaker, but I am very happy with what I'm hearing so far. It sounds better than my Crate PA system and speakers, and is much closer to the sound I get when plugged into the deck playing live, and of course it's a huge upgrade over the PC speakers I've been using for practicing. So the big benefits for me are 1) not having to take my guitar and POD to the basement when I want to build a new patch and 2) having my practice time sound much better. The speaker also has 2 separate inputs, each with it's own volume control for mixing, and each input doubles as either XLR or 1/4". The speaker lists for $349, but the street price is $249, and so far I couldn't be happier with the purchase. I'd almost decided to go with a Behringer Eurolive until I stumbled upon an older post somewhere recommending the Alto speakers. After researching, it sounded like what I wanted, and now that I have it, I'm glad it's what I went with. At some point, unless I discover something I don't like (which doesn't seem likely at this point), I'll probably end up buying a second one to run them in stereo. I see lots of posts here and on other forums asking about affordable active monitors, so I thought I'd share. If you're looking for something like this, you might want to check one of these out to see if it's something that would fit your needs.
  22. I am new to the HD500X. I had been using an PODxt Live. I get a patch sound that I like. I save the selected patch and the volume is significantly different?? Took a patch from the library that I liked. Changed the delay and added a delay. Result significant change in volume. What can I do to get the volume levels for different patches to be similar? Jimmy
  23. Hey guys, Here is a quick video comparison between the AMPLIFi and the POD HD500x's AC 30 Top Boost Amp Models. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l10Snbbjc4Y
  24. Hi Guys, New member here from Scotland. I am looking for information on how to change speaker modes automatically (electric to Acoustic) from my HD 500X to my Stagesource L2t. Also, has anyone any advice on how I can change Variax model from within a patch setting on the HD? Thanks!
  25. Sob stories are coming. Trying to use my dream rig (jtv59, hd500x, and l2m–connected via l6 and variax cables) in garageband on my new macbook and it refuses to work. Everything is updated on the hd500x and jtv59. But when I hit record it says "No input source selected," though it is all set as it should be in preferences, the correct track is selected, etc. I bought the dream rig right around the time my first semester of school started because I love having gear that I can't use for months (not), and I finally started trying to mess with it recording in garageband–which I have used quite a bit before–and I have tried everything I can think of. So...here I am. Stumped. Pulling my hair out. Can someone please help? –C
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