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  1. Hi All, recent Helix Stomp owner here and loving it so far. I’m using my helix as an ‘all in one’ desktop solution in my apartment as I can’t get away with a proper valve amp etc. My setup is Gibson SG / PRS 24 into helix, output to Presonus studio monitors (yes I have output set to line). My initial impression of the sound was that it’s a bit thin / tinny, not particularly full bodied or boomy. It’s not the speakers because I’ve previously used Bias Fx on my laptop through them and that can sound very fat. It’s ok for clean but I find lots of the distortion very high fizzy and thin rather than hitting you in the face, like a deep punching fuzz. I’ve read topics about global eq, double cabbing, pitch shift, high low cuts etc to beef up the sound. But to me it feels more like I’ve got a general setting wrong for my setup, rather than making nuanced tweaks? Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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