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  1. I updated my Helix LT yesterday to 2.6, and after that it's been really noisy. I tried different stock presets and it's the same thing. You can hear in the clip that it only stops momentarily when I play really loud. But other than that it's constantly there, and impossible to live with. I'm sure it's not my guitar, because everything was fine just before updating, and I tried another guitar with no change. I plugged my HD500x into the same outlet and it was completely quiet, which makes me think this is a HELIX issue. It's on all the outputs (headphones, 1/4", USB). Anyone know what is causing this? Helix Noise.mp3
  2. just got helix lt today going direct into mackie mixer into mackie hr824's . initial impressions are very good.the scribble strips are not missed at all. modeling is very good. I thought the definite improvement over past modeling are the distorted amps.clean amps were just ok ( a bit thin[lack of bass],but going direct with global eq at default). effects are decent,but seemed to lack something, in particular,the delays in some way. presets are mostly weak. now, here is my dilemma. I use 2 hybrid tube/solid state amps and a delay pedal and a line6 m5 (used sparingly) and just love the sound. I found I liked the sound much more than helix lt?! what is wrong with me?! this just cant be. but here is the thing, the amps just have this sound I love. I am sure with some editing I can come close with helix maybe. only advantage I can hear is that I can go direct with helix for recording where as with my amps I have to mic them and hear chair creaks coughs etc...but the sound of my amps/effects just are perfect to my ears and blow away the helix for that type of sound. now hi gain /distortion- no doubt the helix is very good. but I don't use distortion as often as I used to, in fact, I still find the pod xt live plenty for me and I don't dislike the sounds I get at all.the distortions in line 6 m5 are just ok ,but pod xt live is much better and helix is better than both.. I love the pod xt live as its just fun to play into 2 solid state amps though i need to add a bit of reverb/delay. globally with outboard effects. just trying to justify $1000 and just not sure I can;helix lt is a great unit,but for me it may not be the answer. perhaps a pod hd500x would be better for me as I do dislike the pod xt live not syncing time based effects to midi clock (I think the 500x does this).I tried the 500x and didn't like it much at the time,but might be enough for me).I just think the helix is overkill.I do like that steve vai hi gain patch though.... conclusion thus far, I am thrilled with my clean amps,delay pedal and m5 setup and even my pod xt live. I found the helix excellent but cant justify 1k for my needs. Well,will try helix into my solid state amps and see if that works better for me
  3. Is there a way to plug the usb of the Helix LT to the PC so I can use only the HX edit and not as an audio interface? I already run my monitors through a Scarlett interface and want to keep it that way. When I try to use the usb I get a huge amount of echo on everything including youtube videos etc. If I use the Helix into the Scarlett it works great but I have to unplug the usb and loose the HX edit functionallity.
  4. Im trying to find a way to run my Helix LT live. Before i got it, my rig was a dual rectifier+ pedalboard into a Mesa 4x12, but i also use an EVH 5150iii and a Peavey 5150 both into their own EVH 4x12's for an overly bulky live stereo set up. Now, with the EVH/Peavey, i can plug into the fx return of both and get what i need coming out of the 4x12's, easily and simply like everyone says. But with my Dual Rectifier; holy cow is it noisy. Not only is there so much hissing, it is also just freakishly loud. By the time i get to 'room volume' the vol. knob on the helix is so low it isnt useful. Iv read somewhere on here about a guy with a Mesa Mark IV and it sounded like he had a similar problem, but a solution wasnt posted. i tried the 4cm, but im trying to bypass the head altogether so i can simulate one. The EVH+Peavey rigs are not mine, so i need to figure out the problem with my Mesa, or find a little FRFR setup; in which case i can use some power amp recommendations. Also getting a 50w EVH doesnt sound bad as i know i can plug straight into that fx return. Or am i simply overlooking something with the Dual Rec? Its an older model and isnt the quietest on it own; especially in the fx loop. But it should still be useful, right?
  5. my amp makes this constant cracking/buzzing noise when I connect my amps line IN to helix LT's left mono 1/4'' line OUT. I don't have to switch on the helix, simply plugging into the power socket creates this noise. It doesn't happen when I use my podhd 500. Also, I realized this doesn't happen when I connect helix and the amp in the same surge protector box. I might not have the option to use the same power strip for amp and helix. please help Dhawal
  6. Anyone else having issues with the expression pedal, specifically, with the Helix LT? My personal unit is still in for repair for it and something broke on the internal frame. My music store gave me a loner (gone for over 3 weeks for repair now), and the expression pedal on the loner just went this weekend. I'm not a heavy guy, put the Helix in the Helix Bag immediately after every gig. It seams the LT has a defect that doesn't make it great for regular gigging. Everything else about it is amazing!
  7. OK so I've read a couple of posts about people recording HELIX output using the CCK and an iPad or iPhone. Tried this myself last night and ran into a bit of a snag. iPhone 6s running iOS 10.3.3. connected to HELIX LT 2.21 monitoring thru headphones connected to the helix headphone OP. Opening Garage band on the iPhone with a backing track on track 1. Added a 2nd track and select input 1 + 2 as the input. On the HELIX I can hear both the backing track and the 'live guitar' I get no signal level from the HEMIX on track 2. This is confirmed when I record and there is just a blank region. Oddly I can record into other apps, twisted wave audio editor , loopy and AUM see a reasonable level on the input monitor and I can record and play back no problem. So I'm pretty sure everything is setup physically OK. I tried changing the sample rate of the HELIX to 44.1 as well but made no difference. I managed to get a little tiny signal into Garage band by pushing the HELIX through AUM and then feeding the output of AUM into the track but the level was miniscule. What Gives? Is there a setting GB that I missed? Never had any issue recording into GarageBand using the Roland Duo EX.
  8. I got my Helix LT a couple of months ago and I am very happy with the tone and overall built quality. This was until I noticed a few days ago that the expression pedal would not stay at 0% or 100% and would always move slightly up or down. I tried to find a threat with some help for this and a couple of people suggested tightening the pedal. DO NOT do this it will have the opposite effect and you might damage the pedal and here is why. I as i was pressing the ex pedal i realized that the tension nut was not just revolving around itself but also wobbling side to side. This was the first alarm bell for me as it basically means rod that holds the pedal in place is not secure. I decided to open the Helix LT, (I don't suggest you do this as it might void your warranty) and found that the pedal itself was being held in place by two aluminium pieces taken out of the top cover (picture attached) I only used the pedal for 4-5 gigs and there seems to already be a crack on both sides of the aluminium pieces. Its simply very bad quality and I doubt it will last very well. I checked the full helix and it has a much higher quality pedal. I used some high quality lubricant on the rod and washers to ensure they turn well with no friction and i loosened the rod so the pedal can move easy without much pressure. I will be purchasing a separate expression pedal for my effects and will most probably only use the main pedal for volume. I hope Line 6 improve this on future releases. Rgds RomiesStudio
  9. Hey guys, I'm coming up on my ninth month with this fantastic beast, but I have never used the built-in expression pedal. It has always been rough, stiff and useless. A lot of people have told to use a hex key on the right side of the Helix, but every time I have done that, it only seems to move the expression pedal the way that I turn it, not loosening or tightening it. Is there any way to do get around this? I could always try being rougher, but I do not want to wreck this amazing board. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hey everyone, I am considering getting a Helix LT or Helix with a powered speaker (probably a Yamaha DXR12 or something similar) but I am not entirely sure if I need the extra inputs and outputs of the regular Helix in comparison to the LT and I do not know much about audio routing and I/O. If I wanted to use the Helix LT for vocals or more inputs in the future could I connect a small mixer or something to use the Helix's effects? How do you know if a powered speaker, such as a Yamaha DXR12, is FRFR and loud enough for use? I'm having a hard time being able to tell if one speaker would be enough having never bought a powered speaker before. I am used to my 15w 2x12 tube amp and how would that compare in volume? Also kind of hoping that I can use the DXR12 with my keyboard (Yamaha P115) too. I've been playing guitar for over 10 years but haven't had any effects or reverb since my Carvin SX200 solid state amp died ages ago and I replaced it with a single channel Egnater Tweaker 15w tube amp. The last modeler I had while ago was the Line 6 TonePort UX2 and it sounds like modelers have definitely stepped up the game! After following the new Helix videos on YouTube for a while I am hoping that the Helix or something equivalent will bring some excitement and inspiration to my guitar and bass playing hah! Thanks everyone!
  11. Hi guys, I've got a question for you. Since this is my first post on this forum I'd like to introduce myself: I am Fed, a guitarist, mixing and mastering engineer from the North of England. I am setting up a live rig with my band: a MacBook running Logic Pro X that controls our lighting system, backing tracks, my Fractal Ax8 and my guitarist's Helix LT. I've read the entire manual, done a bit of trial and error and I've managed to setup all the CC/PC and everything works properly until I move the playhead in Logic (both with the mouse or the hotkeys). Each time I move the playhead the Helix goes on tuning mode, the next time it turns off the tuning mode (and go on and on) without any apparent reason. If I save the Logic project, close the project, open it again and I start it from the top without stopping or moving the playhead at all it works fine, but the first time that I move the playhead it start to act crazy again. Are there some settings I need to change? Has someone got this problem and know how to solve it? What am I doing wrong? I can do a video if it helps you to understand, thank you in advance!
  12. I just had the painful epiphany of why my sound has been torturing me for many years. I have the HD400 and have never been completely satisfied with my dirty tones, but have been ok w/my clean tones. I am playing through a Zilla 2x12 closed cabinet. I finally realized I have all the cabs in my patches turned on and thought that was ok. Now I'm realizing that I probably shouldn't have had thoseturned on. Queue the Homer D'oh!!! I have a Helix LT on the way. I am assuming the advice would be that I don't turn on the cabinet modeling feature when dialing in my tones. Appreciate the help. I won't be recording with this - it will strictly be a working gig tool.
  13. Multi-Browser Issues Although I didn't scour the site, I couldn't find the email address to contact support (it's probably support@line6.com - but I shouldn't have to guess). I just bought a Helix LT and I hooked it up to my PC and then I went online to look for the drivers, but I was thwarted every step of the way by Chrome, Edge and Firefox because of various issues: Chrome: Proxy ErrorThe proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server. The proxy server could not handle the request GET /support/. Reason: Error reading from remote server Apache/2.4.29 (FreeBSD) OpenSSL/1.0.2k-freebsd Server at line6.com Port 80 Firefox: XML Parsing Error: not well-formed Location: http://l6c-acdn2.line6.net/media/software/7856/HELIX_LT_f045daafb_bundle.hxf Line Number 1, Column 5:FORM Edge: Even after disabling the Smart Screen Filter (like they point out on the site), trying to download the update for Helix LT ends in a corrupt download. IE 11 Worked! At this point, I tried to find the email address or phone number to contact support without any luck, so as a shot in the dark I figured I would give IE 11 a try, and thank the gods, it worked! (As a web developer, I don't think I've EVER been that happy with IE - for any reason - previously). So, my point is - and I'm looking at you, web developers - get this @$#& fixed, please. I do web development for a living, so I know how much of a PITA it is to support so many different browsers, but there's a huge difference between formatting issues vs. not working altogether. I have a few thoughts on how to fix your Edge issue, but I'm guessing you don't want unsolicited advice. PS You also may want to look into why your WYSIWYG Forum editor gets stuck in Italic mode and even unchecking the Italic button doesn't change the view in the editor. Maybe it won't appear in italics when it gets posted, but it's still italic as I'm typing this. Thanks!
  14. Kenray51

    Looping memory

    I just pulled the trigger on ordering mine. I've been watching many videos but haven't yet found. Does the unit remember the last loop you did, or can you program in differing loops for replay?
  15. Hey Folks, Just starting to get used to my Helix LT. There's only one guitar input on the back panel. Wondering what guys do when using multiple guitars (ie: acoustic and electric) on stage? I've used an AB pedal with my last board but don't really want to have to include one in my setup. Can one of the sends/returns be set up to accept a guitar input? Thanks Randy
  16. Hey guys, I just bought the Helix LT a few days ago and I just started playing with it. I made some presets via the pc editor but I realized that when I switch to stompbox mode no effects are shown. Can anybody help me?
  17. Hi guys. I’m seriously thinking about buying a helix lt. I’m leaning towards the helix rather than the ax8 mostly because I like the dual amp possibility (the price of the ax8 in europe also made me choke). But I still have a few concerns Mostly, I need a very specific signal routing and I’m not sure the helix can achieve it. Right now I’m using a gt 100 in 4CM with an amp, a pog into a bass amp and a digitech stereo looper. I want to go full digital on the guitar part of the signal. The signal would be as follow : 1. Dual amp signal without cab sim => L ¼ jack out (into my poweramp+Gcab) 2. unaltered clean signal => R /14 jack out (into my pog>bass amp). I have to be able to mute/unmute that signal by the press of a switch. 3. Dual amp signal (same as 1.) with cab sim on => L xlr out (to PA) 4. Dual amp signal (same as 1.) with cab sim on => headphone out (to IEM) / I don’t want the signal 2. (clean) in the headphone output. The looper will be in the effect loop, that has to be after the cab sim section (L effect out containing signal 1/3/4 and R effect out containing signal 2). This seemed easy to achieve on the helix lt, until I discovered that having two amps on one path could "overload" the DSP chip. Now, I’m not sure anymore if the helix can handle this signal routing. What do you think ? Also I aw a few times that the new software improved the high gain sounds a lot and that the digital artifacts that you could sometimes hear are mostly gone, is it true for all high gain amps ? Problem with most helix videos is that they are either on the old software or a full mix with post-eq, where you can’t tell the quality of the sound either way. I’ll try the helix in a shop before buying it, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to tell in 30min what sound I can really get out of it.
  18. Hello, I've had my LT for a week and upon recommendations in this forum I am considering a set of monitors. Yesterday I was at my local GC listening to their offerings (music only) and liked the JBL LSR308s best. I found them noticeably clearer than the 2nd runner up, Rockit's 8" offering. Concern: Although the 308s were crisp and clear, my ear is used to the bass roar of the 12" Celestian in my 1 x 12 Spider IV 75 - again, I was listening to music, but there was something missing that my ear is accustomed to in both my home stereo (with attached sub) and Spider IV. I think I will not be happy with the bass response after spending $500 for the pair. Question: Probably not, but is there any way to attach a sub woofer (unused JBL 1000 10" in my basement) with only terminal and RCA inputs to the Helix along with monitors? Am I alone in thinking studio monitors by themselves (even 8") lack something? If I do go the monitor route and want that depth, is the only way to get there by purchasing a sub that comes with 1/4" or XLR inputs? Edit: I do not play out, only in my living room. Thanks for your help!
  19. Hello! Interested in the Helix LT, but very much a novice in setting up sounds. Hoping you folks with practical experience and answer a few basic questions. Short background: I am getting tired of my L6 Spider IV 75w and shortboard. Was considering buying a new low watt tube amp and stomp boxes, but stumbled onto Helix LT and now am officially curious. 99.9% of the time I play for my dog in my living room. The typical artists styles I mimic include David Gilmour, Eddie, Carlos, Neal Schon, etc. My main guitar is a PRS core CU24 artist. LT Questions: How many factory preset sounds come with the LT? Do the factory presets cover a wide range of genres including a selection of tones near the artists above? - basically will I be happy with the presets it comes with as I learn to shape sounds for myself? Amp questions: If I do decide to drop a grand on an LT, how good or bad of an idea would it be to simply run it through my L6 Spider IV set at clean and flat? If I went out and bought a low watt Tube amp, would I be throwing away money since the tones are being generated by the LT? If you recommend I do buy a low watt (living room) Tube amp, what would you suggest would be a good fit with the LT? I greatly appreciate your responses, it's a lot of money! Thanks, -=gu=-
  20. Guest

    Helix LT Comparison

    Here's a comparison chart with more detailed specs: Comparison_HELIX_LT.pdf Helix LT Dual DSP-HX Modeling 6.2" 800x480 Pixel LCD Screen 62 Amps, 37 Cabs, 16 Mics, and 104 Effects Capacitive Footswitches Up to 2 Expression Pedals External Amp switching Midi Control 20.87 x 11.93 x 3.66 inches 12.5 lbs Helix Floor Dual DSP-HX Modeling 6.2" 800x480 Pixel LCD Screen 62 Amps, 37 Cabs, 16 Mics, and 104 Effects Capacitive Footswitches Customizable Scribble Strips Up to 3 Expression Pedals CV/Expression output External Amp switching Midi Control 22.05 x 11.85 x 3.58 inches 14.7 lbs. Helix LT vs Helix Floor I/O LT is missing the SPDF I/O, XLR input, EXP 3 jack, AUX in, Send/Return 3 and 4. Also, the Helix LT does not have a separate headphone volume knob. The headphone output is shared with the main volume knob. Helix LT View Screens Since the Helix LT does not have Scribble strips, you can hit the View button the access the "Stomp View" on the main screen. The colored blocks correspond to the footswitches below to easily show what's active in your signal chain. Here's preset view
  21. Don't do anything! It auto calibrates. If you're having trouble getting the pedal to stay at 0% it might be due to the tension being too loose. Try tightening it with the provided hex wrench.
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