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  1. I've got a little MIDI problem I'm having trouble with... I have a Reaper project set up for the set list of my band. In it I have a MIDI track that is routed to my Helix Rack via a USB connection. There are MIDI items for each song. And within each I'm calling a preset via Program Change on the Helix. Then I'm using CC messages to select snapshots in different parts of the song. Most of the time things work fine, but the Helix pulls up the wrong patch in the middle of a song sometimes - like it was sent a bad message and reverts to an earlier one. Or like the MIDI item in Reaper is programmed incorrectly (but I'm 99% sure it's not...). Anyone seen similar issues? Not sure if this is a Reaper or Helix problem, or both...
  2. Some users have reported getting an error message when installing Helix/HX or POD HD product drivers on Windows 10 or 11. The error message will mention that Line 6 drivers not being recognized or are being blocked after installation. The best work-around for this is to disable Memory Integrity under Windows security settings. You can find this feature under Windows Security > Device Security > Core Isolation details. See this article from Microsoft for further details: This is a known issue to our team, and for now the best option is to disable Memory Integrity as a work-around. We will continue to monitor this issue for our driver releases.
  3. Out of curiosity will there be a way to import or load HD500 or HD500x patches? Just curious if I am going to have to rebuild my HD500 patches if/when I purchase the unit. Just wishful thinking on my part.
  4. Hey there, I've just updated my Helix to the 3.50 firmware thinking this would solve my issue, but unfortunately it hasn't. Whenever I use the Helix looper and start recording loops I noticed that everything gets recorded under the playback volume knob and the overdub volume knob is rendered useless. So I loop something and then add a second layer on top of it (overdub), but then I cannot adjust the volume of my second loop separately which I thought I could given that there's a "overdub" volume knob. Is it just my Helix or is the bug generalised? Does anyone know how to solve the issue? I appreciate the help! Jonathan
  5. I would love to be able to select a preset from another setlist... or just go to another setlist by hitting a stomp button. Is there something like that available? I was thinking about trying something in the command center... if I can assign a button to a preset in another setlist, then maybe I can create a preset that has a preset from each setlist... then clicking on that would take me to that setlist. Going to try that tonight. Would love to know if anyone else has done this. Thanks.
  6. Hey, long time, first time :) So I really vibe with modern hard rock tones. Specifically I love the live sound of the (now defunct) band, Santa Cruz....specifically Johnny Cruz's tone. To my ear, it's f'n perfect. His cleans, rhythm and leads just are exactly what I'm looking for. Any suggestions on where to start crafting this type of tone? I know there are tons of options, but looking for some general ideas on where to begin. Ty all in advance!
  7. Here are some recovery steps if the update fails when using HX Edit, or Line 6 Updater on your system. Make sure your laptop is connected to power, or be sure to check your USB cable connections. If you're on a desktop system, we recommend connecting to the rear USB ports near the power source. 1) Download and install the latest version of HX Edit BEFORE you run the update. If you're on a Windows computer, it may be helpful to restart after the installation. 2) Put your Helix into update mode, by pressing and holding buttons 6 and 12 while you power on the Helix. For the HX Stomp, press and hold down the RIGHT page button while power on the device. (You may get a blank screen that is white, or black - this is normal for the HX Stomp) 3) Then use the Line 6 Updater (NOT HX Edit) to run the latest firmware update again. Make sure only the Line 6 Updater is running during the update, close all other recording applications. (If the Helix is in update mode, it should show up on the screen when updater is open after you sign-in. If the Helix doesn’t appear, try re-booting the Helix normally, you should also try different USB ports on your Mac or PC). For further info on the update, please check out this page:
  8. Title says it all. How this would not be there in the first place is completely beyond me. To compare the two cabs you're mixing requires endless page-jumping. Pretty bad in HX Edit already, getting abysmally bad on the hardware, especially on a Stomp. Seriously, this is another episode of "how to turn something that'd be absolutely trivial into something pretty convoluted". So Line 6, please bring up a mix slider that is available regardless of the selected cab block.
  9. Does anyone know what sort of tweaking i would need to do and what inductor to use in order to get the chrome custom sound in my v845? i also have a cry baby standard i could use for some part swapping if needed. thanks in advance just in case i miss you.
  10. We're sure you'll have a great experience with your Helix. As with anything, be sure to regularly back up your presets, and in the event anything unexpected happens while using your Helix, please perform one or more of the steps below while powering on your unit. If your Helix ends up in a bad state due to a failed firmware update try rebooting the Helix/Helix Rack while entering update mode by holding down footswitches 6+12 (Helix/LT) or encoders 1+6 (Rack). You should see "Entered Update Mode" on the screen, once this is done properly. Then you can re-connect to Line 6 Updater. You may need to manually resume the update using Line 6 Updater (NOT HX Edit). Make sure all other recording software is closed on your system. Make sure to try this out on different USB ports, or multiple computers in case of poor USB connections, or if the the Helix doesn't connect at all with update mode, or its regular boot-up. Further info on the update process can be found here: Helix Floorboard/LT 1. Holding footswitch 5+6 on boot restores Global parameters 2. Holding footswitch 7+8 on boot restores presets and setlists ”THIS WILL OVERWRITE ALL USER PRESETS AND SETLISTS 3. Holding footswitch 8+9 on boot restores presets, setlists, and IRs ”THIS WILL OVERWRITE ALL USER PRESETS AND SETLISTS 4. Holding footswitch 9+10 on boot restores presets, setlists, globals and IRs (restores factory bundle) "THIS WILL OVERWRITE ALL USER PRESETS AND SETLISTS 5. Holding footswitch 10+11 on boot will rebuild your presets in the latest loaded firmware 6. Helix can now restore by clearing only the current preset instead of wiping out all presets. While holding footswitches 11 + 12 7. Helix can now, after firmware 1.06.5, enter update mode manually by holding footswitches 6 + 12 Helix Rack Since the rack doesn't have footswitches, you'll instead hold down a combination of the 6 encoders that are below the main LCD screen as you're booting up. ENC2 & ENC3 - reset globals ENC3 & ENC4 - restore stock presets and setlists ENC4 & ENC5 - restore stock presets, setlists, and IRs ENC5 & ENC6 - reset globals and restore presets, setlists, and IRs (entire factory restore) ENC1 & ENC3 - rebuild all presets ENC1 & ENC5 - clear all presets, setlists, and IRs ENC1 & ENC6 - will enter Update Mode (This feature is only available on firmware v1.06.5 and higher) HX Effects 1. Holding FS3 + MODE - Will clear all Presets and IRs 2. Holding FS4+FS5 - Will reset Global Settings 3. Holding FS5+FS6 - Will reset Presets only 4. Holding FS6+TAP - Will Perform factory restore (reset, Globals, IRs, and Presets) 5. Holding the right arrow ">" Will put the unit in a fail safe update mode. Use this when the HX Effects is in a un recoverable state HX Stomp Hold these button combinations while powering up the HX Stomp: 1. FS1, 2 & 3: clears all presets/IRs 2. FS1+2: resets presets and IRs 3. FS 2+3: factory restore (globals, presets, IRs) 4. Page >: update mode. This update mode is helpful if the update is interrupted, and the HX Stomp will not boot properly. You will see a blank screen (no visual feedback on the display). 5. Upper & Lower Knobs: Rebuild presets. Wait for "Will Rebuild Presets..." to appear and let go. HX Stomp XL Hold these button combinations while powering up the HX Stomp XL: 1. FS ^, C & D: clears all presets/IRs 2. FS ^+C: resets presets and IRs 3. FS C+D: factory restore (globals, presets, IRs) 4. Page >: Update mode. This update mode is helpful if the update is interrupted, and the HX Stomp will not boot properly. You will see a blank screen (no visual feedback on the display). 5. Upper & Lower Knobs: Rebuild presets. Wait for "Will Rebuild Presets..." to appear and let go. Make sure to always update to the latest firmware using Line 6 Updater.
  11. Good day, I tried to load the Runway preset from the Line 6 Marketplace into my PodGo. However, I am getting an incompatible device error. Also, PodGo Edit also switches from the preset list to the IR list when I drag and drop it. What am I doing wrong? The PodGo has all the Helix models and is said to be Helix compatible so it should just load the preset, correct? This is my first effects kit so just learning how this all works. Maybe I need some sort of .hlx to .pgp converter. Is that something in PodGo edit that I have missed? Thanks.
  12. So A couple weeks ago I noticed my helix floor isn’t reading my taps correctly. To be specific; every time I’m playing a song, the first tap almost always jumps up to 240bpms. I have to give it a couple of taps to get it closer to what I’m playing it. I’ve read that the tap tempo on the helix isn’t the best. However it wasn’t this bad when I first got it. Please help. The tuner seems to work fine.
  13. Found an intermittent possible bug in the PowerCab 212 when daisy chaining two together with a Helix. I was able to reproduce almost 100% for a bit while writing this up, but then sometimes I can’t. ———— Steps: Connect guitar to Helix Connect Helix Line 6 Link out to PowerCab 1 Line 6 Link in using an AES/EBU cable Connect Line 6 Link Out on PowerCab 1 to PowerCab 2 Line 6 Link in Power Helix On, then PowerCab 1, then PowerCab 2. Turn volume up in both PowerCabs to half, and turn up the volume on the Helix to whatever. Make sure both have sound. Turn the volume on PowerCab 1 down to zero and verify PowerCab 2 still has sound. Mute the guitar. Continuing to play appears to negate the issue. Turn the volume on PowerCab 2 down to zero and wait 5+ seconds. Turn the volume on PowerCab 2 back up and wait 5+ seconds. Now try to play guitar. Result? No audio. No signal indicators on the PowerCab 2. PowerCab 1 appears to stop sending signal. Green signal lights appear on PowerCab 1, and turning the volume up works. Restarting PowerCab 2 does not restore audio. You must restart PowerCab 1, and then audio on PowerCab 2 will work again. —————— I tried swapping the order of the PowerCabs in the signal chain and got the same result. Whichever amp is in the middle of the Helix and the other stops sending signal when the volume is set to zero, and nothing comes in to the amp for a bit, but only if the second cab is also set to zero briefly. ————— This is a minor issue, but may you have to restart your PowerCabs between sound check and your show. Or make sure you never set the volume to zero on the amps themselves. Ran into this the first few times I played with the amps live, and thought maybe I had to start them in a certain order. I was playing withy two amps today and investigating a new rattle, and I’ve figured out what’s actually going on for this problem.
  14. My Helix is my main MIDI controller and my HX Effects is on MIDI channel 1. I'm trying to get the Helix and the HX Effect's snapshots to coordinate. I can set the CC 69 messages to change the HX Effect's snapshots on the Helix's stomp switches that works fine. But if I try to set them to the Instant slots (so they send with the snapshot change), the HX Effects seems to ignore the CC messages. Any ideas on how to resolve this?
  15. PaulTBaker

    Twin Harmony

    Hey. I'm not a music major and don't read music. I have been playing guitar for 50 some years :). My question is about what settings to use on the Twin Harmony if I want to mimic some of the Allman Bros. harmonies..... not sure if that is possible. For example, Memory of Elizabeth Reed. What settings would you use? Thanks for the help!
  16. The DigiTech whammy is on the Pitch/Synth section. It would be really awesome to see the Bass Synth Wah on the helix software.
  17. So I have my Helix Floor setup in the Snap/Stomp configuration, that is, 4 snapshots on top and 4 pedals on the bottom. Is it possible to change which pedals are displayed depending on what snapshot you're on? For example, on "CLEAN" I would like to see a compressor, a chorus, a reverb, and a delay. But when I switch to the "DISTORTED" snapshot, I'd like to see a drive pedal, a chorus, a phaser, and an octave pedal. Any help is appreciated!!
  18. Hey, Helix floor user with PC112+ and PC212+ stacked, connected using L6link. My presets are setup like a regular pedal board. I have effects, drives, delays, etc tied to stomp buttons in stomp mode and use the snapshot mode to change reverb, delay levels, combine some drives, and turn on or off certain effects (e.g. Rotary, etc.). I am in 10 stomp mode. My main presets are setup the same except with different amps. So each preset can do just about everything I want, clean to dirty to spacey just depending on which guitar or how much dirt I need. I just started playing with the command center. I found that in snapshot mode, I had a clean and dirty snapshots, but sometimes needed a boost for the lead. So in command center, I assign a button for clean and a button for dirty snapshots in the stomp mode. I already had a boost button in stomp mode. This works fine. So, for my question. Is it possible to have one button go between the clean and dirty snapshot. For example, I click it once and it goes to clean. the next time I click it, it goes to dirty snapshot. Is that possible. It seems like you can set it up to go to one snapshot "on press" and then another on "release"... however you have to keep it pressed down to stay in that snapshot. I also think you can make it go to a different preset, so I guess I could clone two presets and have one in clean and one in dirty, but that would jump to a preset and there would be a pause in sound. Another interesting thing I found was I had button 7 set in stomp mode to change the drive and the volume of the amp. I also had a snapshot for button 7. When I used command center to assign snapshot 7 to button 7, it's like it added the snapshot to the button. It showed "multiple (3)" on button 7 scribble strip. I could also press button 7 and switch between the stomp settings (amp values) and the snapshot. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Sorry for the long post, however thanks for your responses!
  19. Hi, I have a preset with snapshots using 1 amp (the cartographer which is great). Obviously because of using snapshots I have different parameters on the amp per snapshots. When I switch from one snapshot to another there is a loud pop noise. Is there a way to avoid that noise. I tried to use an eq pedal to regulate volume and keep the volume on the amp channel equal but this did not solve the issue. I also tried to put the amp in another path but this did not help neither.
  20. Hi everyone I have a few questions about the helix and dt25 combo I couldn't find an answer to and I'd really appreciate your input: On the dt25 channels, there are can sims. When using l6link to helix on channel A, does the helix bypass the cab sims on the dt25? Also, if the dt25 can sims do actually work, why do full amp and cab models on the helix sound like an AM radio? Lastly, why does the midi functionality not work when L6 link is connected at the same time? No matter what I have to keep pulling out the link cable when I want to use midi which kind of makes no sense when the dt preset in the helix has midi out controls mapped and a preamp in the path? Thanks heaps for your time.
  21. MIDI Channel switching help! Hey all, I'm trying to program channel switches and effects automation within patches from logic Pro X to the helix. All seems to be working fine other than when I pause playback on Logic. Ideally when playback is paused and the locator is moved in logic no further midi signals should be sent to the helix but it seems that when I pause the playback the last midi signal is re-sent. Set up it pretty much identical to this video and it seems that the user who made this video along with a few people in the comments have had the same issue. Issue is visible in this video from 8:05 > 8:12: Playback running > Midi switching turns off a block in the setting Playback paused > Block that was just turned off by midi turns on again Is anyone using logic Pro X to trigger midi switching and has a fix or can give some advice to a mid newby? Thanks in advance
  22. I am interested in learning how snapshots that I did not create are affecting the overall patch. For example, when hitting snapshot one it will increase gain on amp, reduce mix level of chorus, turn off wah pedal, etc.. IS there a way to see this? Kind of like reverse engineering. Thanks!
  23. Edit: Appologies in advance for the long post :) Thought I would post this since I haven't seen anything on Helix and the Spider Valve. After running Helix through all of my guitar, bass, and PA gear, as well as various 3rd party and my own IR's, I was reluctantly starting to look to expensive FRFR solutions. This weekend, I stumbled across and picked up a "broken" Spider Valve MKII HD100 from a pawn shop for $80. The display was messed up and the amp was crackling, popping, volume cut out, and the master volume knob was a mess when you turned it. But i plugged straight into the power amp input in the back and that worked fine, so with Helix in mind I said "what the heck, I've blown more cash on far less" and went for it. I got it home, pulled it apart, blew out the dead bugs and droppings and a little Deoxit in the master volume pot and it was good to go, except for the display. The SV PC editor works fine with it if I ever wanted to use the built in modelling and effects (doubtful). To cut to the chase, all of the Helix amp-only models into Spider Valve power amp input into my Mesa Recto 2x12 cab sound AMAZING!!! I have never heard that Mesa Recto Celestion V30 cab produce such a diverse range of tones with such clarity. It's really nice to just run a single 1/4" cable back to the SV. I cannot imagine anything sounding better for electric guitar, and I have been experimenting obsessively with Helix, physical rigs and IR's, and researching clips and videos A LOT!!!. I might go so far as to say I have never had a better guitar tone, but I need to get through a few gigs to make that claim ;) To keep life simple and tones beautiful and consistent between stage and FOH, I will probably just IR the SV power amp and Recto 2x12 with one or two mics for a Helix FOH PA signal path, and say screw a bunch of other cab/mic models and IR' least for live use. I may even post them for this week's th-IRs-ty Thursday free IR's :) The Helix Amp+Cab models into the SV into my Mesa 1x12 & 2x12 bass cabs sound really good too but a little boomy. So SV HD100 might make a good pairing with a passive FRFR cab. But then again, I'm not compelled to chase Helix tone options any further at this point. The 100W 6L6 power amp of the SV is so clear, dead quiet and tons of headroom (dare I say almost FRFR)...go Bogner! It sounds SO much better than Helix through ANY of my other power amps (Mesa 2:90, Mesa 20/20, Marshall 100/100 EL34) or effects returns of any of my Mesa heads (Mesa Triple Rec, Mesa Stiletto, Mesa Mark V). Crazy, I know...busted-a$$ $80 "POS" pawn shop amp sounding better than my Mesa gear that I have sold my soul for several times. I feel really dirty and wrong liking it so much. I have always previously drank the L6 Kool-Aid and have owned the Pod XT Live, X3, and last gen dream rig JTV/HD500x/DT50/L2M and had never gotten tones I fell in love with from any of them. Actually at the end even ran some of my tube pre's (Triaxis/JMP-1) into the DT50 effects return and didn't care for the power amp. Anyway, I ended up selling it all off for a good price (luckily before Helix was announced) and went back to my physical rigs. After researching the Spider Valve and reading the manual, it seems that it was designed to be used with any Line 6 modeler (Pod X3 & future) into the power amp in as well as the built in Spider models. All of the Line 6 SV cabs used V30 speakers and i love my Recto 2x12 w/ V30's. I much prefer 6L6 tubes to El34's in my Mesa amps. So it makes sense why this 6L6 SV/Recto 2x12 is sounding so good to me. Honestly, I had always thought SV sounded like crap as my other guitarist had one 5 years ago. It did not cut through the mix and my Mesa Tremoverb 2x12 combo blew it away. He was always frustrated with it. He ended up getting a Marshall half stack to one-up me ;) Even now. playing through the front end of it with the old built-in Spider Models still sounds like poo to me, especially when compared to Helix into the power amp in. The SV HD100 is quite a bit smaller and maybe lighter than the DT50 was. It's also a little smaller than my Mesa Recto heads. Styling is pretty similar to my Recto 2x12 and it looks good sitting on top. The pilot light and backlit plexiglass logo look dang cool too, and almost match the Helix lighting! I'm liking it so much that I think I am going to order the metal Line 6 SV cab logo and replace my Mesa logo on the Recto 2x12! In summary, I would highly recommend that anyone without a lot of cash, not fully in love with Helix + whatever, looking for a good Helix pairing consider the SV series. Especially if you are not feeling the FRFR path with Alto powered PA speakers or more expensive options. SV's are about 1/2 the price of the DT series, and might even sound better with Helix to you if you generally prefer 6L6's and V30 speakers. I would bet the super clean SV 6L6 power amp is somewhere between solid state FRFR and the DT series amps, or other tube guitar amps. Heck, you might even come across a "broken" SV for a steal too. No telling what Line 6 and Bogner are cooking up as an amp solution for Helix, but for now with the SV I am FINALLY happy with my rig and excited and inspired to 100% play again instead of 90% tweaking/experimenting and 10% playing.
  24. I'm HX STOMP Owner I can't understand B polarity This is phase shift? I want to know B polarity I'm Japanese . So I can use little English sorry
  25. 2021 Updated! V1.2 is Now online! This is a Premium MIDI Layout made for Line 6 Helix devices: Helix Floor, Helix LT or Helix Rack. Requires MIDI Designer Pro 2 (IOS app, sold separately) Full tactile control over your Helix using MIDI over Bluetooth or MIDI-USB connections. Hardware and Software requirements: Line 6 Helix, Helix LT or Helix Rack MIDI Designer Pro 2 (IOS App, sold separately) Apple iPad MIDI Interface (wireless or wired) Changes Log: 1 August 2021 - Updated to 1.2 Save and Mode buttons added (requires firmware 3.10 or later) New Helix LT layout included (replaces FS3 slider with a View button) 16 January 2021 - Updated to 1.1 Improved design BlueBoard screen added Extended visual Input: Now this Layout can receive CC69 (Snapshots), values [0,1,2] if you have configured your device to send such data in Command Center. The same is applied to CC1 and CC2 (EXP pedals). These changes must be saved per preset basis in your device. Recommended MIDI Interfaces: Wireless: Yamaha MD-BT01 or CME WIDI Master Wired (using Helix USB): Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter Wired (MIDI to USB): Roland UM-ONE MKII + Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter Included support (optional): Embedded suport for the IK Multimedia Blueboard Bluetooth LE Modes: Mode B (Half/Full speed, Undo/Redo, Play/Stop, Rec/Overdub) Mode C (Snapshots 1-4) Includes a Small MIDI implementation to replicate the BlueBoard behaviour with any other configurable MIDI device (Airturn, Airstep, Pirate MIDI Bridge6/4, Morningstar, etc) A bit of tech stuff: The operation of this MIDI Layout is based on the current MIDI implementation available on Line 6 Helix devices. This means that the limits of what or how can be controlled are determined by the manufacturer (to a large extent). The practical translation of this fact is that: There are some functions in the Helix that are not controllable, simply because there is no CC assigned to whatever. There are some things in the Helix that receive MIDI but they do not send it. A clear example are the footswitches (FS). For this reason, it is not possible to show a synchronized status (on/off) on the controller's screen. For this type of controls, it will only be possible to send a status change message, so the buttons will be of a momentary type. Helix does not send the names of presets or setlists via MIDI -something that would normally use SYSEX messages or the Line 6's own protocol. Description: 1- Main Screen. From this screen you can control the main functions of your Helix. Some elements receives the MIDI information that your Helix sends and display it on the screen, such as bank and program changes. Others are used to send commands to activate and deactivate elements such as footswitches. A few elements are bi-directional, such as looper controls (broken feature in the 3.0/3.01 Firmware. Waiting for the upcoming 3.1 Helix firmware update). As you already know, the Helix does not send us the setlists names. However, you will be able to rename your Setlists on the controller easily from this screen, simply by pressing the "Setlist" button to write names coincident with those of your Helix. 2-Setlist Screen The main function of this screen is to navigate comfortably between the eight banks of your Helix, but we can also select a preset in each of the 8 banks, and toggle between them at the touch of a button. There are also controls that receive information from your Helix, like these three large screens showing the current MIDI PC, Bank, and Preset (ABCD). The eight Snapshots and the most relevant looper controls are also present here. 3- Preset Screen On this screen, the idea is to have quick and immediate access to all the Presets (and Setlists) of your Helix. Snapshot selection controls are also present, as well as the looper, tap tempo and tuner buttons. 4- BlueBoard Screen This new screen provides embedded support for the iRig BlueBoard. Two units can be used simultaneosly. A small MIDI implementation is also included, to use with any other configurable MIDI controller (Airturn, Airstep, Pirate MIDI Bridge, Morningstar...) CHEAT SHEETS 1- Main View 2- Setlist View 3- Presets View 4- BlueBoard View
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