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  1. With one of my patches I have say 4 different reverbs all assigned to foot switches. When I turn one on I want the remaining 3 to turn off. I messed around with Multiples last night but couldn't get it going. Can this be done?
  2. Hello everyone, Hope you enjoy your wonderful Helix like I do! My question is how to use the blocks? I mean I don't know do I have to place Compressor before or after distortion? wah pedal before or after Amp?! Is there any rule for pacing these stuff to get a better sound? Thanks in advance
  3. So thinking or getting a Helix as well as a Fractal fx 8 . I am hoping to run the Helix as a master controller to the fx8. Would i be right in thinking this would be possible by running the fx8 though one of the 4 external loops in the Helix and then using midi to control scene selection in fx8? Will this mean i am going to have problems with a 4 cable method or by selecting the fx8 in a block in the Helix , can i change this around as neccessary to fit around Helix's amps and cabs models? I am hoping to be able to fit this in with some form of wet dry wet rig. I.e. Bogner Shiva combo and L2 or Laney irt-x expansion cabs... i really like the idea of how fexible this rig could be and also the amount of quality amps and effects on tap but just need to know whether this is just a mad rush blood to the head or could it work? Thanks in advance :)
  4. Guys/Gals -- Someone else mentioned this in an earlier post. I've got what I "think" should be an easy problem to resolve, but I can't seem to find out how to make it happen. :unsure: OK, stick with my feeble brain here and help me if you will -- I'm on Preset 13A -"Come As You Are". In the Global Settings I have it set so my Presets are on the Bottom/Lower row and my Effects show up on Top Row, with a Stomp Box feel. However, when you go to the preset and select it, 4 Presets are on the Bottom Row (good, that's what I wanted) but the only way I can see the Effects is to press the Mode Switch -- BUT -- that clears the Bottom Row of Presets and then shows the activated Effects and the Top Row is blank. I've noticed there are several presets where the effects are on the Bottom Row when you toggle the Mode/Edit switch. Is there a way to always keep Effects on Top Row, or maybe it's supposed to be this way? Also, for a picture reference, I'm trying to keep the setup like it shows on the color Cheat Sheet: Effects - Top Row, Presets-- Bottom Row. I'm sure it has something to do with Global Settings and the Mode Switch. But I can't make it happen on THIS preset 13A. I appreciate you kind folks offering the solution since I apparently can't see it. One Final Note...I repeat that I have the Global Setting for Presets set for the Bottom Row AND that works on some presets as it should, but on some I have this issue. I'm loving the HELIX BTW, just learning my way around. :) Thanks!! geetar42
  5. I tried my best to get a Line 6 Helix - Metal video up as soon as possible so people can know what to expect and how it performs in a studio setting. Here's what I came up with I used the stock noise gate, screamer 808 and ANGL Meteor with a downloaded Impulse Response (Engl Special Edition) from here ( (follow the relink in the article comments). I used an LTD Vampire Biotech M guitar with an EMG 81 bridge pickup Settings are: Noise Gate: Threshold -30db, Decay 188ms, Level 0.0db Screamer 808: Gain 2.6, Tone 0.0, Level 6.7 Amp: Drive 9.1, Bass 4.8, Mid 7.1, Treble 5.2. Presence 6.3, Ch Vol 8.7, Master 5.1, Sag 3.2, Hum 5.0, Ripple 7.9, Bias 7.7, Bias X 6.0, Mid Boost Off IR: Low Cut off, High Cut off, Mix 100%, Level -18.0db Helix output volume: 100% Download the preset and IR Chugalo Preset Download: Engl Special Edition IR: EDIT: CustomTone Download: Engl Special Edition.wav
  6. Want to connect my electric guitar with passive pickups to "guitar" input and connect acoustic with L. R. Baggs Lyric pickup to another input so that I can use Helix as A/B depending on which preset I choose. Problem is I can't seem to get enough input signal to Helix from my acoustic. Pickup, battery and cables are all good. I've tried all inputs. Do I need an external preamp or DI to do this? Helix is out to L2t via Link 6.
  7. I originally created this for use with the "EPSi: Convolution Powered Reverb in a Small Stomp Box" with:Version C for EPSi, a firmware version for Cabinet Speaker and Room simulation. that I used with my Eleven Rack that had no way to load ir cabs. see my tutorial here: But now I won't need it any more because of the Helix. If you don't know why you would need a multi cab ir I'll try to give you an example: did you ever think of running two different amps or speaker cabinets with one in the right channel and the other in the left? that is the beauty of "multi cab ir's" How to make multi Cab IR's from existing IR's for use with the Helix: with PT11: 1.Open a blank session and click on "setup" then "session" change the bit rate to 24 and make sure sample rate is at 96 khz "File" then "Import" then "Audio" navigate to the IR's in your comp and click"Add Files" then "Done" then "create new tracks from start position" then click "Track" then "New" select "Stereo" and "Master Fader" then click "Create" have an option to either change the output to "Main Out R" and "Main Out L" in "mix window" on each track or pan each track to your liking so some of each bleed over to the other. 4.Add any plugins to the master track you want as in screenshot. 5.Click "File" then "Bounce To" then "Disk" select as in screenshot 6.Put in folder (that you'll remember). and your done. 7. load it to a "ir block in your Helix and test it out. Maybe the Admin will see it important enough to make it a "sticky". Have fun with it and share some of your work!!!
  8. I just Pre-ordered my Helix today at my local GC and they have in there computer that the main GC warehouse is expecting the arrival of 133 helix units on 9-11-15. I am #81 on the list. So is this a tentative date or is there a chance it will be sooner rather than later??? OH Boy I can't wait!!! :P :D :lol: :rolleyes:
  9. My back ordered Helix that I ordered back in June finally shipped. I noticed also MF has these in stock and ready to go if anyone is interested - too bad that 15% off sale just ended yesterday...
  10. First of all, back up your bundles and setlists via the Helix application on your computer. My Helix arrived Thursday October 8, 2015. I'm using two Mission Line 6 controller pedals. I've had a couple of bugs: 1. The unit would go silent but continue to navigate fine. Switching the unit off/on would correct. 2. The unit wouldn't boot up after the splash screen/firmware version. I had to factory reset to get the unit working. I'm guessing these issues are temporary and will be corrected in a firmware update. Looper: I'm not sure why the looper is only available as a block per preset, instead of a global looper like the M9. It seems odd that I cannot build loops from different presets, which is the best part about looping. I love the sounds! Did I mention I love the sounds? I love the sounds. I'm not much of a guitarist, but the Helix sounds fantastic and sounds liked a microphoned cabinet to me. I'll be using the Helix for Chapman Stick, Bass, Acoustic and Electric Guitars. It's very easy to navigate. Drag and drop presets would be a handy feature of the Helix application for the computer. I'm looking forward to many happy years with my Helix!
  11. Trying to get the unit ready for a live show so I have been transposing my HD500x patches over (incredibly easy for the most part and a great way to learn the unit), but I am looking for recommendations for using the JTV Acoustic with. Any of the pre amps or factory patches that anyone recommends? Also any EQ starting points would be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance! .
  12. Just a thought while watching a Two Notes Torpedo Live demo. Would be brilliant seeing comparison between the helix amp model and the equivalent real amp through a Two Notes Torpedo. I am seeing a lot more folks using the torpedo to track guitar in studios with huge praise. You are effectively digitally modelling one of the core aspects of playing a real amp and cab mic'd in a room. In this scenario/comparison I think the Helix should hold up extremely well if the IR's are good? Any one out there own a torpedo live and is taking delivery of a helix soon? :)
  13. I'm thinking of getting a Helix Rack when it comes out, and would like to use it with a Shure GLXD4 wireless receiver, placed on top of the Helix rack, as I already have the Shure transmitter. Would I be able to use the aux in on the back of the Helix rack as an instrument input, or would I have to have a short guitar cable coming out of the receiver to the front of the Helix. Being able to plug in behind the Helix would be a neater option. Any info would be gratefully received.
  14. Hi there, I have a Firehawk with Variax JTV-69 and have also ordered a Helix. Other than the blindingly obvious "why don't I actually try and get better at playing the guitar before falling prey to a GAS attack?" the question I have is “why would I keep Firehawk when I also have a Helix?â€. I'm thinking because of Firehawk's abilities to be controlled by an iPad (which I really like), to be able to download tones via the ipad and also the fact that I can play a backing track from the iPad into the Firehawk and play along. I know the Helix doesn't have the ipad ability and L6's explanation makes sense to me that it was too much data that would have to be passed via Bluetooth so I've come to terms with that. I'm not sure how Helix will allow me to connect something so I can play a backing track through the system, though. I don't know whether I'm being dumb to think I'll need to keep the Firehawk with all that Helix has to offer but I'd welcome any thoughts/comments anyone might have about keeping it or not as the case may be (when) Helix arrives. I have no idea whether the Firehawk will lay there pretty much unused, or whether actually it will provide me the best of both worlds if I can connect the two (i.e. GUI via ipad and backing blend via Firehawk plus Helix's strengths). Cheers...Rod
  15. there have been tons of questions over the years about where to put your pedals and how to get the best tone. Everyone always references gain staging as the most important piece of the equation. Well the video below is probably one of the best I have ever seen explaining how gain staging works, what to look for, where to place pedals, etc... a bit long but definitely worth the watch!
  16. So the helix has two exp jacks on the back. On my MFC-101 (Axefx) I have an Erine Ball vp Jr. That I modified to have a Mission latching switch so I can engage/disengage my wah but I need two expression jacks to utilize the Axefx wah function: one switch for engage and one switch for wah sweep. Am I going to need both of Helix exp jacks just for a wah? I'm going to try to use the onboard exp first but I am imagining not liking it because it's on the right side of the board and it seems kinda ...petite... It would be very cool to have a left footed version of this beast! I know it's maybe wired but I simply prefer my left foot for vol.wah.exp.whammy.... Thanks!
  17. Any ideas when we'll see the first units going out?
  18. hursleyj

    Helix output

    Can someone tell me how to connect the helix straight to the mixer . A pictorial representation would be great because i'm a newbie. i want to use helix straight through a mixer .
  19. Hi there, Apologies if this is a really dumb question but I wonder if someone can help me out. I currently have a Helix on order and want to know how best I can connect it to my current hi-fi system. I would have used a fairly simple phono input if it wasn’t for the fact that my equipment doesn’t have that (it’s a Cyrus Streamline v2). Rear connections are two TosLink optical digital inputs, three coaxial digital inputs and an MC-BUS In/Out. What would be the best way to connect the Helix to the Cyrus, so I can use the speakers attached to the Cyrus to listen to the Helix output. Any suggestions gratefully received! Cheers….Rod
  20. Just got the message from Musicians Friend.
  21. Nimbas

    Helix Demo Videos

    Just spotted this one:
  22. I really like the look of this Helix, and are thinking about "downgrading" (size-wise) from my Spider Value Mk II w/ 4x12 cab. I've been gigging and going to band practice with the 4x12 cab + head for years now, and it's frankly a bit of a hassle to cart around. I've never actually been at a gig where I actually needed that much volume. So I've been thinking for a while now, what I really needed was just the "brains" of my Spider Value, going straight into a PA. So I'm quite pleased with the announcement of the Helix, as this was exactly what I was after. I guess I could have done something similar with a POD, but for some reason the POD never appealed to me. But this Helix looks awesome and would let me use the same unit in many different situations (gigs, practice, recordings, at home, etc) But what to do about a speaker, for situations where there is no PA ? I know very little about "Full Range Full Response" (FRFR) speakers, but I'm assuming that you would need to use a FRFR speaker with the Helix to get the best possible sound? If you plug it into an amp, isn't the amp going to "color" the Helix sound? I know that my Spider Value head isn't going into a FRFR speaker either - but I'm assuming the modelling on the Spider Valve has been "adjusted" for use with the celestial speakers. Whereas the modelling in the Helix isn't going to know what speakers you have, so it will work best with a FRFR speaker? What good FRFR options are their for the Helix? Line6 has their Stage Source speakers - is line6 expecting we use Helix with one of those speakers? I really haven't seen much information on this with regards to Helix, so I wanted to ask the question. cheers, -adam
  23. from FAQ's What’s the difference between Helix and Helix Rack? Along with the Helix Control remote, Helix Rack’s workflow and feature set is virtually identical to that of Helix. Plus you get duplicate expression pedal jacks, a 1/4†analog bypass (buffered) output, AES/EBU in, and Wordclock in with terminator switch. Presets can be freely shared across both units with no file conversion required. Is this all?!? I am just wondering if is worth the extra $500.... I don't need any of the things mentioned hear... I really want to know is this it???? I guess what I want to know is about the hardware, for example is the more processing power or more than or double dual-DSP processor architecture than the floor unit? "Helix Rack’s workflow and feature set is virtually identical to that of Helix"..... whats not the same, this is what I want to know about so I can make a decision on whether to wait for the rack or not.... thanks in advance, Jim
  24. Hi, sorry if this has been answered previously... Will Helix (HX) Modeling Engine ever be available in POD Desktop Bean Format in the foreseeable future? Any insight would be much appreciated, thanks!
  25. I'm planning on attending NAMM this weekend - wondering if Line6 and Helix will be there demoing gear? I'd like to get a sneak peak! Hard to wait on my pre-order.
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