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  1. I'm just getting into my Helix... been in a box since since 2015 due to my on the road work schedule. I've updated all the firmware, etc., and I connected the Helix to my Katana via MIDI and also connected it via the four cable method. I went to Preset>Templates>02A 4-Cable Method to begin experimenting with it. I am using HX Edit also, and I see that the Katana is already responding to MIDI communications from the Helix as it is changing the settings on the Katana when I select the different first bank footswitches (01A thru 02D). I've been moving around in HX Edit looking for the MIDI commands that are causing the changes in the Katana, but I can't seem to find where these settings are located. I looked in the Command Center, but nothing is assigned to anything here except footswitch 5 has "This footswitch cannot be assigned"... I'm guessing due to the looper. Anyone able to point me in the right direction here? I know how to assign MIDI from the Helix to the Katana using the PC and CC values provided in the Boss manual, but the Helix seems to be changing selections on the Katana that aren't listed in the list of commands available in the Katana manual, and I want to know how the Helix is doing this with its straight out of the box settings. Thanks for any assistance.
  2. Hi everybody ! I am using currently HX Stomp and I really love how simple and dual pitch blocks sound ( which may be strange to some people ). The reason is that they have no noticable latency or pre-delay. I recently compared it to Micro Pog and the Pog had a noticable lag ( compareable to Dual Pitch set with delay option to 20ms). I know that polyphonic pitch shifters is all about latency vs preciseness and I love that not really precise ( when playing chords ) but very fast sound of HX Stomp pitch shifters. I use them only for octaves and only in monophonic way. To the point - I look for a pedal for one of my pedalboards which would be very close to what HX Stomp Dual/Simple pitch sound like. Unfortunaetly I cannot put HX Stomp on my pedalboard due to the space limitations. Do you maybe know what pedal was those pitch shifters based on ? What pedal would be the closest ? I will be really grateful for help because I would die to get that tone on my pedalboard in one single pedal.
  3. Hello everyone, Bizzare issue here, I've just updated the firmware from version 2.8 to 3.01. After a reboot on my imac el capitain 10.11.6. HX Edit doesn't see my device at all. It doesn't show up in my device list. the helix floor has lost complete communication with my mac. I've tried uninstalling all of the drivers and reinstalling them as well as older drivers to no avail. I've tried a global reset hoping that it might reset the firmware, but the reset doesn't bring back the firmware to Version 1. I also have a PC that I tried troubleshooting from with no avail as well. P.S I did check all of my cables. Some help would be very much appreciated!!
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    Hey People, I just recently purchased an HX STOMP. I have been watching loads of videos on how to create presets and such. One in particular which caught my attention was this one: He assignes his settings to SNAPSHOT 1 and 2 and upon doing so, the switch lights on his HX STOMP change colour. I have tried this and unfortunately my lights are just white and this is only when the switch is selected, when a switch is not selected the lights are off. Any Idea what I've done wrong? I feel as though I followed the video correctly. Thanks
  5. Hello! I am approching my first guitar lesson via skype and looking for help, as I am strugglying with my audio. I have connected my Helix via USB to an iMac on which I am running Skype. I also have headphones and mic connected to the mac via USB. I would like to have as: Input: both the mic (connected via USB) and the Helix (connected via USB), so that my teacher will be able to listen to my voice and my Helix-processed guitar Output: I need to hear in my headphones (connected via USB) both the voice of the teacher and my Helix-processed guitar. I tried to configure the mac using the multiple audio sources, but I did not even get to hearing both inputs (on skype the listener can only hear the mic or Helix, depending on which one I configure as first in the mac "audio devices" menu). Do you have any tips for me please?
  6. Hi peeps! Today I notice that the expression pedal was not aligned properly, and was actually scraping the left side of the gap in the metal. The whole pedal was slightly off kilter off center. I took the included hex key and loosened the bolt a little. Then I moved the pedal with my foot. Nothing helped. Until I pressed the pedal in (as in to switch between Exp 1 and Exp 2) and it re-aligned itself. I then tightened the bolt and it seems to be back to normal. So did I break it or is this normal? I barely use this particular Helix, only when I play gigs. thanks!
  7. I have a JTV 69S and just got a Helix. I used to have a Variax 600 and POD XT and I could use the VDI for variax control and to output the sound. Now I have found that I can use the special workbench cable with Workbench HD only if I plug in the 1/4 inch jack too, but while both lights turn green I can't connect to the Variax from Workbench HD. If I plug into the Helix I have to plug in the VDI cable and the 1/4 inch to both the Variax and the Helix to be able to select the Variax as the input. I can take out the battery and it powers the Variax. Workbench HD can see and connect to the Variax through the Helix. I thought maybe if I flashed it from 2,21 to 2.23 it might work but the closest I can get is with the Helix and it throws an error. I'm wondering if I have a wiring problem but that doesn't seem to make sense. something is wrong though.
  8. I'm a Helix Stomp newb. Coming from the Kemper (which I still have). My use case with the Stomp is primarily as a second amp to play through in my music room and as a backup to the Kemper for FRFR work, as needed. I'm noticing that the Helix models have some advanced parameters that I'm not 100% sure in terms of how they complement (or don't) a real tube power amp. I've also read that the Helix models do better as preamp only into power amps, but I read varying opinions on keeping the power amp sims on for the Power Station (mostly people saying to use them). Just looking for quick hitting tips to optimize the Helix models for a Power Station into a cab.
  9. Good evening group. I have a DT25 head that I've been using with my Helix for about a year now and love it. I typically run the DT on Channel A so it's just acting as a power amp to send the Helix out to my cab and it sounds terrific. I started looking into some other set-up options and came across the following in the forum (which I already knew): When set to Channel A, the DT switches to Channel A and its preamp is bypassed for when using a preamp model in Helix. When set to Channel B, the DT switches to Channel B and its preamp is activated TIP: Assign a stomp footswitch (or snapshots) to simultaneously bypass a Helix preamp block AND switch a connected DT amp to Channel B. This gives you a wider variety of tones in the same preset, without the DSP overhead required to run two simultaneous Preamp blocks. The problem I'm having is this: If I'm sitting at my PC using HX Edit, when the DT is set to Channel A and I click through Topology settings I-IV, I see it changing on the DT as I'm doing it. When I switch to Channel B, it doesn't. I would have expected the opposite to happen, since on Channel A the preamp is bypassed, but on Channel B it's not. So it seems like if I'm running the Helix into the DT via L6 Link on Channel B, I cannot switch between Topology settings/options. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks!
  10. So I just got my Helix and I'm thoroughly loving it aside from one detail: the tuner is positioned at the very end of the chain and, thus, kills all sound coming from the unit, including and reverb and/or delay trails. I am aware that I can change the output so that it keeps the volume going, but that doesn't help because then I can't tune silently. I basically need a way to change where the tuner is in my signal path. Is there any way to do this or am I to be relegated back to using a Snark?? Thanks!
  11. Hello everyone. I am new to the Line 6 products. I've mainly use orange tube products. I've recently decided to get the Helix after my friends consistently talking about how great it is. I bought a few pieces to go along with it but I'm lost. Everything on YouTube doesn't help. This is what I'm working with Gator 6u shallow case Helix rack Gemini XGA-4000 PowerAmplifier Livewire 9-Outlet Power Conditioner Sure guitar wireless system non rack version 2 speaker cables 2 speakon to 1/4 cable 2 guitar cables 2x12 cab. Like I said I'm very green when it comes to modeling systems. Any guidance on how to hook everything up would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Quick question for the electrical engineers among us: I've got my guitar rig at home hooked up to a power strip that is plugged into a switched wall outlet. This works pretty well because it lets me turn all of my pedals on and off with a single switch. Will I damage the Helix if I turn it on and off this way, instead of using the switch on the back? Thanks! -Jon
  13. I've had my Helix for a short while and am loving the sound! But I find myself missing a few of the effect models from my old HD 500. Anybody else feel this way? So, I thought I'd ask; what models do you wish they would add in upcoming fimware updates (hopefully they look over these things)? I'm wishing they would put the boost/comp back; I'm just not getting the push out of the teletronix....and I wish they would put the Memory Man analog mod/delay on that they had on the hd500....the Line 6 version sounds like a flanger to me. So, if the DID look at these forums, and you COULD tell them what you wanted.....what would it be?
  14. Hello All, I think I'm about lose my mind. When I try and set up my channel volume a foot-switch I set a min and max value. Simple. I press it on, my volume goes up. I press it off, it goes down. Except, when I change my snapshot, the setting seems to be getting confused and leaving itself on a higher volume when off and turning down when it's on. This wouldn't be a problem, except for the fact that I have other functions assigned to that switch to help boost it, so this is really, really frustrating. Anyone have any ideas how to help? Thanks
  15. Finally opened up my Helix to lubricate the pedal... ...and found that one of the shoulder washers (the cylindrical ones that go around the bolt, with a perpendicular flat section) had actually broken. Where the heck does one get replacements for it? I don't even know what precise size it is as it seems to be metric, so I can't just order it online. And FullCompass does not have them. Help!
  16. I have some presets I typically use in Stomp Mode, and some presets that I typically use in Snapshot Mode. Is there a way to assign, on a preset-to-preset basis, which mode will come up by default when I select a preset?
  17. Hello every one. Does anyone know how to find some IRs for acoustic guitar ? I didn't find anything by googling. I need some IRs in order to use in my Helix for recording acoustic guitar through cable or mic ( which I don't know which one may works better with IRs) The purpose is creating a killer sound with a not perfect acoustic guitar! ...and please advice how to use it? I mean ordering. TNX :)
  18. Hey Guys, I am having issues with the expression pedal. For some reason, I can never get it to reach 100%, it's not so bad when using it for gain/volume, wah, or when programming it to modify bass/treble levels or stuff like that. But when using it for Pitch shift/whammy, if I am not able to reach the exact octave, it sounds terrible (as if I am always off tune) I usually activate the whammy while using the expression pedal's toe switch. The weird thing is this: when I turn off/on the Helix LT, at first, if I use solely the whammy, it works well... (I reach 100%) If I turn on/off any other pedal, before or even after I use the Whammy, then when I go back to the whammy, it becomes offset to 98-99%. I thought it was a physical issue, but it seems to be an internal midi instruction issue. Anyone noticed the same thing?
  19. Has anyone found any creative ways (other than using USB) to have a Helix (Rack) connect to a PowerCab 212+ via L6 Link and still allow for some sort of digital output (into a soundcard, for instance)? I use a Helix Rack + PC 212+ alongside a Clarett 8Pre and am bummed that switching on my PowerCab (connected to the Helix via L6) disables the S/PDIF output - I use the latter to intake the Helix signal, keeping some analog channels open and staying in the digital realm. I quickly perused the forum, but didn’t find any ideas that’d specifically address that scenario. Self-deprecatingly, -LesSand
  20. Hey people, got a problem with setting up the wah pedal on my Helix. My target is to set it up like Jonny in this video: Line 6 Helix Wah settings TIPS and TRICKS. - YouTube So for everybody who doesn't want to watch the video: I want to work like my old Bad Horsie 2. Selecting my wah pedal and chosing the Expression Pedal as the bypass switch on 0% (have tried with a little more % but it doesn't work either). Min Position on about 15%. With that setup it should automatically be activatet when I use the pedal and when it comes down to zero again or below the certain value that I choose for the position parameter it should be off. And here's the problem when I set it up like that: The wah is off in the beginning. When I use the expression pedal nothing happens. When I reach my bypass value the wah is turned on. Then I can use it until I hit the bypass value again. Then to activate it again I have to use the pedal and come down to the bypass value and so on and on. Sometimes when I set my wah pedal up again the exact same way it works as it should until I change something. But most of the time it only works as discribed above. Has anybody any tipps for me?
  21. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I am able to get Looper to work on other presets, however I have a particular preset (attached below Acoustic 6str.hlx) in which it doesn't work properly. I am able to add Looper to this preset, and the buttons respond as expected (e.g. for "1 Switch Looper" I can see RED for record and GREEN for playback....and similar visuals for the "6 Switch Looper" I can see the IN/OUT OVERDUB labels and solid/blinking white knob toggles) however nothing is played back (I can't tell if it was recorded and playback volume is 0, or if just not recorded). I've tried removing that effect from the path (remove>>save>>restart>>add back) but same issue. I'm still learning my Helix Floor (running v3.15) so I could be missing the obvious. I believe this issue occurred with 3.11 (what my unit was shipped with in Dec 2021) so don't think it's 3.15 issue. Below is image of "Acoustic 6str.hlx" preset has quite a bit going on. Originally Looper was the very last effect (after last Volume) so I tried moving it around to trigger a positive result. Forgive my experimentations. Acoustic 6str.hlx
  22. Recently, I upgraded to a L6 Helix, two M-Audio speaker monitors, and the Clarett+ 4pre audio interface. My issue is how to connect what I have to get the most out of it. This setup isn't for gigs, it's for home recording. 1.-- I have a spdif cable connected from the output of the helix to the "optical in" of the clarett+. It's a "cinnamon" toslink optical cable. I have two more "digital" livewire spdif cables. I see there is an extra spdif "in" and "out" on the back of the Clarett audio interface, besides the optical in. On the Helix, the spdif output is connected to the clarett optical in, but the input is available. How many spdif cables should I connect? How should they be connected? Also, I have xlr to 1/4 cables--the music store said I would still need these even with Spdif input and output. Do I need to use two xlr - 1/4 cables in addition to spdif (Helix xlr outputs to Clarett audio interface 1/4 line inputs)? Should I not use both spdif and xlr together? 2.-- Both the Clarett+ audio interface and the Helix use usb interfaces to connect to a computer. Clarett uses a mini usb, and Helix uses a more traditional (looking) usb. I was told to either use the Helix usb or both, and they leaned toward both being preferable. Which is the best configuration? 3.-- I feel novice as hell asking this, but should I plug my instrument (guitar, in this case) into the Clarett AI or the Helix? If I want distortion, do I have to plug it into the Helix? Appreciate the help ~Ven
  23. Hi everyone, I do have a Line6 Helix Floor, not LT, and I noticed that my expression pedal gets loose after using it for some swells. I have to tighten the screw at the side again and again which is kinda annoying. Does anyone have a solution for this or experience with it? Thanks in advance!
  24. All questions and comments welcome. Marshall JVM Channel Switching with Helix MIDI This works with Helix Firmware Version 2.20 and later. PURPOSE - Have your JVM automatically switch to any desired channel preset combination when pressing any Helix Preset or Snapshot button. IMPORTANT - Following the procedures described here may cause you to lose any MIDI switching settings you already have programmed into your Helix and JVM. IMPORTANT: Set Helix MIDI Global Settings by going to Menu Button > Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo > MIDI PC Send (Page 2) > Off With that understood. DO THIS FIRST Connect a standard, five pin, MIDI cable from the Helix MIDI Out/Thru connector to the JVM Midi In connector. DO THIS SECOND JVM Factory Reset - the following procedure is for a JVM205H (See the Reset procedure for your amp if different). This will erase all the MIDI presets and set MIDI reception channel to #1. 1. Switch the amplifier power off (power switch off, not standby switch). 2. Press and hold CLEAN/CRUNCH MODE switch. 3. Switch the amplifier power on (power switch on, not standby switch). The two channel LEDs will glow steady red. 4. Release the CLEAN/CRUNCH MODE switch. Both the CLEAN/CRUNCH MODE and the OVERDRIVE MODE switch LEDs will be lit solid red. 6. Press OVERDRIVE MODE switch. Both LEDs will blink Red then the CLEAN/CRUNCH MODE switch will light Green. Done with that. Channel Switching with Helix Presets Only If you do not use Helix Snapshots, and only use Helix Presets, this is for you. You can have your JVM switch to any channel settings when changing Helix Presets. Here is how: 1. Press any Helix Preset button EXCEPT the one you want to program. 2. Set your JVM channels, reverb, fx loop etc. to the settings you want. 3. Put the JVM in the Learn mode by pressing the FOOTSWITCH/MIDI PROGRAM switch two times. The FOOTSWITCH/MIDI PROGRAM switch on the JVM will be blinking. 4. Press the Helix Preset button you want to program. The FOOTSWITCH/MIDI PROGRAM switch will blink fast a few times and go out. Done. Now, every time you press that Helix Preset button, the JVM will switch back to those settings. Repeat for other Presets. Channel Switching with Helix Presets and Snapshots IMPORTANT - Before you make the change to MIDI Switching for Snapshots it is important to understand that once you make the change to MIDI Switching for Snapshots, you will have to go through all of your Presets and program at least one Snapshot. Otherwise, when switching between Presets, the amp settings will stay in their last state. Also, any MIDI Switching for Presets, that you have now, will be lost. With that understood. DO THIS FIRST FIRST Make a list like this: Preset# Snapshot# Program # Description 01A 1 0 Clean Green 01A 2 1 Overdrive Green 01A 3 2 Overdrive Green / Reverb On 01A 4 3 Overdrive Green / Reverb On / Master Volume On This is just a sample list. Your final list will, likely, look quite different. For now, just use this list for the programming examples. More on this later. The Program # is the code number of the MIDI PC (Program Change) Message that the Helix will send to the JVM when you press a Preset or Snapshot button on the Helix. This is how the JVM knows to change to a certain combination of settings. The Description is how the amp channels will be set after pressing a Preset or Snapshot button on the Helix. If MIDI and Program Change and PC Message sounds like a foreign language to you right now, do not worry, you will not need to know any of that technical stuff. Just make the list and follow along. DO THIS SECOND Go to Menu > Global Settings > MIDI/Tempo > Page 2 > MIDI PC Send - Turn this off > Press Home button DO THIS THIRD Navigate to the Preset you want to program and select Snapshot 1. Press the Menu button and then press the Command Center knob. Use the joystick to move to an unused Instant Command (Lightning Bolt). Any Commands already in use will have a Turquoise triangle above them. If you do not see any Turquoise triangles, just go to the lightning bolt in the top left corner. That is Instant Command 1. With an Instant Command (Lightning Bolt) now highlighted, turn the Command knob to Command - Bank/Prog You should see five settings and they should look like this: Command: Bank/Prog Midi Ch: Base Bank CC00: off Bank CC32: off Program: off Now, get the list that you made, earlier. Please note, when setting the Instant Commands below: Helix is, at this time, very particular about saving your settings as you go. You'll see "Press Save two times." after each change. It's an inconvenience, but it works. Check the setting for each Snapshot when you are done, to make sure you are sending the correct Program#. The only Helix setting we are going to change is Program. Looking at the list we see that the Program# for Preset 01A Snapshot 1 is 0. So, set the Program to 0 (zero). Leave everything else as/is. Press Save two times. Return to Instant Commands. Press Snapshot 2 button. Set Program to 1. Press Save two times. Return to Instant Commands. Press Snapshot 3 button. Set Program to 2. Press Save two times. Return to Instant Commands. Press Snapshot 4 button. Set Program to 3. Press Save two times. You should now be back at the Home screen. Check the setting for each Snapshot when you are done, to make sure you are sending the correct Program#. We have, now, programmed our first four Snapshots on the Helix to do channel switching duties on the JVM. The only thing left to do is program the JVM to match. Looking at the list, we are saying we want Preset 01A Snapshot 1 to be Clean Green on the amp. On the Helix you should be on Preset 01A. Press Snapshot 2 button, or any Snapshot EXCEPT the one you want to program. Set the JVM to Clean Green. Press the FOOTSWITCH/MIDI PROGRAM switch two times. It should be blinking to indicate it is in the learn mode. Press Snapshot 1 button. The JVM FOOTSWITCH/MIDI PROGRAM switch will blink rapidly a few times and then go out. Set JVM to Overdrive Green. Press the FOOTSWITCH/MIDI PROGRAM switch two times. Press Snapshot 2 button. Set JVM to Overdrive Green / Reverb On. Press the FOOTSWITCH/MIDI PROGRAM switch two times. Press Snapshot 3 button. Set JVM to Overdrive Green / Reverb On / Master Volume On. Press the FOOTSWITCH/MIDI PROGRAM switch two times. Press Snapshot 4 button. Done. Preset 01A Snapshots 1-4 should, now, recall the amp settings just like it is on the list. Setting Preset Default Snapshot To set a particular Snapshot as the default, for any given Preset, perform the following: In this example we will set Snapshot 2 as the default for Preset 01A. Navigate to Preset 01A and select Snapshot 2. Press the Save button two times. Done. Now, every time you switch to Preset 01A, no matter where you were, it will automatically go to Snapshot 2 and the JVM will switch to whatever amp settings you had for that Snapshot. Summary and Caveats Before you make the change to MIDI Switching for Snapshots it is important to understand that once you make the change to MIDI Switching for Snapshots, you will have to go through all of your Presets and program at least one Snapshot. Otherwise, when switching between Presets, the amp settings will stay in their last state. Also, any MIDI Switching for Presets, that you have now, will be lost. Following the procedures described here may cause you to lose any MIDI switching settings you may already have programmed into your Helix and JVM. The JVM will store 128 settings. For the two channel JVMs, there is a possible 48 settings combinations. For the four channel JVMs there is a possible 96 settings combinations. Each setting will have a different Program# (0-127). For example, if you wanted to add Clean Amber to the list, that would get a new Program#, maybe 4 since that has not been used already. If you are using/re-using a setting that is already on the list, even if it is on a different Preset, you would still use that same Program#. For example, if I wanted to use Clean Green on Preset 13B2 Snapshot 3, the Program# for that Snapshot is still going to be 0. If you are only using two Snapshots for a Preset, you do not have to program all four like we did above. By the same token, if you are using eight, you will have to program the other four. Special thanks to @phil_m and everyone that helped me work through this.
  25. Hi, My HD500 got boot loop today when i connect wrong plug with the power. I search google and forum for advice but nothing help. I do the unplug and press "down" button and then it show update Flash. But i already update the latest flash firmware from 2 week ago. Line6 Monkey wont recognize it. Everytime i try to install drive from line6 Monkey, it download and then fail to lauch install. I delete monkey and reinstall,it work but when i open the monkey again, then it keep show the triangle error beside the drive and the error still happen. I cant boot into global reset. I can boot in test and safe mode by pressing down the right nav and plug in power. But it show the P beside the Flash firmware. What should i do now to save my HD500. PLZ help..Im so desperate!!!
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