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  1. Hello, I just got a Wiretap recorder pedal for use with Helix as I needed a way to just stomp and have a separate device record my ideas, without setting up computers, apps, loopers, etc. It's working great. I just include a SEND block wherever I want in the chain and I can get a wet or dry signal into it. The pedal also has a return and "true bypass" of course as it is meant to be inline with other effects on a pedalboard. And that's where the issue is: When I SEND with 1 block and RETURN with another, I get a high pitch buzz sound that indicates maybe I have a signal routing issue. Both send and return work fine separately, but when I put both blocks in the same preset and enable them both, the problem arises. This is probably a newbie mistake... Do I have to have the SEND before the RETURN or visa versa? And should I be using the FXLOOP block instead of the separate SEND and RETURN blocks? Also, because I can record dry and then play back that dry signal at the front of the sound chain, there is a really cool "tone tweaking" mode I can go into. Instead of having to pick up the guitar and play notes to hear what I've changed in a preset, I can just run the loop endlessly, and it's like I'm playing constantly while I'm tweaking. Super helpful and is saving my back the constant shuffling back and forth. Just a tip. Anyone else done this? Any tips related? Thanks, Joel
  2. Hello! Can the Helix Control be used to control Native via USB? I am looking to play through Native housed in MainStage for live performance. If not, is this likely to come in future updates? What other product can do what I'm looking for? Thanks everyone!
  3. Check this out: Thanks to Jonathan Cordy!
  4. I'm trying to record into my DAW using the USB cable however I'm experiencing pops and clicks in my studio monitors and my headphones with audio playback or live guitar playing.. I've also noticed that the signal seems to double slightly when connected via usb. I've located the issue to the USB port causing the issue. I done this by changing the USB cable with another one to see if there was any noise and there still was. can someone please help as I will have to call technical support otherwise and mybe have to send back my new line6 helix :( and i don't want to do that because all the other audio connections work fine
  5. Tested with my Helix Floor, HX Stomp and HX Effects. None of them are sending Looper MIDI Out commands anymore after the 3.0/3.01 firmware. Also... The label "Redo" no longer appears on the Helix Floor or HX Effects Scribble Strips.
  6. Hello! I just recently bought my Line 6 Helix and I was play at my church and go directly through the system to the speakers. Do I use both XLR Outs? Left/Right - Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  7. This is a Premium MIDI Layout for MIDI DESIGNER PRO 2 ( IOS App, sold separately) Specially made to work with a iCon G-Board and a compatible Line 6 Helix Device: Helix Floor, LT or Rack HX Effects POD Go If you have a HX Stomp, there is a specific Layout available: Provides all the logic to sync the eight onboard LEDs on the iCon G-Board with your iPad and your Helix device. 3-Way MIDI made easy! Requires an Apple CCK USB3 connected to A.C. to feed both the iPad and the G-Board, and a Wireless MIDI-BT device to work. Provides full hardware support for the iCon G-Board (MIDI footcontroller), including the eight onboard LEDs. Also works as an enterely wireless MIDI controller (using the Yamaha MD-BT01 or the CME WIDI Master wireless adapter) NOW AVAILABLE: iCon G-Board for HELIX/HX EFFECTS - IPAD Version!! Changes Log: v1.0 Release - 3 January 2021 Features: Preconfigured support for the iCon G-Board, including 8 LEDs 4 Presets (upper row), 4 Snapshots (lower row) Save up to 8 Banks (A-H) x 4 Presets Each Bank is represented with a funny icon Receives MIDI from your HX STOMP (Program Changes, Looper. Also Snapshots and EXPs, if configured accordingly using Command Center) EXP 1-2 faders with Max/Min button Ease of operation (single screen, big text, colorful elements) Also works without the G-Board present (as a Wireless MIDI controller for your HX STOMP) Can be used together simultaneously with a computer connected to USB (to use HX Edit o whatever) The "Logic" template in the G-Board iMap editor is being used here, so it doubles as a Mackie Control controller if/when the G-Board is connected directly to a computer with OSX installed. Logic also controls the LEDs! Extended visual Input: This Layout can receive CC69 (Snapshots), values [0,1,2,3] if you have configured your device to send such data in Command Center. The same is applied to CC1 and CC2 (EXP pedals). These changes must be saved per preset basis in your device. Hardware requirements: Helix Floor, LT or Rack, HX Effects, or POD Go. iCon G-Board MIDI Designer Pro 2 (IOS) Apple iPad Apple Lightning to USB3 Camera Adapter + cables and charger. This is used to feed both the iPad and the G-Board. MIDI Interface (Yamaha MD-BT01, or CME WIDI Master) 1- Main View 2- Main View Cheatsheet 3- Preset View 4- Preset View Cheatsheet ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ G-Board (IOS; using this Layout): Making Connections: G-Board iMap Config (required):
  8. Bass/Guitar. Wireless Mic. Wireless guitars. Voicelive 3- Extreme. Backtracks. MIDI. Single Power source. TempleAudio. Strymon. Questions?
  9. Is it possible to switch to a snapshot AND start a loop with a single footpress in Helix?
  10. I tried to connect my helix line 6 to the computer through usb but when I open hx edit it tries to connect but then it says "connection interrupted". how can I do?
  11. Hey guys :) A couple of days ago, while playing my helix lt, I noticed a loud cracking-sound whenever I am trying to use the expressionpedal. The pedal still works as far as I can tell, but I am a bit concerned, since this cracking-sound is in my experience not normal. Does anybody have a similar problem and knows if its no big deal or something I need to let somebody take a look at? Thanks for your time in advance :)
  12. Hello all, I am contemplating purchase of a Helix, but before I do I would like to know how well it will reproduce the surf guitar sounds of the early 60s. I have not been able to find any sound samples that highlight songs like Pipeline or Telstar. I also would like to get Duane Eddy tones. Can the HX accurately sound like the original Fender tube/spring reverb? Thanks
  13. Hi friends! I hope everybody is doing well :) I recently recorded a new instrumental track with the polycapo set to -7 (A). I used Archon / greenback 25 for rhythm and Placater / gb 25 for lead parts. I hope you'll like it :) Stay safe and positive
  14. All, having a bit of trouble with little to no sound (and this is when I have the volume knob maxed) when using either my Mesa or Marshall cabs. I’ve read the manual regarding global setup and choosing ‘line’ for 1/4” Output. Plugged the speaker cable in back of unit output left/mono and barely any sound. In addition some presets I don’t even get sound at all. What’s odd is if I use that same output left/mono and run to my Scarlett where I have my monitors plugged in, it works and sounds perfectly...just not to my cabinets. I know the speaker cable is good (I tested, both work with my amp head to speaker), I know the output left back of Helix is fine and I set the 1/4 Output to ‘line’. Any ideas on what I could be missing or doing wrong? Any thoughts would be most appreciated. Thank you.
  15. Hello All, I have been using the Helix floor since 2018 and while it is a cool unit i constantly have issues with live sound; yes I know this has been talked about. I have JBL 305 studio monitors at home and my band, Skinny Powers, uses IEM with no amps on stage. At home I use the JBL's as well as my in ears to set up patches but from what I have read there is no way to ensure good live sound without having what the venue uses. The issue is all our venues have decent house systems and the band practices with in ears only;It seems to me that I will never find the right settings. I really dig the tones i get when i set them up using in ears at home and the JBL's but my understanding is that this will never translate to the house PA. I do not have the funds to buy a 2K powered frfr (which is what i assume these venues use), so my question is, should i sell the helix and just go back to tube? Thank you all.
  16. I have a Helix lt, Variax 89f guitar, and a Tascam us 2x2 on my mac. The Tascam used combined xlr trs. i want to buy Presonus Eris E5 xt monitors 2 parts but i need also 2 cables to connect the 2 monitors to the output of the Tascam. I only see xlr cables male to female, i need male to male? the monitors do have female? and the Tascam also have Female connector? is that correct?
  17. Hi all, I've been a pedalboard user my entire life. I found a good deal on a used Helix LT and decided to check it out. I’m trying to figure out the best way to program delay BPM’s for a setlist. I know tap tempo is available, but I prefer to have BPM’s dialed in beforehand and exact. I plan on using it in stomp mode since that’s most familiar to me. My thought was to have 10 presets all exactly the same, then pre-program BPM’s on each preset. So preset #1 would be song #1 and so on... But realized if I made any adjustments to an effect, it wouldn’t automatically be saved to all the other presets. This would require me to copy and paste my tweaked preset every time I make an adjustment. Does anyone out there have a solution for something like this? Thanks!
  18. Got this working on Helix floor so thought I'd share what didn't and then did work. Firstly, using TS (Tip - Sleeve - mono - looks like a normal guitar jack) to TS jack lead doesn't work. I've seen one post where people have got this working e.g. with a volume block and setting the min value knob on the EV-30 to max. This did work for me but only seemed to have an an effect after half the the available travel on the EV-30. This was after doing quite a bit of playing with the settings on the helix (global settings | expression pedal polarity). Tried with TRS (Tip-Ring-Sleeve - stereo - has two black bands around it) to TRS lead. Again, this worked after a fashion but would go from min to max (at half travel) and back to min (at full travel). Couldn't get it to work. So, this is what I did, both methods work so if you've got the bits to hand, try it, but neither approach is mega expensive. Leave the min controls on the EV-30 set to minimum (fully anti clockwise): Get a stereo jack lead (that's a TRS lead) Put a stereo to mono jack adapter (widely available, very cheap) on one end Put the stereo end (end without the adapter) in to the EV-30 (works in either output 1 or 2 on the EV-30) Put the mono end (one with the adapter) into Helix 2 or 3 Assign it to a parameter Feel the joy!! Alternative is: Get an insert (or Y lead) which is 1 TRS (stereo) jack to 2 TS (mono) jack lead Put the stereo end into the EV-30 Put the mono jack labelled TIP (or SEND) into Helix You don't need to do anything with the other mono jack Put the mono end (one with the adapter) into Helix 2 or 3 Assign it to a parameter Feel the joy!! You can use both outputs on the EV-30 to get some really creative effects. Plug each output (using either method above) into expression 2 and 3 on Helix.If you invert polarity on output 2 (either on the pedal or in Helix setup but NOT both as it will just cancel out) you can increase the value of one parameter with one expression controller while decreasing the value of another. e.g wah value block and pitch value on a pitch whammy block. Endless permutations. Enjoy!!
  19. Hey folks, Jack here from Peach Guitars. First time on the forum, so just wanted to say Hi! We recently put out a video focusing on the amazing Helix Native plugin, and I ran through a few of my own use cases for it. In case you haven’t seen it, you can check the video out below. Also, we’re currently running a deal where the purchase of any Helix or Helix LT will get you the Native software for free, so check out the web link below for more details on that, too! Hopefully some of you may find this useful - enjoy! Exploring Helix Native - Peach Guitars Line 6 Deal - Free Helix Native Cheers folks, if you have any questions please let me know! Jack
  20. I am selling my Native license for 270 if anyone is interested. Will only deal via PayPal.
  21. Greetings! New to the forum but not to the Helix or Line6 products. So I have a weird audio problem that's driving me insane. Here is my equipment list: Helix Floor running 3.01 iMac running Catalina 10.15.7 Logic Pro 10.6.1 M-Audio reference monitors (direct XLR to the Helix) I'm using the Helix as the audio interface and was using a Focusrite Scarlett Studio, but had the same issue with the Focusrite. The issue is there is no audio if the USB cable is connected to my iMac (unless I do a few tweaks to each patch, please read on). "Without" connecting the USB cable to my Mac. 1. If I plug headphones into my Helix, it works fine. 2. If I plug my Helix into an amp, it works fine. "With" connecting the USB cable to my Mac. 1. If I plug headphones into my Helix, I get no audio 2. If I plug my Helix into an amp, I get no audio 3. When I monitor a track in Logic via my reference monitors, internal speakers or headphones, I get no audio This is driving me mad and I finally discovered that if through HD Edit or the manual buttons on the Helix, I turn off or delete the volume pedal within an actual patch, I get audio! Also if I set the "minimum position" to anything above 0, within an actual patch, audio works fine. (see screenshots). So I checked the global settings and made sure everything was reset to default factory settings, still no audio. Reset all patches, to default factory settings, still no audio. To recap, when my Helix is plugged into my iMac, there is no audio unless I turn off or delete the volume pedal within an actual patch. I thought maybe my Mac was jacked up so I reset what can be reset on a mac, no luck. I'm suspecting this is some global setting because it affects almost every patch. There are a few patches that work without disabling the volume pedal, but I can't see any difference between those few that work and the ones that do not in their respective settings. Discovered workarounds are.. 1. Disable volume pedal manually on every patch. 2. Increase "minimum position" to anything above 0 on every patch. 3. Rinse off my Helix in the sink. What I want to happen: 1. Helix works without having to change each patch to disable or delete the volume pedal. I suppose I can do those changes manually but it would be time consuming and then it will not work when a USB cable is not connected to the Helix!? Also Yes I tried a various USB cables and USB ports. Has anyone else seen this issue or have an idea of what I'm overlooking? My guess is it's so simple I'll want to punch myself in the face when I learn the fix. Thanks in advance!
  22. Hello! I have a UX2 bundled with Pod Farm2 and I purchased all the Packs (which I love and used all these years!) but I want to try the Helix Native deal, Question#1: if I pay for the upgrade to Helix Native option, will I still be able to use Pod Farm2 whenever I want? Also, Question#2: I have changed computers through the years and the ux2/pod farm license only allows me one or 2 more computer ID changes, to avoid this situation and keep my pod farm and purchased packs what should I do, buy the actual, full pod farm2 in Line6 website and re-install it? Will I still have a limit on switching computers? If I do buy a full grade pod farm2 will I be able to use the packs that I previously purchased? (same account). Thanks in advance for your kind answers.
  23. I tried to update to 3.01. The HX edit is at 3.0, I signed up, back up my presets, and then I clicked update. HX Edit is stuck on the Update Device screen and is stuck with the phrase at the bottom saying "initializing firmware installation..." It's been like this for hours, and the helix floor screen says "update message server started". HX Edit won't let me quit out either because it says I need to wait until the update is finished. Please help. I don't want to risk bricking my Helix. I'm on OSx 19.15.7 Catalina
  24. Today we are going over how I developed a dual amp metal tone with the Line 6 Helix Rack using Ownhammer Impulses. I walk you through my process as well as give some sound examples throughout. I ended up using the both the Line 6 Badonk amp model as well as the Revv Red amp model which of course is modeled after the Revv Generator 120. I used Ownhammer IRs and specifically one from their true stereo Zilla 412 pack that uses vintage 30 speakers and a Royer 121 mic.
  25. Good evening everyone, I hope you are doing fine wherever you are! I was digging in the forum and I was not able to find an answer to my question. Probably I am missing something but I hope you good guys will let me know. I am new owner of a Line 6 StageSource L2T. I also have (long time ago) a Line 6 Helix. I did read that I can connect my Helix into the L2T with the AES/EBU cable, which it seems to be the best way according to several comments in the forum; That's the way I am connecting my helix to the L2T. However, here's the question: I have a friend who use to play with me sometimes (he also has a Helix). What is the best way to get him also connected to L2T? Do we have to use the line input in the rear panel (through a 1/4 or XLR cable) or through the CH1 in the side panel (mixer)? Thank you very much in advance! Regards, Gastón.
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