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  1. Oddball question: Is there a way to use an expression pedal connected to helix as a way to rapidly switch between a series of entirely different presets or snapshots? Say, using the 0-10% or a single expression pedal for a Van Halen inspired preset, the 11-20% for a Djent-inspired preset, the 21-30% for a jazz fusion preset, the 31-40% for a polysynth, etc.? I'm reasonably familiar with presets, and snapshots, but what I'm asking about isn't using an expression pedal as a switch to turn on and off individual effects within a preset, but having the exp pedal serve like an additional set of toeswitches in preset mode that are quickly rotatable, whether using one of the EXP inputs or MIDI. A basic use case might be holding down a single note or chord and rocking the exp back and forth to create a swirling series of entirely different, independent guitar tones. Is it possible? If so, how?
  2. Hello, How can we retrieve the presets, snapshots, bank names or list using MIDI ? (SysEx,CC, PC, Note or else ?) Is this possible ? Thank you very much for any help on it. Best regards.
  3. I'm using a Helix for all my live sounds and I've recently started experimenting with setting up my pan in the Helix itself so I don't have to rely on the sound guys to do it. I'm using two cabinets on all my presets and I pan them hard left and right and then I use the output block for my overall panning. So based on parts of the songs, I've got my main output from the Helix going either fully to the right for harmony & doubled parts, dead center for lead, and hard left-right for when I'm the rhythm guitar and the other guy is doin lead. Is there a way to achieve this on the other guitarist's rig? He uses a POD Go and I've been able to set up the centered lead and the full left for harmony and doubled parts, but I can't figure out if it's possible to split his signal left-right the way I do with the Helix? On my rig it's different from keeping both cabs centered and lowering the volume, since if they're hard left-right they don't mix together, but since he has only one cab would a centered sound with a volume cut be the way to go? Ideally I want to be able to push his sound very wide and in the background so there is space for it but it doesn't fight with my lead in the center.
  4. Hello everyone. I really want to enjoy the HELIX world, but I’m struggling with an issue I can't seem to resolve. I've read countless posts on similar problems and tried every possible solution, but to no avail. In short, my problem is that on any amplifier, as soon as I increase the gain slightly (even with low gain and adding pedals like the Klon or TS808), I get an awful sound. I would describe it as a "buzzing, dark, grey noising, clipping". Especially on low frequencies, it sounds like a fuzz. It's as if a synthesizer is playing alongside my guitar, dirtying the sound. It is impossible to achieve "definition". The issue occurs across all amplifiers and is particularly noticeable in edge-of-breakup tones. While it might also be present in high-gain settings, it tends to be masked. Some amplifiers exhibit this effect more prominently than others. To illustrate the problem, I have exaggerated the effect in a sample recorded on a VOX AC15 with only the amp and cab. The first part features the bridge pickup, followed by the neck pickup, with both volume knobs fully open. Despite varying the settings, I cannot achieve a "defined" sound unless I remove all the gain, which is not the desired tone. Another sample with MATCHLESS amp is provided (maybe on this it's much more evident). Please listen carefully to the samples before you comment. My setup: Epiphone Les Paul Standard (standard pickups, correct height, open tone pots) Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 (gain at 0, input set to “instrument” – input level is okay, never in the red) HELIX Native in REAPER (please notice, in recent past I owned Pod Go and Helix LT and faced the same problem) ALTO MS8A speakers on proper stands in the correct position (I also tried with Edifier R1280T studio monitors and headphones, but the result is the same) 1st Sample - AC15 AUDIO SAMPLE VOX AC15 2st Sample - MATCHLESS AUDIO SAMPLE MATCHLESS I have tried everything: Cutting low and high frequencies in the cabs Trying different combinations of cab, amp, and microphone positions Equalizing before and/or after the amplifier Lowering the input (though I was already below -18db, so that's not the issue, even at very low levels I face the issue; the output volume is also low) Gain at zero on my audio interface Different buffers on the audio interface Different cables Different DAWs Lowering the bass in the amp’s EQ Lowering the gain and/or master on the amps Nothing has solved the problem. Listen to this at 08:28: [MEDIA=youtube]6Gqy-p0kKZ0[/MEDIA] Yes, I know… different guitar, amp, cab, but I've also tried with a Stratocaster and a Telecaster which I own, and the issue is still there, even if it's more evident with the Les Paul since it's a "darker" guitar. The key concept to me is that I find it impossible to get that “clarity” with only an AMP plus CAP (like my samples are made, and yet like the video from Whorship Tutorials). I really hope you can help me! Thanks in advance to all of you.
  5. Hello. I do a lot of cover-gigs using the helix for my guitar, but usually I cannot hear myself singing. This is a constant point of frustration for me because it really limits my ability to sing the way I'd like to. I'd love to get in-ears, but given the nature of these gigs, I don't think I can swing it. I was wondering if I could use the Helix to accomplish the same thing without mucking up the front-of-house mix by plugging the mic directly into the Helix and then running the front-of-house cable into one of the XLR outs. My thinking was that I'd run the signal unaltered to the house mix, but also run it with some processing to headphones along with my guitar. This set up wouldn't manage to include the rest of the band, but I think I can probably experiment with the volume settings until I find a setting that (A) allows me to hear the band and (B) gives me more vocal feedback so that I can actually... sing. Would that work?
  6. Is there a way to import to an HX Stomp XL my M9 settings? And even my Atomic Firebox (at least the IRs)? I have relied on my M9 for countless tours and shows, and always had a backup board all set... Atomic Firebox direct to PA, Line 6 M9, a v1.1 OCD, and a couple others. I LOVE the sounds I get from that setup, but I needed to size down to fit as carry-on for fly-dates. NOW, I'm trying to make this happen. Is there ANY WAY to get the settings for some of the effects on my presets off of my M9 and into the HX Edit? AND, how about the Atomic (at least the IRs I bought for it, as transferring the amp models doesn't seem to be a logical option. If anyone can please help, it would be greatly appreciated!!!!
  7. Help with Helix and studio monitor setup I recently got my HS5 studio monitors and have connected them to my helix floor with the 1/4” to 1/4” cables. In the global preferences on helix I’ve set the 1/4” setting to Line and the level knob on the back of the monitors in the centre position which is +4dB. My main usage is to use Helix as an audio interface to record. I’ve been watching YouTube videos and reading the line 6 forums but I’m having a bit of trouble understanding some things. - The big volume knob on the Helix and Unity gain I see a lot of people saying that they turn this knob up fully and leave it there? Do I need to do this for my setup? Will it affect my tones in any way if I don’t do this? - Calibrating studio monitors for loudness with pink noise and SPL app for mixing purposes When I was looking into this one what I seen people doing was using the level control on the back of their monitors to achieve the desired SPL but this has me confused. My understanding from Helix manual was that going from 1/4” to 1/4” on the studio monitors would need a setting of Line level in global settings. Also the setting for Line level on my monitors is the +4dB one, so if I use the level knobs on the monitors to calibrate won’t that mess things up? Why can’t I calibrate the SPL with the Helix volume knob instead? I apologise if this is a bit of a word salad, but I am new to this stuff and just trying my best to learn. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I have some gigs coming up where I'm playing in a duo. The other guy is playing bass and a drumpad through a Boss RC-505 looper. This is all going right to FOH. We'll have floor monitors. Since his signal is going straight to FOH, do I need to use my FRFR on stage? I would have left main out to FOH and right to FRFR. What should my volume knob be set to? I've seen some people say 6, but I've seen others say 10. Anything else I should be aware of settings wise? I've been searching this forum and reddit and finding a lot of contradicting info. Just want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row before the shows.
  9. This is very odd...when I connect my HX Stomp to my Hotone Siva Boogie mini-amp, I get no sound at all?? This is my signal chain: Guitar > (mono In) HX Stomp (mono Out) > (Input) Hotone amp > Speaker. Pretty basic stuff. If I keep the same exact signal chain and just replace the HX Stomp with any random FX pedal, it works fine!? As far as HX Stomp settings, they're the same exact settings I use successfully with my Seymour Duncan Power Stage 170. All I did is replace the Power Stage 170 with Hotone amp so...what could be wrong?? Thx in advance!
  10. I have a strymon BigSky connected to Helix floor via stereo effects loop and controlled by midi. All firmware and software is up to date, including Nixie and HX edit and global command is set up correct in Helix. The problem is anytime I tell the helix to switch to a plate reverb setting on the big sky (using instant commands), it switches to the plate reverb but makes the big sky display the low end parameter value instead of the name of the plate reverb. I don’t have this problem switching to other reverb settings on the BigSky, only the plate reverbs. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this? I tried troubleshooting this with Strymon and using third party midi app to send the same messages works just fine, as well as selecting the plate reverb in Nixie using the Roland midi cable. I’m pretty sure the issue is with my helix somehow. TIA!
  11. Hi Helixists Being already aware of this post which contradicts the manual on the 1/4" outs What is the official info on Helix's Outputs? XLRs: This ones clearly Balanced! Mic or Line Level switchable, but when in Line level -10dBV or + 4dBU? 1/4": Manual says unbalanced... but are they really? Again confusion comes from the aforementioned post. Instrument or line Switchable , but when in Line level -10dBV or + 4dBU? Sends: Same as 1/4" Would be sooo nice for the manual to be clear on this. :- ) Guix the Helixist standing by.
  12. I have a 7 String ESP, HELIX and FRFR. Trying to come up with a tone that has that metal chug but enough high end to stand out, whilst not being overly distorted. Any help in replicating this sound to its closest would be much appreciated. Please check out Beggin cover by Violet Orlandi.
  13. Good day folks. I Finally upgraded to a Helix LT from (HD500X). It is a mind blowing incredible pedal. I do have to sort out an issue that me and a friend, whom both have the same (Older) Marshall amp and same Helix pedal. We both are using this pedal with the 4CM and using a modeled clean tone. Now that we have the Helix and the ability to use snapshot mode we also want to utilize the clean channel of the Marshall by changing amp channel with the helix using the EXP pedal 2 jack. It works no problem changing the Channels but when plugging in the cable you instantly get a loud hum. We tried everything and googled it extensively. As far as we can tell it is also a problem with both the Helix and the (Axe FX units) with older amps. We tried a new DSL combo, it does not hum when using the Helix to switch channels. Talking to my amp tech he needs to meter the Helix jack for continuity and he thinks its either a ground loop or something affecting the switching matrix in the Head. Each jack on the DSL is a standard tip to sleeve short. But it is referenced to the chassis. When he comes into town this weekend he is going to trouble shoot it for me. I'm just curious if anyone else is having this issue on older amps? Has anyone had an amp tech fix the humming issue? Any help or incite will be greatly appreciated. Cheers Rick
  14. Ok there are a bunch of posts on this topic but I didn't find any with pictures, or any that were specifically for a helix LT model, so following the instructions from those posts without being able to see what I was getting into was a bit scary. If you're a smooth-brained half-wit like me and you need pictures (and you have an LT model). Here you go. Here's the summary of what you're going to do. Take the back off. Loosen the expression pedal bolt. Apply some lube to the spacers that the pedal pivots with. Put the back back on and re-tighten the pedal bolt. 1. Take the back off. To do this, you need to remove almost (see exception below) every single screw you see on the back and sides. You'll need a small phillips screwdriver and a small hex/allen wrench (sorry I don't know what size the one I used is). EXCEPTIONS DO NOT REMOVE the 10 screws around the XLR left / right outputs, Variax / Digital Out ports, and power cord port. You don't need to remove the two screws directly underneath the pedal. I zoomed in on them in one of the attached pics. It's ok if you do remove them, but know that they hold a plastic support piece in place for the pedal to rest on inside. When you remove those screws that plastic piece will come loose and you'll hear it rattle around the inside and then think you've ruined your wonderful line 6 helix. You haven't. It will just scare the crap out of you and then you'll figure out later (like I did) that it reattaches really easily. 2. Loosen (don't remove) the tension bolt that the expression pedal rocks on. You'll need a 10mm hex/allen wrench for this. I made about 3 complete turns to loosen it to the point where the pedal rocks forwards and backwards pretty loosely. Three may be too many turns for yours - keep an eye on the nut at the end of the bolt and don't let the bolt come out of the nut. You're basically loosening it just enough so some lube can work it's way in between the white spacers/bushings and the metal where the pedal attaches. Ok so at this point, you've got the back off. The tension bolt is loose and you can see the two white spacers/bushings at each end of the expression pedal tension bolt. 3. Apply a very small amount of lube to the top of the spacers right up against where they touch the metal bracket/braces. By "a very small amount" I mean try to use as little as possible. If you use something that drips, clean up the drips. But try not to apply any amount close to an amount that would drip or spread to another area of the board. Apply some lube and rock the pedal back and forth. Do this until you feel like the lube has probably worked its way in some. Re-tighten the tension bolt. Rock the pedal. Still hear the squeak? Loosen it again and apply more lube. Follow this process until you are squeak free. Worked for me on the first go. What kind of lube should you use? I have no idea. Would be nice if someone from Line 6 could answer that in the comments. Other posts on this topic reference many lube suggestions including chapstick (of any flavor), white lithium grease, bike chain oil, silicon lube, this teflon dry lube, and others. I used a really thin bike chain lube called "Dumonde Tech Original". Don't use WD40 - it can be corrosive. Don't spray anything. Whatever you use, apply it to a small q-tip or a thin piece of plastic as an applicator. 4. Put it all back together. If you did end up removing those two screws under the pedal that I referenced above, reattach that plastic piece to the back first. Then put the back back on and screw all the screws back in. Be careful not to tighten too much and strip the screw holes. Just snug, hand tight. That's it. You did it. You're officially a hero now. No one will care that you fixed your squeak, let alone on your own, but don't let that stop you. Rock on with your invisible hero cape. You earned it.
  15. The Helix and the Variax are a powerful combination. I know I can change the tuning of each individual string and volume of each string for each preset. I'd like to add a bass octave to the E string, but *only* the E string. In theory I'd like to take the bottom track and use it exclusively for modeling the lowest string to add a bass effect and then the top track for everything else. However, it doesn't seem that this is possible. I was wondering if any of you knew how I could maybe achieve that?
  16. Hello, I want to send the MIDI Clock from my selected song in OnSong to my Helix - wirelessly. After days of experimenting I finally found this page OnSong's website that says OnSong' s MIDI Clock should never be used wirelessly due to latency problems. Since I'm a bit stubborn I thought there might be a way around this, where I can somehow use OnSong to send a MIDI message to the Helix to just set the BPM of the selected Helix Preset without using MIDI Clock. Any ideas if this is possible? Many thanks in advance! Peter
  17. Hi There, I recently updated my Helix Lt software to the latest patch, this installed with no issues and my backup was downloaded onto the helix - no issues and I packed to go the my gig. I set up and turned on my Helix and it began rebuilding the database - I'm not sure why? When this had finished, I found it had managed to load all my presets correctly but the 'Cab block' was missing from each preset. Does anyone have any advice on this? Is the database rebuild standard after a software update? Thank you so much in advance and take care all
  18. Hello Helix people, I've been thinking about getting HX Stomp, but saw local post selling Helix Floor on FB marketplace. It is about $800, the main caveat being that it has green line along the left side of the screen, which wouldn't bother me. And also it is quite beat up. I looked at Reverb and saw that $800 is a really good deal for one of this, so I am thinking about getting it instead of a Stomp, which in my area is priced at around $700. I will be able to meet up with a seller and check the unit, what should I look out for? What should be checked besides obvious inputs/outputs, all of the buttons/switches working? Thanks!
  19. Hi community I really need your advice on this one, I downloaded a DarkThrone preset by Francie Fraser some time ago, I think back in 2019. I recently changed my PC, so I reinstalled everything, the DAW, Helix and other stuff, When I tried to import presets I get the following error; The issue is that I relly need this one and I can not afford to lose it that easily. I decided to review the components but I do not really know the best replacements for some of the "models" I used the to have a better understanding of what I do not have, for instance the "Heavy dist pedal" is not available Which pedal should I use to replace it? With regard to the Brit Trem Jump I think can be replaced by Brit Plexi Jump? Please find attached the Darkthrone.hlx file. Everything else seems to be reproduceable. Thank you very much! Flow 1 input Split Y Vermin Dist Heavy Dist Simple EQ { "version":6, "schema":"L6Preset", "meta":{ "premium":0, "pbn":0, "original":0 }, "data":{ "tone":{ "snapshot6":{ "@tempo":20, "@pedalstate":2, "@ledcolor":0, "@valid":false, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 7", "blocks":{ "dsp1":{ "block0":true, "block3":true, "block4":true, "block1":true, "block2":true }, "dsp0":{ "block0":true, "block3":true, "block5":true, "block4":true, "block1":true, "block2":true } } }, "snapshot5":{ "@tempo":20, "@ledcolor":0, "@pedalstate":2, "@valid":false, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 6", "blocks":{ "dsp0":{ "block2":true, "block1":true, "block3":true, "block4":true, "block5":true, "block0":true }, "dsp1":{ "block0":true, "block2":true, "block1":true, "block3":true, "block4":true } } }, "snapshot3":{ "@pedalstate":2, "@ledcolor":0, "@tempo":20, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 4", "blocks":{ "dsp0":{ "block0":true, "block3":true, "block4":true, "block5":true, "block2":true, "block1":true }, "dsp1":{ "block2":true, "block1":true, "block4":true, "block3":true, "block0":true } }, "@valid":false }, "snapshot7":{ "@valid":false, "blocks":{ "dsp0":{ "block1":true, "block2":true, "block3":true, "block5":true, "block4":true, "block0":true }, "dsp1":{ "block0":true, "block3":true, "block4":true, "block2":true, "block1":true } }, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 8", "@tempo":20, "@pedalstate":2, "@ledcolor":0 }, "snapshot1":{ "@pedalstate":2, "@ledcolor":0, "@tempo":20, "blocks":{ "dsp0":{ "block4":true, "block5":true, "block3":true, "block1":true, "block2":true, "block0":true }, "dsp1":{ "block3":true, "block4":true, "block2":true, "block1":true, "block0":true } }, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 2", "@valid":false }, "global":{ "@variax_str1tuning":0, "@tempo":20, "@model":"@global_params", "@guitarinputZ":0, "@topology1":"SABJ", "@variax_str6tuning":0, "@variax_model":0, "@variax_str4tuning":0, "@variax_customtuning":false, "@pedalstate":2, "@cursor_dsp":1, "@variax_magmode":true, "@cursor_group":"outputA", "@variax_str2tuning":0, "@variax_str5tuning":0, "@variax_toneknob":-0.1, "@variax_str3tuning":0, "@variax_lockctrls":0, "@current_snapshot":0, "@topology0":"A", "@variax_volumeknob":-0.1 }, "snapshot4":{ "@valid":false, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 5", "blocks":{ "dsp1":{ "block2":true, "block1":true, "block3":true, "block4":true, "block0":true }, "dsp0":{ "block2":true, "block1":true, "block4":true, "block5":true, "block3":true, "block0":true } }, "@tempo":20, "@ledcolor":0, "@pedalstate":2 }, "dsp1":{ "inputA":{ "noiseGate":false, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlow1Input", "threshold":-48, "decay":0.5, "@input":0 }, "outputA":{ "gain":0, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowOutput", "pan":0.5, "@output":5 }, "outputB":{ "@output":0, "pan":0.5, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowOutput", "gain":0 }, "block2":{ "@position":3, "@enabled":true, "500Hz":2, "125Hz":0, "2kHz":2, "@model":"HD2_EQGraphic10Band", "Level":0, "31p25Hz":0, "62p5Hz":0, "@stereo":false, "@type":0, "16kHz":0, "1kHz":3, "8kHz":0, "@path":0, "4kHz":0, "250Hz":0 }, "block1":{ "@enabled":true, "@stereo":false, "@model":"HD2_VolPanGain", "@type":0, "@position":0, "Gain":-0.5, "@path":1 }, "join":{ "@position":1, "@enabled":true, "B Polarity":false, "A Pan":0.5, "B Level":0, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowJoin", "Level":0, "B Pan":0.5, "A Level":0 }, "block3":{ "Predelay":0.022, "Decay":0.35, "@path":0, "Mix":0.32, "@position":4, "@type":7, "HighCut":4300, "@enabled":true, "@trails":true, "@model":"HD2_ReverbHall", "Level":0, "LowCut":166 }, "block4":{ "Gain":0.55, "@model":"HD2_CompressorLAStudioComp", "Level":0, "PeakReduction":0.5, "@path":0, "Type":false, "Emphasis":0.2, "Mix":1, "@stereo":true, "@type":0, "@position":5, "@enabled":true }, "block0":{ "@enabled":true, "@model":"HD2_VolPanGain", "@stereo":false, "@position":0, "@type":0, "Gain":1.5, "@path":0 }, "inputB":{ "@input":0, "decay":0.5, "threshold":-48, "noiseGate":false, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlow2Input" }, "split":{ "Reverse":false, "@enabled":true, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowSplitXOver", "@position":0, "Frequency":650, "bypass":false } }, "snapshot2":{ "@valid":false, "blocks":{ "dsp0":{ "block3":true, "block4":true, "block5":true, "block2":true, "block1":true, "block0":true }, "dsp1":{ "block3":true, "block4":true, "block2":true, "block1":true, "block0":true } }, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 3", "@tempo":20, "@pedalstate":2, "@ledcolor":0 }, "dsp0":{ "block3":{ "BrtDrive":0.5, "Master":1, "Mid":0.8, "BiasX":0.5, "Bass":0.5, "@type":1, "NrmDrive":0.5, "@path":0, "Sag":0.6, "Treble":0.5, "@model":"HD2_AmpBritTremJump", "Ripple":0.5, "ChVol":0.5, "@enabled":true, "Bias":0.5, "@position":3, "Hum":0.6, "Presence":0.35, "@bypassvolume":1 }, "block4":{ "Hi Pass":10, "Input":0.4, "@model":"HD2_PreampVintagePre", "@enabled":true, "MicLine":true, "Output":1, "@type":1, "@position":4, "Polarity":false, "@path":0, "Low Pass":20000, "@bypassvolume":1 }, "block1":{ "@enabled":true, "Output":1, "@position":1, "@type":0, "Bass":0.5, "@path":0, "Treble":0.5, "Drive":0.65, "@model":"HD2_DM4HeavyDistortion", "Mid":0.85 }, "block2":{ "@path":0, "LowGain":0, "@enabled":true, "@stereo":false, "@type":0, "@position":2, "MidFreq":1200, "MidGain":4, "HighGain":0, "@model":"HD2_EQSimple3Band", "Level":0 }, "join":{ "B Polarity":false, "B Level":0, "A Pan":0.5, "B Pan":0.5, "A Level":0, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowJoin", "Level":0, "@enabled":false, "@position":8 }, "outputB":{ "gain":0, "@output":0, "pan":0.5, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowOutput" }, "inputA":{ "decay":0.01, "@input":2, "noiseGate":true, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlow1Input", "threshold":-22.5 }, "outputA":{ "pan":0.5, "@output":2, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowOutput", "gain":0 }, "block5":{ "HighCut":6500, "@enabled":true, "Distance":6, "@position":7, "@mic":6, "@type":2, "@path":0, "LowCut":90, "EarlyReflections":0, "@model":"HD2_Cab4x121960T75", "Level":0 }, "split":{ "bypass":false, "BalanceB":0.5, "BalanceA":0.5, "@enabled":true, "@position":0, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlowSplitY" }, "block0":{ "Level":0.85, "@model":"HD2_DistVerminDist", "Filter":0.7, "Gain":0.5, "@type":0, "@position":0, "@stereo":false, "@enabled":true, "@path":0 }, "inputB":{ "decay":0.5, "@input":0, "noiseGate":false, "@model":"HD2_AppDSPFlow2Input", "threshold":-48 } }, "snapshot0":{ "@tempo":20, "@pedalstate":2, "@ledcolor":0, "@valid":true, "@name":"SNAPSHOT 1", "blocks":{ "dsp0":{ "block3":true, "block4":true, "block5":true, "block2":true, "block1":true, "block0":true }, "dsp1":{ "block0":true, "block4":true, "block3":true, "block1":true, "block2":true, "split":true } } } }, "meta":{ "tnid":4328936, "band":"Darkthrone", "modifieddate":1552787657, "build_sha":"35792af", "appversion":40894464, "name":"Darkthrone", "author":"FrancieFraser", "application":"HX Edit", "song":"Earths last picture" }, "device_version":40894464, "device":2162692 } } Darkthrone.hlx
  20. My Les Paul is perfect at A440, but my bass has to be tuned to A436 to = A440. Come on you guys! What a girl to do??
  21. Hello folks, They call me GEDD! I am fairly new to modeling. Got myself a helix floor unit a couple of months back. I have been expanding my knowledge in and around properly utilizing it. In this pursuit of creating my desired tones below are some questions i have for you. QUESTION 1: How do you choose a cab to compliment the tone that you have already achieved in the signal chain pre adding a CAB? QUESTION 2: Looking at the signal chain from every point of view (technical or otherwise) is a cab "mandatory" to be added in a signal chain if the you have already achieved the desired tone? I hope to get different takes on how each of you approach this part of the signal chain and what is the factual / feel reason that prompts you make the cab choices you make. I would also appreciate any tips or advise you have to offer. Thanks for taking the time in reading this post and contributing. Cheers - GEDD I have attached a custom tone file in which i have already achieved the tone i am looking for. Feel free to take a look. GRAM-GSG (EX).hlx
  22. sorry if this is a noob question, but... i'm wondering which Helix/HX can do parallel amp + effects chains where the entire "Right" from in to out and entire "Left" signal from in to out are discrete? to be more specific, i'm hoping to process my electric guitar through two different signal chains: 1) clean guitar amp (amp + cab) w/ reverb 2) polyphonic octave down > dirty bass amp (amp + cab) [for simulated bass sounds i have an active splitter pedal that i can place before whichever Helix/HX to send my unprocessed guitar signal into the two inputs, if needed.
  23. I’ve had both an hx stomp, and now a stomp xl, and my expression pedal is not working for swells. I plugged it into the expression 1/2 on the stomp, and then added a volume block to my patch. I tried putting my volume block at the beginning of my signal chain, after my amp, and at the very end. I also tried messing with the global settings. My issue is that it works for turning up and down my volume, but even though it’s before my reverb and delays, it shuts off the echoes and delays when I roll it back. I want the echoes and delay to continue decaying after I turn down my volume. Instead, it starts turning off my reverb and delay instantly as soon as I begin to roll back on my volume pedal. And this keeps happening regardless of where I put the volume block in my signal chain. I also turned up my decay time on my reverb block as far as it will go, and my volume block is still shutting off the decay. What do I need to do to get the volume block to work for swells?
  24. Hi, Does anyone know if stomp presets can be used on helix floor? I saw some old posts that suggested that this isn’t possible, but wondered if things have changed with firmware updates etc? I want to purchase some presets for bass that have been marketed as stomp presets, however I have helix floor. Thanks in anticipation of your help, Neil
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