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  1. I've been trying to figure out how to control my Strymon Iridium with my Hx Effect by utilizing the CC, alas, I'm a midiot and I haven't been able to figure out how. Is anyone using the Hx effect to use the Iridium's amp channels as a part of their signal flow? That's ultimately what I'm trying to do instead of relying on the effect processor's distortion pedals. I have the 1/4" trs- 5 pin midi cable.
  2. Hi All, I've owned and been using a Line 6 Spider 112 combo for some time and really like the amp. I recently bought a Line 6 foot pedal to use with the amp but it appears the FBV2 pedal I bought is not compatible. That's bad enough, but after trying the pedal out with the Spider 112 the amp is now having problems in that whenever I plug my guitar in I get horrible humming from the speaker with crackling in the background. I can still hear the guitar but this has rendered the amp useless. I presume that plugging the incompatible pedal in has caused the issue as it manifested just after I tried it. Anyone know what the problem might be? Hoping it's not too serious and that it can be fixed? Cheers, Ripface
  3. Help with Helix and studio monitor setup I recently got my HS5 studio monitors and have connected them to my helix floor with the 1/4” to 1/4” cables. In the global preferences on helix I’ve set the 1/4” setting to Line and the level knob on the back of the monitors in the centre position which is +4dB. My main usage is to use Helix as an audio interface to record. I’ve been watching YouTube videos and reading the line 6 forums but I’m having a bit of trouble understanding some things. - The big volume knob on the Helix and Unity gain I see a lot of people saying that they turn this knob up fully and leave it there? Do I need to do this for my setup? Will it affect my tones in any way if I don’t do this? - Calibrating studio monitors for loudness with pink noise and SPL app for mixing purposes When I was looking into this one what I seen people doing was using the level control on the back of their monitors to achieve the desired SPL but this has me confused. My understanding from Helix manual was that going from 1/4” to 1/4” on the studio monitors would need a setting of Line level in global settings. Also the setting for Line level on my monitors is the +4dB one, so if I use the level knobs on the monitors to calibrate won’t that mess things up? Why can’t I calibrate the SPL with the Helix volume knob instead? I apologise if this is a bit of a word salad, but I am new to this stuff and just trying my best to learn. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. 1. People in my house are messing with my cables. Or I am loosing my mind. 2. Watched some Youtube videos and have confused myself and made the diagram linked below. 3. Main objective is keep things very simple, keep the signal chain sequence and experiment using this with bass also. Personal OneDrive public link. (Tried to insert image from URL but it did not work)!AocTppDNAtInuR4SVpDIE-zVN_kO?e=F8Izkk Thank you for your time
  5. Hello! I have a HX Floor and Ableton with some killer plugins that deliver a very unique sound with guitar. I use creative plugins like Portal, Thermal and multiple soundtoys effects. I really want to use these on my live guitar sound but still use the core sound from the floor. In a perfect situation I would want to have this setup: Guitar -> HX Floor ->Ableton -> Back into HX Floor -> FRFR speaker / PA To make matters complicated, is it possible to also control via midi which plugin to use in Ableton? I have some trouble wrapping my head around the step to take to achieve this. If someone can point me in the direction I can probably figure the rest out. Thanks!
  6. hey there! I'm having trouble with my helix floor and windows 11. USB port seems to not recognize it. My laptops drivers and everything are up to date, I've installed HX edit and uninstalled it a few times to make sure it wasn't a bug and nothing is happening. my USB port on the Helix is fine, I can hear it connect and become an unrecognized device when I plug in from that end but I've been kind of at a loss here. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  7. Is anyone here pretty experienced with automating preset and snapshot changes inside Logic Pro X? I’m having an issue with automating the changes to while sending hotkey messages to control Logic. Curious if my problem is in command center or in the setup of the midi track within Logic. Hotkeys work perfectly until I start to automate patch / snapshot changes. As soon as I add the automation track, the hotkeys glitch out. I've also used MIDI notes instead of hotkeys and still encounter the same issue. So, for example. I’ve got hotkeys set up for play, stop, cycle, next marker, and previous marker. Momentary switches. Works perfectly without issue. Then I add the automation track. When I hit the play button on the Helix, the button acts like a latching button and causes the whole project to glitch out. Only way to fix it is to turn off the Helix and restart Logic. Hopefully I’ve explained this in a semi-understandable way haha thanks in advance for any advice on how to fix this!
  8. So randomly today, my Helix will not power on. I turned it on and the usual Helix splash screen came up, and then a few seconds later it looked all warped/glitchy, and then there was nothing but a blank screen (see pic attached). I just got this/registered it in February and opened a support ticket. Anyone else have the same issue or anything similar? I realllly don't want to have to buy another one, and hope Line6 can fix/replace this unit! -Andrew
  9. When I change the channel, (clean, crunch, metal, insane) The volume goes up all the way. I already tried factory resetting it, but the problem persists. What can I do to fix this??
  10. Hello, I've been using the HX Stomp as a travel rig. I like it a lot, only problem is the expression pedal doesn't seem to calibrate properly. I've searched the internet up and down to no avail. How do I calibrate my Dunlop expression pedal to work as 0 being heel, and toe being 100? Currently, regardless of my min/max setting, the HX believes the halfway point is 100 and goes back down to zero. I'm not using a TRS cable to connect the expression pedal. Thank you
  11. I would like to know: if I buy an LINE 6 FBV2 pedal switch, would it be possible to work in a Spider v60 MKII? is that possible?
  12. Hi to whomever I am speaking with, I would REALLY appreciate any help on this... So I have used my Line 6 G75 Wireless Guitar System a few times over the last six months but then when I went to use it last month it lost signal between the transmitter and the receiver. I switched it off and on, auto scanned it and reset the scene for my bass which worked and then it played fine again for several times after that. But then this problem happened a few times until ultimately the system stopped recognising the transmitter saying 'NO Tx!' permanently. I gathered that it must be due a firmware update so I loaded version 1.05 to my RT516 unit and version 1.03 to my TB516 G which I believe are the most recent updates, still the same problem. I have gone through and tried auto scanning but it just comes up 'No Tx found', I have also tried manually setting the transmitter in accordance with the G75 manual to no avail. I have carried out a factory reset, loaded previous firmware's and shouted at it all to no avail. It is currently set back to versions 1.05 and 1.03 and as it was when I first opened it in regards to settings. I love the kit when its working but I need to have confidence in it, I am hoping someone here may have had something similar and can assist me?! Any help is hugely appreciated. Kind Regards, Ash
  13. Good morning, I hope you are well. I wanted to comment on what happened to my UX2, it was working and the lights went out and it stopped working. There was no surge, nothing abnormal happened. Any ideas? It's not detected by the operating system. Is there a way to revive it via USB or something similar or it definitely died. If the same thing happened to anyone, it would be helpful. Thank you very much.
  14. Hi, My g10 is no longer working. I have had a search but can't find any conclusive answers. When I try to charge, the base unit is just flashing a steady red ring. The transmitter is showing no signs of life at all. I have tried updating to all the latest firmware, but no improvment. Anything I can do? Cheers,
  15. Hey, just got the DL4 MKII and want to figure out how to make it so that when i turn off a delay with the footswitch and then turn it on again, it resets to my saved settings. I use one of the presets for oscillation and want to be able to turn it off and turn it back on to restart the build up. When I switch from one preset to another preset and back it resets it, I just want to be able to reset it without having to switch presets. Cheers
  16. Hello All, Proud owner of way too many line 6 products. Specifically with my Variax, I am noticing some compatibility issues with certain softwares that prompted me to ensure I had both a Windows and Mac computer. I can't recall how long ago Monkey and Updater stopped being supported on Mac OS but it prompted me to go get a windows desktop (amongst other justifications for needing it). However, even the windows softwares didn't seem to allow me to do a factory reset on the Varian (a Shrunken, which has some eccentric tunings I wanted to try out). I tried referring to the manual for the tunings but seeing "BEEEEE" tuning doesn't help me know which octave each string is set to. Might just be me and this particular scenario but Stevics tunings sometime need to note which dang octave LoL. Sorry, tangent. I still think that some of these tools either need to be supported fully until there is a working replacement or compatibility needs to be addressed somehow, hence my browser suggestion. I'll just leave this note here for now. Curious if anyone else has similar experiences and very mild frustrations. Cheers, JScotty
  17. So, I bought a Vetta 1 combo today and it was working perfectly in the store. I brought I home and plugged it in and was presented with this (see image) the screen looks garbled and wonky. I took it back to the store because they have a 60 day warranty on used items and i won’t have it back for about 2 weeks. Does anybody know anything about this? I thought it had something to do with the internal battery but I just want to see if anyone here knows anything about this.
  18. The Spider V20 MkII isn't working properly. The lights on the amp turn off immediately after turning the device on and it won't connect to the guitar, doesn't get recognized by any of the Line 6 updater and crashes the spider app. Update: I managed to update it to 2.0 but the amp won't restart automatically. The FX buttons started shining blue in passing but we don't know what to do next.
  19. After I moved to this new apartment, it did not have this noise right away but it started to get this weird hum/hiss/buzz sound. It sounds a lot worse with the headphones (because it is right next to you ear). It is worse when I using single coil guitars. Thinking it could be ground loop, I used the power conditioner from Furhman? still had that same noise. I took it to a shop and people there said there is no issue. FS1 is boost, FS2 is overdrive, FS4 was compression pedal. When I unplug the guitar, there is no noise. Using the position 2 and 4 from start cuts the noise off but when you play that noise can be heard in the back and leaves the trails of the noise. I tried doing everything, plugging just the pedal in the power, trying it in the different room etc. Nothing seems to work so far. I will be taking it to different house maybe in few weeks but other than that I have no idea what is causing this. What could be the issue?
  20. Tempurr

    Helix Trouble

    I own a Helix floor model and I am trying to hook it up in such a way that I can listen to spotify/yt on my headset (Bluetooth) and play along with my helix, I read the user manual and I believe I have the correct signal path. But I cant for the life of me get any audio to come from my pc. I am using USB audio so I just have that cable going into the pc and my guitar i tried going into "guitar in" and "mono/left" but heard nothing from either input. I plugged it into some monitors and everything was working fine where the Helix is concerned. I also noticed when I selected helix as my input I have signal but still no audio. I tried swapping my USB in 1/2 to 1/4 but still nothing. What am I missing? (I'm new to this so I apologize if the answer is obvious.) Thanks in advance for any help I appreciate it.
  21. I have an interesting bug in my Shuriken Variax I need to fix Whatever 12string guitar I use theres a problem with D string. When I play open D string the parallel (high) note is not in octave but octave plus one halfstep... Therefore only this string is out of tune. Funny thing is when I start pressing frets on D string the harmonics are octave as the shoud be... This bug is only while playing open D string. Any ideas how to fix it, Already went through factory reset. Thanks Zabis
  22. Hello, bought a brand new HX Stomp. It won't connect to my pc (Windows 7 x64). Problems found: - USB Audio Device has a driver problem. - HX Stomp doesn't have a driver. Are the driver available for download somewhere? None of the software provided, in the Downloads section of Line6's webpage, are able to "see" my HX Stomp.
  23. Recently, I upgraded to a L6 Helix, two M-Audio speaker monitors, and the Clarett+ 4pre audio interface. My issue is how to connect what I have to get the most out of it. This setup isn't for gigs, it's for home recording. 1.-- I have a spdif cable connected from the output of the helix to the "optical in" of the clarett+. It's a "cinnamon" toslink optical cable. I have two more "digital" livewire spdif cables. I see there is an extra spdif "in" and "out" on the back of the Clarett audio interface, besides the optical in. On the Helix, the spdif output is connected to the clarett optical in, but the input is available. How many spdif cables should I connect? How should they be connected? Also, I have xlr to 1/4 cables--the music store said I would still need these even with Spdif input and output. Do I need to use two xlr - 1/4 cables in addition to spdif (Helix xlr outputs to Clarett audio interface 1/4 line inputs)? Should I not use both spdif and xlr together? 2.-- Both the Clarett+ audio interface and the Helix use usb interfaces to connect to a computer. Clarett uses a mini usb, and Helix uses a more traditional (looking) usb. I was told to either use the Helix usb or both, and they leaned toward both being preferable. Which is the best configuration? 3.-- I feel novice as hell asking this, but should I plug my instrument (guitar, in this case) into the Clarett AI or the Helix? If I want distortion, do I have to plug it into the Helix? Appreciate the help ~Ven
  24. I was able to use the Line 6 Monkey v1.77 and after installing the driver still it show's, no driver was installed. I hope someone can help me here. I already reviewed other forums. I am currently using Win 10 64 bit. Dell Optiplex 9020 with i5 4th Gen processor. 4 GB RAM
  25. Hello! I've had a Line 6 Toneport UX2 for a couple of years now. Recently I got a new desktop PC running windows 10. When i connect my toneport all I can hear coming from the outputs and the phones output is a loud hissing noise. Drivers are all up to date, line 6 monkey shows me all green ticks, asio drivers are all ok. the input vu-meter is always at maximum even though nothing is connected to it. no input signal, no output sound (except for the loud hiss.) Running it in a usb 2.0 on the motherboard (so no usb dongle or something like that). Tried it with all ports, a couple of different usb cables. I've also tried seeing if my PC's output voltage was the problem but everything is ok, no overclocking done. I'm running out of ideas. Could anyone help me with this?
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