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  1. Hi, I got an M5 Stompbox Modeler for the pas 2 years and i really like it. Problem is, since the past few months, i have a problem. If the M5 is on and the effect (lets take heavy distortion for this example) is activated (which means the red light on the on/off is there) the sound is completely fine. BUT if i just press on the ON/OFF button, i'm supposed to hear my clean guitar settings that is coming out of my amp (its pretty much like that for every pedal in the world lol pedal effect off=amp's sound) The problem is that when the effect if OFF, i can't hear anything like if my guitar is no plugged. All my cables work fine (i tested every single one of them) and its only when the effect is OFF that it doesnt work. So i can't use it on stage now because if i just turn off my distortion, i dont have any sound coming from the amp :P If anyone can help me thatd be cool :) (btw i'm not an expert in electronic stuff so telling me codes and stuff will just confuse me xD just explain what you mean and that should be good :) )
  2. Im using four cable method with my Fender Bassbreaker. Anything i need to know? I need to turn down the levels on the Return on the loop and should I set it as Instrument out or Line Out? In short, I don't want to overload anything. Thanks
  3. Can the firehawk 1500 amps do all the orange amps because I just need one amp for gigging. All my orange amps are heavy to bring around so can the firehawk 1500 do that.
  4. Hello lads, I am using the ux2 mostly for streaming. but I wanted to put down some Ideas on the electric guitar. so I plugged into line 1 and found me a sound (couple of amps, dist. pedals etc). when I started tracking in my programm, the sound got monitored with all the effects on it. but when I played it back afterwards in the prgramm, the guitar sound was clean. what am i doing wrong? thanks in advance :) Tom
  5. Hi all Been loving my JTV 89 for a while and really delving deep with its use with the Helix. Major problem was the odd Squealing issue which a reflash fixed handily HOWEVER - now ONLY the mags are usable because as soon as I engage ANY models they have a crackling and / or white noise throughout where they used to be perfectly silent until played which I loved esp for recording pristinely. I have eliminated all causes (its not the VDI Cable, nor the Helix, nor the Battery etc) Re flash and reboot to no avail, I think the problem is in the actualy electronics ie hardware Did I mention Im in Sydney, Australia? WHAT TO DO? Thanks for any suggestions Im at my wits end and very sad :(
  6. are there any other firehawk fx owners that are frustrated that there is no custom tone for it? I know that I am! all the firehawk fx has is the stupid cloud. it doesn't even have a editor you can use on your computer, instead you are stuck using your tiny phone or tablet. why don't they have these things for the firehawk fx? can somebody explain this to me, or can you please do something. could it be communism?
  7. Suddenly one day, my Delays and Reverbs and any effect I place post FX Loop no longer work. The buttons respond, but the audio is not changed. If I move the effect block before the FX Loop, it makes some audible change but is quite lollipop. I am using the 4CM and it was working, and now isn't. Is there a setting I may have accidentally changed or has anyone else has this problem? Thanks, Greg.
  8. Hey! First of all, thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your help. I've been using a Stagescape m20d to monitor in studio rehearsals for a while now, and I've had no problems with it. Recently I decided to start recording said rehearsals into a USB flashdrive in order to review the music we're writing and make adjustments. I don't need to work on these recordings much, I just import them to cubase on my PC, where I can listen to them. Worked well for the first 3 days and then it started to produce slowed down recordings... how much they are slowed down varies, sometimes it's barely noticeable and sometimes the recording is well over 10bpm slower than recorded. Any idea why this may be happening? Thanks
  9. Hello forum I am looking for help on issues with my DL4. I know this is for the JM4, but if someone can help or offer advice where to seek help it would be appreciated. I recently got my DL4. After experimenting with the loop sampler using my micro korg - i realized after recording a loop, the sampled loop will slowly fade out... eventually to no sound at all. This cant be normal for this device?/ What is there to do about this? Thanks- kk
  10. nithinvijay


    Hi , I have an HD500x. The unit goes to the edit mode and the levels keep changing when . I can see the knobs on the display turning back n forth. Can some one help to find out what went wrong.
  11. Today I recieved my Line 6 Backtrack (without mic). I imediatly plugged it into my computer to charge (as directed). I let it charge for about 2 hours, then I decided to give it a try. I unplugged it and swithed it to the on position...nothing happened, the led did not even come on. I assumed it didnt charge long enough, so I plugged it in for another 1-2 hours. Then unplugged it, switched it to the on position, and again...same results. When It is plugged in and charging, the led is white, but it slowly blinks never turning all the way off and when the USB jack is connected I can see files and folders on the backtrack device What should I do?
  12. HELP!!!! Just purchased the firehawk fx, the app for Android said I needed to update the firmware on the pedal to be able to edit the sound from the app. I plug the pedal into my pc and use the line 6 update software, but it gives me no device to select... so I use my android to update the firmware, and the pedal freezes during update. Now the pedal says load error 21, it won't let me do a factory reset, it won't respond to my android, and it won't show up on my pc. I have a very expensive paper weight now. I've looked all over and can't get any good answers. Please help, I really like this pedal, But if I can't figure it out, it will have to be returned
  13. I have a line 6 spider 4 15 watt amp that i bought from a friend of myn. When i first got it worked perfectly. afer a few weeks i noticed that the sound was dull and it was not the volume becuase i turned it up. Out of frustration i hit the top of the amp and the sound got louder nd clearer for a few seconds. Thats when i was sure that something was wrong. I can not seem to find what is the problem and i am hoping that someone here can help me. Thanks.
  14. Hey guys, Im having trouble with my XLR microphone that is hooked up to my UX1 interface. The green light is on indicating that the computer has detected the device (and yes I downloaded the drivers from this site) but it is still not picking up sound. I have tested this mic before and the interface but it doesnt seem to be working this time. PLEASE HELP THANK YOU VERY MUCH
  15. Hey all, I have had my Helix for about two months and have just been playing it through an aux chord hooked up to my old guitar amplifier. I would like to get a much better sound because I feel like the aux chord + cheap guitar amp isnt doing it. I talked to one guy that played his Helix directly through a PA. What do you all think? What can I play my helix through that will give me a good sound? Any specific suggestions? Thanks!
  16. Hello! :) I use reaper to record my music, and all of sudden it has stopped working. It can still record me playing guitar, but not with the amp (or any amp) i selected from pod farm, This only just recently started happening out of the blue and i don't know how to fix it. Please help! Thank you. P.S. I use a UX1
  17. So I tried registering my POD HD500 today for the first time because I bought a new DT25. When I did, I got this error msg ESN could not be verified. Please confirm the supplied USN. ( Error: 523)" So I called line 6 and they told me that the chip inside the pedal board was never logged with Line 6 so the serial is no good. They asked me if I could return the pedal board. Guitar Center only accepts returns up to 30 days. I have had this pedal for over 2 months now. Then the support guy said my best bet was to sell it on craigslist. You've got to be kidding me? This is your ERROR Line 6!!!! NOT MINE!!! So now I cant update my POD HD500. Which by the way, this is my second POD HD500. I also own a KB37. UX2 POD farm 1 & 2, FX JUNKIE, Metal Shop, POD XT live (2 of them), Variax 600 (2 of them) a Variax 500, Pod X-3 Live, a DT25 Head, and now a POD HD500 I cannot update. Of all the products I own by Line 6 this is how I am treated??? This is BS! Someone needs to fix this!!!! Feel free to contact me in any way Line 6. Fix your mistake! I love my line 6 products please don't lollipop on me!
  18. Hi guys, I seem to have noticed something a bit odd. The updater says that the Helix should only rebuild patches after an update and the first time you turn it back on. My helix now rebuilds patches for a bit longer than It did before the 2.0 update. Am I not powering it off correctly? OR Should it take longer to rebuild patches now and is that a normal function? Also on a semi-unrelated note but still curious... Can i revert back to the original tuner display without the enhanced view? Thanks everyone!
  19. Hello L6 Helix forum! I have run into issues updating the helix. I purchased new from GC about a month ago. I am currently trying to update the helix. It has not been updated since purchase. My questions: Which program needs to be downloaded first? The language on the download section of the L6 website is beyond confusing to me. From what i can tell there are: -updaters -the update itself -an editor -firmware update THE MAJOR ISSUE: once i download any of the above, i open the .dmg and it does its thing and verifies and then opens a finder box with a .pkg file in it. clicking on that results in a slight delay and then a verifying box and no movement or progress occurs after that part. its just stuck! HELP!!! i can't update the helix or figure out how to get going with the editor! otherwise this thing has been a blast and is a ridiculously well thought out GUI
  20. I recently saw these go on sale at Sweetwater for $799. maybe I can talk them down to $499 or $599 I've been in the market for a good tube amp, and was looking at a Pevey 6505+ and a Mesa Rectoverb. not so sure about spending $1300 on a Mesa amp, and the 6505 is basically a Metal Monster, not great with the cleans. my question is Would this amp be suited well for Jazz and Hard rock/Metal; I Never plan to use a POD 500 or anything like that, I have a very nice pedal board I've worked on for a few years, or would I be better off looking at other tube amps for playing live?
  21. Hey guys, Since the remote app updates today I get the message 'device not connected' I've tried impairing the device, renown loading the app and a factory reset but nothing has worked. This is on an iPad 4th gen running the latest iOS. I have also tried it on an iPhone 6s with the same result. Can anybody help? Thank you
  22. So I have just recently bought a XLR microphone for doing livestreams but I want to have control over multi effects in games as well so I can have a reverb while I talk to people to sike them out. The problem is the mic works for chatting live, but not when I am live with Pod Farm 2.0 open. The needles on the meters do not move when not in pod but do once I am in pod but the mic is dead for the computer. All drivers were reinstall so I am at a standstill.
  23. Hi everyone.. I had a Line 6 Spider Valve 212, and when i plug in FBV2 footswitch its delay when i want to switch betwen chanels, and after that it changes randomly... I tried FBV2 on other Line 6 amp and it worked correct... Please help if you now something becouse i have some gig for about 10 days so i realy need help... Thanks...
  24. Hello all, I don't usually frequent gear forums so I apologise if my forum etiquette is sub standard. I've been really excited about the Helix since the reveal of the device. I've been waiting for you guys to drop a new modern unit since the HD500x. So, I've been nurturing use of a Pod XT for many years now and it has served my playing routine greatly since purchase. No to mention that I've had very little problems with the unit. I hit my tone limit a long time ago. I need more control over the signal chain to be able to really suss my guitar tone out. I'm seriously tempted to take the plunge on the Helix and have the funds to do so. I have my doubts though, especially considering it is such a great deal of money to drop on a pedal. Could I trouble some knowledgable users with some questions? 1) Line 6 edit I think I saw that Line 6 released a "Gear Box" Win/mac user interface for the Helix unit. How is this coming along, is it good quality? I can't find any screen shots at all. Nobody is hailing it as god's gift, if it has been released. I understand the larger display and functionality might completely over-rule the use of something like this. I'm curious as to it's current state of play. 2) Patch latency This is something that's been raised a few times on here. I understand the nature of loading process for patches. As I've dealt with the XT live, I do understand THIS IS modelling. With the XT, there was a noticeable delay in switching patches. It wasn't terrible but it was noticeable. I'd argue it is literally the longest patch latency I'd be willing to put up with. Can anyone clarify if it is an improvement? Some have said the time it takes to load a patch is directly related to the amount of "blocks" you have in your patches. I'm not looking for multiple cabs and amps per patch. The XT had Comp, Gate, EQ, Amp Sim, Cab, Delay, Mod, ​Reverb. Considering that as a base line. What sort of latency are we looking at as standard? Better or worse? Painfully delayed? 3) Further talking about patches delays. Some have suggested loading everything into one patch and using that? I saw Glen Delaune's, 3 channel amp patch and I wasn't THAT sold on the "method". Surely you can run into instances where both, your clean channel is running and your boost is on? Surely your tone is going to more of a compromise instead of what you actually want to here? 4) Do custom IR's perform better or worse re: quality and patch latency? 5) Spreading blocks over to "Both CPU processors"? How is this actually done? Do you run the amp and cab on a separate line with links between. How effective is this reduction? 6) Direct into a Tube Amp I use a 2x12 Fender Hot Rod Deville. Can anyone elaborate as to how will this pedal plays with standard Tube Amps. I don't need a processed video from Chappers, I've seen it already. You know what I mean. My query is the ability to sculp the sound and fix mushyness. Sustain at volume, deliberate feedback etc. 7) Some people in other posts have suggested using 8 Template <02c ... XXXXX as a base line for your tones, to avoid latency problems. I don't own one yet, so I can't exactly investigate as to what these patch templates have to offer. Can anyone elaborate as to what these templates have to offer and how they work? I know there's a lot going on above regarding my questions. If you'd be so kind as to weigh in where possible, I'm sure others will review this thread to help put minds at ease. Please be as honest, clear and descriptive as possible I know it's a pain... although they're not "Million dollar" questions, they are the "Thousand dollar" questions that I would really appreciate clear answers for. I really appreciete you taking the time to review this thread.
  25. Hey all, I have a Line 6 Vetta HD head that on two occasions now (both at gigs) has gone haywire. It powers up, but the buttons are randomly lit up (2 channels simultaneously) and unable to select anything, the buttons and dials do not respond. Pedal board also does not respond. The display screen is scrambled and 2 thirds blank. 1st time it happened, turned off and on, no joy. Someone tripped the power lead and when I turned it on again, working fine. It worked fine for about 2 months, but then same thing happened again. This time, nothing fixed it. Sent it to an amp doctor who said it initially remained unresponsive, but then 'fixed itself'. He has taken it apart but unable to find any root cause. Digital I guess is harder to determine. I have to have a reliable amp - any suggestions as to what could be causing this and how it can be fixed? Would like to avoid having to buy a new amp if possible. Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers, Dan.
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