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  1. Hey friends, I'm looking to get a Garcia-style envelope sound. What's your experience with dialing that in with either an HX Effects or Helix?
  2. A bit of background info- Running HX effects straight into the front of an egnater renegade 212 combo. I have set up channel switching (clean/dirty) in the HX using a trs cable from EXT 2 and am trying to set up an expression pedal (Dunlop Volume X mini) on EXT 1. the Dunlop volume X mini works perfectly on EXT 2 for volume blocks but I can’t only get a small sweep (approximately 65%-90%) on EXT 1! I used a TS cable in both setups. Amp channel switching works perfectly on EXT 2 as well, but will not work on EXT 1 jack (yes I changed the setting from tip2 to tip1). In my perfect setup EXT 1 would be my Dunlop Volume X mini - used for volume swells, wah or any other parameter change I need depending on my preset. And EXT 2 would be dedicated to amp channel switching. am I having issues with the Dunlop in EXP 1 jack because it’s default to wah? why wouldn’t both EXP jacks behave the same and be able to do whatever I program them to?! any help would be appreciated!
  3. Hi All, First time to post here as I really couldn't find an answer to my issue. I'm using an HX Effects with a dunlop dvp4 mini volume and expression pedal. I connected a trs cable into the aux and pedal 1 of the HX effects to control my wah position or whammy mix position. I did the learn thing, and actually the expression pedal is controlling the right parameters. However, my issue is that the heel position is correct (always 0% on whatever is being controlled), but once i get to the maximum toe position, it goes back to 0% position or what the heel position was doing. I noticed that the peak is somewhere at 70% of toe position. to clarify please see below example. Example on Wah (position vs. sound heard): max heel = bassier sound of a wah 70% of toe = treble sound of a wah max toe (100%) = back to bassier sound of a wah Example on whammy (position vs. sound heard): max heel = 0%mix of whammy sound 70% of toe = 100%mix of whammy sound max toe (100%) = 0%mix of whammy sound Can someone please advise what to do on this issue, I just need a linear relation between heel to toe vs. 0% to 100% wah position, or 0% to 100% mix on some parameters. Thanks in advance!
  4. I see users offering custom made tones to download for the HX Effects unit. How do I upload them to my HX Effects device?
  5. Opened support ticket. Anyone having bug when you must press twice on patch to activate all blocks? . Not every time but it's very often. I'm on 2.60 version. First response from Line 6 is that there is bug with HX Editor 2.60, but for me problem occurred even after FULL reset and after I made my new patches using HX FX hardware. I just used Hx Edit to export those patches. Maybe the bug from HX Edit "contaminated" my clean hardware again. Support ticket is open, so will post the updates.
  6. Hi, is it possible to hook up an external tap tempo switch to the HX effects? And if yes what do I have to set in what menu?
  7. can I add to the request list a second page of footswitches. maybe if you hold down footswitches 3 and 7 simultaneously it takes you to a second page of footswitches. would be very useful.
  8. hi. I would love to add to the request for a future update the ability to have 6 snapshots. you could use the mode button to toggle between presets / snapshots / stomp mode/
  9. hey there. can I add to the list of requests - the ability to assign the tap button to something. IE the fast slow on the rotary. or things like that
  10. Hi, I tried so hard to connect my HX effects as a sound card on my MAC. My mac recognized my HX effects as a MIDI but not as a sound card. There's no available drivers / Monkey 6 for HX effects (mac) on download section of the website. How can I resolve that ? Thanks for your help Jonovan
  11. HI folks, I'm new to the board, so thank you for any help in advance! I'm using an HX effects in 4CM to channel switch my 5150 via TRS cable through EXP PEDAL 1. Long story short - it works for while, then it seems to send odd signals to the 5150, and when i switch snapshots (effectively) from red to green channel i get volume drops. If i turn the HX on and off, it seems to reset and all is well; but i only get a few switches and it goes again. It's really adhoc. I've reset, updated, tried different cables, works sometimes for hours, then goes mental again. Can't "make" it do it either. If i integrate the official 5150 switcher it's functioning fine, but i'd like to utilise the switcher option obviously. Thanks folks! andy
  12. After powering up the unit, it froze to the last saved situation. The buttons didn't work anymore. So it's not possible to go switch to and from BANK/PEDAL modes. I'm in version 2.60 I solved the frozen state by switching off and on, while pressing the 2 bottom-right buttons. It seems it resets the presets to the factory presets. So I lost the presets. It seems at a given moment a preset was corrupted preventing the unit to work properly. As far as I backup my presets regularly, this should not be a real problem. But I'm afraid of what would happens during a gig when I don't have a PC to restore backups ?  Do some of you have any knowledge of what to do OR not do to avoid this frozen state ?
  13. I cannot figure out how to toggle into snapshot view mode so each of the 4 snapshots has it's own switch. I can switch between bank, preset, and snapshot but just see presets. When I switch to snapshot mode I can go up or down the snapshots, but don't see four only one where the number in the camera icon changes. Am I missing a setting? Thanks
  14. Hi! hoping to share some presets for the HX effects and try some from others. Is their a good place to find / download these as well as IRs. Thanks
  15. I have upgraded my brand new unit to the 2.6 firmware. Periodically, the left arrow button does not work. I have to reboot the unit to get it to work again. Any ideas about what causes this? Thanks, Paul
  16. hey guys...ive got a fender twin and i have been trying to use the amp switching on ths hx effects ..everytime i plug a lead (trs or jack lead) into the footswitch plug on my amp, my amp starts to buzz there a setting im missing..the amp channel changes when i tell it to but the noise is a bit annoying..changing the polarity does nothing..
  17. I'm trying to install the newest HX Edit update, but it fails to verify. Line 6 has a note on the download page for if that issue occurs to download the Line 6 MD5 Checksum utility but the link leads to a page that says there is no Line 6 MD5 Checksum utility download. HELP! Not sure what I did. But it works. haha
  18. Running an HX Effects, I seemed to have hit a snag with v2.6 that I don't recall ever noticing with 2.54. I run multiple instruments and utilize the 2 paths and multiple inputs extensively. Machine is loaded with 2.6 & I have done a full reset for testing. I originally noticed this on existing patches, but I did create a simple test patch from scratch and can re-create the problem every time. Expression pedals, and expression pedal settings do not have any effect on the results. The problem If I use both inputs with separate instruments, PATH B does not return for the right input after using the tuner. A Recipe to try... (I would appreciate people trying this and reporting back... please don't make any assumptions and follow the recipe closely) Start with a blank patch Load a tremolo in the first slot, and a reverb in the 2nd (any effect will do, I use these because they are in your face and obvious) In the signal flow page, drop the Reverb to path B Make sure the input Y is moved to the front of the chain. Leave all settings to default... no need to adjust the Y IMPORTANT: Plugin two different instruments to the L/R inputs... If you only have one instrument you need to use a dummy jack in the other input for proper testing. NOW THE TEST INITIAL RESULT: You will hear both effects from both the L and R input. This is the correct result. Now engage the tuner, then turn the tuner off (do not change patches) RESULT: The left input still sounds correct. The right input will not have any reverb (path b), just the tremolo from path A NOTES Changing patches and returning will correct the problem until you engage the tuner again. If you hard pan the inputs to the paths, the right input becomes completely silent in this test There are many more scenario's I have tested to varying degrees of results... but the one provided here appears to be the simplest and most obvious.
  19. Hi, i have a new Helix HX and have a strange behaviour. I have Windows10 (newest Patchlevel) on my Surface Pro 4, Helix HX Firmware 2.60 and HX Edit 2.60. I did a firmware update on 2.60 and after the Update i do a factory reset. I build a preset (on PC) that fits 90% of things i need. Finetuning is done on my HX without a Notebook. Now thte Problems beginn (my Support ticket): So guys, any ideas? I put my Preset in the Attachements, 2 Pictures from the Device and the signal flow and one short video clip from HX Edit... Void Obelisk_090718.hlx
  20. Just a short question. I don't use the tap button, but i often use the mute/tuner. Is it possible to configure the HX effects that a simple tap on the tap/tuner/mute switch will engage the tuner/mute?
  21. Unfortunately the new HX Edit cannot import patches built for the Helix Floor. The only way is to edit the hlx files. I think I will implement a software utility to help the user in this modification and to convert the hlx files from Helix FL to HX Effects. Someone wants to join?
  22. Hi, ive just got a brand new Hx effects and used it for 30 mins and now all the menu buttons at the top have stopped working. I had updated it to the newest firmware before using it and I’ve also done a factory reset. is there something I’m missing or you reckon it’s broken?
  23. Hi there ! Trying to use the HX Effect with my 2-channels amp. No problem with clean channel. No problem when using line6 HX effects internal distortion or OD amazing tone When I engage my amp lead channel, HX Effect cause some noise problems with the amp. - I know that gain must generate some noise - My amp is usually quiet - This is a groove tube amp with high gain capacity but I keep gain relatively low - Other setting WITHOUT HX effect with pedal in front that are not true bypass don't generate this noise - This noise is NOT 50hz hum ground-loop noise, single pups noise, but more shhhhhhhh kind of noise (noise of snake not happy with modern jazz) - When testing, I mute all the effects - The unit is plugged in front (I plan to use the FX loop when this issue is solved) - I compare bypass and engaged tone, Huge difference with noise when HX effect is in line - All the input/ouput are set to instrument level. Is there anybody having the same issue ? Do you think this is the classical noisy HF effects syndrome ?
  24. Hi there! I've made some snapshots from presets, but the weird thing is that there's a significative lag when I change between them (video attached). Am I missing anything? Even changing between presets the lag is less, and snapshots are supposed to be even faster, right? I'm connecting the HX straight to the amp. I'm pretty shure there's something I'm not considering. Here's the video:
  25. I only get a list of presets when I open HX Edit with my HX Effects connected. It is HX Edit version 2.54. How do I get to the window where I can actually edit the presets? Thanks!
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