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  1. hey there. can I add to the list of requests - the ability to assign the tap button to something. IE the fast slow on the rotary. or things like that
  2. HI folks, I'm new to the board, so thank you for any help in advance! I'm using an HX effects in 4CM to channel switch my 5150 via TRS cable through EXP PEDAL 1. Long story short - it works for while, then it seems to send odd signals to the 5150, and when i switch snapshots (effectively) from red to green channel i get volume drops. If i turn the HX on and off, it seems to reset and all is well; but i only get a few switches and it goes again. It's really adhoc. I've reset, updated, tried different cables, works sometimes for hours, then goes mental again. Can't "make" it do it either. If i integrate the official 5150 switcher it's functioning fine, but i'd like to utilise the switcher option obviously. Thanks folks! andy
  3. Hi! hoping to share some presets for the HX effects and try some from others. Is their a good place to find / download these as well as IRs. Thanks
  4. I have upgraded my brand new unit to the 2.6 firmware. Periodically, the left arrow button does not work. I have to reboot the unit to get it to work again. Any ideas about what causes this? Thanks, Paul
  5. I cannot figure out how to toggle into snapshot view mode so each of the 4 snapshots has it's own switch. I can switch between bank, preset, and snapshot but just see presets. When I switch to snapshot mode I can go up or down the snapshots, but don't see four only one where the number in the camera icon changes. Am I missing a setting? Thanks
  6. hey guys...ive got a fender twin and i have been trying to use the amp switching on ths hx effects ..everytime i plug a lead (trs or jack lead) into the footswitch plug on my amp, my amp starts to buzz there a setting im missing..the amp channel changes when i tell it to but the noise is a bit annoying..changing the polarity does nothing..
  7. Running an HX Effects, I seemed to have hit a snag with v2.6 that I don't recall ever noticing with 2.54. I run multiple instruments and utilize the 2 paths and multiple inputs extensively. Machine is loaded with 2.6 & I have done a full reset for testing. I originally noticed this on existing patches, but I did create a simple test patch from scratch and can re-create the problem every time. Expression pedals, and expression pedal settings do not have any effect on the results. The problem If I use both inputs with separate instruments, PATH B does not return for the right input after using the tuner. A Recipe to try... (I would appreciate people trying this and reporting back... please don't make any assumptions and follow the recipe closely) Start with a blank patch Load a tremolo in the first slot, and a reverb in the 2nd (any effect will do, I use these because they are in your face and obvious) In the signal flow page, drop the Reverb to path B Make sure the input Y is moved to the front of the chain. Leave all settings to default... no need to adjust the Y IMPORTANT: Plugin two different instruments to the L/R inputs... If you only have one instrument you need to use a dummy jack in the other input for proper testing. NOW THE TEST INITIAL RESULT: You will hear both effects from both the L and R input. This is the correct result. Now engage the tuner, then turn the tuner off (do not change patches) RESULT: The left input still sounds correct. The right input will not have any reverb (path b), just the tremolo from path A NOTES Changing patches and returning will correct the problem until you engage the tuner again. If you hard pan the inputs to the paths, the right input becomes completely silent in this test There are many more scenario's I have tested to varying degrees of results... but the one provided here appears to be the simplest and most obvious.
  8. Hi, i have a new Helix HX and have a strange behaviour. I have Windows10 (newest Patchlevel) on my Surface Pro 4, Helix HX Firmware 2.60 and HX Edit 2.60. I did a firmware update on 2.60 and after the Update i do a factory reset. I build a preset (on PC) that fits 90% of things i need. Finetuning is done on my HX without a Notebook. Now thte Problems beginn (my Support ticket): So guys, any ideas? I put my Preset in the Attachements, 2 Pictures from the Device and the signal flow and one short video clip from HX Edit... Void Obelisk_090718.hlx
  9. Is it possible to create Path B without dedicating an effect block to the path? I'd like to have have two separate paths for the L/R inputs, then combine them at the output so I can use one cable to head back to my amp. I have no problem doing this by moving any effect block down to Path B and adjusting the "Y Input" accordingly... but I don't need any effects in that path. My pedal steel (Path B) already has the effects it needs so I would prefer to keep all 9 blocks available to my electric in Path A.
  10. I love my new HX Effects but my back hurts from leaning down to edit it (nice job on the interface though). I'm an old man and hope to see HX Edit software before I pass on. Possible? I heard Spring 2018, which is where we are. Hello? Hello? McFly? Thank you.
  11. Just a short question. I don't use the tap button, but i often use the mute/tuner. Is it possible to configure the HX effects that a simple tap on the tap/tuner/mute switch will engage the tuner/mute?
  12. unit: hx effects firmware: 2.40.0 Is it possible to stop recording a loop w/ a single action? I know that i can hit record to start a new loop - that's not what I want. I know that I can hit play twice real fast to play and then stop, but some of the loop will still play (whatever sneaks out in between the first and second press of the button). UNDO works fine for overdubs, so I was surprised that it wouldn't also abort the current recording. (IMO, UNDO should stop the current recording for the first loop.) This might not seem like a big deal, but I depend heavily on the looper so this could be a deal-breaker that causes me to return the unit in favor of something else, which I don't want to do! Thanks.
  13. Can we get an option to have 6 snapshots displayed at one time? I like the idea of using this as a MIDI controller for amp switching, but having only 4 switches available is a bit limiting. 6 Presets would be okay too; not as elegant, but still fine.
  14. Hi there! I've made some snapshots from presets, but the weird thing is that there's a significative lag when I change between them (video attached). Am I missing anything? Even changing between presets the lag is less, and snapshots are supposed to be even faster, right? I'm connecting the HX straight to the amp. I'm pretty shure there's something I'm not considering. Here's the video:
  15. I only get a list of presets when I open HX Edit with my HX Effects connected. It is HX Edit version 2.54. How do I get to the window where I can actually edit the presets? Thanks!
  16. Hi guys. I have the HX effects unit and plan to use it with my Sansamp Tech 21 Blonde pedal. I am not sure as to how the connection goes. The sansamp pedal is an amp simulator and has 1 input and 1 output. Help seriously needed.
  17. Let me start with, I got my HX Effects about 2 months ago. While I love many things about it, there are some frustrations I've had too. Especially trying to use the HX as a simple, MIDI control and effect system. When I was told about the HX it sure sounded like it could deliver on my basic needs of great effects, without built-in Amp Sims, CHECK, The ability to use the Atomic Amplifire ("AA3") Or other 3rd party Modelers as my Amp sounds, CHECK, and what I thought would act as the MIDI controller to have the AA3 change presets a.k.a different amp tone, after stepping on a preset switch on the HX. As an example if I press preset 1A, the effects on the HX are added, and via MIDI the AA3 changes to the specific amp tone. Instead of having to choose amp tones (presets) on the AA3 manually, like I do now! A pIan ! I realize it might make more sense to use the AA3 as the "front" control to change the amp tones first, which then via MIDI changes the HX to a certain preset or patch with specific effects. BUT, I was hoping I could set it up the other way. Meaning the HX would be the "front" a.k.a. main control to choose a preset or snapshot. So when choosing preset 1A on the HX, it might be labeled with a specific song, such as "PINK NUMB" (as in Comfortably Numb) which changes to that presets effects, and via MIDI changes the AA3 to a certain preset (amp tone/ sound). to match. I did find out if I use the AA3 at the "front", it can ONLY send preset 1 to preset 1 or preset 17 to preset 17 on the HX or other MIDI device. So you have to have BOTH of the preset locations on the HX and AA3 lined up with the correct amp tone and appropriate effects in the HX for this to work. Not a big problem, but certainly less than ideal in my mind. The other issue is I MUCH prefer to use the nice bright, big labels on the HX to see preset names. The AA3 has a very small display making it MUCH harder to read especially live. I also read something today on the Line 6 forum that MIDI changes can ONLY be sent on a particular foot switch in STOMP BOX mode ONLY. BUT, what I'm trying to do is have each preset or snapshot as a specific sounds or group of songs, be able to step on a preset, have it update the HX with effects in that preset and change the amp tone on the AA3. Let me also say, I get the basics of MIDI but I am far from an expert too. Anyone have any great ideas as to how to solve this. I am really disappointed that the HX is so far not able to deliver on the MIDI and routing capabilities I was hoping ! If you have any good ideas as to how to solve this I would surely appreciate it. Thanks.
  18. I would love to reassign the tap switch to be something else. Is this possible? I couldnt find a way of doing it. I guess it needs to come up in the controller assign menu somewhere.
  19. I am looking for it everywhere but what is the in and output impedance on the HX FX, especially on the send and return jacks? Thanks
  20. hi - Ive been using my HX effect for a few weeks now - its very good - I really like it. Would love to see one thing though. 6 snapshots. So you have three pages. toggled with the mode button. first is preset selection - second is snapshot selection - all 6 - and third is pedal/stomp mode. I think this would be much better. other wise love it!
  21. Ive found that some of my patches have a very noticable volume differences. Some are much more quiet. Has anyone else had this problem? On the quiet patches, i have even raised every effect to max level. It gets slightly louder, but still not as loud as my other patches. Some even have almost identical effects blocks. Have you noticed any certain blocks that cause a volume drop no matter what? Any advice?
  22. I apologize if this has been asked or posted before, I tried searching and didn't come up with anything. I assume this is a signal flow issue but I'm not sure how to fix it. I'm new to HX effects so I don't have a handle on some things yet. I added a Pitch Wham controlled by Exp 1 after the first 6 effects, so I don't have turn it on with a switch. Works great. Set it 100% mix for a Tom Morello type Whammy. However, I also have delay assigned to a footswitch and it's before the PitchWham - and it's changing the pitch on the delayed signal after the original note stops. If I hit a short note, and whammy it up +12, great. But there's also the delayed note that is affected when I move the pedal back to heel down. Think Audioslave Like a Stone, which is what I'm trying to accomplish, where the delayed note is not affected after the original note stops. Is there something I can do to allow the HX to affect the original note and not the delayed note?
  23. I use a toggle to switch between a compressor and a light overdrive (Timmy). They both assign to the toggle no problem, and the toggle works fine. BUT - the LED is inconsistent as to which state I should be in. I give the toggle a custom name of "Light OD" so the thought is when the LED is off the compressor is engaged and when it is on the Overdrive is engaged. The problem is... the HX has a mind of it's own which state it will show. I get it working right, save it. Come back to that patch later and it shows "OFF" yet the overdrive is the one engaged. I know that by touching the toggle I can show the states of the two effects... but I would think after saving the patch it should always RECALL the way I saved it. For the record, I am not using snapshots. Any idea's why it is behaving this way? The HX Effects is up to date with firmware version 2.54 EDIT TO ADD (this is one of my post further down the thread, but may get missed)
  24. Hi guys... I am trying to record some songs using an audio interface and that's what I am doing: Interface input A -> Vox AC15C2 mic'd with Shure SM57 Interface input B -> comes from the R (out) from HX effects I would like to use an IR just in the R channel, not in both. In Helix floor and LT I could do it easily but in HX Effects, seems that the L+R outs are mixed. Is there a way to use a IR just for the R channel, insteade both at the same time? Thanks !
  25. Hello! I'm owner of the Line6 HX Effects. I love the device, it has everything I need (so far) and the sound quality is excelent! Since a couple of days I also own a Kemper Profiling Amp and I was wondering if I could use the HX FX (command center) to "control" the Kemper. What I basicly want is: hit a preset on the HX and switch to a certain amp in conjunction with certain effects of the HX FX. So my questions are: Is it possible what I want? And if so, how do I approach this? Any further tips and tricks on "HX & Kemper" would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading! Mike
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