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  1. HX Stomp 2.71.0 Boss Katana 50 and ESP KH602 guitar. I cannot get this combo to sound anything like I hear/see in Videos? I inpot Mono to K50 Clean Setting. I have tried the other setting; Crunch, Lead, Brown etc, each one on of those sound worse. Any suggestions on Settings for K50 and / or Stomp would be appreciated! Thnaks
  2. I've been using a Firehawk FX for a bit now, and I just got an HX Stomp yesterday. Yay! Anyways, I'm using the HX Stomp into two Studio Monitors as a stereo setup. If I want to use an external looper like the Ditto, where would I put this in my HX Stomp? The FX Loop, the output, the headphone jack...? Also, would I need a stereo Ditto looper, or would a single work fine? I really tried to find an answer to this for the past few days but couldn't find anything, so any help is appreciated!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm struggling a little and need to bombard you all with questions I'm afraid! :( I've been tweaking my HX Stomp setup tonight (after 2 months I still haven't dared to gig with it!), and I've run into a few issues which hopefully can be easily fixed. I'm pretty sure some (or all) of these are due to my inexperience so I'll be the first to hold my hands up to being a technophobic idiot! Ok, so...Problem 1 - I tried to incorporate the HX Stomp into my exsting pedalboard. The chain is: Buffer - Korg Pitchblack - Digitech Mosaic - Digitech Drop - Strymon Riverside OD - HX Stomp - Front of Amp. The volume on the Strymon seems redundant - there's no volume increase at all as I turn the volume knob on the pedal. It also seems to have introduced some noise when the Strymon and HX are connected together (even when the Strymon isn't engaged). If I remove the Strymon the extra noise disappears. This isn't an issue normally (when I'm not using the Stomp). Problem number 2: I bought a Moskey dual switch to use as FS4 and FS5. However, it just sxrolls continuously through all presets and won't stop. It's configured like this in the global settings: *Footswitches* Stomp select = Press Fs4 = preset up Fs5 = preset down *Preferences* FS4 = EXP/FS tip FS5 = EXP/FS ring Tip/ring polarity: both set to normal Problem 3: When I'm running into the front of the amp (with nothing in the amp effects loop), the volume control on the amp does nothing. I can only control the volume via the knob on the HX. I'm not sure where I'm going wrong! Sorry for the long post and thanks in advance for any feedback or help!
  4. Hi, I admittedly have not had enough time to physically test the cable to make this work but I cannot seem to find a clear answer before I go down the rabbit hole- maybe somebody has had this pop up also? I bought the HX Stomp and want to use it with a Boss MS3 for a fly rig. My goal would be to hook up the MS3 in the FX Loop of the HX Stomp for maximum flexibility of effects ordering. The MS3 is a mono TS input with 2 stereo TS outputs. I want to use those stereo outputs for some of the delays and additional signal routing possible as a result. I am well versed in the HD500 from the past, Helix Native and also HX Effects for editing tones/signals and such. On the HX Stomp, can I create an FX block that allows for the mono send but with stereo returns on it? Any special work arounds to consider on this? I am pretty certain the MS3 will not like a TRS cable at it's input which would neutralize the FX TRS send, I just don't know how a TS cable on FX Send from HX Stomp will affect the block as a return in stereo. It seems like only real work around is 2 blocks, a mono send and then a stereo return - any other ways to do this as 1 block? Thank you all in advance for the help!!
  5. Just thinking out loud here, but If I get something like one of the cheap Moskey 2 button switches to use with my Stomp, would it be possible to make 1 of the switches change between snapshot mode and preset/fx mode?
  6. Hi, I've had my HX Stomp less than a week, so still have much to learn. I'm using it to process both sides of my Chapman Stick, with a Deluxe Reverb or Twin Reverb for the melody strings (Path A) and an Ampeg SVT for the bass strings (Path B). That uses up a lot of DSP, so I'm trying to be as economical/efficient as possible with the remaining DSP and blocks. I have an MXR Carbon Copy delay and a TC Electronic Flashback Mini delay that I run mono into the FX Loop L and R channels. The delay pedals themselves are always on. The two blocks (FX Loop L and FX Loop R) are on Path A, and I route the signal between them with snapshots. I never route the signal through both delays at the same time, so if one block is on the other is off. This uses two blocks, but I wonder if there isn't a way to achieve this with only one block? Maybe there is a way to do it with a single FX Loop stereo block that I haven't figured out yet? If not, I might add a request to Ideascale, to use a snapshot to toggle between FX Loop L and R on only one block. Thanks! ramuji
  7. Hello HX Stomp users, I hope I'm not the annoying new guy who asks something already discussed on the forum. However, I searched to no avail and decided to post here. Any help is appreciated. 1. I am wondering if an expression/volume pedal can be employed to control the global volume? I do see that I can employ a block for this but would rather have it applied globally, thereby keeping a block open. 2. If this is possible, what are the steps and what expression pedals are compatible with HX Stomp? This is my first real modelling rodeo, and I am enjoying using HX Stomp as a part of a wet/dry rig with my Mesa. I'm that stubborn guy who loves a Les Paul Custom into a tube screamer through a tube amp. However, I have not reached the "get off my lawn" stage of life yet, and I find the HX Stomp to be pretty fantastic. I have not had a stereo rig in a long time. The Mesa and Helix sound great together! If I can get the global volume pedal thing right, I can move between the JTM, Tweed, and Deluxe models that I programmed with OwnHammer IRs. As much as I try, the volume is a bit different among the amp sims. I also want the ability to duck the wet sound and raise it as needed. That's the motivation behind my question. Thank you in advance.
  8. First off, I’m an HX Stomp newbie and completely excited with the countless opportunities unlocked with this new pedal. I’m mainly using the Stomp as an “on pedalboard” amp and cab/ir simulator for live direct to house application. Few questions: 1) I use Strymon Timeline and Big Sky for my wet effects. Should I run those thru the Stomp using a FX s/r and internal FX block? Or simply run the wet effects after Stomp? Pros and cons with both approaches (e.g. quality differences)? 2). For FOH live application, I currently run out of my pedalboard into a Radial JDI passive direct box to mixing board. How should the EQ be set on the mixing board to get the best/true sound reproduction? I have pretty inexperienced sound engineers and I don’t want to have them tweak to death so it’s horrible and unrecognizeable. I want to set myself to give some guidance. I know the Stomp/Helix can translate great live just need some guidance. 3) Practice to Live. My goal is to simulate at home to getting best tones at practice and setup that translate great live. I am using a PA system at home. Should I replace with FRFR monitors? I want to ensure what I’m spending several hours tweaking at home works and is consistent live. Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. Hi everyone! Anyone experiencing that? (I’m using the last firmware 2.71 of the HX Stomp and HX edit) there is a volume drop when selecting a new patch (sometimes). The problem is normally solved by switching to another patch and coming back to the intended patch again. Then the volume of the patch suddenly raises back to normal. I’m not using an EXP pedal. A possible problem scenario could be like this: Patch A -> Patch B -> Patch C -> Patch A (softer than the first time!) ->Patch B -> Patch A (back to normal level) I saw on a thread that this problem was happening on the big helix but apparently got solved. Any ideas? I’ll unfortunately have to return the pedal if there is not a solution. No way I’m going live with it like this. Thanks!!
  10. Hello! I've had an HX Stomp for about two months and have lurking on this forum long before then to learn everything I can about how to get the best out of this thing. Since I'm a bedroom guitarist and live in an apartment I can't crank the volume very loud. Currently I'm using the Stomp into an EV ZLX-12P (I know it's not the best) and whilst it sounds good, it's not exactly what I'm going for. I understand I won't get the "amp in the room" feel as much as I'll get the "amp in another room mic'ed and playing through a monitor" feel, so the majority of my time I'm tweaking to make it perfect (mostly a me problem lol). Occasionally I'll record with Logic, but primarily I'm just jamming to songs by myself or with my friend. I understand I'll lose the ability for IRs/cabs this route, but in every one of my patches I use an IR from ML Soundlabs of a Mesa recto 4x12 with an SM57. I play mostly Coheed and Cambria stuff with various other metal/rock mixed in, so that IR/cab is the sound I want. All that being said, here are my questions. - Will it feel like the amp being modeled run into whatever cab I'm using? - For my purposes, would a power amp into a cab give the best feel? - What would a be a good power amp? Something neutral? (I've heard people using various Quilters, SD powerstage, Mooer Baby Bomb, EHX 44 Magnum, etc) I have a Fender HM412A I got cheap and used when I lived at my parents I could use, but I feel like that's gonna be super loud and I'm not sure how it'll sound. My other thought was selling the 4x12 and some other equipment I'm not using to pickup a Mesa Recto 1x12 because I figure that would get me close to the sound I'm aiming for. Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated! Thanks!
  11. Just curious. I am running a TRS split cable from the headphones out on the Stomp into a pair of KRK desktop monitors in stereo. It sounds amazing. I know that the intended way to hook up the stomp would be using the outputs on the back (one to the left KRK and one to the Right KRK). To be honest I tried it both ways and it sounds identical. Is there any problem with just using the headphones out into monitors instead of headphones? Is it somehow inferior? Any knowledge on this would be much appreciated.
  12. Hi all, I'm Chris. A couple days ago - and completely on a whim - I put in an offer on an HX Stomp and won it for a price I didn't expect. After a weekend spent searching for answers on how to make it work for my rig, I give up and this is my first post. I have a couple amplifiers and I've been looking for somewhat of an "all in one" pedalboard solution for a while. My main amp is a Mesa Triple Crown 50, which (as I'm sure many of you are aware) has MIDI channel switching capabilities, an FX loop, all that jazz. I've been looking at replacing a good chunk of my pedal board (SA Nemesis Delay, Boss DC-2w, Walrus Audio Lilian Phaser, EHX Pitch Fork, Wampler Ego Comp) for a while and don't doubt the HX series, on a high level, has what it takes to do the job. I intend on fully utilizing the 4-cable method to make the most of it. Here's my dilemma. The TC-50 is a three-channel amplifier and has MIDI control over channel switching, FX loop, reverb and solo boosts. In a perfect world, I would have access to all three channels and solo boost in various combinations along with various effects from the HX. Ideally, I'd be able to access 6-8 presets encompassing channel switching/effects combinations readily. I was sold on the HX Effects (due in part to the additional loop to add a fuzz/drive/gate pedal on top) until I read about latency when using MIDI to switch amp settings. The snapshot workaround isn't something that'd work for me when limited to 4 per preset. So, enter the need for a MIDI controller. I've looked at them all at this point, from Disaster Area to BOSS to Morningstar. It seems as though the Morningstar MC6 MKII is the gold standard. Here's the big question - can I use an external MIDI controller to switch amplifier channels while simultaneously pulling up different effects combinations on the HX Stomp/Effects without lag/latency issues? And, as an alternative, would there be any benefits to adding a Boss ES-8, if for nothing else, to be able to switch amplifier channels while sorting effects placement, if I added an overdrive/boost/etc pedal to the mix? Would an HX Effects/Morningstar combo make more sense for that? Agh! Thanks in advance -- I should also note that there's a decent chance I'm overthinking this. :)
  13. Hi all, I just bought the TT2 switch by Mission engineering to help run my HX Stomp on stage. After following 2 videos - including one by expert Jason S, I can’t get either of the switches to bank down. The TT2 has two switches that can be assigned for different things. In ‘Global settings’ I was able to assign FS4 to ‘bank up’ but setting FS5 to ‘bank down’ isn’t working. When I press one button on the TT2 it banks up brilliantly. But for the life of me I can’t get the other button (FS5?) to bank down or preset down. It’s great I can go UP but I’d like to be able to move DOWN also!! Any ideas fellow stompers ?? Many thanks :)
  14. so I recently got a hx stomp, tried it out, everything was working fine and it was dead silent, then I updated to the new firmware and all of a sudden got this buzz noise (its attachedto this post). it goes away after some time, but comes back. I also tried different power supplies and outlets , its always the same result, does anybody else have this problem, it seems like a software issue, since it was working fine before doing the update. hx stomp buzz.mp3
  15. Hello friend! I'm about to buy a HX Stomp and I want to merge its capabilities with the Bluguitar Amp1. So, how do you get along with these 2 great products? I want to run the bluguitar amp 1 trough the FX Loop of the hx stomp, use it as the amp simulation, and then, put some effects in fn the front + some IR's from the Helix. But I have a problem with the channel switching. If i want to change the channel of the Amp 1 and turn on/ off some of the effects in Snapshot mode, how do I do that? Far as I know, the HX Stomp doesn't have amp switching capabilities like its bigger brothers LT/Rack/ Standard Helix. Otherwise, I would like to know how are you guys using them together! Maybe I'll run the Stomp in the loop chain of the Amp1. But for this kind of operation, it would get way too expensive because i'll have to buy an external Midi Switcher. In any case, I'll buy this month the HX stomp and maybe will convince me that I don't need to buy the Amp 1 for a good sound. For now, the youtube videos, did not conviced me with it's clean capabilities. Maybe some good IR's will made up my mind. Just as a fact. I'll use it in live situations with a Fender Stratocaster Custom Shop 60's reissue - Luna Stone True Overdrive and a vintage BOSS GE10 (for the moment, I'll run the eq in the loop FX of the Helix). Thank you for your atention
  16. Is there a midi tamp tempo that anyone would recommend for the line 6 HX stomp?
  17. I'd like to assign the tap/tempo to FS1 instead of FS3. Is this possible, and if so, how? This might be a stupid question, but I couldn't find the answer in the HX Stomp manual, or on this forum (so far). In Global Settings I know I can turn it on/off, or set it to FS3, FS4, or FS5...but I don't see a setting that allows me to assign it to FS1 (or FS2 for that matter).
  18. laptop/HX Edit nearby but HX Stomp out of view, can I see the tuner on my laptop screen somehow?
  19. I just get my new HX Stomp, I like it so much and I am very impressed! However one thing looks strange for me. I use tempo based delays sometimes, but not for each tone. So is it possible to assign FS3 to tap tempo only for presets where I use tap delay, while use FS3 as third stomp for another presets? It looks like it is global setting and as I really need tap for two tones, for other ten tones I have useless blinking knob which I'd prefer to use for something else. Any solution?
  20. Hey guys, Today we have an explanation and tone walkthrough of the "Simple Metal Tone," from the last tone video I posted. This one is super simple and would be a great use case for the HX Stomp. I used Ownhammer impulses of course and my Solar Artist A 1.6. The signal flow is as follows Solar A1.6 Artist - Line 6 Helix Rack - Ownhammer IR (OH 412 ENG V30 421-05) Universal Apollo Twin Presonus Studio One 4 My Band | The Partisan Component
  21. I am loving the HX Stomp. Here are some demo/how to videos using it. Maybe they can be helpful to some in here:
  22. Hey guys, Guess what? Another Metal Tone! This was inspired by some of you asking if my Helix tones would work on HX Stomp. This tone uses only 5 FX blocks within Helix including a reverb block used for the ambiance that can easily be discarded bringing it down to only 4 blocks! For reference, HX Stomp is capable of handling up to 6 blocks. I am using my Solar Guitars A1.6 Artist with the Evertune bridge. This thing slays! Signal path: Solar Guitar A1.6 Artist - Line 6 Helix Rack - Univeral Apollo Twin Duo - Presonus Studio One 4 IRs Ownhammer OH ENG 412 V30 421-05
  23. Hi guys, I don't know what is it that I'm doing but I don't seem to be able assign the FS3 to an effect (reverb in this case) I can select the effect in the FS selector of the patch but it doesn't change from tuner/tap to the actual selected effect in the actual foot witch. Is there something I need to do in the main settings to activate/deactivate this and get rid of the default FS3 setting? thanks in advance
  24. I really like the form-factor of the Mini Dunlop pedals (DVP4 Volume, Mini 535Q, etc), but the ideal Helix exp. controller has to have a toe switch to maximize functionality, I think. Are there any mini-form expression pedals that have a toe switch? How are you running your mini expression pedals with your HX Stomp, HX Effects, etc.)?
  25. Any suggestions on getting a good sound. >Guitar> Stomp In Mono> Stomp Out (mono)>.Fender 40 watt Tube.. Should I turn down the volume on the stomp or on the effect output? It's very muddy. When using a single effect like chorus. The I do the 4input method it sounds great, but I'm limited to the Stomps parameters such as tone, presence EQ and Reverb. Thanks in advance
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