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  1. Hey guys new to the forum and line 6 hear in general, (well I did have a DL4 back in the day) I am trying to recreate my rig for silent practice and recording, but I have not completely wrapped my head around the HX Stomp yet and am not sure this can be done. I am am in a 2 piece band, just myself and a drummer. My rig consists of an Orange OR50 with Orange 412 and an Orange ob1-500 bass head into an Ampeg 8x10. I use an ABY Switch that selects the amps and am running a EHX POG before the bass amp to lower my guitar an octave so it sounds like a bass. Kind of like a royal blood thing but I play guitar not bass. I am struggling to recreate this in the HX Stomp. Can this be done?
  2. Hi, let's start suggesting some updates for the HX Stomp firmware. Here's mine: I would love if the HX Stomp had firmware update that allows you to use a Digitech fs3x type switch to controll stomp 4, 5 and 6. The digitech fs3x use ring, tip and ring+tip, which gives you a three switch option in stead of only two on a stereo cable. I actually built one like this with two switches and an expression out on the tip+ring. That would give great possibilities on the HX Stomp.
  3. Hi there, I have the following setup (excuse the sad ASCII art): PC ---USB---> HX Guitar---------> Stomp ---> Headphones So basically PC and guitar into the stomp and headphones out. I want to use the Stomp as a soundcard so I can jam to tracks, youtube lessons etc. (note I'm not using a DAW or anything on the PC, so am not sending any audio from the stomp to the PC) With the Stomp, there is a 5 - 10 second delay when playing any sound from the PC (e.g. playing an mp3, watching a video). Once playing it is OK, but once I pause,. pick a different videos etc the delay comes back. It's almost as if the USB connection goes to sleep and needs to wake up. I can play audio via my Yamaha THR10c amp (also connected via USB) and it works fine, without any delay. So I think this is something Stomp or driver specific and not related to my PC (note the Stomp and THR10c are not powered on at the same time so shouldn't conflict). Has anyone any idea how I might resolve this? Details: - Windows 10 64-bit - Stomp firmware 2.71 - Control panel shows 1. Line 6 > HX Stomp - Driver Provider Line 6, Driver version, Date 09/01/2018 2. Audio inputs and outputs > Speakers (HX Stomp) - Driver Provider: Microsoft, Driver version 10.0.17134.1, Date 11/04/2018 - HX Stomp is the default device in Sound > Palback - Using the cable provided with the stomp into a rear USB 2.0 port - Ryzen 5 CPU and B350 motherboard Thanks!
  4. In this video I want to show the difference between the 'TRIANGLE FUZZ' (based on an original TRIANGLE BIG MUFF) and a modern BIG MUFF NANO. I hope this video helps you out to decide if you should still use a real MUFF or not. I understand that the MUFF in HX is based on a different one, this is just a very accessible version. I hope they add a more modern sounding MUFF, that's close to the BIG MUFF PI in the future :) Cheers Don't forget to check my other HX STOMP videos out and subscribe for more!
  5. Hi All, Just got the HX Stomp today and was wondering if there is any L6 software I can use to edit the Stomp effects and on my Mac versus on the stomp box itself? It appears that nothing comes up when I do a search for a download for this product. Many thanks in advance, Tony
  6. I have a small request on your collective ears! I am playing bass in an 8 week Jazz workshop in Singapore and have been given the track King of the Lobby (Brecker Brothers) to play. I have been trying to get a tone similar to the synth tone used for the bass riff (bass and synth playing together?) on HX Stomp and came up short. I am especially keen on achieving the higher register (octave) tone in the bass riff. Any ideas about how to achieve this - I’ve been trying a very small delay mixed with subtle pitch shift but not quite cracking it? Moog type sounds I suppose …
  7. Hi all, can I gradually blend from one snapshot to another (Hx Stomp)? What I would like to do is to slowly blend from a clean sound to a heavily distorted sound. I know, I could assign the expression pedal to a mixer and go from path A to B, but with the 6 limit, I don't have space left for a mixer...
  8. Hi all, I am fairly new here, and have a question regarding how to best connect my Hx Stomp (which I have ordered on Friday, and which should arrive this week :))))) So,I have a Line 6 Spider Valve amp, i.e. a tube preamp, a modelling section, and a tube main amp. What would be the best way to connect the stomp? Using the DIR in method? Or the 4 Cable Method? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of both? Any help here would be much appreciated. Kind regards, Kalle
  9. Hello, I've bought an hx stomp pedal and i've discover at the same time Helix native which is very fun and cool ! There are some good prices for Helix native when you buy Helix pedalboard but when you buy an HX stomp pedal you have to pay full price which is very high ... Am i missing something ? BR, Laurent
  10. Hi all, can I use the Hx Stomp to run an amp (via the DIR or 4CM method), and at the same time run the sound through an in ear monitoring system? At the moment I record the amp's sound with a mic, connected to a microphone-amplifier/mixer, connected to in ears... (via a wireless system, but that shouldn't matter)... Has anybody already some experience with that?
  11. Hey all, I've been seriously considering trading my Silvertone 1484 head and AC15 to get a stomp. Just seems more practical to me, and a lot more reliable/predictable/easier to use and get what I want out of my rig. I currently have an HX Effects as my sole board. Anyways, am I crazy for even consideringetting my 1484 and AC15 go for a stomp? TIA
  12. Much has been brought out about making the core code for all HX products unified so that future development can be done more efficiently and to the benefit of all product owners releases. My question is: Would we be able to acquire the artist patches made for the HX Stomp for other HX products like Helix and Helix LT. HX Effects would of course have issues due to missing amp cab access. Has anyone tried to move patches between Helix and HX stomp yet?
  13. Anyone know when Line6 will start a Customtone place for the HX Stomp?
  14. Has anyone figured a working pedalboard Power supply/cable combo that works with the HX Stomp I have heard about Zuma, BoxKing and TalentCell but report lack details. If you have been successful using a power supply with low noise, please post 1) what did you use 2) be specific about what cable did you use for the power supply (size, polarity) Thanks!
  15. I just ordered an HX Stomp, and even though I have 0 experience with the Helix (I'm an AX8 user), I was thinking of using a spare Boss FS6 I have to get 5 footswitches rather than 3 (I think the math adds-up there...). I know the unit isn't out yet :) And I DID read the manual, but I'm a little confused about it. For example, it mentions the footswitches can only be used to switch between a Min/Max value of a given parameter? Hence I am assuming the way this works is similar to existing Helix units. If I'm wrong, may Zeus strike me down right now. What I'm trying to achieve is: * Unit's footwitches for 3 channels, i.e. any 3 preset per bank (1+2 and 2+3 together to change banks) * Keep footswitch 3 on the unit for the tuner, when using a long press * FS6 toggles 2 effects on/off for each preset (typically, mod + OD) This brings the Stomp to how I setup the AX8, with a much simpler and smaller setup overall. I don't ever use many more sounds, and if I do they can be on at all times (e.g. Reverb, Comp). Will this, or a similar variant, be a possibility? Cheers for indulging my impatience! :D
  16. Hello.I am considering buying the new HX stomp however i would like to know whether it is possible to connect it in my tube amps fx return so i will bypass my preamp and use hx's modelling amps as preamp without using cab sim of course but my real cab instead.e.g Guitar-pedal 1-pedal 2-hx stomp input-hx stomp output to amp's fx return.
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