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  1. Hi, i just got myself a HX Stomp. Iv`e been a Axe Fx user for 8 years ( I tried to change my username to SeeD, the same as on the Fractal Forum..but i gave up) So Hi all ! It`s been 9 years since i used a Line6 box. I see that i may have done something wrong, since i don`t know how to tweek this thing..But i only see a "few presets" 128. Is this all i get on the HX Stomp (3.0) ? I did read something about some Artist presets,is this only for the Full Helix ? I playd a Helix a few years ago..and that one had alot more presets, like 2-3 banks Is there a chance to download some more presets (Factory presets) So like i said, i may have done something the backup before going to 3.0 (From 2.6..i think) Hope someone can help me out with this SeeD - -
  2. I'm having trouble connecting my HX stomp (3.0) to my iPad via the Yamaha wireless MIDI transmitter MD BT-01. I want to initiate a program change from ForScore. Unfortunately paring does not work with my iPad. Do I need to set something in stomp to make the MD BT-01 work?
  3. I want to make two MIDI connections with my HX stomp. One to my iPad to change programmes in HX stomp according to the song lead sheet and the other to my MacBook to edit the presets with the HX stomp software. I don't always want to change the MIDI cable but prefer to leave two cables permanently connected. How is this possible or not possible at all?
  4. Hi Fellow HX stomp/Helix users! I'm a newbie and quite confused re how to use my HX STOMP live - straight to the PA as my rig (stand alone) I have some questions! Other than using the stereo outputs at the back, where I simply connect one to each speaker using a TRS/guitar each for left and right....Is there something else I need to do to make sure I'm getting the best 'true' stereo signal? Any particular settings within the stomp itself I need to change? For each preset so far I've gone in to global settings and made sure the output level is 'line' not 'mic' but its mono . Is there anything else I can do? I have a couple of amazing EV speakers but so far the guitar tone isn't fantastic, some of the presets sound better in headphones. I discovered IR's - which I think is my answer to a more realistic tone. I've been able to start making a few custom presets but I've just seen a video of one of the clever guys talking about IR's instead of using the existing cab models. He split the signal by the looks and uses 2 IR's. (???!!) Is that what I need to do to create a true stereo signal for my guitar? To make it also sound more 'real'? Any tips at all I would really appreciate. I have my first gig with it soon and I'm overwhelmed and confused!!! Many thanks all!
  5. SO my question is about powering the HX Stomp with a PD Battery Bank via Ripcords 5V to 9V adapter. So i also got a 2.1MM to 2.5MM adapter but hesitant if this should work? (A few people on youtube are using this with a PD Battery Bank) byt my math it's 1300mA which from what i understand is acceptable. PD Powerbank Batteries output to ripcord is12 Watts at 9 VOLTS 1.3 Watts per volt= 1330mA
  6. If loading a third-party IR (impulse response) into HX Edit or POD Go Edit results in an out of memory condition, it is likely the source file is too large or contains too many samples. Open a DAW (digital audio workstation) e.g. Cubase, Logic, Reaper, Ableton, etc., or other capable audio recording/editing software, such as Audacity, and import the IR file into a new session/project. Trim the IR so that it is no more than 2,048 samples in length. Most DAWs have a ruler that you can set to beats, minutes/seconds, or samples. Set it to 'samples' in order to make the most accurate time selection. After the file has been trimmed, you're ready to export/bounce the new IR file. Use the item render/export in your DAW and follow these guidelines to ensure compatibility: 24-bit / 48k Mono (1 channel) Must be WAV file format
  7. Hello guys. Has anyone tried using HX stomp with Singular Sound Midi Maestro? Looks like it's a nice midi controller but can't find any single example of someone using it. It's cheaper than MC6 and more comfortable imo.
  8. Hello, I would like to switch from my leadsheet program (Forscore) to the respective song via MIDI the corresponding preset of the HX stomp. That works very well. But how can I then call up the corresponding snapshot with the foot switch, which I need for the lead sound of the song?
  9. Hi friends, i'm a happily new owner of a HX Stomp since a pair of weeks. A couple of days ago I shared a "hm-2 alike tone" on the Customtone, because I couldn't setup properly my BOSS HM-2 to sound with my HX. Tried with my Behringer HM300, but same problem... all sounds like crap. Not a nice crap like Entombed sound, no... just crap. Tried on the input, tried on the loop, tried a few amps, owhnhammer ir's, but nothing good. What am I doing wrong? Is there any way to make this pedals understand each other? xD Please, help! :D
  10. Hello everyone :) I've ordered a Ownhammer IR product from Line 6 page yesterday, and I was expecting to get download link to my E-mail. I see the product under my orders. Does that now mean i will get the product to my home address in physical form? Kind Regards
  11. HI! I have a great problem with HX Stomp. When I use it with my computer (I connect HX Stomp to computer via USB) for example to record a song or to make a video tutorial ecc... it disconnects all my devices... I use an iMac late 2013, when I connect my HX Stomp, in 3-4 minutes it disconnects my webcam, my mouse, my keyboard, my microphone and my audio interface.... all devices! I'm sure that is HXStomp because I've tried a lot of tests... changing cables, changing USB ports, changing MacOS, and this problem happen only when HX Stomp is connected. Please can you help me?
  12. Hello, I have a Hx Stomp and I want to use some reverb and delay effects but I want to change the quality of reverbs and delay repeats such as making them sound lo fi or maybe adding distortion but only to the delay repeats and reverbation not the dry signal. Is it possible?
  13. Hi, I have 3 drive pedals and hx stomp. I want to know is this migration will be work? Guitar > hx stomp Compressor > Drive pedals > hx stomp reverb & delay > hx stomp amp & IR loader ? If it is possible can any body let me know how to migrate it with cables?... Thanks
  14. Hello all, I'm looking for help with my setup. I'm not sure if this is a wiring issue or perhaps a hx stomp block chain issue. I just bought a BOSS SY1 synth pedal. I want to isolate the GUITAR (dry) signal from the SYNTH signal. I think I have most of this figured out but there's some things that are baffling me. I'm using 4 things * Guitar * Boss SY1 * L6 HX Stomp v2.92 * FRFR Speaker How its hooked up (all of 4 cables) Guitar output > Boss SY1 input (I want this pedal in the front as it tracks better) Boss SY1 "SEND" > HX Stomp main input L - this is the 100% DRY signal (works regardless if the SY1 is on or off) Boss SY1 "OUTPUT" > HX Stomp Aux In L - this is the 100% SYNTH signal as set by the SY1 direct and effect volume settings HX Stomp block chain - Main Input L > Overdrive block > Amp & CAB block > RETURN L block (from SY1 OUTPUT jack) > Delay block > Reverb block > Main Output (to FRFR speaker) My thinking in this was I can have my normal guitar amp and cab sounds and then to insert the synth sound just before the delay and reverb blocks so everything can use those, using the RETURN blocks mix to adjust how much of dry/synth signal I want. Sometimes 50/50 dry/synth and then sometimes 100% synth. The issue I'm having is this setup works fine but the RETURN L will not use the delay and reverb blocks, despite it being in front of both of them. The amp and cab blocks which are before the RETURN L use the delay and reverb which is baffling me. I can not tell what I'm doing wrong here. Any guidance would be much appreciated. I feel I'm close but obviously missing something here... Much thanks in advance!
  15. I just purchased the HX Stomp. I updated the firmware to Version 2.92.0. When I started. my presets are labeled "New Preset 1-42A-C" instead of Dir:XXX, FX:XXX, 4CM:XXX. How can I get the default Preset labels to display?
  16. Okay so this is going to sound stupid but im new to Helix and wondering how i can adjust for for Two guitars. One High Output EMP 85/81 LP style. And the other is just a standard Squire Strat. I'm thinking one strat preset and one LP for each but wondering is Gain or Ch. Volume what i need to adjust to match guitar s to presets?
  17. Hey y’all! First post here. I’m gonna try to explain this as clearly as possible, but it’s kind of confusing, so bear with me and let me know if you can help. I’m running my pedalboard into the front of the HX Stomp (no FX loops or effects after the Stomp). The last pedals in my chain are a mono input into my Timeline > L/R out into my Big Sky > L/R out to the L/R ins of the HX Stomp, which is then running L/R out to a stereo DI into FOH. Easy peasy. Both channels are working and receiving signal at the board. I’m trying to run the Essex AC30 and the Matchless Jump in true stereo. I split the AC30 and its IR on path A, and the Matchless and its IR on path B. I panned path A hard L and path B hard R on both the split and the merge. After the merge, I then put a stereo EQ and a stereo compressor at modest settings before hitting the Out. SO, the problem I’m having is that one of the channels is receiving the amp, IR, EQ and compressor with no issues. The OTHER channel however is only receiving my Big Sky’s Reverb (and maybe the delay) from my board. It’s like it’s only receiving the wet effects, but no dry signal. It’s so weird and I’ve been wracking my brain like CRAZY to try to figure out what the heck I’m doing wrong. SO...that’s my long-winded explanation. Any ideas?
  18. Hello I will try to be as clear and brief as possible. I have the following situation with using my HX Stomp with Helix Native. I'm using the USB 5 input which corresponds to the direct signal from the guitar without being processed by the HX Stomp and anyway when I record a signal(empty preset), if I change the preset on the stomp the signal is affected in its gain level which is not it should happen as usb 5 sends the totally clean raw signal through the stomp. I read in another topic on this forum a similar situation and one of the support responses was that it was a "Bug" which the Line 6 team was already working to fix in a future update. I have read the manual, I have my HX Stomp with HX Edit updated just like Native. I have the Hx Stomp driver installed. I am using Cubase LE Al Elements 10.5 (Purchased) and my OS is MacOS Catalina 10.15.6. If someone could help me I will be very grateful. If I forgot something ... this is the first time I have written on this forum. Thank's!! About the picture : - The guit 01 block corresponds to the usb 5 signal with an empty preset. - The guit 02 block corresponds to the usb 5 signal with a preset created by me in the stomp. - Guit 06 block corresponds to usb 5 using my scarlett focusrite and audio 01_06 is the signal using usb stereo input 1 and 2 (Signal processed) with a preset that I created. **These last two blocks are irrelevant.**
  19. Hi, for the past couple of days my HX stomp has been making a crackling noise underneath my guitar sound. It's like my guitar sound is mixed with the crackling noise. The noise is not too loud but it is definitely prominent when listened closely. I am using the Hx stomp power supply that came in with the product. I use a Beyerdynamic 770 pro 80 ohm Headphone directly from the Headphone jack in the stomp. The noise also exists after recording it in my DAW via USB. When I listened to some tracks that I recorded a week ago, the noise was not present. i tried the following, 1. Removing all the other pedals in the setup and using the Stomp as a standalone one 2. Changing headphones 3. Changing guitars 4. Changing guitar cable 5. Removing the USB connection from the Stomp 6. Playing with an absolutely clean amp setting 7. Removed delay and reverb from the chain 8. Used an EQ block to reduce to about -4 dB 9. Removing other devices from the power supply outlet 10. Tried factory presets also Nothing has worked. I can still hear that crackling sound. If anyone has experienced anything like this and found a solution, please let me know Thanks in advance
  20. Hey gang! recently bought a HX stomp to overhaul my live rig - so far so good! What I want to do, is set up an FX chain with an amp/cab block and assign 2 outputs 1 sends the “amped” signal with FX to FOH/PA 2 sends just the FX to my amp (no amp block) My typical chain of blocks looks like: OD/FUZZ/DELAY/REVERB/AMP so I’m low on blocks. My bass amp doesn’t have an FX loop FYI The stomp is a powerful tool so hopefully I’m just missing a simple trick with mixing the output? I've watched a bunch of videos and read a bunch of topics but nothing seems to touch in exactly what I want to do - hopefully that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! thanks in advance everyone!
  21. Hi, I have a HX Stomp and a Specular Tempus, and I want to control it through MIDI from the HX Stomp, but even after reading the HX Stomp manual I didn’t find the way to configure HX Stomp to send some commands on snapshots or by Presets.. Need some help here :)
  22. I'm using an HX Stomp and have just ordered a Seymour Duncan Powerstage 170 to use with my 2x12 cab. I'd like to send a signal to FOH as well, but I'm not sure if this can be done - is anyone able to advise please? I was thinking of using the Send to take the signal to the Powerstage 170 and my cab, and then using the L/Mono to go direct to front of house. BUT... When I look at it in HX Edit, it seems like if I do this, I'll only be able to have the delay/reverb on one side (either FOH or the cab - but not both). Have I got this totally wrong, or is this just a compromise I'll have to live with?
  23. Trying to set up my HX to work as an interface. I'm using Reaper on Windows 8. I keep getting this error code showing up. Have tried redownloading the driver and using ASIO4All, but nothing seems to fix it. The error says "error loading ASIO driver" Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do to fix it?
  24. Hi everyone - So I’ve been messing around with various signal paths and am getting a very strange polyphonic cancelling when doing a wet/dry split/sum. Has anyone encountered this or can think of a solution? Path below: Block 1: Minotaur SPLIT PATH A: (Block 3) FX Loop Block (use for my analog drive stages) Path A (block 4): Chorus Path A (block 5): univibe Path B (block 2): Transistor Tape Signal Combined Again The sound is very pronounced on my high e- string. I’m not running a stereo rig, so have been faking a split path within the unit. When I rearrange into a series path, this issue goes away but then I don’t get to do a split which I really like. Have also tried rearranging the blocks and am still getting the issue. It occurs with/without the modulation effects on, but strangely goes away when the FX loop block is off. I can try to record it and post a link but not sure if anyone has seen this. I assume it has to be a phasing issue.
  25. Hi! I am an amateur guitarist in search for a good modelling processor. After some reading, I have boiled down my options to two Line 6 products: the HX Stomp and the Pod Go. They are in the same price neighbourhood and seem really nice. What should I go for? My criteria are: 1) Good build quality and reliability. 2) Good tones (duh), but as far as I understand the two devices are identical from this perspective. 3) Good headphone listening quality (I want to practice when I am away from home). 4) Good interface. Thanks! Filippo
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