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  1. Hi! Brand new user deporting from Kemper-land. Very happy about my HX Stomp so far, the last Line6 thing I had was the POD H500. So, my go to rig on my Kemper was a profile made from an Bogner Goldfinger with a 2x12 cab loaded with Celestion Creambacks thru an SM7. Any suggestion where to start tryin to get that sound on the HX Stomp? Any help would be appreciated, either patches, IRs, presets or any kind of tip. cheers <3
  2. *Looking to get the longest subject title award, hoping its a Helix LT, is it a Helix LT? I decided to try the ole 2.8 update shuffle late last night. In under 10 min, I was up and running, I had probably an hour or so where everything was running smoothly, imported my setlist and all was well. I was really digging the Grammatico so I built a preset around it for my Strat and SG, nice! Holy smokes that amp sounds good! Sometime after I kept getting the "Failed to get preset names, DSP overload" error, as I would try to save presets. Now all my presets were gone in HX edit and in the Stomp, they were named (genetic) New Preset 1, etc - I could no longer back up anything or use HX edit. I have gigs coming up so I had to rock n' roll it on back to 2.7. Is this just the DSP limitations of the Stomp itself, perhaps it needs to rest and I pushed too hard, I am quite a mess don't you know. Or perhaps something was going on with the update? I had just discovered the ability to assign gain controls of the amp to a footswitch with the min/max values and was having quite a go at all that, and also had just added the higher quality IR at the time of failure. I'm new to the Helix world so I'm not sure what to expect in terms of DSP power, etc. Thanks for any help, ~delton
  3. Hi guys, please help me... I need the 2.6 Firmware version of the HX Stomp updater... i can't find it anywhere... i need it because any of the firmwares (from 2.7 to 2.9) works on my unit. thank you guys!
  4. Hey guys, So I have a HX Stomp, a few pedals and a Laney IRT with an FX loop. What I would love to be able to do, is run the setup using the 4 cable method, but also incorporate my existing pedals, but I am just having a little trouble wiring it all up. I have checked the forum, and watched some really helpful videos on YouTube on the 4CM and the stomp, but haven't found anything directly related to this setup I'm not sure whether I'm asking too much to get this all set up right or if its even possible, but is there a way to be able to have the HX stomp connected to my amp via 4cm, so I can use some effects before and after the Laney, but also have a my other pedals in the chain so my OD pedal is before the amp, and my reverb & delay pedals are after the amp too? I'm currently hooked up like this : Guitar => OD pedal => HX Stomp Guitar input // Hx stomp L out => Amp guitar input. Then it goes from the Laney FX send => Echo pedal => Reverb pedal => Looper => Laney FX return. This so far sounds good, I can use the drive effects and others from the stomp, but its all fed into the front of my amp. I like the flexibility of being able to use the onboard amp sims if I can because they sound great! I would really appreciate any help from anyone who has a similar set up, or knows that I'm just talking rubbish and it will never work haha! Thanks!
  5. Hello, guys! So, I'm thinking of buying an HX Stomp because I have 2 tube amps that I hate to take them up and down because of their weight and how troublesome it is. Even though I love their sound, I think its time they seat at the studio a bit more haha Anyway, I have a pedalboard that is controlled via a mastermind pbc. Here is what I want to do: Have my drives in the mono loops of the PBC. My first stereo loop of the PBC would go to the hx and then back into the mastermind. Then my next stereo loops would be timeline -> big sky -> wet My only usage for the HX would be amp simulation really. So, with all that being said, I know the hx stomp has the ability to output instrument lvl, but could I plug from the wet (last pedal in the chain) directly into a PA? I know the hx has a loop, but im not sure how I could keep my 3 effect pedals in the hx loop and also in the mastermind loop (so I could turn their loop on and off via the PBC). Maybe this is possible? I know I could make the HX stomp last on the board and make it output line level, but being able to have those effects after the amp sim would be really nice since thats what I like to do with my FX loop. Thanks already for the help and sorry if this is obvious.
  6. Alright so a bit of backstory. I got my hx stomp back in March, everything was fine until it started freezing up on me and when it froze I can’t switch patches. This would’ve been bad because my band has tons of different patches needed to play a set. Wasn’t a problem though because line 6 took care of me, I sent it back pre paid shipping, and they sent me a new one about 2 weeks later. Completely free, and since then it’s been great, no issues, it’s basically my amp and everything. Until today. I’ve been troubleshooting for awhile now and it has to be the hx stomp. Basically my cab just has a ton of static right now and noise. It’s so loud I can’t even hear my guitar over it. It’s never been like that. I tested all different cables, running straight into my power amp and checked everything, but every time I plug back into the hx stomp it gives off the noise. So I tried different guitars, cables, and in every type of configuration but still nothing. I tried changing wall outlets to see if that helped but nope. The only thing I haven’t done is update it to 2.8 but I’ve seen many reports of it breaking the helix so I’m waiting on that. Any help to figure this out is appreciated.
  7. so whenever I connect my hx stomp to my computer via USB it instantly bluescreens, this used to happen with my old pod hd500x. Has anyone experienced this before???
  8. So I was just wondering... If I had a Powercab 212, would I be able to connect both my HX Stomp directly to it, AND my amp head and use them both independently, as well as combined?? I was thinking I'd like to use the amp head for clean sounds, and the HX Stomp for dirty. If that's possible, then is it also possible to have both connected to the powercab 212 and also have them interact with each other (only on on certain presets/snapshots) - i.e Preset 1/ Snapshot 1: Could I use my amp head clean sound, but add chorus from the HX Stomp? Preset 1 / Snapshot 2: Could I bypass my amp head and enable a modelled preamp and OD pedal from the HX Stomp?
  9. Hello.....HX Stomp Family..... I'm sharing one of my back-up Set List in the hope that new folks to the Line 6 HX Stomp can start jammin'. All you have to do is load or import the set list via' USB Poof !!!!! you have new Patches.... PS... These all were made from the basic unit of the Line 6 HX Stomp.... NO IR's NEEDED !!!! Yeah !!!!! Your Friend …...KingSlayer HX Storage Vault.hls
  10. HX Stomp setup with two (2) primary presets. Each preset has three (3) Snapshots. Set to Snapshot mode. - Preset 1 acts as rhythm channel - - Snapshot 1 (clean), Snapshot 2 (w/reverb), Snapshot 3 (w/reverb and drive) - Preset 2 acts as lead channel - - Snapshot 1 (clean), Snapshot 2 (w/reverb), Snapshot 3 (w/reverb and drive) Using Mission Engineering two button switch to change presets. When I change between presets the Snapshot returns to 1 instead of staying on the Snapshot I was last using. Can this be changed?
  11. Hi, I just recently move to PC from Mac, and when I tried connecting my HX stomp to the PC it created this static noise that I have attached. It doesn't matter where I plug the usb cable, front and back panel or USB hub, the result is the same. This problem doesn't happen when I connected it to my Macbook so I guess that maybe I connected something wrong inside the computer or some electrical problem. If anyone can Identify the source of the problem that would be very appreciated, thank you. HX USB NOISE.mp3
  12. Hi. is it possible to scroll through presets while still in «all bypass» mode? my footswitch setup is: 1 and 2 is preset up and down. 3 is all bypass. but as soon as I scroll up or down the preset is engaged and bypass is no longer on. I would like to scroll without going through all the different sounds. is this possible?
  13. Hello folks, I'm interested in getting into Line 6. Does the Helix have the same number of effects (amps, cabs, mics, stomps, etc.) as the HX Stomp? I ask because I read through the two owner manuals and it appears the HX Stomp contains more? I was thinking maybe the manuals have not been updated? I like the almost unlimited patch creation/block options in the Helix as well as input/outputs, number of switches, etc. , but I also love more sound options to play with. Thanks!
  14. Hi! What speaker would you recommend for an hx stomp user playing at home? The alternatives that fit my budget are a Headrush Frfr 108 or one single JBL 308P. I aim at putting either of those on a desk about 10-15 cm from a wall. Which alternative is best? Are there other options to consider?
  15. I have dialled in a great sounding acoustic patch. Hearing with my headphones, it sounds GREAT! Then, I put everything to record in my audio interface (Focusrite Scarlet Solo), using Garageband as my DAW, and the sound was completely different! It was lifeless, dull, muddy. Do you guys know what could it be? Thank you!
  16. Can we have the 6 switch looper in the HX Stomp in the next update? I just want to use some of the features, like the 1/2 speed and reverse.
  17. Recently got myself an Hx stomp which I’m beginning to really like - but for this one thing: i was surprised to see I had just the ‘ubiquitous vibe’ - not the other typical rotary drum sims in the ‘modulation’ list. Having looked at the manual& a couple videos I saw 2 effects were actuall missing - rotary 145 & rotary 122, as well as most if not all legacy modulation effects for that matter. I’m running the latest firmware (2.91). Any thoughts? Cheers, ben
  18. I've bought the line 6 helix LT second hand. I think its not the original power cable, instead they gave me a 10A 250V power cable, will it be healthy for the helix? or should I search for another power cable that's just 240V?? Because the helix LT Power Requierements are from 100-240V
  19. Hey everybody! I just got an HX stomp in my home studio for all my guitar and bass recording needs. I'm wondering if I can somehow setup a patch to have my wet signal go out the left output and to have a dry DI signal out the right output or vice versa? I know I can do that if I use the HX stomp as my interface but I'd rather not do that. I don't care if I'm wasting blocks because I tend to use very minimal patches. Thanks!
  20. Hi, if you are anything like me than you like modeling your sounds around other bands and either playing their songs or are using the tones to establish your sound. this is a thread that helps you in the journey to knowing what your favourite bands and artist use, from what guitars they use to amps and effects. To start off Anderton's TV Sounds Like Second will be a site that catalogs pretty much every artist and what they have used also has a series If you know of any other videos than feel free to post below! p.s Upvote my comments if you like 'em!
  21. Hey guys! I'm new to the hx stomp and the whole midi controlling world and was wondering if anyone here has used or is using the the DMC-4 gen 3 by Disaster Area with the HX Stomp. I haven't found anyone using that particular model with the hx stomp, I've seen the midi baby and the dmc3 but not that one. The reason why I'm checking that one out is because a friend of mine is selling it for a great price but I honestly don't know if it'll work for what I want it to. Thanks in advance and cheers!
  22. I've been enjoying my Firehawk 1500 with the FBV controller and a Variax for several months now, but when the HX Stomp came out I saw it as an excellent chance to both have an expansion of the Firehawk's effects, and to have a puny little Helix to take on the go or use with headphones in the bedroom. Based on some of the previous posts about connecting the Helix to the Firehawk 1500 I was worried that it would be a bit of a hairball but it didn't seem to be a problem at all and I was curious what methods everyone else had tried. Because I wanted to retain the Variax VDI input control (which the Firehawk 1500 has but the HX Stomp does not) this is how I set it up: 1. Variax into Firehawk 1500 VDI input. 2. FX block in Firehawk effects chain turned on and placed after amp block. 3. Left & Right sends on Firehawk FX Send out to Left & Right input on HX Stomp. 4. Left & Right outputs on HX Stomp to Left & Right Returns on Firehawk 1500. My thinking was to use the HX Stomp primarily for its effects with the Firehawk for the amp and distortion settings, and then if I needed more effects than what HX stomp allowed to simply use the additional effects blocks within the Firehawk. When I tried that setup it seemed to work perfectly, but it also seemed to work just fine to have the HX stomp handle the amp settings as well. Best of all, I was able to use the Variax without needing a battery and still set its tunings within the app. Has anyone else on this board experimented with different ways to mesh these two? What worked best for you?
  23. Hi guys, so few months ago I bought the Stomp, but I was already spending a bit more (I'm a student) than I initially wanted to (now I know that it was definitely worth it) so I decided that I would use it with my ATH-MSR7 headphones until I'd find a better solution. I was pretty satisfied with using it through headphones (that was before trying it with the JBL, the headphones sound good but I think they are somehow coloring the sound more and make it more muddy, basy and less clear, even tho the headphones are not basy and pretty detailed when I'm listening to music through my PC) but I'm not a big fan of wearing headphones when playing so I decided to try something that was laying next to me: the JBL Clip 2 bluetooth speaker. The speaker has jack input so I connected it the same way I connect my headphones and honestly I was pretty blown away with the sound. It sounded very good to me even better than the headphones. I could hear more of the nuances of each amp model and overdrive pedal. I am happy with the sound but I'm wondering how much can it be improved by using proper studio monitor or FRFR speaker? I never had a chance to test it out with any of those. I only tested it in the store through plugging it straight into front of one of the amps there and through my headphones I brought. The only other amp I've played my guitar through is super cheap borrowed CRATE amp which sounds really bad so I have no tube amp reference. If some of you guys have this speaker I would love to hear from you how you like it and how it compares to a proper solution. In the current situation I can't go to store and try it out with a proper FRFR speaker or studio monitor so I'm wandering how big of an improvement would using one bring (over the JBL). I currently only practice at home so lower volume is not a problem. I'm currently thinking about saving up for one good studio monitor (for example Adam A7X caught my interest, even tho it's really expensive). I would rather spend more and get a good product than save some money in short term and spend more in the long run. So do you think that using one studio monitor is a good idea or do you think I should look into something else or maybe buy two (honestly the price of two A7Xs seems kind of unrealistic to me). I have a lot of time to do online research but I'm kind of overwhelmed by all the studio monitor and FRFR options and I'm not sure about the whole one studio monitor thing. Hope my questions are at least somewhat clear. Thanks for your replies!
  24. Hi Everyone, I got the Stomp a few days ago and I've been trying to hook it up and set it up but to no avail. Can't seem to get it to work in the effects loop of my amplifier. I hope you guys can point me in the right direction! Normally I would use the L/R main output, but these are already going to my speaker monitors... I got the Stomp to 1) replace my audio interface, 2) use the effects and preamp in my loop, and 3) use it for direct monitoring in conjunction with Rocksmith. I've got it to work as an audio interface, plugging the USB into my computer and my monitor speakers in the L/R out. Check! I've got it to work with Rocksmith by plugging guitar into main L in and the send into Rocksmith Truetone cable. Check! Now I can't for the life of me figure out how to also put in in the effects loop of my amp for its effects as well as preamp. Where do I plug in the effects send from my amp? Where do I take it back out into the effects return of the amp? How do I then set this up in the Helix software? My idea was to use a Bigshot ABY to switch between my real amp preamp and the helix preamp, and then put the helix in the amp effects loop for its effects. I did a search on the forum, but I only found the standard way with the main L/R out, which I am already using for the monitor speakers. Hope you can help! Mark
  25. I should preface my issue by explaining the way I am using the HX Stomp. I have the unit connected to my computer via USB cable and am using it as my audio interface. In the Stomp's global settings I have my inputs set to instrument level, and my outputs set to line. I have the Stomp's L/R outputs going directly to studio monitors. Also, I have bypassed all block's within the stomp and used the level meter in my DAW to determine the volume of my bypassed guitar signal which comes in at about -8db. I have made sure when adding amps, IRs, effects, etc. that I maintain unity gain. However, I have noticed what sounds like a crackling/digital clipping noise when trying to achieve an edge of breakup tone. The noise goes away when I either reduce the guitar's volume via volume knob, or decrease the gain on the amp block, but then I loose the grit in the tone that I am looking for. I will attach an example to demonstrate. I am not sure if there is a problem with my unit, or if what I am hearing is normal and the problem is with the way I am designing my patch. untitled.mp3
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