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  1. I’ve had both an hx stomp, and now a stomp xl, and my expression pedal is not working for swells. I plugged it into the expression 1/2 on the stomp, and then added a volume block to my patch. I tried putting my volume block at the beginning of my signal chain, after my amp, and at the very end. I also tried messing with the global settings. My issue is that it works for turning up and down my volume, but even though it’s before my reverb and delays, it shuts off the echoes and delays when I roll it back. I want the echoes and delay to continue decaying after I turn down my volume. Instead, it starts turning off my reverb and delay instantly as soon as I begin to roll back on my volume pedal. And this keeps happening regardless of where I put the volume block in my signal chain. I also turned up my decay time on my reverb block as far as it will go, and my volume block is still shutting off the decay. What do I need to do to get the volume block to work for swells?
  2. Hello, I am working on a MIDI controller with LED displays and I would like to use a backup file (format .hls) to retrieve the name and footswitch default status (i.e. what FS is on/off for each snapshot when I go to the preset or change snapshot etc). Since I don't change my setlist that frequently I am not trying to read directly from the unit but instead hard code the names and behaviors based on the .hls. I use a JSON parser to decode the .hls file and see there is a section called footswitch Here is an example (see full file in attachment) 'footswitch': {'dsp0': {'block0': {'@fs_enabled': True, '@fs_index': 5, '@fs_label': 'Volume ' 'Pedal', '@fs_ledcolor': 65408, '@fs_momentary': False, '@fs_primary': True}, 'block1': = etc.. Based on that, I originally assumed that each @fs_index would refer to a footswitch with @fs_enable for the status. However, that doesn't seem to be the case because I have a few setups with @fs_index > 5. To make things more confusing, I also see some presets without the 'footswitch' blocks though there are setup in the unit. Has anyone be able to understand how the hsl file work for the foot-switches assignment ? Any guidance on how to interpret the structure of this file ? Thank you. Pat. Test.txt
  3. Hi! I'm having a big issue when using the fx loop of the HX Stomp XL, I'd like to put my delay and reverb pedals in the fx loop like in a real amp (between the pre amp and power amp), the closest to this is placing the fx loop block after the amp block and before the cab, but when I do this, I get a HUUUUGE tone loss, it's unusable, placing it after the cab gets extremely harsh and noisy but before the amp block I have no issue, but there's no point placing delay and reverb in front of a overdriven amp is you want a clear sound from them. I've tried with lots of pedals and cables and this always happens, even jumping the fx loop with a patch cable I get tone loss, not terrible, but noticeable. Is there a way to fix this? I've read a lot of topics about fx loop tone loss, but none pointed the placing of the block.
  4. Hi everyone, On my HX Stomp XL, most presets included 4 snapshots. Sometimes, in order to work on my sounds, I like export a preset form my HX Stomp XL into my HX Stomp, which supports only 3 snapshots per preset. What happens then to the 4 snapshots ? Does the import process automatically get rid of the 4th snapshot and import snapshots 1-3 into the HX Stomp ? cheers Vincent
  5. Title basically. Ever since I have had the HXS, the tuner does not work if the HXS is connected to my computer in an interface mode. It is fine when connected via USB, but, NOT as an interface. The moment the computer recognizes it as an interface, the tuner goes bonkers and runs around not recognizing any note/pitch. Is this by design or should I be doing something to correct for this? Thanks.
  6. I'm quite new to using switchers So at the moment, I've got a HX Stomp XL, a wah pedal and the Boss ES-5. I want to use the ES-5 to switch pedals on and off in the stomp as well as the external wah pedal and also change patches. Could someone explain to me how I could do this? I've connected the wah into one loop of the ES 5 and connected the HX Stomp with MIDI cables to the ES 5 - not sure if this is correct?
  7. (Preset + IR in attachment) Hi all (some older members may know me as VTM, when i created metal patches for the good'ol podXT). Today a title which was fully recorded with the HX Stomp (all guitars and bass). This one is special as it allows the guitarist to also play a bass line at the same time, using a signal split and a pitch shifter ! A quick taste of this tone here : StrongBBBAAAACK.wav DIR_Deasil_REC.hlx
  8. Hi everyone, I have a Pod Go with me and I was thinking to increase my "pedalboard" besides just Pod Go. I was wondering whether you could integrate Hx Stomp into Pod Go? Like instead of buying individual pedals, just buy a Hx Stomp and connect it to the Pod Go to function as "individual pedals". Does it affect the DSP in Pod Go? Was there any issues? Do the Hx Stomp and Pod Go function normally? I want to use Pod Go as the main pedal to control volume while Hx Stomp acts as extra pedals. I don't have a Hx Stomp so I can't try it myself. Am hoping someone could try and let me know is it feasible or its straight up stupid.
  9. Before I start - I've already updated the firmware on my Stomp (3.50), and HX Edit is on the latest version (3.51). I've also restored the factory settings on the device itself by holding down the two right pedals and turning on the unit. Additionally, I've uninstalled and reinstalled HX Edit. Nothing has worked so far. My computer is running the latest version of macOS Ventura 13.2.1. My issue is - anytime I try to import a new preset into HX Edit and subsequently onto HX Stomp, HX Edit crashes entirely and I have to relaunch. I've tried dragging and dropping presets onto a New Preset slot, selecting a New Preset slot and clicking Import, and File -> Import Preset - all to the same effect. I've attached three screenshots of the issue, so hopefully that helps. The preset I attempt to import in the video is from Alex Strabala's Matchless HX Stomp series. It is clearly marked as an HX Stomp preset. Hoping someone else has experienced this and resolved it. Super frustrating, as part of the reason I purchased the Stomp was to load custom presets from creators. If I can't figure this out, I'm not sure why I'd use the unit. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Hi everyone, the Helix Stomp manual includes a nice tutorial for doing DI-recording / reamping using the HX Stomp and USB. But it must also be possible to record the DI-signal using the Right output ?! (so not through USB) I play with the HX Stmp, sending the left output (mono signal) to our digital mixer (Behringer XR18). I wish I could record my processed guitar tone (so what's coming out of output LEFT) and my DI-signal (what's going into the HX Stomp) so that I can eventually use the recorded DI-signal for reamping... Anybody doing that ?! Best, Vincent
  11. This adaptor is kinda fragile. I babied it and it still broke. 95.00 Canadian for a new one. bad design.
  12. I have been using a Windows 7 laptop with Reaper as my DAW and the HX Stomp has my audio interface for sometime now. I recently upgraded Hx edit to 3.51 and now I can’t get Reaper to recognize the HX stomp. the stomp is running 3.50 and the Hx Edit is 3.51. I’ve tried uninstalling both Hx edit and reinstalling multiple times. Also reinstalled Reaper with no success. any help appreciated. thx. brad
  13. Somehow, during service, my instrument cable disabled my preset. Is this a known bug? Is it a feature that I am somehow accidentally enabling? Is there a way to turn it off or fix it? In moving from my usual spot, to the front of stage, and back to my usual spot, my cord draped over my Stomp. In moving my cord off my Stomp, somehow I moved from my preset (004) to the next preset (005). In attempting to go back to 004, it would skip to 003—back and forth between 003 and 005. This issue persisted until I was able to turn my Stomp off and back on again. Thankfully, I had a duplicate preset ready to go. This is the only issue I’ve ever encountered with my Stomp in the couple of years since had it, but this issue has popped up a couple times now. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi everyone, I installed the latest Line 6 HX Stomp Driver2 (Version for Windows 10. When I try to start a recording session on Ardour, the HX Stomp is recognized, I can select the drive ASIO... but then when I start the session Ardour crashes... Has anybody have any issues with the HX Stomp, a DAW on Windows and the latest driver(s) ? Thanks Vincent
  15. Hi all. I bought the new Pod Hx Stomp in the cool blue and am trying to bypass all function except for their effects. I want to use my amps for tone and DO Not want any amps or cabs in the chain. If I cannot achieve this, I'm taking all 700 bucks of it back. Please help if you have insight! Thanks in advance for your knowledge and time!
  16. So I have a problem setting up this dual setup with a exp pedal AND a momentary footswitch. Do anyone have any experience with this? I've tried with a Rockboard Y split cable, and a mission engineering exp pedal built for line6 pedals. Maybe i need to get another exp pedal, or cable?... Let me know!
  17. For me, one of THE shortcomings of on-unit editing with the HX stomp would be that the parameters aren't listed in a manner making much sense, given there's only ever 3 parameters visible (and editable) at once. Examples: In case I want to tweak an amp model quickly, the two single most relevant parameters would be Drive and Channel Volume. These two are very strongly connected to each other (raising Drive often requires lowering Channel Volume and vice versa), but they're on two pages. Same goes for overdrive/distortion blocks. As soon as the unit offers more than 3 parameters, Level is found on the second page. And it also goes for all reverbs and delays. The two single most relevant (and again related) parameters for a delay would be feedback and mix, for a reverb it'd be decay and mix. And they're always on two different pages. All this is resulting in an almost endless clickfest - when it could be so easy in case those parameters would be on the same page. Look at how Zoom is doing things on, say, their MS-50G units. There's also 3 knobs only, but the most important parameters are always on page 1. Excellent. ----- If you think this could be a great improvement (IMO it'd be tremendous), vote it up on Ideascale.
  18. Is there any way to clear the 1 Switch Looper without having to listen to the beginning of the previously recorded content? I mean, there must be some way to do this, otherwise you could never even remotely use it in a live context. Thanks in advance for any tips, tricks and hacks.
  19. Hi, Folks, I'm modding a jazz guitar that currently has a magnetic pickup in the neck. I'm putting an acoustic pickup (actually a compression pickup) under the bridge to get an acoustic sound. However, I don't have a pre-amp for the pickup, but one is generally recommended. I'm planning to have them wired with a stereo/TRS output jack on the guitar so I can blend them externally. Would the HX stomp be sufficient for this? The idea is to split the signals into the two inputs and then bring the two input paths together. On the acoustic side, I would have an IR as well as a pre-amp model or similar. Would this work out okay? Do I need a pre-amp to amplify the acoustic signal *before* I get to the Helix, or should I be able to balance those two pickups with levels, etc. inside the HX Stomp? Thanks for any help/suggestions.
  20. I've been using HX stomp for quite a while but new to this forum. Not sure if I can get some help on this controller assignment issue or is there any existing discussion already covered this: I've been using both [MIDI In signal] and [one footswitch] to on/off a Level block serves as line selector/mute function on one of my output (I got 3 outputs in total hooked up to 3 amps for different effects). Now I need to add one more block to my chain that already takes up all 8 blocks, so I need to remove the level block and turn to the level control on the Mixer. This is when I realize that, unlike a block, there is no MIDI In in the HX Edit when a control is assigned to the level on Mixer. This means that I need to choose between a footswitch or MIDI signal to control my output, instead of having both options. This is really essential for me because although I play live with a track and everything is auto controlled via MIDI, but there is always time when I need to manually intervene and mute the output. I can't choose one over another as they are both important for me. Anybody knows how I can make this work? Any thoughts would be much appreciated!!
  21. I'm curious if anyone has tried using the effects from a POD HD500X into an HX Stomp? I seem to remember that the POD had pretty good effects overall. I have one sitting around collecting dust and you can't get much for them on Reverb. I guess it would be a poor man's HX Effects and if it works it would help out with the DSP. Any settings adjustments needed from using it straight into an amp?
  22. So, I want to use my Stomp mostly for switching purposes on my pedalboard. However, since I am using a preamp pedal I need a third FX loop. One to engage my drives all at once, one for the preamp and one for my delay and reverb. So I was thinking of using the left and right ins and outs to set up two completely seperate signal chains and creating a third always-on FX loop for the preamp pedal by running the signal from the left output into the right input. Whether this is possible, and how to execute it settings-wise I'm not exactly sure. Figured some experts in here could give me a pointer?
  23. I'm having a footswitch issue with my HX Stomp. I recently bought a Boss FS-6 dual footswitch to add additional switches to my unit but I seem to be having an odd problem. I have the footswitch in latched mode and everything assigned properly but when I press the footswitch the light turns on and nothing happens. When I press it a second time the block I've assigned turns on but the footswitch light goes off again. When using momentary mode on the footswitches it seems to work though I don't have the light indication on the footswitch to tell me if it's on or off easily. This seems consistent with each other as it has something to do with two signals activating a block (turning latch mode on/off = two signals, pressing momentary = two since it's pressed on and off very quickly). I have it connected with a short TRS cable so both footswitches "work", but not necessarily as intended and I can only functionally use it in momentary mode. I think I've seen this issue being discussed in a few Youtube comment sections but I haven't been able to find anything on the forums yet about this. Is the FS-6 just not compatible with the HX Stomp? If anybody has any insights into the issue that would be amazing. EDIT: Solved! I had to change the bypass mode of the block to "momentary" instead of "latched" even when the Boss footswitch is set to latched. Works perfectly. Included video of the issue:
  24. Here is a quick guide on assigning dual momentary footswitch options to your HX Stomp or HX Stomp XL using the external switch jack: Global Settings > Preferences > Page 2 will show EXP FS Tip and EXP FS Ring. These setting should be assigned to FS4/FS7 and FS5/FS8 accordingly. Next menu item over: Global Settings > Footswitches > FS4(FS7) Function, FS5(FS8) Function assignment on page 2. These can be assigned to different functions such as Stomp buttons OR Preset up and down. HX Stomp Controllers & Snapshots video
  25. I am having issues with HX edit 2.7 since I installed firmware 3.15. List of issues: 1. When I try and load my backup, it fails because something is missing apparently 2. The editor itself does not function properly. The lines connecting the blocks are not in the right spot and if I move them, I get an error message 3. I do not have a main L/R at the end of the signal path anymore. 3. I cannot rename or recolor snapshots anymore. I used to be able to do this before updating I have tried everything I can think of including a complete factory reset and deletion of all HX related files and registry keys followed by reinstall of most current programs. I am at a total loss and have gigs coming up. Please help!
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