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  1. Hi all, I run my electric guitar (passive pickups) into my PodXT, which is run directly into a combo amp. I'm looking to get a volume pedal, but I'm wondering if I can get a pedal for passive inputs / high-impedance (like the Dunlop DVP1) or if I need a pedal for active pickups / low-impedance (like Ernie Ball Jr 25k ) because the signal is coming out of the PodXT. I have been reading about impedance mismatch so I'm wondering if the PodXT output is high-impedance (like the original guitar signal) or low-impedance. Elec Gtr > PodXT > VP > Combo Amp Thanks!
  2. Hello, There has been discussion about headphones and the required impedance. I recently acquired an hd500 and was a bit skeptical about the requirement of high >300ohm impedance headphones. I had a Sennheiser Amperior hedaphones, these are quite neutral, closed back, easy to drive low impedance headphones (18ohm). They cost about 150-200 euro. When paired with the hd500 I thought the sound was not bad, but the limited soundstage of closed back headphones made the sound quite congested. The worst was that I got random disgusting noises that I thought were caused by ground loops when connecting the pod to the computer. Then I bought a Sennheiser Hd600, these are quite neutral too, but are 300 ohm and quite difficult to drive and open back. The sound now is really open, like if you were listening to an amp in a room, and best of all, there was no trace of the disgusting digital noises I had with the Amperiors. I bought them on amazon for 220 euros- I tested with my IEMs, vsonic gr04, that are quite neutral-middle centric with low impedance, and I got the noises back. Although they have greater soundstage than the Amperiors, they sounded fatiguing and congested too. So, IMHO, if you have to choose headphones to use with the POD’s HD: · Try to get high impedance headphones as Line6 recommends. · Open Back headphones will give you more open sound and a feel closer to playing through an amp. I hope it helps someone Nestor PS: excuse my English, it’s not my native language…
  3. HOLA! I am looking for ways to create sounds in my hd500 to be as real as possible. I mean, I want to be sure to be listening to the right thing. It happened that after editing a sound (I thought right) then I found very different in other audio systems. I know, it is normal that the systems audio sound distinct from one enclosure to another, even more if they are different systems. The aim: Same possibilities to create a sound as if a real amp in my house. Which is the best? Headphones? Professional Monitors? Home monitors? Another thing? Thank you very much to all!
  4. I have a POD HD PRO X and now that I have a tone I'm happy with, I want to run it into a cab. I understand that I need a power amp to do so, and I understand that I use the effects out and in to connect the pod with the power and I use the Pod's own line out into the amp, but how do I control the amp's Ohm impedance so that it matches the cab?
  5. good evening. as in object: could somebody tell surely what's the impedance at POD XT headphones plug? i have a 32 Ohms set and the sound quality is horrible, so I'd need to build an impedance corrector cable and to know precise values to do that. thanx, bye
  6. Hi there Line6 users! Do you know what impedance use the Pod studio UX2 in Instrument inputs (active and passive) and in Line inputs? I' ve done a weird thing but it can work IMHO: I've plugged in the line input my little guitar amp through the phones output but the recorded guitar make a lot of noise. Perhaps must I put a DI box between the amplifier's phones output and the pod and connect the the DI box output to a Pod's Mic input? Thx, and keep on rockin'!
  7. What is the input impedance of the Line 6 Floor Pod Plus? I've built a preamp for some piezoelectric pickups I have, and while it certainly helps when plugged straight into an amp, it doesn't seem to affect the sound (beyond volume) plugged into my pod. I'm curious if I can just omit the preamp, or if something else in my chain is causing me to miss a difference in sound. Thanks in advance!
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