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Found 28 results

  1. This script is to help make backing up and restoring IRs to the same slot a little easier. For anyone looking for a quick way to add an incremented prefix number to all their IRs. Still an imperfect solution for IR backups but I hope this helps. I wrote a DOS script inspired by some suggestions on the web for adding an incremented numbered prefix to all of your IRs at once. I considered doing it in PowerShell but I thought more people might be comfortable with a DOS script. It can be run from a Windows directory or any Command window (DOS prompt) As of right now numbered prefixes are the only way I know of to be able to dependably restore IRs after a firmware update and global restore in the same order so that your presets don't point to the wrong IR. I pasted the script here so you can create your own batch file rather than uploading code which always has the possibility of a virus. Cut and paste from this post and just name the file something like IncrementedPrefixIR.bat and run it from the command prompt on a Windows computer. My apologies to Mac users, I am not a Mac person but I am sure it could easily be adapted by someone who is, or run from a Mac DOS emulator. The script is totally non-destructive, only does a copy, and seems to work perfectly but I make no guarantees implied or otherwise. The safest way to test this script will be to copy your IRs and the script to a new directory and run it from there. If anyone has any issues please let me know and I will attempt to fix them. Thanks! Instructions for .bat file use Cut and paste the script into Notepad and save and name the script, e.g IncrementedPrefixIR.bat Make sure you have a .bat extension for the file name. Place it in the directory with your IR files. It will only copy IRs (*.wav) files You can run the script by double-clicking it or using "Open" on the .bat file from the Windows directory, or, alternatively you can open a dos/command prompt and navigate to your IR directory with the script. Then type .\ IncrementedPrefixIR.bat All IRs in the directory will be copied with a prefixed incremented number and underscore. For example, the files "MarshallGreenback.wav" and "MesaBlackWidow.wav" will now have copies named "1_MarshallGreenback.wav" and "2_MesaBlackWidow.wav". You may need to refresh your directory to see the new files. If you run the script twice you will end up with two sets of copies. You can now either move your prefixed copies to a new directory or delete the old files without prefixes (make sure you have a backup of them somewhere else first). You can now order the Windows directory on name and all your IRs can be imported into the Helix in the same order every time. Please feel free to enhance the script, I can think of a couple of ways it could be better. The .bat file script (cut and paste everything from "@echo off" down to the "GOTO :eof" line into a .bat file) @echo off SET COUNT=1 REM FOR /f "tokens=*" %%G IN ('dir /b .\*.wav') DO (call :renum "%%G") GOTO :eof :renum copy %1 %count%_%1 set /a count+=1 GOTO :eof
  2. I've been trying those Taylor IRs for some days and they sure add an interesting flavor to what my variaxes can do by themselves, so I was wondering, does anybody have nylon/classical guitar impulse response files?
  3. I have a general question for users more expert on using IRs. Where do you generally set the "Mix" and "Level" parameters? In particular I am interested in where you set the Level. I would have thought that generally the Level should be set at "unity" at 0db, but I have found that particularly on the acoustic IRs, this can result in a fizzy kind of unpleasant sound. Setting the Level lower usually sounds better to my ears. So where do you set the Mix and Level parameters for both electric and acoustic IRs? Please specify whether you are using electric or acoustic. Thanks!
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