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Found 65 results

  1. thenickhill81

    Metal Tone Walk Through

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share a walkthrough the tone I used in a recent video. Hope this helps someone! https://youtu.be/OFhFWvt6nzU
  2. thenickhill81

    Metal Tone Walk through

    Hey guys, Just wanted to share a walkthrough the tone I used in a recent video. Hope this helps someone!
  3. thenickhill81

    Metal Tone w/Ownhammer Impulses Video/Audio

    Hey guys, I have a video up demonstrating I tone I developed using Ownhammer Impulses. Hope it can help someone.
  4. Attention all you two-voice-at-the-same-time-junkies. Here are some alternatives for you. They are derived from Mama Bear. I used Logic Pro's Impulse Response Utility, they are all 32-bit (recorded at 24 and converted) 48K (recorded that way NOT converted) 2048 (a couple are 2047 or 2046, they work the same, it's just really hard to crop exactly 2048 in that clunky program) IRs. All of them work in Helix. I tested them. Here's the thing. Mama Bear makes you not only choose the model, but the input device. I chose the setting that matched my PowerBridge, with EQ flat, captured all the IRs 100% wet (of course), and named them in a manner that should make total sense (ros means rosewood, mah means mahogany, etc. let me know if you can't figure the name of one of them or just download the Mama Bear manual). The number at the front is the number of the model in that manual. A few really cool and different ones are the Gypsy Jazz, Archtop Jazz and resonator models. Very surprising. What surprises me even more is that even though they were made with the "wrong" input selected for a "real" acoustic guitar, they seem to work great in that way! I tried some with my Crowdster and they worked really well. More subtle, I think, than the Fishman Aura ones floating around, and you may like those Fishman ones better (for certain things I think I still do). I will make a sample video when I can, and will probably capture another set with the under-saddle input circuitry selected to see if it works better with acoustic guitars. I attached a zip file if you want as well. same files as the link above. 2 things. 1. Let me know what you think and if they are useful and 2. post a ridiculously overstated compliment right here if you download them. Something like "Peter Hamm is the most amazing human that has ever lived and I want to be like him when I grow up", you know... something like that to make me feel good about myself. Mama_Bear_IRs.zip
  5. salmanhkr

    Acoustic Guitar impulse response

    Hello every one. Does anyone know how to find some IRs for acoustic guitar ? I didn't find anything by googling. I need some IRs in order to use in my Helix for recording acoustic guitar through cable or mic ( which I don't know which one may works better with IRs) The purpose is creating a killer sound with a not perfect acoustic guitar! ...and please advice how to use it? I mean ordering. TNX :)
  6. Hi everyone I'm new to both: Helix and the world of IRs (and even the english language - I hope you guys understand me) :) I've been reading for hours now, and as far as I understand the topic, it should be possible to make my acoustic guitar sound (more or less) like a bass guitar. For now I'm using an octaver and lots of EQing, but I think IRs should be a much better way (if they can make electrics sound like acoustics...) And then a kind of "ambient-orchestra-strings" sound would be great as well. And again I'm hoping to achieve that with IRs (at the moment tons of delay, chorus... is doing the job). So at the bottom line I have 2 questions: a.) Can I do that? b.) Where do I find suitable IRs (Bass & Orchestra/Violins...). Free ones would be nice to try, but basically it's not a problem if they cost a view bugs. What I found for myself is 3 SIGMA. Looks very promising. Thanks a lot!!! chris
  7. markblack77

    IR's - anyone else overwhelmed? (tips?)

    first world problem if ever there was one... I thought I'd take a trip into the rabbit hole of IR's, why... because they are there! :) I bought the Ownhammer Core Tone Bundle after a bit of research and I'm sure it's very good... but I found it so overwhelming, too many files, too much choice that after a couple of evenings I just deleted them off the helix and vowed never to go there again. Until I got the free Allure pack - I have to say I thought it was great - just a few flies to play with and I got some good sounds really quickly. I know this is all the falut of the user (me) and I know that IR's if you know what you are doing are very useful tools - but did anyone else just get too overwhelmed and would just like more simple packs where some says here's one or two - just use them IR for dummies I guess... anyone else find this? Any other very simple packs people recomened? Cheers Mark
  8. ronballllllls

    Noob questions about IRs

    Hi everyone, Just ordered a Helix Rack from Sweetwater that will be here in a few days, and I can't wait to fire that thing up! I've read that the stock IRs are not so great and people have suggested added their own custom IRs they've bought from third-parties. I've heard a demo of some ML Sound Labs IRs that Fractal Audio sells through their store. If I wanted to buy an IR pack from ML Sound Labs (through Fractal Audio), would I be able to use them with my Helix? I have 0 experience with IRs, but I've read that they're mostly like .wav files but couldn't confirm from their site. Thanks
  9. willjrock

    diezel v30 sm57 cab IR

    This is a free IR. Ive enjoyed it inside TH3 for a while now. Ive tried to load it in Helix, but it gives no sound. There doesnt seem to be any similar complaints on the net. Has anyone had any success with this IR? Inside or outside Helix? Also, i havent been able to get this IR to work in ANY capacity, other than inside TH3. Ive even downloaded it from different sites on different occasions. Any clue what gives? Thanks!
  10. Everybody but me may already be aware of this, but there's a really natural sequence of IR management moves that won't produce the results you expect and probably want. I think most people name their IRs with a 3-digit slot number prefix, to make it easier to restore them from backups after an upgrade -- just drag them back into the editor in one go. However, if after you export, you then rename them in the file system, like when you reorganize to make room for new stuff, there's a problem: If IRs you import have a Title metadata field, which exports from Helix do, it's used as the IR name in Helix, instead of the file name. So your nicely NAMED files may end up in the right slots in Helix, but it'll be super confusing, because the exported titles are still there, causing the names in Helix to be like they were when you exported. Small example: Your first 3 IRs are named foo, bar, and honk, with numbered prefixes on them 001, 002, and 003 Those export as 001 foo, 002 bar, and 003 honk To change their order, you rename them in the file system as 001 bar, 002 honk, and 003 foo. That's a simplified example, in reality you might move them to slots 81-83, and move some new ones in 1-3. Note what's happened here. During the export, behind the scenes Helix also set their Title metadata fields to be the same as the filenames it used. You renamed the files, but the titles in those 3 files are still what they were when they were exported. They no longer match their file names. Drag them back into Helix to import them, and the result looks really weird, like the files ended up in the wrong slots, or something. If you look closely at the actual patch contents, they're in the rights slots, but they have the wrong names in Helix, because Helix used their no-longer-correct Title metadata as their names. The simplest workaround I know of is to use an audio tagging tool like kid3 to strip out the title metadata field before reimporting them again. I'd suggest doing that immediately after exporting, so you don't have to worry about it. kid3 can also set the title from the filename automatically, but there's really no point, just kill it, so Helix uses the file name. IMO, Helix's auto-title behavior is super unconstructive, firstly for the reason explained above, but also because it means that whenever you move your IRs around and renumber them, the actual contents of the files change, not just the file name. You can't use any standard tools to search for dupes in your backups, or connect an exported IR whose name got truncated back to the original version, etc.. (You can't do that second one directly anyway, because Helix also changes the audio format, making the audio part of the content different too. But in theory you could import ant export everything in some (or all!?!) your vendor directories, then compare them to an exported backup file you were trying to identify. But that can't work, because if the file name is different, Helix will make the title different too.) Semi-OT, Helix exports also erase all other metadata fields except title, like Author, Album, etc., and other attribution info. Stripping out out copyright info seems especially unfortunate to me. If I were an IR vendor, I'd object. That also means you can't use metadata fields to store the vendor, package, and IR name, so you know what it is after Helix truncates the name.
  11. Hi All, I considering the purchase of the Helix and I'm completely new to amp modeling, etc. I keep seeing terms like "IR", "patches", and other terminology used in reference to these devices. Can someone help me understand these, and whatever other terminology I'm likely to encounter, in conceptual terms? I'm also researching a couple other devices, for example the Kemper system. Was it the case that when the Helix initially came out, the stock tones were not on the level of the Kemper but that over time Helix has closed the gap (if there ever was one in the first place)? I ask this because I visited a Kemper forum and had seemed to see more and more converts to Helix in terms of general attitude in the posts towards the device over the past year or so. So I'm wondering that as people have dialed in various tones on their Helixes via "tweaking" that perhaps things have improved over time? And then, of course, I've seen a number of Youtube videos where the Fractal, Kemper, and the Helix are compared and honestly I have a hard time telling the difference between any of them and that it boils down (to me, anyway) the interface of which Helix has the best (again, in my opinion). So if anyone can address or help me out with the above points, I'd greatly appreciated it. Thanks again. Regards, Geo
  12. zooey

    Ownhammer Helix tutorial

    Anyone who's using Ownhammer IRs with Helix, I'd suggest reading the Ownhammer tutorial about that. My short takeaway for the subtly best results: If you're comfortable not mixing Ownhammer IRs with other brands, use the files in the Fractal folder rather than Helix His advice on keeping all parallel IRs on the same processor path seems more dubious. If that were an issue, seems like it would affect all patches, not just ones with IRs, Ownhammer or not.
  13. musikeren

    Reg IRS

    Hi I've just got some IRS, and downloaded them to my Helix LT But when I put them in my chain, there is no sound coming out of the helix.. and when I remove the IR, then the sound is back. Is there a special way to import IRS to the Helix ?
  14. Joe_M

    Helix Amp Modelling

    So I'm considering a Helix rack as my main guitar setup and the only thing that I really want to know is how good are the amp models and IR's really? I've seen plenty of youtube reviews and testimonies online about how good the uni is as an 'fx' only box, but I'd love to use it as an amp sim while using my own pedals. I'd obviously be happy to use some of the inbuilt effects when I need them, but how do the amps hold up on their own is what I need to know. Just to note as well, I mainly play clean or light crunch so I'm not hugely bothered about the Mesa or Soldano sims being 'fizzy' or whatever. Thanks in advance for the help!
  15. aleclee

    Free IRs

    Just got my HX this week and have been going back through my IR stash, auditioning them on the new device. My favorites are the Tonic IRs: I'm particularly fond of the Bogner cabs in this set Taylor CE: If you try these, you might decide that an acoustic sim block isn't such an urgent need Here are some other sets I have. I don't like 'em as much as the Tonic ones but YMMV. Guitar Hack IRs Guitar Cab Impulses Kathallen Cabs Anyone else have IRs they'd like to share?
  16. thomasnorman112


    Whats up guys, i'm new to the Helix and IR's in general. I am curious what the difference between the 2048 Sample Rate, and the 1024 Sample Rate. I am also curious about the difference between 44.1, 48. and 96 when downloading IR's. Does a higher sample rate give you a higher definition sound? And is there a difference in sound from a 44.1 IR download as apposed to a 96? ALSO. I'm getting a lot of buzz and feedback running a 4 cable method into my 5150. Any ideas? I use a Furman Power Conditioner so i would imagine its not ground noise. It's only when i'm running an IN/OUT FX loop into my EVH head. Thanks dudes!
  17. jshimkoski

    Helix Help Updated

    Hey everybody, I just pushed out a huge update to http://helixhelp.com Everyone will probably need to update their bookmarks due to some changes I had to make in the upgrade. The site is way more robust and expandable with a modern design and pretty pictures of each amp. I've also started adding the Release Notes for each firmware release and have the Helix Cheat Sheet available on the home page. Also, don't forget to checkout my new IR Manager. There is a beta available for Mac with a Windows version soon to follow. You can find it at Helix Help as well. One more thing... Make a new patch with the new Line 6 Badonk... It sounds amazing! Happy picking, Jason
  18. Hey guys, Jason here (the dude that maintains http://helixhelp.com). I've created a free IR management tool for the Helix that is available for Beta testing. http://www.helixhelp.com/pmwiki.php?n=Main.HelixIRManager If you're interested, you can download it from the link above. Right now, only the Mac version is available but a Windows version is on the way shortly. Please keep in mind that this is beta software and things might be broken and your experiences with it may vary. Anyway, I hope this makes everyone's life a little bit easier until Line 6 comes up with something official. Thanks.
  19. Zzz123

    Best Impulse Responses for Metal?

    Has anyone tried the Fat Lazy Cabs pack on the Helix? Demos sound pretty good. http://fatlazycabs.b...t/fat-lazy-cabs I'm looking for good metal tone and considering: 1. Ownhammer 2. Redwirez 3. Fat Lazy cabs 4. Rosen Digital 5. 3 Sigma. What do you guys think?
  20. aepoc

    Acoustic IR's with single coils?

    Are there any really good acoustic IR's that work with single coils? Free or not, I don't care.
  21. levisanford

    IRs and converting sysex to wav

    Hey again guys, I need a bit of help. Is there any way to take cab packs from the .sysex file format and perhaps put them through a converter to make them into .wav files. A friend of mine loaded a few of his AxeFX IR files into a thumb drive for me to try and they are in SysEx format. Shouldn't I be able to convert these to .wav for the Helix to read them? ...ALSO is there any news of the Helix possibly supporting this type of file for IRs soon?
  22. I screwed up. I was auditioning a bunch of the free Redwire Marshall IRs. I came across a couple that together really have the sound that I was going for in a preset. However, I failed to realize that the long descriptive names in the Redwire IR file names got truncated to a length (25) that typically makes these descriptive names meaningless when they are imported into the Helix. I took a look in the .hlx file but the original file name is not there (didn't expect to be ... but). I assume that there's no way now to determine the files that I loaded? Also I posted this issue on Ideascale as a 25 length name limit is a bit of a usability issue. Any remedies or suggestions on how to determine the files or how to name the IRs in the future are appreciated.
  23. This afternoon I finally got around to loading up Helix with a bunch of free IRs. (Big thanks to roscoe5 and Chris Beaver for their freebies!) Some things happened that bug me, want to check if I'm Doing It Right. - I collected all the IRs I wanted to load in a few directories on my PC, then used Bulk Rename Utility to rename them with a 2-digit sequential prefix, to make it easy to keep track of what's what when they get to Helix. First thing I did was drag them all into the editor, 80-something files. It made it only a little ways through before I got an error that Helix had disconnected, had to reboot Helix to reconnect. Tried again, same thing. Tried doing batches of 10 at a time, worked much better, but still not consistently successful. Is that "normal"? Is there some other approach to make that work better? Any signs L6 is working on that? - I eventually got all the files I wanted onto the Helix, however, Helix stripped my numeric prefixes off all the first 40 IRs, and none of the rest. I went back and tried dragging those files into the editor again, same thing. I ended up copying and pasting individual names from the file system into the editor, for all of those first 40 IRs. Is that a known bug? A "feature" of some sort? It seems like a bizarre bug for Helix to have, but well, all software has bugs... - Once I got everything loaded, I wanted to back them all up in Helix's native format, with the names how it left them. However, I didn't see a way to back them all up at once. Is it really true you have to export each one individually? Ouch. In any case, it's good to get those resources on board to play with. Had to stop before I could do a whole lot with them, but I did pull up a preset built around an IR roscoe5 made a while ago from an Amplitube dual cab rig I had, tweaked it some, and it really was was pretty cool. As folks have said in that other thread, it's a pretty great time to be an electric musician. So anyway, feedback on those IR questions would be much appreciated.
  24. archisc

    Helix cab vs third party IR Cabs?

    Anyone compare Helix cabs vs third party cabs?
  25. This week i am posting a couple of IR's of an Acoustic Sim designed for humbucker or single coil pickups. It seemed all of the other available acoustic IR's didn't work well with my electric mag pickups. I set these first few up for some settings that I liked with my Les Paul (HB) and Strat (SC), but there are more settings on the sim if you guys like them. I will probably do more later with the different settings, but would like to test these live and maybe get a little feedback from you guys too first. Link to Acoustic Sim IR's https://www.dropbox.com/sh/v0rxzmv514uzdez/AADWNQmQi55ZVt9ShDCLGeULa?dl=0 Link to main IR folder https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lstuzn05tdpin9v/AADjdknZwdrze5VqaO7whHroa?dl=0