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Found 6 results

  1. Hi - I know some of you out there are hoping to upgrade some of your gear, so maybe I can help you save on eBay or Reverb or Gbase fees. I've been spoiled with a modded JTV69 that's got a Moses graphite neck, locking tuners and JBE pickups. Looking for a #2 (or maybe a new #1) could be a 69 or an 89 or a Strat-ish style transplant (the last, only if it's a bug-free install with properly shielded cavity, etc.), but want to see something better than stock. Pickups upgraded to a noiseless variety, locking tuners, I'd be SUPER happy if there were another graphite necked one out there. No Floyd Rose please - I change strings too often for that - standard trem or hardtail. Hit me up with DMs if you're interested. Pay by PayPal, would require shipping to NJ. I can pick up within most of NJ and NYC. Whatcha got?
  2. Hi, I'm on that scary precipice of just about to order a new guitar. I have been torn between the JTV-69 Standard and the JTV-59. I know when in Acoustic modelling mode, the 5-way switch on the JTV-69 will change the acoustic model. But since the JTV-59 only has a 3-way switch I wonder if it has the same number of acoustic model choices. Thanks in advance for your help. P.S. - I sure wish there were Variax dealers in my area. I have never bought a guitar without playing it first, and to be honest, I'm a little nervous. Lee - Warwick, RI
  3. Thanks for viewing my Post. Heres my issue with as much detail as I can possibly Muster. I have started this specific thread because I am connected only to a MAC computer (compatible SierraOS) I DO NOT have a POD, or any other connected device and only seem to find threads with issues to connect to other devices or threads that get derailed / go nowhere. Trying very hard to be Patient as the Guitar plays like a Dream just doesn't Model ;) Here we Go: 1. I have a New JTV59 with the Included Battery, Charger and USB interface (VDI?) and accompanying "ethernet" cable, Pilots Handbook, Allan wrenches etc... 2. I have Charged the Battery Fully (Over twelve hours with slow red blink on charger) 3. I have 4 Green LEDs on the back that stay on for 3 seconds and disappear when the Battery is placed into the Guitar. 4. I have Sound working with Magnetic Pickups only (like any regular guitar would) through 1/4" jack 5. I have Monkey Recognizing the USB interface 6. I have Installed the Latest versions Monkey and Workbench HD (as monkey prompted me to) 6. I have the 1/4 inch Jack and VDI "Ethernet" Cable attached to the Guitar Despite attempting all the different suggestions on this Forum 1. I do not have any LEDs lighting under the Modeling or Alt-Tuning Knobs 2. The Four Green LEDs on the Back flash a few times when pressing the little Circular switch then turn off 3. Monkey Does not recognize the Guitar 4. WorkBench HD does not recognize the Guitar 5. USB interface Is Green (computer side) and Flashing Red (Guitar Side) 5. I do not hear any "Relay Click" when the 1/4" standard guitar cable is connected (With or Without VDI connected) 6. I have no Modeling sound whether through an amp connected to 1/4" I have tried adding pieces of Paper to the inside of the Modeling Knob (Which 1/100 times will "Click" when pressed down) I have tried Switching the "Tone Switch" to Position 3 and 5 with Modeling knob in position Custom 1 I have tried to wear the battery down a bit and reseat it numerous times. I have tried to check the internal Contacts of the Battery Case with a multimeter and see expected voltages being provided by the Battery. The three contacts from battery to case are firmly seated. I Have tried using a different "Ethernet" Cable (This is the last thing I've tried) I am in Mexico for two months and do not have the ability to simply return the Guitar for a replacement. Happy to provide any further information / Photos / Video!!! Truly Hoping someone on this Forum can help a Guy out! :D Much Appreciated :D
  4. The issue I'm having with my JTV-89F, is that when my modelling function is turned on, several of the strings do not respond properly and do not have consistent output. I can assume this is an issue with the piezo. Is there a way to reset the piezo to respond properly? I don't have a reason why this happened as it worked one day and then the next, not so much. I have searched for a solution but haven't found a resource that pertains specifically to my problem. Any thoughts? Thanks \m/
  5. If you know are a left hander or you know a left hander, then why not vote for a left handed JTV? UPDATE: While it is may be possible to rewire a right handed JTV, add a new button for the guitar strap, etc - It would void the warranty, and would leave you with a guitar that isn't exactly ergonomic. Hendrix shined with his upside-down Strat, but alas we aren't all Hendrix! To anyone who is left handed by nature, but has forced themselves to play the "right" way up - Well done. Vote anyway?
  6. Line 6 has introduced the IdeaScale forum as a means for collecting suggestions for future updates to Line 6 products. Please go and vote for a left handed JTV:
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