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Found 10 results

  1. Is anyone aware of any good Helix / HX presets for Pat Metheny clean tones - on custom-tone or for sale ? I currently use a Digitech pre-amp emulation with pretty good results on a different brandname product. Thanks ChrisG
  2. Am a session musician and although I play lots of instruments I play bass most of the time, I have one of the new James Tyler variax guitars and I must say its a vast improvement and is one of my must have guitars I take it everywhere. I personally would love you to do a new version of the variax bass to have one in my arsenal would make my life a lot more easy, Would love to hear all of your thoughts on the idea and what it must have for example sounds and the desine of the bass ?
  3. Hi guys Apologies for three questions in one topic, but here goes; 1) I'm on firmware v2.01 and I just bought Fremen's pack. Should I load Fremen's pack frist, then apply the firmware update, or the other way around, or is there no difference? 2) I've had Helix for about 4 months and generally like it but struggle to get a good jazz tone. I'm currently using a US Double Nrm. This is modelled on a Fender tube amp I've played through, on it's own, no effects, just plugged in it sounds amazing. But through the Helix with my archtop Ibanez this amp sounds very wimpy and almost unusable. I've ended up adding a seperate EQ (Cali Q) just to boost it up to make a decent tone. I must be doing something wrong here but I can't find a decent straight amp jazz tone on the Helix. Any advice appreciated. 3) Simple question - i need a .rar unarchiver for Fremen's pack - one without loads of adware etc. Any advice? Thanks all, this is a great forum. BTW - my Jazz Clean is attached if it's useful to anyone. Jools Jazz
  4. I'm new to Helix, having used it for about 3 weeks. I have had no history of working with modeling equipment and software. I've gone through most of Jason Sadites' tutorials - very instructive and helpful. I am interested in developing some presets for jazz guitars, particularly hollow bodies such as the D'Angelico Excel EXL1. I'm looking for a clean, round sound. I've attached a preset I made with dual amps and cabs, hopefully to give more depth to the tone. I'm using a Roland 40 amp, but plugging the Helix into the effects jack on the back; this appears to bypass the preamp. The tone was created for the D'Angelico. I applied some compression to the lows and highs of both modeled amps to decrease muddiness and too bright tonalities. I used EQs to specifically target frequencies which feed back on the guitar. Any thoughts/assistance in the elements and/or layout of the preset would be much appreciated. Randall RBS JC40 EXL1b.hlx
  5. Came across a used JM4 Looper for a good price, hoping it would be the looper of my dreams. A bit surprised by its apparent short comings. 1) Out of ALL those DRUM loops, are there really no odd meter grooves? 3/4, 5/4, 7/8?? AND no jazz.. basic medium swing (without back beat!), no jazz waltz? 2) Setting the tempo for a drum loop should not require bending over selecting and scrolling through that tiny screen, it should be foot tap-able! 3) Because of my first 2 comments... I would like to run a drum machine (or in my case the fantastic drum beats+ app), and a bass/guitar through the JM4 and record a loop in real time. Does the JM4 not allow for more than 1 input at a time? Even the lowest end Boss RC looper has inputs a+b, which can both be recorded simultaneously to a loop. ie: a drum machine to A, and a bass to B.. play along to the groove until you're ready, then hit the looper and make a loop of any length... both signals are looped. AS far as i can tell, you can only have one input being looped at a time with the JM4? Conclusion/Comments: -I could be corrected, but the JM4 drum tracks overlooked some very basic jazz grooves (while overloading on tiny variations of rock grooves), and not having the tempo foot tap-able (or even a tactile and quickly accessed scroll wheel) is a major pain. The fact that there is a TAP button on there, but is only for the time based effects and not the track tempos is funny! -More than 1 input at a time would allow a bassist and a guitar player to track a loop at the same time.. or a drum machine and bass.. 2 guitarists... etc... -As I have read repeatedly throughout this forum.. who buys this thing for the amp models and effects!? Make a kickass LOOPER Line 6, see what all other loopers do well, and interview a cross section of musicians who use it for gigging and practice, and get it ALL in there! The Boss RC stations do most these things, I just wish they had more drum play along tracks than the 10ish on there (again with no basic jazz, or even a met that doesn't accent on beat 1 of 4/4).
  6. My guitar teacher has an old Polytone Minibrute IV that just makes every guitar you plug into it sing. Some of my favorite players have played through Polytone amps to great effect (Jim Hall, Joe Pass, etc). I'm trying to recreate that sound with my helix, and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas/tips about achieving that tone. Here's a reference tone I found on youtube:
  7. Hello everybody! I've recently purchased a Variax JTV89f and I'm wondering if it possible to emulate the sound of a Gypsy guitar. Anyone tried? Thanks in advance!, Janko.
  8. After having my Helix for 6month's now and jammed and recorder so far only with my godin lgxt, I decided to make a patch for my good old Epiphone Emperor AB Archtop. I must confess that I don't play this lady much anymore. The lady is heavy, voluminous and the strings feel like cables. Also, the thick boxy sound is often a p.i.t.a. to have it sit nice in a mix, but Helix did the job remarkably well!! Piece of cake :-) Just some slight eq after recording (cut away some 500hz boxiness) Helix does some jazz, maybe I should play 'her' more often :-)
  9. Hi Last time we got SLO 100, Marshalla Lead and Line6 amps. Now we all want new amps in the next frimware I guess. So as previously make a list. Maybe Line6 crew will read it. I'll start... 1. Roland Jazz Chorus 2. Orange AD30 3. Diezel VH4 4. Mesa/ Boogie Mark IV 5. .......
  10. I'm comparing different "all in one" PA systems. Was recently able to demo an HK Lucas Nano 300 in a store and was quite impressed, especially for the price and weight. Downside was that it did not have any built in effects or EQ. The Stagesource series, if I understand it right the "t" models have the built in mixer and effects, while the "m" models do not, is that correct? What are the major differences between the L2 and the L3 t models? Just power or? Has anyone here played a jazz guitar through the StageSource,, if so, how did it sound? Thanks!!
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