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Found 148 results

  1. Some people have reported that after a JTV flash upgrade usually to v2.0 or v2.1, that the B and E strings have very low volume levels in comparison to the E,A,B,G strings on some models. Some have reported that a subsequent reflash or two fixed the problem, and others that they had to roll back to v1.9 to obtain models that had balanced string volumes, and finally some dived in to Workbench HD and tweaked the affected models to balance out the string sounds. I recently hit this issue when I upgraded to v2.1 and a subsequent reflash did not fix it, and as I had a gig coming up I had to roll back to v1.9 as a quick way to get back to balanced string volumes as I did not have the time to go in WB HD and manually adjust for the differences. I think It would be very useful to find out why this problem occurs and why it only affects some users and hopefully Line 6 can then fix the problem. So if we can gather plenty of useful data in this thread then we can pass it on to Line 6 to investigate. Please answer the following questions: if you have you ever had E and B strings at very low volume immediately following a flash upgrade? (a) what flash version were you upgrading from and to? ( B) what model JTV were you updating? © were you updating directly via JTV dongle or indirectly through an HD500 or HD500X or other device? (d) how did you fix the problem? (i) reflash firmware? How many times? (ii) tweaked string volumes global and models in Wokbench HD? (iii) roll back to v1.9 or another fw level? (e) have you ever experienced this problem on a fw release earlier than v2.0 and if so, what level was it? (f) which models had the problem? My answers: (a) v1.9 to v2.1 ( B) JTV59 © updated via HD500 (d) attempted 2 reflashes, but then rolled back to v1.9 (e) no (f) T-MOD positions 1,3,5 and SPANK 1 though 5 Thanks in advance for your help and answers.
  2. Hi. I'm new to this (forum). Has anyone had any luck trying to get anything similar to a Gibson SG sound? Any tips? It seems to me that this is the only card missing from the deck. :ph34r:
  3. Hi guys, My recently aquired Jtv-59 won`t connect with the Usb Interface. I get the flashing red light on the VDI side of the interface. This is what I have checked: The battery is charged (i get the green leds flashing once, when I put in the compartment) I have a regular jack plugged in to the guitar as well as the VDI cable . The Firmware in the Usb Interface is 1.03 , the newest - though strangely, only my macbook will recognize what firmware is on it. When I connect to my Mac Mini it cannot see if it is up-to-date, but it will see the interface itself) I have not tried the guitar with a POD, since I only have the Desktop HD and I don`t think it supports it? (I did plug it into the cat5 connector on it, but no reaction,...) One question: When I press the modelling-knob on the guitar - should I see some light go on? I see no reaction when I press on them, perhaps the variax brain is not on? Any advice greatly appreciated! Thomas
  4. I've just completed my Dream Rig with the purchase of a shiny new L3m, no DT. I was playing around to get my patches to sound right when it occurred to me that there are a lot of you guys who have already gone through that pain and nailed their tones. I have looked through Customtone and a lot of the Dream Rig patches are to be used with a DT amp so are only of limited use. It would be great if there was a resource for us 'Stagesource Dream Riggers'- there is no apparent way to search for this type of thing in Customtone so how about sharing in this thread? I will get some of the patches I have tweaked on the thread when I get home from work. I'm currently on a (ahem) break......
  5. Last night I was using Workbench HD to adjust the string levels for models on my JTV59. The JTV59 connected with VDI into HD500 then via USB to Win 7 PC running Workbench HD. Everything running latest firmware levels. I adjusted string levels on quite a few models and reviewed all of them. The ones I changed I transferred (uploaded) to Variax - and I did this several times. Most of the time it was fine, however, sometimes it seemed to take a few seconds to recognise when I had selected a different bank and model and the Workbench HD would grey out and appear to hang but then a few seconds later there would be a click and everything would be in sync. Once I was happy with my string volume adjustments I then thought I would try out swapping a body on one of the models just to see how it worked. I had noticed that whilst adjusting the string volumes that whichever model I had selected, the body type on the Workbench HD screen would always show as Neutral, when I thought it should show the body of the actual model selected. Anyway, I had SEMI bank selected and position 1. I had just tried swapping the pickup from SEMI HUMBUCKER to LP HUMBUCKER and then swapped it back which I did by downloading the SEMI pos 1 model from the JTV59 rather than re-updating the Workbench HD definition. So everything seemed fine at this point and I could see the SEMI model chosen in the main window, and NEUTRAL showing as body type in the bottom part of the window, so I clicked on the slider and rotated through the different models and noted that the main window did not change and still showed the SEMI body type. I just happened to stop on the CHIME body type and decided to use that - so I clicked on the body icon - this seemed to take after a pause and the chime model body was shown but now the sound I could hear sounded like the Chime 12 string model. Odd, so I decided to reset it but then discovered it would not change even when I selected the Semi body type or any other body type. So I tried to download from Variax again and received a popup which I think said Midi time out error with a code. Oh no. So I then tried switching model banks on the JTV59 and using the pickup selector switch and discovered that all positions now just played the Chime 12 string model. So I tried switching off the modelling on the JTV59 and discovered that the push down knob would not disengage modelling mode. Oh no again - what had happened? So I ended Workbench HD on the PC, and again tried to switch off modelling and to select a different model on the JTV59 and found that all I could get was the Chime 12 string model. So then I decided to disconnect the VDI cable and power off the JTV59. I did that and waited for about 30 seconds to make sure that all power had gone, then I reconnected it and to my great relief it reverted back to normal and the settings that I had previously made before messing with the BODY option. PHEW! Unfortunately, I panicked at the time and did not make a note of the popup window and error code or an exact note of every single step I had taken to get to the problem or every step I took to resolve the problem. The description above is what I remember but I am not too keen to try it again in case I break the JTV59 more permanently next time. I am on latest firmware for everything - so I was not expecting any issues. Has anyone used the MODEL BODY Selection with Workbench HD without any issue or has anyone experienced this problem or something similar? Is the MODEL BODY selection part of Workbench HD broken - or was this just a one off glitch that hit me - or was it a particular sequence of actions that caused the problem? Thanks.
  6. There has got to be a better way to plug in my HD500 and JTV 89 and edit. Yesterday I was in the studio and had some clicking issues when changing patches and I also wanted to write a DADGAD patch for my JTV. So when I got home... I started Monkey and had to update several things. I forget exactly what I needed to update, but it took a while. Then I needed to open Workbench. So I opened the program and realized that it doesn't work with JTV, (but I need to keep it because I still have a Variax 500.) So I opened Workbench HD. I can't find the JTV Interface and cords. I search for about fifteen minutes and it is where I looked the first time! Oh yeah, I have to have a 1/4 cord plugged in to the guitar jack. Oh no, my battery is dead. I have to charge it overnight... Today, battery charged and ready to go. Everything is plugged in. I open Workbench. It seems to be working so I do some edits and I get a message saying it can't send the preset to the guitar... I go to Line 6 Support and do a search for the exact words of the error message and nothing comes up. I do another search and I'm searching within my current results, so I back out and try it again in the forum, in the knowledge base... Nothing. Am I the only one having this problem? So I try the "Error Code." No luck. I put my problem in my own words and finally get a result that seems to apply that isn't in Japanese or German. The guys ultimate solution was sending his guitar back and getting a new one!? Somewhere in the responses someone mentions a JTV firmware update. I go back to Monkey to see if I have the most current firmware for the guitar. Now the interface is only showing one green light and one red light. I unplug. I plug. I remove the battery. I put the battery back. Somehow I get Monkey to find the guitar. But in the process I realize that I'm now installing the midi interface, which I don't need, and it is telling me I'll need to reboot the computer to complete the installation. Rebooted and read to check Monkey! I have 2.0, I need 2.1. Now Monkey isn't recognizing my guitar again. I unplug. I plug. I remove the battery. I put the battery back. Two green lights! I update the guitar! I go to Workbench HD and it works! ...Almost 24 hours later. "Elegant and user friendly, this is not," said Yoda. I don't even remember why I wanted the DADGAD patch and I'm too frustrated to play even if I could remember. Then end result is fine. I'm a big Line 6 fan. Nice guitar, great versatility, but there has to be a better way to integrate all these updates. I'll bet you Line 6 guys know I'm right and you probably wish it was better as well. I'll bet you'd have a lot more customers. $$$
  7. I was just playing around with workbench and HD edit and I thought of something I think would be a cool idea. Add HD500(X)/JTV functionality of assigning controls to certain positions of the JTV's pickup selector. For example you could assign a distortion box to the bridge position of the JTV patch. When you switch from the neck pickup to the bridge pickup it automatically would turn on the distortion box. There are countless more examples you could use with this functionality, but I think this explains it. If anyone thinks it's a useful idea here's the link to the ideascale page. http://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Ability-to-change-HD500-X-settings-with-Variax-pickup-selector/623066-23508?submitted=1
  8. With the great new firmware I have finally had a chance to play around with Workbench while connected to HD Edit and the JTV/POD/DT rig. Really happy with what can be done now. Finally realized what many had been saying about adjusting string volumes and it really helps to bring out string definition during play. However,I tried using the blending feature at the bottom left of Workbench and a strange problem has come up. No matter what model or mag combination I try, if I blend the mags in say to 50%, my D string sounds like it is actually a different model to the rest. For instance with Lester 1 and HB pup on my 69 - Play a scale up from the bottom E and it sounds fine on E and A, rich, warm, but as soon as I hit the D string it sounds like a Strat/single coil. G,B,E all back to the Lester/HB tone. Turn off the mags, it sounds Lester all the way up, turn off the models it sounds Lester all the way up, blend them together and D string quacks. Similar stiuation with other models and pup combinations too. it's not a big deal really, I don't plan on making use of this blending feature other than goofing off, but I would like to know if anyone else experiences anything similar. Other than that I am very happy with this latest update, I almost feel like I have a new guitar in my hands, it sounds that much better to me. The whole package has suddenly come to life.
  9. Hello everyone! I'm guitar player and I'd like to complain about the support of Line 6! I own an Line 6 JTV-59 and POD HD500.I bought the guitar because I saw many demos in YouTube and I really liked what I heard! At the time when I bought the guitar the latest firmware was 1.71 and I was amazed of the good sounding accoustic guitars (Exactly what I heard on YouTube)! I'd like to say,that I really love that guitar! For me JTV-59 is one of the best instruments now in the world,but...The guys from Line 6 decided to change the sound of the accoustic guitars in the next update of the firmware (I guess it was FW1.80 ) and that was a BIG problem for me!!! I really don't like the sound of the new accoustic guitars! There are a lot of people around the world who share my opinion too and there were at least 4-5 ideas in http://line6.ideascale.com from guitar players who wanted to have the old sound of the accoustic guitars! Now I'm stuck on FW 1.71 because I can't and I don't want compromise with the sound and because of that I can't use a lot of the new futures on my guitar in conjunction with POD HD500! I wrote 2 or 3 tickets,on that issue,but the guys from support center said to write this as an idea in http://line6.ideascale.com/,so I did it,but as you can guess with no success! So I'd like to say to the guys from support center one "BIG Thanks" just keep screwing up your customers...! P.S. I forgot to say,that I've suggested the guys just to give to their customers to choose which guitars to install when they upgrade to the new FW,or just to choose for example to keep the guitars from FW 1.71 , but to upgrade only the latest functions!
  10. Ive recently bought a jtv-59 and was using it for jamming in my house run through an AC30 cc2x, as soon as I bought it I had it setup by a pro luthier I use and it played great, I don't think it had ever been updated so was running an earlier firmware, it sounded great, although some of the models were better than others. I really liked the tel, strat and lp. The mags are really nice on it too. I decided to update the variax and now the model volumes are all over the place, the LP model is a little quieter than the mags but the other electric guitar models are incredibly quiet, the acoustic models are about the same output as the mags, I cant see a way of balancing out and increasing the models to match the mags, everything seems to be at 100% in workbench, this has made the models unusable for me which kind of defeats the purpose of having a variax. can anyone help with this, I don't really want to go back, also the models sound a little thin and high endy, its a total pain having to constantly adjust the vox for each models tone and volume
  11. The volume balance between Mag and the Models are well balanced when going from the JTV-59 into the Guitar In on the POD-500 using a standard 1/4" cable. When I run with the with the VDI to the Variax input with the same settings the Mags are much louder that the models to the point I basically can not use the models. The Mags sound to loud and the models muted and bland. I have latest drivers/flashware on all the JTV and POD500. I have adjusted volumes using Workbench HD connected directly to the computed and 1/4 to amp and again balance between Mag and Models fine. It appears only when I use the VDI to Variax input do a get this problem. Does anyone have any ideas?
  12. I've seen others complain about the new Strat/Spank position 2 & 4 ("quack") settings being not as good in 2.0, but Line 6 responded that there will be a fix for that, What about the Chime / Rickenbacker settings? I like the older ones better, these sound less authentic, both 6 and 12 string models. Anyone else feel the same? Line 6, is there going to be a further update/fix for that?
  13. I've recently been looking around to find an affordable JTV 69 in my area, and i came across some online sellers trading JTV 69 in a Shoreline Gold. which I love the color but given that the Line 6 Website doesn't show the 69 being available in the gold i'm a little sceptical as to whether these are legitimate or not. anyone able to help clear up the mystery? or is it just one of the many US custom colors?
  14. For about 6 months I have been noticing a noise when I played my JTV into my HD500 and then directly in my church PA system using the XLR out. It was occuring when I strummed pretty hard (I do that a lot). When I first noticed it we had just installed a new digital mixer. I thought for sure that I was simply overloading my channel input on the board. Nope. Tried reducing input. Didn't go away. Next I blamed the HD500 thinking the VDI input was simply too hot for it. The problem did not occur when using the 1/4" input. I never knew that because I always use the VDI connection on stage so I can store guitar models in patches. I still wanted to use the VDI connection so I started experimenting and found that the problem came down completely to the 3rd string (G). I opened Workbench HD and lowered every string volume down as far as it would go and then one by one listened to a highly amped signal of each string while strumming like I play on Sunday mornings in worship. The noise only occured on the G string. Lowered it's volume by 6db and the noise is gone. In my opinion the lowered G string volume does not seem to bother the sound of the chords and notes I play. Not enough in my environment to make a negative difference. So, for all those of you who have also searched for that noise that resembles a banjo attack when playing JTV models that aren't a banjo, I encourage you to try each string alone. When I finally did that, the problem was TOTALLY obvious. Now, does anyone know if it is possible to change the piezo on just the 3rd string or how do I go about getting it so that 3rd string doesn't quack when strummed hard? I am happy with my current solution but wondering. I noticed the piezos on the Line 6 store don't work on the JTV. GOOD LUCK!
  15. I think I may end up returning this 59 after all. There's a strange harmonic "ping" or "tang" sound on the low E string, especially on the frets from 5 down to open string. Very harsh and digital sounding. Extremely noticeable on the single coil tones, but even shows up on the humbucker models as well. You can actually hear it a little even with the mags, so I can only assume it's something with the piezo saddle and bridge. Sympathetic vibrations? Voodoo? Anyways, I can't imagine playing this thing live and having that sound assaulting the audience. Suggestions before I make the short drive to Guitar Center to return it would be great. Guitar plays like a dream with no fret buzz, but man, I can't take that sound. Even my wife can hear something is weird with it. I'm going to change the E string and see if that helps and look the saddle over while I have it apart, but if you guys have had this issue or heard of it, please shoot me some links or suggestions. I found a lot of issues with folks with the 69, but not much with the 59. Thanks.
  16. I had a hard time with acoustic from the DT but I came up with a solution that seems to work well. This patch works amazing with my DT25 head, 2X12 sealed cab with Celestion V30s and it should work fine with any other DT setup. It may not be perfect but it works with all 5 acoustic models. This setup provides the clean, unprocessed guitar signal from the Variax straight to the DT power section without ANY amp sims... I put a flip top in channel A, centered the mixers and then mute channel A. You can use any amp model in channel A, it is just a placeholder. I use it for low DSP. We are not running through the flip top at all. We are only using it to "lock" the DT from switching to the amp in channel B and to control the physical topology. By placing no amp in channel B and muting channel A in the POD we effectively send the clean "unamped" acoustic guitar signal straight to the DT power section through channel B! I set the topology to III in HDEdit and it just gets that nice sort of resonance you would expect from an acoustic. We also have to change the input to Variax-Same to ensure that our signal is passed to channel B. You may have to turn up the mixer levels for volume matching and add an EQ for tone shaping. I use a reverb in the chain too. I also use this setup for synth tones through the DT. Place all your synth and FX blocks in the B path or the post mixer and you will get the pure synth without the amp coloring just like with a FRFR solution. Here is a link to a set list with a couple of variations of this concept... try it out and give me some feedback if you like the idea or not... http://share.cx.com/yGRXwV
  17. OK I now have 2/3 of the Dream Rig. JTV69S and HD500X. I play at home both acoustic sounds and classic rock stuff. I am trying to decide what to get for a full range output device that will sound good with Acoustic guitars and Electrics. I do not play out now so I do not need to fill a hall just a room. I think I want a powered PA speaker but I have no experience with any. My amp collection is all tube amps that I have built over the years and none are full range. The only amp I have with me now is a Tweed Deluxe which sounds great for some stuff but not with acoustic guitar. Any recommendations for a decent powered full range speaker? I also am considering studio monitors but I am afraid that they are too directional for my needs. The rig sounds great through my good quality headphones but I don't want to play wearing headphones all the time. Let's hear some ideas!
  18. I just ran across a little issue, and wanted to confirm my suspicions... I recently made a group of patches for our Chrismas services at church and a couple of them involved using the JTV magnetic pickups (for eBow use). I set the input for these patches to "Variax Mags", made my tweaks, and saved the patch. When I recalled the patches during a rehearsal, I noticed that the pickup selection was not what I had originally set. Am I correct that when using the POD HD 500 with the JTV, it will default to the neck and bridge magnetic pickups both being on when changing to the patch?
  19. If the jtv has 4 times better processor than the original variax, then why there is lag when I change pickups, even with a pre 2.0 f.w. update???
  20. I've run into a frustrating limitation when using the tone knob to control parameters on the HD500. Setting it to lock the tone control doesn't do so completely. The HD500 firmware is 2.2 and the JTV firmware is 2.0. Here's an example I ran into: I have the tone knob set to control the amp drive control. At maximum knob value the gain is at 60% and at minimum knob value it goes to 100%. Tone knob lock is set to preset not global, but I've found this happens in both instances. When playing and turn the tone knob everything behaves as it should. However whenever I change pickup positions or banks on the JTV the tone is rolled off. Even if I turn the tone knob back up the tone stays rolled off, but the amp parameter is still affected. I have to run the tone knob back up to maximum and change pickup position or bank to get it to tone back to maximum. So what is happening is that whenever I change pickup positions or bank the guitar recalls the tone setting for where the physical knob is set. However I'm then unable to change the tone setting because the tone knob is locked. The only slight work around I've found is going into workbench and saving the tone knob position to 10 on each model. The problem here is that now when I change pickup position and/or bank the amp gain setting follows the preset saved value. So if I have the knob at minimum and the amp gain is at 100 when I change to another pick up position it goes back to 60. This is very frustrating! I don't mind if the HD500/JTV don't have the ability to work together like this, they didn't when I bought the HD500. But don't add a "feature" that only half way works. I've wasted the last hour trying to get this to work in the way it logically should. I can see no good reason for designing this feature to work this way. If this is just something I'm doing wrong PLEASE someone point out how I need to set it up and I will gladly recant my anger with Line 6 programmers. Thanks
  21. Reference material: L6 Link Connectivity Guide for POD HD & DT Amplifiers v2.10 POD HD500X Advanced Guide
  22. Hi every one. I would like to know if there be a new pickup models in other fw for jtv? I think that There a lot of old and new type of pickup models that would sound fantastic on this guitar. Thanks.
  23. I have had the HD500 for a year or so and have just added the JTV59P to my setup. I was wondering if anyone can suggest the best workflow for creating models in workbench (or loading patches found on the internet) and storing them in patches on the HD500 for selection from the floor when playing live.
  24. Hello, all: I am the proud owner of the "shred" version of the JTV, which I got for a great price. But I was sad to see that it is missing the workbench hardware (didn't do my research...). So I am looking to buy the workbench interface for a reasonable price. Please contact me at esiegel2@gmail.com if you have one to sell. I hope this is within the rules of the forum. best eric siegel
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