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  1. Hi! I have a JTV-59P, and HD-500 and 2xDT-25's connected through L6-Link. Does anyone have a good starting point on how best to program sounds on the HD-500 (through Pod HD Edit) that could be used for clean sounds with the acoustic models off the JTV? What pre-amp, amp and effects would you suggest, and possibly output scenarios? How do you prefer to set up the DT-25's for clean, yet relatively rich sounding JTV acoustics free of distortion but with enough levels to cut through? Much appreciate any thoughts on how you guys have gone about this for best results! Thanks!
  2. I have a 59 and a 69S. I was playing my 69S last night, and it had a new behavior -- at the end of playing, I rolled the volume knob all the way down as I always do, and could still hear the guitar out the amp. I was connected to my HD500X via the VDI input and cable. I was on the mags, as I am, probably 90% of the time when gigging. I switched to the models and rolled the volume up and down and the output went to zero as it should all the way down. I switched back to the mags and it still would not go to zero output. It was very low, not off. I unplugged the VDI from the guitar and then plugged it back in to let the 69S reinitialize, but it still had the same result. I rebooted the 500X, but no change. The guitar works fine, but this was new. When I'm gigging (as I will be this weekend) my normal thing to do during breaks is roll the guitar volume off and the 500X pedal (I always use for volume) off (heel position), so this will not affect the use of the guitar (I hope), but is still a bit troubling.... I was thinking it could be some control voltage from the 500X & VDI not being right or it could be something up with the 69S... Tonight when working with the guitar, it did not go immediately to zero volume when I rolled it off, but decayed to zero shortly after the volume was rolled off. Again the models go right to zero volume, no time lag. I plugged in my 59, and it rolled right to zero with no lag on both the mags and models, so I'm pretty sure it's not an issue with the 500X or VDI cable, so must be with the 69S.... I've had my 59 since May 2011, and my 69S since October 2012. I've had no issues with my 69S, this is my first odd behavior with it. Anybody else have this happen? Weird... Thanks, Dave
  3. Anybody care to share about EQ settings for live performance using JTV-59 Acoustic model #5 (Gibson) for strumming playing-style mixed with a female vocal and percussions like shaker and cajon. Thanks.
  4. I have a Korean JTV-59, incredibly useful in my covers band, and would like to inquire if anyone has developed a model for a Steve Howe Portugese guitar sound-alike (I assume via Workbench)? I have need of one for a Yes trib/old school prog band I am contemplating joining on the side. I've already seen the Squire/Howe rig rundown on YT, so just want to avoid reinventing the wheel if possible. Thanks for any suggestions!
  5. Cannot Upload Custom Models To Jtv-59, Cannot Reset Single Model To Factory Setting Mac OS X 10.6.8 Macbook Pro 2.2 Core 2 Duo 4GB RAM Line6 Monkey 1.65 USB Firmware 1.03 Brand New JTV-59 Flash Memory 2.0 Workbench HD 2.01 Using all stock, supplied cables and connectors. JT-59 battery fully charged. When I brought all this gear home, everything connected-up just fine, updates installed just fine. In general, everything works great. With Workbench HD loaded, I can operate the switches and knobs on the JTV-59 and I see the screen changing. Conversely, when I make changes on the screen in Workbench HD, the guitar tones change immediately. I can even "build" a custom model or make changes to an existing model on the screen and the guitar's tones change immediately. Here's the problem ... When I try to save the customized model to the guitar (hit the 'Upload to Variax' button [no, I'm not using either Custom bank] ), the target model slot now has NO SOUND AT ALL. It will change from Red to White like the others though. Often, I get the infamous 'Failed to write data to the guitar, Code 80007104, Failed to write to the firmware' message also. Now, when I open a backup bundle (all the models go red in Workbench HD), I cannot put the "damaged" model back to original settings (I get the failed to write message again). The only way I can get the guitar back properly is to reflash the entire firmware 2.0. What is even more frustrating is that Line6 does not offer telephone support during hours where I'm, not working :( Any help is most appreciated!
  6. I just realized there was a Workbench HD so I downloaded it, plugged my JTV-59 and tried uploading some tweaked patches but nothing... All I got is no sound at all and a mumble jumble of a name for all patches.... so I guess something is wrong... I had to re-install version 2.0 thru the Monkey, any idea what's going on?
  7. I'm having an issue where any time I set up an alt-tuning using the e-capo (as opposed to customizing it within workbench), i'm getting a double tuning as a result (kind of like a 12 string). It's not the acoustic sound bleeding through, there are two distinct notes being played and amplified every time I pluck a string. Anyone else having this issue? Wanted to check before I re-install the firmware and lose all the other customizations I've set up. Thanks in advance.
  8. I do not know yet if it is a result of the upgrade to firmware 2.0. However my low E string on my JTV-59 has a very buzzy distortion and it distorts in modeling mode or in pickup mode. On a very clean setting any not I play on string 6 buzzes as if it were a bad circuit on all settings. This guitar does not get a lot of use. I own a Variax 500 and 9 other guitars. This guitar sits in a wall stand in my recording studio most of the time. I already had to send it back once because the G string would only function at half volume. Until I sent it back I had to use workbench to reduce all other strings to 50% volume in order for it to play with balance. It was returned to me and worked just fine. Last week I upgraded the firmware to 2.0 but only strummed it a few times before placing it back in the wall hanger. Today I picked it up and there is a dominant buzzing on string 6. I am a bit discouraged as this was not a cheap instrument and it gets very little use. I doubt there is more than a total of 20 hours logged on this instrument although I have had it for over a year.
  9. I hear its true that the new series of 2013 JTV's have the previous issues fixed? Is This true? IE? Is the switching problem fixed on the JTV-59? The neck on the 69? Thanx
  10. Is it just my JTV-59 or does the open tuning function work less well on the JTV than on the old Variax 300? When I retune a model by more than a couple of frets it sounds like the original untuned note is breaking through into the amplified sound (this is through the amp, not just the odd effect you get from hearing the guitar acoustically). The untuned note is relatively quiet but it gives an almost twelve string effect and makes it unusable. The same thing happens with the baritone model. I still have a 300 so compared it - and that definitely does not have the problem. I don't know if this is a fault or something that everyone's experiencing. Any thoughts?
  11. Does anyone have any hints on how to best change the strings on the JTV59. I always try and get a few neat windings on the string tree which means the string needs to be a little long befroe its tightened and needs to be taught so it feeds on neatly. With every other bridge I've used the string has been fixed at the bridge end so it's not a problem. But with the JTV-59 it's loose. I've kinda worked out a way to do it by stretching my hands to do multiple jobs but sometimes the string comes free at the bridge anyhow. Am I missing something simple here?
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