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Found 4 results

  1. Anyone ever ran into this problem? My high E string won't make a noise in modeling mode. It seems to play totally fine if I'm just running a regular amp setup except for some background feedback that is slightly irritating. As a way of background: A little over a year ago I bought a JTV-59P Variax and really liked it. I also bought the HD500X and the special cord to connect the two. I played on it for a few months. Keep in mind, I'm just play at home so none of this equipment went through any harsh anythings. Then I had to put it all on hold for a while due to school and work (while = 8 months) at which point this sucker was just in storage. Today I excitedly whipped it out. I had purchased the vintage HD download and so I connected everything, made sure it was all up to date, and started to play. Quickly I realized that the high E might as well not be on there in modeling modes. I checked the HD workbench and none of the string volume settings helped. I also turned off the modeling effects and it played with plenty of volume, but the moment I turn on modelling - NOTHING. Any ideas?
  2. Hello all... Just seeing if there is any interest over here. I'm interested in trading my JTV-69S (Shoreline Gold) for a JTV-59 (burst preferred) or JTV-59P (Goldtop preferred). I've found I'm just more of a "LP" kinda guy... I may be someone unknown in this forum, but I have references available... I've been quite active as Rattle&Hum over at the Gear Page and woodyjunior on ebay. PM me if you have any interest or questions. Perfect condition - originally ordered from Sweetwater (so its a good one). Pics available upon request. Not expecting a straight-up trade - we can settle value and trade details privately.
  3. My first post having just bought a JVT-59P (in UK). Where is the battery check button mentioned in the Pilot's Guide and on these forums? I fully charged the battery when I first got the guitar and although I have only played it for a few hours (probably in the region of 5-6 hours) the battery has just died on me suddenly today. I have it back on charge at the moment. If I was able to find the battery check button, I could monitor its discharge cycle better and not be caught out again. And before anyone asks... yes I do pull out the 1/4" cable when not playing the guitar. many thanks... Dave
  4. Howdy! I'm thinking of purchasing a JTV-59P because I can get one on sale and I don't have a guitar that has P-90's in them, plus the scale length is like that of a Les Paul, or so I've read. And I'm starting to really dig the smaller scale length now that I'm getting old. And I've read they put .10's on the guitar which I'm using now. I used to have a Line 6 Variax 600, but I sold it because it had one problem that just nagged on me: the weird palm muting sound, especially when distorted. Plus it had some weird overtones at times and I didn't care for the tremelo. The main reason I want to get one is because of the ability to store custom tunings and a few of the models. I have a few guitars, but I don't really care for tuning one in open E, one in G, and so forth. I do use a few guitars for E-flat tuning, I tried that with the Variax 600 and couldn't get past the weird sound. I know about the 3 position switch versus the 5 position switch, and that doesn't really bother me much. I'm more interested in the Lester, Special, RBilly, Semi, and Jazz-box sounds (maybe the D-28 and the 12 string too). I am hoping you guys can answer some questions for me. 1) Is the palm muting on the HD models more realistic? 2) Any weird overtone issues or palm muting with the 59P when modeling with distortion? I'm not talking about melt-your-face distortion, but classic rock/fusion type distortion. 3) Is there an actual issue with the string balancing? 4) Is the build of the 59P's good? I know it's overseas, but does it stay in tune and not fret out when bending? My 600 had some dead spots on it, another reason I sold it. 5) When you switch models does the sound cut-out? I don't think the Variax 600 did that, but my VG Strat (first model) does it. 6) Are the Tyler made P-90 pups good? I don't plan on getting "the dream rig" or anything. I plan on just playing the guitar through my studio rig, mainly for messing around, playing some covers, and trying out some new tunings. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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