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  1. I was just poking around at and saw they have the maple neck for the JTV-69 (or 69S) available for order - I know a lot of you have swapped to other necks of your liking -- Mighty Mites, Warmoth, etc., because you just can't stand the 69 neck. I really don't have a problem with my 69S's neck, and I have big hands... I haven't had the string falling off the neck issues either. My Gold 69S has the rosewood fingerboard, and I like it -- the dark fingerboard against the gold of the guitar body is pleasing, but damn.... I have maple neck/fingerboard on my 1973 Tele Deluxe and my late 70's Strat -- I like both of those.... Just thought I'd throw it out there. Haven't seen it brought up on the forum, so far... I poke around at that site from time to time because what they have available changes from time to time. Dave
  2. I am selling my beautiful black JTV-69S. I love the smooth tremelo, the comfortable play-ability and, of course, the awesome Variax tones! I also have a JTV-59 that just seems like a better fit for me, so I've decided to sell the 69S. Please see the attached photos of the actual guitar for sale and take a minute to view the listing over at PM me if you have any questions or need more details - thanks!
  3. I am selling my beautiful black JTV-69S. I love the smooth tremelo, the comfortable play-ability and, of course the awesome Variax tones! I also have a JTV-59 that just seems like a better fit for me, so I've decided to sell the 69S. Please see the attached photos of the actual guitar for sale and take a minute to view the listing over at PM me if you have any questions or need more details - thanks!
  4. I tried to update to firmware v2.0 using Monkey. The update threw the following error: Tyler Variax update failed. (Code 80009000) Unknown MIDI Error After pulling and replacing the 1/4 connector on the guitar to reboot it and restarting Monkey, it showed that the firmware was at 2.0 -- but ALL OF THE MODELS ARE GONE, GONE, GONE... I tried rolling back to v1.71 but it ALSO terminated with the same error message, same result - NO MODELS and it also SAYS it's back at v1.3, NOT 1.71 as when it was delivered! THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR!!! PLEASE PROVIDE A FIX IMMEDIATELY OR THIS GUITAR WILL BE RETURNED!!!! I also logged this problem this morning as: "Download From Guitar Clobbering Workbench Hd Settings"
  5. I noticed that the black JTV-69 is cheaper then the white/blue/red models. I can understand why the 3 tone burst finish is more money, but not why the other color models are higher cost. Are they the same except for the color? thanks, mark
  6. Writing here to vent a bit. I purchased a new JTV-69 in November 2013 from American Musical Supply. The guitar has had issues from the beginning: first, the instrument select control knob would not easily engage. When I asked Customer Support about it that indicated that they were aware that sometimes the knob is seated too deeply and for me to place a spacer under the knob to allow additional clearance. The biggest issue remains with the saddle. I have had two different luthiers attempt to set-up this guitar (factory set-up was rough), both luthiers indicated there was a serious issue with the saddle. I drove the two hours to an Authorized Warranty Repair Center (Wizard Electronics) in Atlanta and dropped off the guitar about 6-weeks ago. According to Wizard, Line 6 is not authorizing a replacement saddle and instructed Wizard to contact "the guitar guy" at Line 6 to asset them in "tweaking" the problem. They have been waiting for this bozo to contact them - and have tried repeatedly (with me on a conference call with them) with no success. I basically have a $1200.00 brick that I cannot gig with, record with, or use for anything but firewood. I gig over 100 times a year and come in contact with a ton of musicians who have asked about the JTV-69. Up until this point I have held my tongue about the Customer Service issues - no longer. I am going to make it my mission in life to let them know to buy ANYTHING other than this guitar. The technology is great, how they take care of the customer is not. Scott
  7. Hey guys, Check out this recording I did today using the HD500x, JTV-69, and Variax 700 bass with Addictive Drums 2. Tell me what you think. Thanks.
  8. I have a 59 and a 69S. I was playing my 69S last night, and it had a new behavior -- at the end of playing, I rolled the volume knob all the way down as I always do, and could still hear the guitar out the amp. I was connected to my HD500X via the VDI input and cable. I was on the mags, as I am, probably 90% of the time when gigging. I switched to the models and rolled the volume up and down and the output went to zero as it should all the way down. I switched back to the mags and it still would not go to zero output. It was very low, not off. I unplugged the VDI from the guitar and then plugged it back in to let the 69S reinitialize, but it still had the same result. I rebooted the 500X, but no change. The guitar works fine, but this was new. When I'm gigging (as I will be this weekend) my normal thing to do during breaks is roll the guitar volume off and the 500X pedal (I always use for volume) off (heel position), so this will not affect the use of the guitar (I hope), but is still a bit troubling.... I was thinking it could be some control voltage from the 500X & VDI not being right or it could be something up with the 69S... Tonight when working with the guitar, it did not go immediately to zero volume when I rolled it off, but decayed to zero shortly after the volume was rolled off. Again the models go right to zero volume, no time lag. I plugged in my 59, and it rolled right to zero with no lag on both the mags and models, so I'm pretty sure it's not an issue with the 500X or VDI cable, so must be with the 69S.... I've had my 59 since May 2011, and my 69S since October 2012. I've had no issues with my 69S, this is my first odd behavior with it. Anybody else have this happen? Weird... Thanks, Dave
  9. So I went to the music store today and tried out the new AMPLIFi 75 watt amp. And here is a video to show you my first impressions. Tell me your thoughts. Sorry it wasn't longer and more in depth. Filmed and edited it all on my iPhone.
  10. Hello Everyone, I would like some help with a connectivity problem I have with my JTV-69 and my POD HD500. Separately, both the JTV-69 talk with the Line 6 Monkey through their respective USB interfaces. The HD500 I just plug in, it gets recognized and updates to the latest versions of software/firmware. I do the same with my new JTV-69 and I follow the procedure of using the USB interface that came with the guitar. I put in the VDI end of the cable to the guitar, I put the connector end into the USB hub and run the hub line into the USB. I also put in the battery, plug in a 1/4" plug into the end to activate the battery and push on the selector knob and the light comes on. Line 6 Monkey recognizes the guitar and updates everything to the latest and greatest. The problem I have is that the HD500 VDI connection will not power the JTV-69. I positively click in both ends and I get zero power or connectivity. I also tried re-installing the battery, clicking in a 1/4" plug and turning the guitar on, but it still doesn't get recognized by the HD500. There is no signal going to the HD500 or visa versa. I've read about cable problems here, so I purchased another Line 6 VDI cable for the guitar and tried that. Same "no talkie". I also tried (2) known good ethernet cables and they didn't work either. For kicks I tested the L-Ion battery and my multimeter read over 8V. I then tested the VDI output from the HD500 and found 2 pins giving 3.15V each and 1 pin giving over 8V. I then clicked in the original VDI cable to the HD500 and tested the pin outs at the other end. I again found 2 pins with 3.15V and 1 pin with over 8V. I tried this on all of my cables and it appears they are all the same. So, have I confirmed the HD500 has a hot connection at the VDI output or should there be more pins hot? Does the problem lie with my new JTV-69 on the power circuit side since it will talk with the Line 6 Monkey and with the Variax Workbench when connected through the guitar USB interface when using the battery? Is there a procedure I missed to make the HD500 talk with the JTV-69? I did set the inputs for Channel one to Variax, then tried Variax+Guitar, and Variax+Guitar+Aux, etc., on all of the iterations and put channel 2 to "same". I tried Global and Preset (forcing the program) and got nothing. Basically, the JTV-69 will not power up or be recognized by the HD500. Here are some screen shots: On the last screen shot, I manually added the Variax and the icon showed up, but no connectivity occured. I do have the extended warranty on the JTV-69, so I could send it in for a check's just a pain. Anyone have any similar experiences or any answers? Thanks for any help, Bill (carreracats)
  11. Hello, I have a problem with jTV-69. Often spontaneously disconnected modeling, when I play in amp. Also shootdown of modeling happens and modulation indicator lights red. And still happens when you connect variax to line6 podhd500, pod freezes and reboots. What can I do? Firmware update does not help
  12. I hear its true that the new series of 2013 JTV's have the previous issues fixed? Is This true? IE? Is the switching problem fixed on the JTV-59? The neck on the 69? Thanx
  13. Hi, since the old forum post is now locked ( I want to share these videos again to be able to answer some questions you might have. So, here's 2 videos I made with my JTV-69:
  14. I have a JTV-69S that is about a month and a half old. I was cleaning off after a big outdoor festival gig this weekend and the silver top of the selector knob just fell off! There doesn't appear to be any way to snap it back onto the knob. Does any one know if this part was glued in? I would like to do a simple repair on my own if that's possible. I have 4 gigs this next week and I can't really afford the downtime to send the guitar in for warranty repairs. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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