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  1. Hi everyone, I am having some problems with the Asio driver for Helix floor but not with otheraudio interface. I have set the buffer to 256 samples and getting a few pops on every 30 seconds or thereabout. The thing is, I also have a Beringer XR-18 digital mixer and when using just that with a multitude of sound application, all at the same time, and loads of vst plugins too, I can use the buffer size of 64 samples with hardly any problems at all. The helix driver seems not to be very efficient and to avoid glitches I need to set it to 512 samples, which is horrible for latency. I really would like to use 256 samples as a very minimum 128 samples would be ideal. The application I use Helix driver in is Gig performer 4, running Midi Guitar 2 inside it. Helix can provide the clean Re-Amp path from USB 7,8. Any advice is appreciated. Is there any other muli-client Asio driver for Helix? Not Asio4all though.
  2. Is anybody else having a hard time with high latency using the Pod Go as an interface? I'm using the Pod Go through Studio One and the latency is basically making the Pod Go worthless as an interface.
  3. Hello Line 6'ers Sound engineering is not my forte! And that's an understatement... Due to problems with my SSD, I had to reinstall Windows 10. The problem I have now is that I have a lot of latency. This is my configuration: I play a Variax 700 guitar that is connected to my PodXT Live via the RJ45 connector (Variax cable). The left and right output jacks of the PodXT go through a mini stereo jack in the standard sound card of my PC, so that I can play through the speakers of my PC. That worked fine in the past, but as said, there now appears to be a huge latency problem. I have installed the ASIO4all V2 driver, but I don't remember how I could configure it in the past to get rid of that latency... The driver does not appear automatically, I have to start it manually in the Program Files folder, is that normal? However, I also bought a Focusrite Scarlett 4i4. Wouldn't it be better for me to connect my PodXT Live through that USB audio interface, and if so what is the best way: through the two line inputs on the back or the inputs on the front? And will that solve the latency problem? The Focusrite's outputs go to the same PC speakers. Can someone put me on the right path?
  4. After Windows 10 update my DAW no longer recognised Helix and there was a huge latency on USB 1/2. After unsuccessfully trying to solve by re-installing Helix Firmware I found a (non-helix-related) post on the web suggesting to uninstall USB host controllers. I did this on all USB Root Hubs and root Hubs (3) and it worked - however if you need to do this you will have to manually reboot your PC as your mouse/keyboard wont work until you reboot and USBs are re-installed.
  5. I'm driving myself nuts here. I'm recording voiceovers. I have a physical hardware setup which is great (big and heavy), but I'm trying to integrate everything into my HP Spectre Tablet and UX2 so if I have to take it on the road, no problem! So standalone Podfarm is great, I can throw a noise gate and compressor on there and when I speak, it comes back through the headphones on the UX2 (wet) with zero latency, and sounds great. But attempting to record it inside the computer has been a nightmare. I've had to check out new daws and learn how to load Podfarm as a plugin, and it always has too much latency. I've tried Reaper and adjusting the settings to be the lowest latency. It's still too slow and sounds horrible in the headphones to the point where I can't tell the quality of the recording. It seems the only practical and reliable way of recording my vocals will be to just use a headphone splitter and record into an audio recorder like a Sony PCM-d50/ ZoomH1n. This seems like a shame since there should be a way to capture the sound that's inside the computer, but it always seems to conflict with the soundcard to record "what you hear" using audacity. It introduces clicks and static. I've heard of a technique where you can have a track in Reaper that's a "monitor" track and the record track is muted. But, this doesn't help because even when just monitoring the input when Reaper is running, it has the latency issue. I really really wish podfarm had a simple record button in it's standalone iteration. Has anyone had latency issues when recording vocals or figured this out? Thanks
  6. Loving the sounds on my Stomp and wanted to record my guitar. Unfortunately, I am having an issue with my DAW not recognizing the Stomp as an interface, so while I am working with my DAW company to resolve the issue, I thought I would just plug the stomp right into my current interface a Focusrite Scarlet. Despite having no latency when I listen to the Stomp through headphones or having my studio monitors plugged into the outputs of the Stomp, bi am getting massive latency having the outputs of the Stomp running right into then inputs of the Scarlett. Super confused, because I don't see how this is any different than plugging in a keyboard or other instrument.
  7. I am a relatively new user to the Helix and I'm having an issue with latency when I'm switching between snapshots in a given bank. When I purchased the unit it had firmware 2.3 installed and I updated to the latest firmware version and everything went smoothly. I cannot say for sure but I felt like I wasn't getting a latency issue when switching between snapshots before the update and if I understand correctly I shouldn't be having that issue. Like I said, I'm not sure if the latency was existing before the update but it is definitely present now and it will make my music unplayable due to dynamics and what not. If anyone can give me some insight here that would be super appreciated, thank you.
  8. HELP!!!! Gigging musician, and can't afford to have my rig down for any amount of time. OK, did the 2.81 update - which SUCKED!! Locked up my Helix, got the boot error message, and took me an ENTIRE DAY to get it sorted, and now, after a HUGE headache, is back up and running. BUT...........there are problems with the actual update now that are affecting me. When I switch patches, there is a HUGE latency issue, AND I'm having MASSIVE volume drops as well. When I switch patches, randomly some patches are 25%-50% quieter than they should be. If I exit out of the patch and go back to it, usually it comes back at the normal volume, or even clicking the stomp switch again does the trick. Problem is, having to go in and out of patches 2-3 times every single patch switch just isn't gonna cut it. LOVE the Helix (sound wise), but come the f**k on Lie 6, there are a TON of software issues with this thing, and we're YEARS past the release here now. The people are speaking up, time to listen maybe....? Someone, ANYONE - PLEASE HELP!!!! Can't find any info on how to fix the issue or rollback the firmware to before it was all effed up.
  9. Having this really bad experience recording with the pod hd 500.My focusrite broke and sent it to the shop to get it fixed.Meanwhile for a basic riff part I used the pod and duhh the recording stucks in the middle for 2-3 seconds and continues again.Happened everytime I gave it a shot.Researched thoroughly about latency of this device or buffering and couldnt find a single info. If anyone can help me with this lemme know. \m/
  10. Just set up my old Pod XT Live on new(ish) Win10 x64 machine. All drivers are now installed and up to date (according to the latest version of Monkey). Everything seems to work fine except there is quite a delay between hitting a string on my guitar and hearing the output via my soundcard. I could just monitor using headphones into the Pod, but it would be nice not to have to if there is any way to fix this issue. Is it just because I'm basically using two sound devices and the signal is being routed from the Pod through my soundcard, or is there something I can tweak somewhere that might fix it? Cheers for any help.
  11. Hi Everyone, I do a lot of recordings, guitar and backing tracks. I've always done so with an external multitrack recorder. It would be a lot more convenient if I could record on my laptop connecting my helix via USB. I have tried this many different ways and gotten mainly frustration. I wish Line 6 offered their own PC multitrack recorder that was certain to work well with their products. What I wish would work, is like this, I plug my helix into my PC by USB, and plug my headphones into my PC (not my Helix) and pull my backing track into my recording software, play along and record. I have not been able to make this work. The only thing that I got working was plugging my headphones into my helix, playing along with my backing tracks, which sounds good, but the recordings sound crap due to latency. Can anybody advise me, is what I want possible?
  12. I recently purchased the Helix and I was trying to use the XLR in a PA. However when I plugged in there was latency, very noticeable latency. I could almost hear my initial pluck of the string, but very, very faint and then the actual sound comes in late. I would expect this from the USB PC connection, but very strange with the XLR to a PA. I have no latency issues through the 1/4" or USB connection I looked all over the setting, manual, forums, youtube and could not find anything on this. HELP...
  13. Hello All!, first session of 2018! Using Variax and Helix listen to SuMo *(SuperMassiveMomentum) perform live over the internet from California, Colorado and Canada ..all in real time!. SuMo is three veteran musicians playing unscripted improvised progressive music...heavy, grooving, shredding...its all here!. Listen the the master at 96k!. Comments welcome. Tech: I used some of the new reverb's in this recording (spotlight my favorite) Follow us on our adventure
  14. Hello Line6, I am French, so i'm trying to explain my problem in English... I just bought the Helix, test it, and i can say that it's really good ! :D But when i wire it to my Mac with USB, and Line6 app installed, every thing works fine, but about 1 minute later, the sound that output from the Mac has about 5 to 10 seconds of latency... I check from my Mac system parameter, and the audio level output is showing that latency, so i think it's a Helix problem... I wire my head head phones to the "Phone" output of the Helix (with USB wire still in the Mac), and i can hear that there is no more lantency in the headphones... I installed the last updates from the Line6 Updater app (Last update that i can find on 25 february 2018), but i experienced same problem. I check in the Line6 forum for any post that can explain that, but i didn't found any answer. So, I post this because I don't know if i missed changing some configurations and/or parameters to avoid this latency/get a workaround... Here are some informations : Mac : MacOSX High Sierra 10.13.2 (17C88) I you want some other informations, just let me know ! Hope you can help, Thank you for your support, and see you later !
  15. Help please line firehawk Brethren. Been using my Firehawk FX live for a while now and never had a problem with it. I'm used to switching patches and am used to gaps in between patches. I have been using a new sound for a particular song which seems to take much longer to load. I have the same tone on 2 patches, one for chorus playing and one for solo. Whereas normal patches change within say half a beat these 2 patches are taking at least a 2 beats to change which during playing feels like a lifetime and is more than noticeable. Both the tones are the same except for volume. They take the same time to load when switching between each other and from completely different patches. No device is Bluetoothed to it when I'm playing either. Can anybody suggest a reason why this is? Hopefully its a quick fix with a setting in the patch itself, I hope. Any advice would be greatly received.
  16. jzuzio


    So I've proudly owned a Helix since March 2016. I've gigged with it a ton and I've always forgone the amp and cab modelling route and instead, I've run the 4CM and used the unit more of a pedalboard. I've dabbled in using some preamp models in front of my amp with pleasant results. I've gigged with this set up a TON. Always happy with everything I've gotten out of it. Recently I played a small club gig and ran the Helix straight into the board with an amp/cab model in place of my FX send/return block. It sounded great, but I did experience some noticeable latency. I've never noticed any latency running the 4CM without amp/cab models. I'd really like to be able to run this rig without hauling an amp to these gigs, but I find myself hesitant about not having an amp and relying solely on the modelling. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions or possible remedies?
  17. I'm trying to understand the difference between the ASIO Settings section and the ToneDirect & USB Audio Streaming section a bit better. I've found that the ASIO settings don't seem to impact my latency for direct monitoring with PodFarm or say using Reaper to listen to Superior Drummer being played by an electronic drum kit through MIDI. So it seems the ToneDirect & USB Audio Streaming is solely responsible for that. What is the ASIO settings for then? Just playback? Does anyone have information about what the buffer sizes (or corresponding latency numbers) for each of the ToneDirect & USB Audio Streaming categories such as "Extra Small" or "Medium" are? My TonePorts inputs have recently gone bad. I'm contemplating having a repair shop work on it, but I'm torn between paying for repairs on and older device or moving to a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 or similar due to their proclaimed low latency. Any thoughts would be helpful.
  18. I'm considering getting an FBV MKII for my Amplifi TT. I was testing the wah by moving the Position parameter with my left hand as I strummed with my right. There was so much delay with this, that the pedal would be useless if it too reacted as slowly. What am I missing? I'm running the Amplifi app on an Amazon Fire 8HD tablet and everything else works great.
  19. Hi, What kind of quality (and usability) can I expect from the Helix? As an audio interface, would it compare, in terms of sound quality, to a RME or Focusrite Clarett? My guess is, that guitar-wise it would but microphone-wise it would be behind a 'real' interface (more noise, more latency). Can you prove me wrong? When it comes to handling, switching between different outputs (i.e. 2 sets of active speakers); is that easy and quick? Can the volume be adjusted really quickly? P.S. My idea is to replace a RME Babyface Pro with a Helix.
  20. UPDATED AND CORRECTED!!! My apoligies for the incorrect numbers (I read the timescale incorrectly on my Oscope screen) In the original post. I'd like to begin by saying I've been very impressed with my helix so far. I'm really enjoying it, and I am not posting this to bash it in any way whatsoever. But I'm naturally curious, and mostly unhappy with the SPDIF I/O, and wanted to really understand why, which is what prompted this whole experiment. With all the connection possibilities I have been experimenting hooking different pieces of gear I own to the various I/Os, with some great, and some not so great results. One of the biggest questions I've had has been with the digital I/Os. Is it actually faster to use SPDIF? Logic would say yes. No A/D conversion. It has to be faster right? Well I haven't been so happy with Helix in that regard. My 2 notes torpedo Hasn't sounded as good as I think it should through the SPDIF I/O. So I started digging online. What I found was a lot of nonsense. Threads saying that each foot of cable added 1ms of latency (this is wrong by the way) and people claiming that Helix is sub 1ms latency. hmmm Just a few quick numbers, as tested on my Helix floor with an O scope straight thru on a blank preset. Each and every time you convert A/D -> D/A it's 1.8 ms ...Yes that means each loop you engage adds 1.8 ms So to be clear. guitar in + 4 loops (in series) + 1/4" out = 9ms maximum of latency due to A/d conversion 4 cable method should clock in at around 3.6ms (assuming no other effects in circuit) SPIDIF I/O appears to not run as fast as as the standard I/Os 48k runs slightly faster then 44.1k 88k or 96k I tested this by looping spdif send and return to itself. As you add gear latency will increase due to the outboard gear. Other interesting notes about the SPDIF I/O there is no option for sync (internal vs spdif) and it connects to my two notes torpedo and transmits and receives audio even when the two units are set to entirely different sync and sample rate settings. There's also other spdif weirdness but as I said it's not my intent to bash Helix, so I won't go into them here. On the positive side, adding blocks does not appear to slow the unit down much. like less than .2ms for an amp. I haven't thoroughly tested this but a real quick check loading blocks up till I started to run out of DSP and very little change in latency. IR Blocks may have more latency associated with them but that is probably more due to the nature of what an IR actually is rather than processing power My takeaways. Use the internal blocks in helix as much as possible. Minimize A/D conversion. Stereo loops (parallel) are 1.8ms for both Serial loops are 1.8ms each Avoid using SPDIF for live playing (it's fine for re-amping etc) Anyway... I thought I'd share this. Rock On ✌
  21. I used to own a Pod HD with floorboard and was really happy with it until I saw something shiny and "upgraded" to a Firehawk FX. The FH FX is a great concept but I've been really disappointed mostly by the latency when switching patches. There is a large gap of silence, even after the v1.2 update, that just didn't exist on the Pod. The Helix LT looks perfect for me, but I've seen exactly the same latency issues as the FH FX on various YouTube vids and the like. This is a deal breaker, I won't buy Helix if this exists. Can someone please confirm whether this latency when switching patches has been fixed on Helix, or am I going back the old non-shiny-but-perfectly-good Pod HD? Thanks, Jamie
  22. I'm a sound noob so go easy on me. Played a line 6 processed amp for many years now, including Helix for the past year. Tonight went over and plugged into my friends Marshall. Had a hard time playing for awhile as it seemed like all my note timing was off with my fingers. Had read on here that using a processed digital amp like a Helix, you have a latency that your brain/fingers adjust for and that latency isn't there with a pure tube amp. Accurate or no? And if accurate, do any of you who use the Helix as your pedal board via a four cable method with a tube amp experience this?
  23. Hello! I'm trying to use my Bass POD XT Live as a soundcard for my computer. But I having a problem and no one can help me with it! Sorry for my english, but i'll try to explain my problem. I purchase POD 2 weeks ago. It pretty cool when i'm playing with AMP or directly with headphones, but when i'm plug it to the computer via USB cable, there's 3 problems - 1) Latency of sound, minimal but notable. 2) Echo like a reverb or room is on, but in fact non of it is triggered, and it sounds like from the depth of cave or hall. 3) In the right channel of my headphones or sometimes in mono, i hear the clean sound of my instrument with hard latency. I tried all the settings on computer as on POD, nothing helps me with it. I have all of the official software for my POD. I tried with ASIO4ALL, but nothing changed and I uninstall it. The problem still bothering me. Please help!
  24. I am currently attempting to use my POD HD500X to record directly on to Reaper on my computer but i have a little bit of delay when i strum and when i hear it from my monitor speakers. I have watched tons of reaper settings videos and i have my settings set to reduce it as much as possible but i still have maybe half a second delay in the audio. My computer is a Skytech Omega series with 16GB RAM, 4.0 ghz processor so the computer shouldnbe able to handle it no problem. Im not sure what i may be doing wrong. If someone can help me out i would appreciate it, thanks!
  25. Hey there, I didn't find any open topic in this matter - so maybe someone here can help me out. I recently bought an Amplifi TT and a G10 (Relay) to not need to have a cable through my living room. I connected the G10 to the Amplifi via XLR to Guitar-in Jack, and the Amplifi via RCA/Chinch to my AV-Receiver. The latency must be around 10ms or more, so it's really impossible to play. I know the G10 from "regular amp use" and I never experienced a latency like this. Would be glad, if someone here can provide some ideas. Thanks'n'best, Andreas
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