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  1. Hi folks, just connected the TT to the home cinema. I opted for optical s/pdif connection. There's a disconcerting lag on the audio. Is this a feature of the optical audio connection? Will it be better if I swap to an analogue connection? Thanks for any suggestions. - Nick.
  2. Hey there, I didn't find any open topic in this matter - so maybe someone here can help me out. I recently bought an Amplifi TT and a G10 (Relay) to not need to have a cable through my living room. I connected the G10 to the Amplifi via XLR to Guitar-in Jack, and the Amplifi via RCA/Chinch to my AV-Receiver. The latency must be around 10ms or more, so it's really impossible to play. I know the G10 from "regular amp use" and I never experienced a latency like this. Would be glad, if someone here can provide some ideas. Thanks'n'best, Andreas
  3. Hi I'm trying to use a midi controller to control a floor pod plus. I have a midi controller that I use with my trusty Zoom G9.2tt. It works perfectly. Zero latency. When I use it to send my CC signals to the pod plus, there is some terrible latency .. over 500ms I'd say. Let me point out that the signal goes straight from the controller to the pod .. there is no computer involved. It's just standard midi. Any ideas what could be causing this? Cheers dudes.
  4. Hi. When I record my Variax 600 in Cubase 8 AI, it leads to a gap at the beginning (like an enormous latency). I am using the POD HD500x which is USB-connected to an iMac. If I use a regular guitar everything is correct. The recording starts right at the beginning and listening to the live-tone and tempo-click everything sounds okay. But when the recording ends there is a gap of nearly 1 second since the tone starts and it ends with the same (here as an overlap). Any ideas? I will try to reproduce this behavior in Audacity later… EDIT: Don't know how to get rid of latency using Audacity. So, no way to reproduce the problem :(
  5. I am having latency issues with my newly acquired POD HD. I have it connected to my UX1, which I have been using as my audio interface, which sends the audio out to my monitors. When using direct monitoring, the latency is very noticeable, I can't record well with it. I've already set the buffer size the extra small, but this didn't help. How can I resolve this? I have never had any latency issues using the UX1 and POD Farm before...
  6. I use my amplifi tt as an asio driver in cubase LE 8. Normally you can change the buffer size or the latency in the device setup. Probably Amplifi TT doesn't support this function. For the moment I get annoyed from the crackling noises <_< Anyone who can confirm this issue or has a solution...
  7. Hello guys. I do not use USB recording so often, but when I tried yesterday Everything hooked up perfectly and Windows 7 recognized everything. All set! I used the software Audacity, whiuch is very simple to use just to be able to 'hear' the sound coming from Helix. But there was the problem: If I pickd a string, I didnot hear it immediately ... just about 0.5sec later, which is really disturbing! Anyway, anyone here had similar issue? Any tip is highly welcome! Cheers Leo
  8. hello everyone, new to Helix - all good so far, great UI and lots of potential FX Loops I haven't seen many comments, but on my first impressions I am getting a noticeable latency going out to FXLoops. Understandable, as there there is a double conversion (D>A A>D) going out of the Helix > into pedals > back into the Helix. As a matter of interest - does anyone know the exact latency? The good old DL4 used to add 1mS. This feels like quite a bit more. I also feel this lag when I go through an analogue pedal, though of course it is a bit less. fwiw, I am used to up to 4 H9s and have never felt this degree of lag. Obviously I can see it is going to be better if I change all my patches in the external pedal (Eventide H9) to being 100% wet if I want to use the FXloop 1/2 option. I can do that but... ...anyone have any ideas or can point me to a good thread, I'd be grateful! Thanks,
  9. Hello all, I don't usually frequent gear forums so I apologise if my forum etiquette is sub standard. I've been really excited about the Helix since the reveal of the device. I've been waiting for you guys to drop a new modern unit since the HD500x. So, I've been nurturing use of a Pod XT for many years now and it has served my playing routine greatly since purchase. No to mention that I've had very little problems with the unit. I hit my tone limit a long time ago. I need more control over the signal chain to be able to really suss my guitar tone out. I'm seriously tempted to take the plunge on the Helix and have the funds to do so. I have my doubts though, especially considering it is such a great deal of money to drop on a pedal. Could I trouble some knowledgable users with some questions? 1) Line 6 edit I think I saw that Line 6 released a "Gear Box" Win/mac user interface for the Helix unit. How is this coming along, is it good quality? I can't find any screen shots at all. Nobody is hailing it as god's gift, if it has been released. I understand the larger display and functionality might completely over-rule the use of something like this. I'm curious as to it's current state of play. 2) Patch latency This is something that's been raised a few times on here. I understand the nature of loading process for patches. As I've dealt with the XT live, I do understand THIS IS modelling. With the XT, there was a noticeable delay in switching patches. It wasn't terrible but it was noticeable. I'd argue it is literally the longest patch latency I'd be willing to put up with. Can anyone clarify if it is an improvement? Some have said the time it takes to load a patch is directly related to the amount of "blocks" you have in your patches. I'm not looking for multiple cabs and amps per patch. The XT had Comp, Gate, EQ, Amp Sim, Cab, Delay, Mod, ​Reverb. Considering that as a base line. What sort of latency are we looking at as standard? Better or worse? Painfully delayed? 3) Further talking about patches delays. Some have suggested loading everything into one patch and using that? I saw Glen Delaune's, 3 channel amp patch and I wasn't THAT sold on the "method". Surely you can run into instances where both, your clean channel is running and your boost is on? Surely your tone is going to more of a compromise instead of what you actually want to here? 4) Do custom IR's perform better or worse re: quality and patch latency? 5) Spreading blocks over to "Both CPU processors"? How is this actually done? Do you run the amp and cab on a separate line with links between. How effective is this reduction? 6) Direct into a Tube Amp I use a 2x12 Fender Hot Rod Deville. Can anyone elaborate as to how will this pedal plays with standard Tube Amps. I don't need a processed video from Chappers, I've seen it already. You know what I mean. My query is the ability to sculp the sound and fix mushyness. Sustain at volume, deliberate feedback etc. 7) Some people in other posts have suggested using 8 Template <02c ... XXXXX as a base line for your tones, to avoid latency problems. I don't own one yet, so I can't exactly investigate as to what these patch templates have to offer. Can anyone elaborate as to what these templates have to offer and how they work? I know there's a lot going on above regarding my questions. If you'd be so kind as to weigh in where possible, I'm sure others will review this thread to help put minds at ease. Please be as honest, clear and descriptive as possible I know it's a pain... although they're not "Million dollar" questions, they are the "Thousand dollar" questions that I would really appreciate clear answers for. I really appreciete you taking the time to review this thread.
  10. Hi all, I've just bought Firehawk FX. I'm using it with Peavey Classic 30 in the 4CM setup. I've read all about the dreaded patch change latency problem but decided to give it a try instead. The latency of changing patches is ok for my purpose. It could be better but all in all my Peavey Classic 30 has a similar latency while switching between channels. BUT Everything is nice and ok unless I don't use the preamp of my Peavey in the effect loop. If that is the case the latency of patch switching reaches 1 second or more. The sound cuts and then slowly arises from zero. To give it simple: Guitar -> FX -> Send RCV in Peavey ----------- Patch Switching OK Guitar -> FX -> 4CM -------------------------------- Patch Switching with 1 second latency (sound arrising) Can it be a matter of the preamp of my Peavey that needs to somehow re-init if getting signal from INPUT or is it a problem of the Firehawk ? Please help, I don't know whether to return the unit because using it like this is impossible ... :/
  11. I have read that the total throughput analog in to analog out is 1.8ms. I have read that each send and return has its own D/A A/D conversion. Does enabling any or all of the send/return patch points add to the total latency? TIA
  12. Hi! I have a UX2 and use Pod Farm.I'm thinking of buying Sonic Port VX...what I wanna know is if I can keep using Pod Farm on my Mac with Sonic Port VX as the interface,and if so,will I notice any diference in terms of sound quality and latency?
  13. Hi! The latency when switching presets in the Firehawk is still something that buggers the hell outta me... I've got the latest 1.20 version, but compared to my old Boss GT-8 (from 2005), the Firehawk is much slower. Here are the two videos. I even made the Firehawk patches copies of the first hoping that this would make it switch faster, to no avail. The Boss GT-8 has different settings and effects on each preset as it has almost no latency while switching presets anyway. And no comments regarding the sound, they are placed 4 feet apart and this affects the recorded camera sound. Firehawk: Boss GT-8: Any comments on the Latency, Line 6 people?
  14. Hi, I've started playing my Firehawk buy connecting it to my notebook using a USB connection, the audio quality is awesome (better than playing through my amp), but I experience quite a lot of latency while playing, I'd like to known if anyone has a fix for this, because it's quite frustrating when playing to a backing track or metronome.
  15. I've had my POD HD500x for a few years now and used to use Reaper to record tracks, but recently got a new computer and now use Ableton. However, I get a lot of latency that I can't seem to get rid of. I use Windows 8.1, and Ableton Live Suite 9.1.2 64 bit. My POD has been updated completely. I've messed around in the preferences to no avail (I've attached a screenshot). I can't get the input buffer size to be any lower than 256. I've tried to adjust it to 128 but it just resets. I really don't know what the problem could be. Is it some 32bit/64bit issue? Is it the USB 2.0 cable into a USB 3.0 port? Any help at all would be appreciated. I don't want to go back to Reaper when now I have crazy powerful Ableton.
  16. Hi folks, So, I just picked up a used Studio GX a few days back and love it so far but have a question. When setting it up I was plugging it's USB cable into one of the USB ports on the back of my computer and the computer suddenly shut down! I unplugged it turned the computer back on and tried twice more and the same thing happened BOTH times, then I turned it back on and plugged the GX's USB cable into one of the two front USB ports on my machine, works great with NO perceivable Latency so I'm ok with using it on the front BUT what could be the problem with plugging into the back port? ANY ideas, any at all?
  17. Hey there. I tried searching around for a topic that might help me resolve the issues I seem to be having,but everything I have tried seems to be failing. Im using Reaper with my UX2.I have a Seinheisse E825 S running in with an XLR using either Gearbox or PodFarm I was trying to run the channel in dry,as I want it sound as natural as possible as I have it mic'd up to my HD147,but when I record,the volume seems to be incredibly low on playback. Can anyone tell me if I might be doing something worng? I also seem to get latency issues through my headphones when playing. Im completely stumped,but if any other info is needed to help me get up and running (I'm kinda new to this,so I could even be wrong with some of the terminology Im using) I can provide it,and I'd be grateful for any help
  18. Can anyone give me some pointers on how to get the best sound out of my JTV-59? After watching more videos showing off the sound, I'm convinced something is not right, maybe its the Amplifi amp I'm using (which means I can't use the VDI cable, WHAT???), or is it the 20 year old 1/4" that I play through, or is it just me...I cannot get mine to sound anything like the sounds in this video: I'm mostly referring to the acoustic models that sound amazing in the Line6 video - 1:20-2:25 is a great example of the acoustics that I bought this guitar for! There are some cords that when I play I can tell that the modeling is dropping some strings like it can't process all 6 at once. The 12 strings are the worst by far, in the video you can hear some pretty harsh strumming tones as he plays, I have to play mine SUPER light to get 75% of the sound that he is getting in the acoustic models, and my latency is terrible on top of that. My intent is not to bash on this guitar, I love it, or at least I'm trying real hard to keep loving it. And to be fair, most of the NON-Acoustic models seem totally fine to me. I am desperately hoping that someone can give me some pointers on places I can look to get a better sound, something doesn't seem right to me. FYI, my serial number dates my "NEW" JTV-59 as a November 2012 build if that's any clue as well. Thanks!
  19. Ux1 into Podfarm 2.57 standalone into Reaper tracking over pre-recorded tracks....monitoring via ToneDirect and everything sounds awesome until playback when my currently recorded track(s) do not line up (sync) with all the other tracks. For example I will have a EZD drum track rendered file (no plug in) and will track a bass guitar and the tracks do not line up on playback...I know I can manually move the bass track but that is Mickey Mouse crap!!! Why wont my tracks line up? I have done all the usual stuff like lowering the buffer...but nothing has worked...Newer laptop running Win7. Thx in advance!
  20. I get with my Sonic Port VX no latency under about 14 milliseconds under iOS 8. The buffer is set to 128 samples. On the mac it is a little better, but not pleasant by far. Has anyone got values ​​under 10 ms?
  21. I am using an hd500 into a Crate Powerblock for guitar and vocals, I was thinking about adding a pedal or two using the integrated fx loop and then I thought: The added D/A/D conversions will double the latency, will it be noticeable? What's the precise latency value?
  22. Hi guys, I'm sorry if this seems an old topic but I have this problem since long time, nowhere I found a solution after browsing for weeks I gave up. Tutorials, links, youtube... nowhere answers it. I want somehow to record my guitar while I monitor what I listen from the recording software, and I don't want to monitor via headphones, but via audio monitors. I tried plugging my X3 into USB to record, but here is what happens: - When I record (record audio signal is ON) I don't listen to my guitar; - When I listen to my guitar, I just can't record it (record audio signal is OFF); - When I listen to the guitar, there appears a monster latency, surely bigger than 500ms (impossible to play, record or anything). I got sick trying to fix and set ASIO drivers, many different audio recording demo softwares, but I simply couldn't make it to run in a reasonable way. I just hate the idea of not being able to make what I need. My system got digital audio from its motherboard (ASUS P6T Deluxe V2), and the audio is carried via spdif cable from MoBo to the VGA, and then, the HDMI cable carries the audio output until the video monitor. I also tried to use the direct output from X3 with an analogue cable until Line-In jacket in the rear panel from th PC, but the problem of Latency remains. Also couldn't record and listen to what I was playing. This also made me double listen to the guitar with delay, creating a huge reverb in the end, both really frustrating experiences. I made so many tries, got crazy with turning this and that off, putting this buffer on or turning off that audio option to avoid monitoring what I don't need. Is there any solution for this? Would I need an Audio Interface? I am very grateful if anybody could help me! Thank you very much, Kind Regards! Rene
  23. Bonjour, Je viens de faire l'aquisition d'un POD HD500X et je découvre petit à petit ses possibilités. Je rencontre, en revanche, un problème de taille: lorsque je passe d'un preset à un autre, il y a un blanc très court mais audible. Le son se coupe tout bonnement au changement pendant une fraction de seconde avant de passer au nouveau preset. C'est extrêmement ennuyeux, ça casse totalement la mélodie. Existe-t-il un moyen d'effacer cette latence (mise à jour, ...?) Merci d'avance
  24. Hi, I'm trying to use pod farm 2 with a direct connection from my guitar to my computer via a Tracklink Guitar to USB Interface USQ-110 and using ASIO4ALL for compatibility, but the latency makes it unusable. I've tried everything I can think of in order to get it down. I've tried turning the buffer rate all the way down to 64 samples and switching to Reaper, but neither worked. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Please help!
  25. Hi, I just bought a POD HD PRO X and im using one 1/4" cable from the unbalanced right output to my Scarlett 2i2 input which i use as my interface. I use headphones to listen and when i have the pod on without any DAWs, I can only hear the sound from the left ear and it's like a 0.5 second delay. Even with Direct Monitoring turned on on my interface I still hear the delayed sound but it's just coming from the left ear. tl;dr: Sound coming from left ear only with latency. Even with Direct Monitoring turned on I hear the sound normally + latency hard panned left
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