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  1. Hey everyone, I just got a awesome Spider MK 2 HD100, and iam really happy with it, but it has come with the older floorboard with no connection to pc so I have bought a midi to USB cable to connect from the head into my pc but everytime I begin the firmware update i get a few popup windows open saying everything is ok click "yes" to proceed and then tick the user agreement and then i get a error window with the code 8000000, any clues please? Windows 10 btw. Cheers. Shaun.
  2. Stoney51


    Hi Can someone tell me if this is true. Line 6 is now owned by Yamaha?
  3. Received my helix under a week ago. And I LOVE the sounds so far. Lots of patches made and downloaded. Really love the ones I got from Glenn Delaune. I find myself constantly worried I'm going to break it or wear out one of the inputs or something. I see the occasional thread on people who have joysticks or exp pedals that have broken. Is this really that common?? I guess what I'm asking is this--how durable have you found your Helix to be? Am I being silly with treating it like a baby bird? I bought a case for it from BOSS that's pretty good. If that means anything. Thanks everyone!
  4. Hola amigos, hace unos días conecté mi pedalera a la PC, le actualicé el Firmware a la última versión y todo eso con el Monkey. Primero me dio problemas, ya que cuando intentaba crear sonidos mediante el EDIT me salió un error que hizo que la pedalera se reiniciara y no iniciara más, ese problema lo solucioné. Tenía sonidos creados que tenían pedal de expresión funcionando en ensayos y demás, pero desde que me pasó ese error ahora cuando entro al sonido el pedal de expresión pareciera no funcionar. Intenté de todo, desde volver a la versión anterior de Flash Memory pero sigue sin funcionar. También pensé que podía ser que la configuración le determinara el EXP 2, pero lo configuré y sigue sin andar. El pedal al presionarlo marca como que si funciona, pero al momento de tratar de hacer que el volúmen baje, el wah wah funcione, no reacciona. Si alguien me soluciona la vida estaría muy agradecido ya que intenté de todo, y hace unas semanas tuve que abrir la pedalera para sacarle una ficha que se había quedado dentro de la Guitar In y eso seguro que hace que no me reciban la garantía :( Saludos desde Argentina.
  5. Hey all, wondering if anyone else has had this problem in the past with their Relay G50/G90 transmitter: My guitarist made the error of using his with a set of "cheaper" Chinese-made rechargeable batteries. I'm not sure if it was a problem with overcharging, heat, etc., but they're now stuck in his transmitter. The battery door still closes, and the transmitter still functions, but these batteries can not be removed. Almost as if they've expanded in size to the point where they're stuck. Has anyone developed a trick for dislodging batteries that have gotten stuck in these transmitters? Hoping I don't have to send it off to Line 6 in order to get this issue solved. I also don't want to attempt to disassemble the unit myself in order to remove them, as I'm sure the company wouldn't recommend that. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  6. A pod 2.0 manual I downloaded has the brit hi gain listed as a 1986 Marshall JCM 800 in the manual, but as a 1990 Marshall JCM 800 on the reference sheet. Any idea which year is the correct one modeled? I'm no amp tech, so is there really much of a difference between those two year's models? Here is a link to the manual. You can find the discrepancies on pages 2 and 3.
  7. I am simply trying to accomplish a very good patch on my line 6 mk11 hd100 amp for the Gary Moore solo on his tune "still got the blues". I would like very specific settings including the values on the tone knobs " they display for such a short time" when trying to create a patch. Would appreciate any help getting that sustain and compression, clarity and drive. thank you Bobby Babineaux
  8. Hello, I am new to these forums so I apologize in advance for potential misunderstandings :D Yesterday I bought this new Line 6 Spider Classic 15 watt amplifier along with brand new Epiphone SG and a brand new cable. When I plugged the guitar to the amplifier, everything was tippy toppy great, but that's when the trouble started .. I messed a little with knobs and channels but I did not save anything (I did not press the channel button to take a ''snap'' of the tone) and now I don't have distortion and the volume is way down whatever I do. Clean channel is normal, although the volume is lowered.. Crunch channel has no distortion at all and as I move on to Metal and Insane channels, sound remains clean, only it gets muddier .. When I strum, sound is just muddy, no distortion present .. I implore you all for help, since I've waited for this moment for 5 bloody years :D and now I can't get the distortion even a little bit ..Rest of the effects are in working order, I've tested them, tuner doesn't register string plucking at all.. I've tried factory restarting (holding clean button while turning on .. I hold it, the lights above channels blink 3 times and that's it ...still the same) .. I've read the manuals but there's no mention of this problem.. Thank you in advance for any help..
  9. Hey, everybody! My name is Robert Rosenbrook and I wanted to share a solo EP that I recorded using the Helix for all the guitars. I used only stock amps and effects for my patches which I'd be happy to share if there is enough interest! Let me know what you all think! - Here's a video of one of the songs - link to rest of the EP
  10. Hi, I am about to buy a used UX2 from Amazon and I am not sure if the software is with it or not. Can this software that lists with it (or other software) be downloaded. I am especially interested in Ableton live or recording software that comes with it or might be useful (example drum software, etc)? Thank you!
  11. I've been using line 6 since the company started. I was an endorsee for quite awhile until recently but still use line 6 and I currently use the Helix as my main live rig. I'm waiting on the Helix Native plugin anxiously so I can use it to record my newest songs with. I started using line 6 to record all my albums with back when I had the pod pro rack mount unit, then later continued using the podfarm VST. Anyway, If you like shred Instrumental guitar, you can now download my latest album for free Since it's been downloaded on torrent sites over a million times, I figured I may as well give it away now anyway. If you like it, I'll be releasing a new album in a couple months. You can either stream it or if you want a physical copy just click on buy and leave the dollar amount at 0. If you wish to pay as little as a $1, that's totally up to you I originally got endorsed/endorsed Line 6 back when Tim Goodwin was the rep over 10 years ago, but I was one of the first to buy their combo amps when they first came out when nobody knew who they were. I was recently told that there is no longer an artist program, but I still continue to use Line6(and unofficially endorse them) even though I no longer get a discount or artist privileges. That's how much I believe in their products! I've been one of their longest supporters and I'll still tell everyone I know how great I think their products are. At least one of us is loyal!! I officially endorse ESP guitars, Peavey Amps, DiMarzio Pickups, Steinberg/Yamaha software, Cool Picks, M-Audio Studio gear, Eventide, Line 6, (unofficially ) Morley Pedals, and Overloud software.
  12. Hello dear users, Do one of you know a proper way to unplug the Line 6 Pod Studio (UX2) from a Mac ? Because sometimes it cause a crash, and restart the computer. Thank you in advance !
  13. Hi all For the last few years my preferred alternative to an amp has been to play my guitar through my PC using a Line 6 FBV Express MK II pedal with a Line 6 UX1 (Pod Studio) with Pod Farm 2. It's even great but my FBV is now intermittently faulty. This kit has been around for quite a few years now. Can anyone suggest a new set up giving me the same flexibility in the same sort of price range please? I need to be able to have amp sims and effects through my PC with the ability to change effects with some sort of floorboard. I'm happy to look for another second hand FBV Express MK II but if anyone can suggest a newer improved set up that would be great. Also are there any other floorboards that can bu used with my UX1 (Pod Studio)? Thanks all!
  14. Hello Does anyone try amplifi fx100 or firehawk to connect livid instruments guitar wing with wireless or bluetooth connection? is it possible? I use guitar wing with ipad app. thanks.
  15. Hello Line 6 forum users, I was hoping you could help advise me with a dilemma that I'm having. I want to take advantage of Line 6's promotional deal for a Mission Engineering expression pedal when purchasing a helix rack and control this month so I went to Guitar Center (as I believe they are a licensed Line 6 dealer) yesterday to do so when they informed me that the earliest that a helix rack would be able to be shipped would be on the 27th of February as they didn't have one in store. I'm concerned that while I could get a receipt today, the 20th of February, showing I purchased a helix I wouldn't have the physical unit until perhaps March, when the promotion would have expired, and consequently if the serial number was needed to register the unit (as I assume it is) that I would miss the window of the promotion. Is it possible that there may be a way that even if my unit doesn't arrive during the promotional period that I could still receive a Mission Engineering expression pedal if I had proof of purchase during the promotional period? I have attempted to contact Line 6 through both repeated calls today and yesterday to the 1 (818) 575-3600 phone number they have listed as well as through a Facebook message but have yet to receive a reply. I understand that their customer service isn't listed as being open during the weekends and, while they are shown to be available on Mondays, that today is Presidents' Day in the United States so it's understandable that they may not be at work. Ideally I'd be purchasing the helix rack and control today from Guitar Center in order to take advantage of their Presidents' Day discounts but if possible I'd like to get confirmation on whether I would be able to receive the Mission Engineering expression pedal as well. Thanks for taking the time to read and any help you can offer!
  16. Hello forum I am looking for help on issues with my DL4. I know this is for the JM4, but if someone can help or offer advice where to seek help it would be appreciated. I recently got my DL4. After experimenting with the loop sampler using my micro korg - i realized after recording a loop, the sampled loop will slowly fade out... eventually to no sound at all. This cant be normal for this device?/ What is there to do about this? Thanks- kk
  17. So I have been using the FBV Express MKII with a Spider IV 30w amplifier for about 7 months without any issues I tried to connect it with my pc (without sucess for not having the right software installed I think) and nothing went wrong. The leds were lit when connected to the pc, but just as I tried it again on the amp nothing happened. I still get that 'click' whenever I plug it in but it seems to be dead. I've tried to restart my pc so it could recognize the unit, but it just doesn't happen anymore Are there any obvious solutions for this issue? I'll be needing the pedal for the next week so please, I need to get help as soon as possible Thank you
  18. So I'm trying to find out if there's a way of using my old floorboard as a midi controller for my MAC (logic/mainstage). Obviously it sends some sort of signal over CAT5 which I could hook up to my MAC but is there any way to get the 2 talking? Anyone??
  19. I have a line 6 spider 4 15 watt amp that i bought from a friend of myn. When i first got it worked perfectly. afer a few weeks i noticed that the sound was dull and it was not the volume becuase i turned it up. Out of frustration i hit the top of the amp and the sound got louder nd clearer for a few seconds. Thats when i was sure that something was wrong. I can not seem to find what is the problem and i am hoping that someone here can help me. Thanks.
  20. Hey guys, Im having trouble with my XLR microphone that is hooked up to my UX1 interface. The green light is on indicating that the computer has detected the device (and yes I downloaded the drivers from this site) but it is still not picking up sound. I have tested this mic before and the interface but it doesnt seem to be working this time. PLEASE HELP THANK YOU VERY MUCH
  21. Hi guys, I've got a problem with my PodFarm (I use it with UX2). When I've changed my GX to UX2 i was super happy beacause i had way more amps and effects there. After I've reinstalled my computer system (I'm working on Windows 8) I had some problems with installing PodFarm and with registration on Line 6. Now it's working but I have just two guitar and bass amps and few effects. What should I do to get more sounds? Please, help me.
  22. I've made two tutorials on controlling basic parameters of the SourceAudio Nemesis delay with the Helix. Controling Common Nemesis Delay Parameters With The Line 6 Helix Changing to specific Nemesis Delay preset numbers with the Line 6 Helix. Enjoy.
  23. Hey Everybody, I just spent a couple hours copying every model (effects, amps, cabs, etc.) from the Helix owner's manual into an Excel spreadsheet. The first tab (ALL MODELS) should be printable going down the whole list. I also took every model type and put it on its own tab: distortion models, dynamics, etc. Best part is, I even took a screenshot of the owner's manual pdf and exactly matched the color coding from the Line 6 Helix owner's manual. Here's hoping somebody enjoys my hard work! This should be a good way to see which "real world" models correspond to which model. Here it is: Helix Models.xlsx Enjoy!
  24. I recently bought a line 6 pod hd 500x .when i tried looper i was able to record a pattern and when i tried to change the tone to play some lead the tone of the recorded portion changes. please help me
  25. My ux2 won't connect to my laptop and I tried re installing the drivers but it keeps failing the update. The only thing I see when it's connected is the red clip lights blinking. I seriously need help
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