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Found 98 results

  1. cclement

    Frippertronics "looper" block

    https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/Frippertronics-loop-block/962141-23508 This is a bit of a selfish ask, but I figured I would try... maybe some others might dig it too. I would love to see a "Frippertronics" style block in the Helix. Kind of like a looper... but not like the current looper. In my mind, this would be two independent delays, but with really long delay times - say 1 to 25 seconds each - even better is you could have the delay times listed in Bars. Each delay would be fed from the same source, but fully independent. Each delay would also have a extremely long Feedback/Decay rate, so the repeats would go on for minutes if you wanted... but without ever going into oscillation like an analog delay. There would also be a way to bypass the "input" going to the delays so you could add things to the loops, and then play over them. You could achieve this with "Tails On" kind of thing and standard bypassing the pedal. Basically... I'm looking for something like the old Elottronix XL "Frippertonics Emulator" VST from way back - https://www.kvraudio.com/product/elottronix_xl_by_elogoxa - but inside the Helix.
  2. claudioportanova

    Uso de Midi CC en Looper

    Hi there! I am trying to customize Looper 1 switch on my Helix LT to make it more practical for me to use: press the recording (ok), then Playback (ok) and then Stop (no ok, currently it goes to Overdub and it is difficult to press Double click to stop while I'm singing and playing the guitar). I already sent my idea of modification to Line6ideascale, but reading the manual I saw the Midi CC section where you can assign the commands to other switches, I did it but they don't work. With the controller assign I could put Playback on another switch, but it doesn't stop, but Pause (it's not practical) either. Anyone used Midi CC? Thank you!!
  3. Adorbnig

    Helix Looper V2.xx

    This is what the looper upgrade should have delivered - something to shout about aka the Headstrong patch update.
  4. I have a Spider V 30 amp, and now I have bought an FBV 3 foot controller, too. I notice that the FUNCTION button on the FBV 3 does absolutely nothing, and I wonder whether it should. I realize that it is intended to control the looper, which isn't there on the V 30 and the V 20 amps. Am I right that it should not do anything with my setup?!? A related question: I would love to have a looper added to my setup. Are there any recommendations out there? Thanks, Peter (from Denmark)
  5. taldavid

    Looper playback volume too low?

    Hi, I noticed that when I record a loop (single layer), the volume of its playback drops quite a lot compared with anything I play on it (even not overdubbing another loop on it), or compared to the volume when I recorded it. I think it was like that also in the HD500, but not this bad. This happens when in the looper (mono looper) settings I have "playback" and "overdub" at 0 dB, and the low/high cuts are at 20Hz/20kHz. Is there any way to increase the volume of the playback (and not the volume of what I play over it....)? Thanks!
  6. lemueldave

    6 Switch Looper for HX Stomp

    Can we have the 6 switch looper in the HX Stomp in the next update? I just want to use some of the features, like the 1/2 speed and reverse.
  7. parkerrhea

    Can the Looper be synced?

    Can the looper be Midi controlled to start and stop recording? I've been writing some tunes that for live use I could really use a the looper on the helix but we play with a click and I've been working on midi clocking my preset for the set list and it got me thinking if I could set it up loops to match up with the click.
  8. Line6Will

    The Helix Looper

    The Looper How do I find the Looper? Most factory presets already have a Looper block, ready to go. If your preset doesn't, or you cleared all the blocks, Looper blocks can be selected from the very bottom of the Model List, below the Send/Return category. How much looping time do I get? For mono looping, Helix gives you up to 120 seconds 1/2-speed or 60 seconds full speed. There’s also a new stereo looper, which gives you 60 seconds 1/2-speed or 30 seconds full speed. Why does the Looper stop when I switch presets? Helix's looper can maintain playback and recording across presets as long as the target preset: Has the same type of looper block (mono or stereo) Has the looper block on the same path (1 or 2) Has the looper block assigned to a footswitch Otherwise, loop recording/playback will stop. Basic Looper Usage Helix can add one mono or stereo Looper block per preset. The Looper can exist anywhere on either Path 1 or Path 2. See Looper Footswitch Mode for information on using the Looper. Using a Dual signal path: Keep in mind that the looper is only available for one signal path at a time. So if you're using a second signal path, you will noticed a significant drop in volume, since the looper is only on one path. Looper Settings Knob Parameter Description 1 Playback: Adjusts looper playback level. You may find it useful to turn this down a bit so your live guitar can be slightly louder. 2 Overdub:Sets the level of your loop while overdubbing. For example, if your Overdub Level is set to 90%, each time your loop repeats, its volume will be reduced by 10%, sounding quieter and quieter with each overdub pass. 3 Low Cut and Low Cut: Filters a portion of the loop's bass and/or treble frequencies, which can improve the mix with your live guitar. For more information check out the manual here.
  9. nardact

    HX Stomp Looper Basic Set Up

    I'm having trouble with the basic set up of the one switch looper on the stomp. Having reset to factory settings, I add the looper to an empty preset and assign a controller to FS2 using the Learn function. When operating FS2 in the edit mode Playbk switches between 0.0db and -60.0db In performance mode the looper displays as Playbk and operating FS2 simply changes it from enabled to disabled. None of the looper behaviour is invoked (red light to record, etc.). It's almost like the pedal isn't being recognized as a looper and is just having its Playbk parameter assigned to FS2. This is with the latest 2.71 Firmware. I hoping this is some very basic misunderstanding on my part. :-) Edit: Figured this out. You have to follow the instructions about assigning the controls for the Looper to the letter. If you don't quick assign the looper but attempt to do it manually using the control assign menu you will just end up assigning one of the looper's parameters to the foot switch and it won't function as a looper.
  10. Hi, Bonjour, How can I connect my Boss RC-30 Loop Station to the Spider V 240HC ? On my FENDER MUSTANG III Amp it is simple, but on my SPIDER V I cannot find a functionnal connecting. I tried with the Aux IN and a RFX out but the sound is very very noisy. Is anybody has found to connect an external looper to this AMP ? Thank you for your help ... Merci pour votre assistance ... Roland
  11. meteoriot

    Extra Footswitch Possible?

    Hi all. I am new on here but I am desperate for some help. Basically can you add extra footswitches to the helix? I want to be able to control the looper and maybe a couple of stomp effects from a different location to the helix (just a few feet away) Is there a pedal that can do this please? Many thanks Richard
  12. bartoszjuriewicz

    HD PRO X + FBV EXPRESS MKII: will looper work?

    Quick question: will looper work on HD PRO X with EXPRESS MKII footswitch? The manual for POD says that only shortboard or longboard enable looper mode, but perhaps it's not up to date? Regards
  13. Indianrock2020

    1-click Looper in 8 snapshot mode?

    Could you add the 1-click-looper to a preset and have it turned off in all but one of 8 snapshots? If not assigned to a footswitch then I guess you might not see the color changes as it goes from recording to overdub to playback etc.
  14. crooser

    Looper auto start

    Hi guys Just got my 240c yesterday. Really impressed so far but scratching my head over the looper. Is there an auto start feature with the onboard looper? Physically pressing the panel button to initialise the looper seems rather pointless, so I’m guessing there is? If not, I’m hoping this could be implemented in a future update. My old trusty cube80xl has a handy auto start looper option. Simply long press the loop button, the button flashes rapidly waiting for an input signal, once you start playing it starts recording the loop. Everything after this behaves as is. I wasn’t planning on buying the optional floorboard.
  15. Imagine if Line6 made an iPad/iPhone looper app along the lines of GroupTheLoop or Quantiloop (but better) that had the added USP of being able to communicate two-way with the HELIX - so that by going into a special "Looper App Mode" the HELIX scribble strips behaved like an improved version of the built-in looper- but in a way where the labels would synchronise ( using OSC etc ? ) with the iOS app. https://line6.ideascale.com/a/idea-v2/902705
  16. supertonic_jack

    The length of the Looper in the Helix Unit

    Does anybody know what the maximum time for the looper in the helix units is? How long can I record a riff before the capacity of the looper is reached. On the Spider IV for example it was only 60 sec.. I hope line6 hasn't saved the couple of cents this time and invested in the length of the looping. It is an important feature.
  17. PROBLEM: MIDI assignments can not be stored globally. If we want to set up MIDI assignments for several stomp pedals in order to control some device such as iOS loopers or MIDI controlled effects - this has to be done PER PATCH. So this involves a lot of work if one uses several different presets for different sounds. Also one might want to send MIDI CC messages to say an iOS Looper but experiment with different patches. Or a new one. Currently this cannot be done. MIDI assignments have to be done PER PATCH. SOLUTION: Have a special block - linked to a foot-switch which - when turned on - makes some or all of the foot-switches temporarily become MIDI controllers. This would operate much in the similar fashion to how we currently enter or exit the LOOPER mode in the Helix. In this mode each switch would have dedicated scribble-strip names i could customise. If needed - some switches could still be assigned - say to an effect or a snapshot in order that one can make simple sonic changes without leaving the "MIDI mode". https://line6.ideascale.com/a/dtd/MIDI-CONTROLLER-Block-where-all-footswitches-become-MIDI-pedal/802355-23508#idea-tab-comments
  18. All I want to do is use my Fbv Express Mk II as a looper pedal. Whenever I record, it automatically starts a "jam track" in the background when I just want it to record my audio only. Any advice? This whole experience has been pretty horrible....I spent way to long trying to find "jam mode" just so I can use the looper tech on the pedal.
  19. Amiderfenn

    Looper sounds bad with complex sounds

    Hi, when I am using the Helix looper with a preset with complex sounds e.g. with long delays and fancy stuff, the loop sounds poor after recording. The sound is more or less cut off. Is that normal? Carsten -- Helix (Firmware 2.53)
  20. kenhan

    Please make a stand-alone looper

    I love my Helix LT, a truly best-in-class modeler/fx unit! But the built-in looper is lacking. Can you please make a best-in-class stand-alone looper that works both on its own and also seamlessly with Helix? It should have multitrack, visual place indicator, great support for multiple time signature, ability to import midi drum loops/drum tracks, etc. I would also love to just connect a looper to Helix via USB cable and have it carry digital audio, midi commands/clock to/from the Helix, and also allow usb daisy chain from computer, looper, and Helix, so that I can still use the Helix edit with the looper connected the Helix via usb. I know, a pipe dream. But every great product starts out as a pipe dream, right? Thanks.
  21. Hi there, I'm a proud Helix user since a week and after playing an ENGL e606 Ironball head for a long time, I must admit that this awesome piece of a modeler is now a serious competitor... love it! I just wanted to ask if there is a way of signal routing which allows me to: 1. record a rythm loop 2. solo over it and then record both on seperate tracks in my DAW (Logic Pro X / Mixcraft 8). So I want the recorded looper playback on track #1 and my lead playing on track #2. Is that possible? Many thanks in advance :)
  22. I just got a Helix and am exploring the Looper section. I would like to be able to fade the looper while still having the guitar output play through. I followed instructions to add an external expression pedal (set up on Exp Pedal 3). While I was able to set up the playback to fade via the pedal, it also fades what I am playing as well. I also want to achieve this in stereo as i run stereo loops with panned parts, etc. I used to use an old Line 6 DDL-4 for loops and one function I loved was that I could set up the loop to fade with my pedal, while still playing through (in mono of course). Made for less choppy endings. Much more fluid than a hard stop. Is their a way to achieve this with the Helix Looper? I'd like to be able to stay "in the box" and not go to an external looper. Thx.
  23. Another FireHawk Looper Question, OK two questions... I've figured how the Rec, Play, Stop, Clear All work but is there a Clear Last function ? Quite often when building up loops you get a bum take and would like to Erase or Undo that and go again over the other Previous layers. Can the present incarnation of the FireHawk firmware do that? It's not the end of the world for me if it doesn't as I have other looping options, but it would be useful to know. How much Loop Time is available ?
  24. prudenjim

    Looper CC#/values

    Greetings - I am attempting to use command center to control the looper. Found a good video that gets me part of the way by sending the midi cc/value pair to record and another button to play back. Does anyone know where I can find a listing of the values? I haven’t been able to find them so what I have are the two the video uses. Perhaps there is another way to accomplish the following: Under a 4x4 setting I have a snapshot for rhythm, second snapshot with pitch blocks, etc. I want to record what I play in snapshot 2 (pitch blocks) and stop While in snapshot 1 (rhythm) later in the song, I want to play the looper once. Right now I am pressing mode and looper and it is too difficult to toggle back and forth.
  25. blasphemier

    Looping over drum loops

    Using the Spider V 240 with FBV3 and I I’m trying to loop some riffs over the drum loops. Every time I do I notice my loop will unsync from the drum loop pretty drastically. Are the drum loops all in time to a click when they were recorded or do they vary ever so slightly in tempo? The only other thing I can figure is that my timing is way off with hitting the looper on the FBV3.