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Found 98 results

  1. jtv69s

    External Loop Pedal Help

    I just bought a Firehawk 1500 with the FBV 3 floor pedal, and I'm wondering how to properly hook up an external loop pedal. I'm running a JTV-69 into the Firehawk 1500 via VDI cable. I have my FX send on the back of the FH1500 going into my loop pedal's input (boss RC300), and then my loop pedal's output is going back into FX return. With the current setup I have, I can hear my previously recorded loops through the amp, but I can't record anything new through the guitar. The loop pedal is only recieving the FX, not the input from my guitar. Is there any way to make this work as I want it to? I haven't been able to figure this out. Thanks.
  2. Hey, how many others out there feel the need for a fade out stop option when looping? It would be so simple to include in the next update. The looper, when selected has 2 empty buttons which could be awesome. Along with the regular stop, a second option could be immediate fade out, and the third option could be finish the loop and fade out. I hope the right person sees this and includes it in the next update...Please ??
  3. whispersinspace

    External Looper

    I'm still researching the Helix, but I have a question. I have a Boss RC-300 looper, (3 loops, lots of functionality). On my current pedalboard, I set it up 2 ways. In both cases my chain is: guitar, compressor, Pitchfork, distortion, volume pedal, looper, delays, reverbs. 1) Can I use my looper in this same location with the Helix? 2) I also sometimes place the looper dead last, thus recording the signal with all effects. Can I do that? If I can do both, do I need to swap any cables, or is the looper just in one of the 4 effects lines? Thanks, really appreciate any help, Bill
  4. mhmmdnq

    Suggestion for looper function

    Hi, this is my first posting on this forum. Got a Helix LT a month ago and loving it, been playing with the looper and i think the reverse and 1/2 time is great. But I notice two unused footswitch on the top when entering the looper, so I was just wondering, maybe you guys can add another function to the switch like fade out?
  5. cboshdave

    Looper and Lead with patch change

    Figuring out Looper pedal. I found that if I place the looper symbol on my pedal at the end, I can change my patch and it won't affect the loop patch. Can I configure this looper position on the HD Edit software? Or is this something that must be done on the pedal itself?
  6. Hi. I'm a hd500x newbie. Here's my question: Let's say that I looped a whole chord progression, and overdubbed it with nice sounds and rythems. Can I some how save that looped-recording? That way I can get back to playing my improv. on the said progression - without having to record it anew every time the unit is turned off. I'm not talking about a real project with my DAW, could there be another, easier, way of saving/recording my loops? I'm hoping that someone on this forum could help me out. Thanks.
  7. andygridley

    Patch - Looping AG and Violin

    What is the proper way for me to create a patch OR patches that will allow me to loop acoustic guitar and violin live from the Helix? I want to be able to record acoustic guitar via the looper and then immediately add violin. Ideally this would be done within a single patch where I have access to fx pedals for both. Currently I have my violin sending into "Aux1" and my acoustic guitar sending into "Guitar In." Both sound excellent. How do I preserve 2 separate signal paths (the first signal path being acoustic guitar - sending through Guitar 1; and the second path being violin - sending through Aux 1) yet have them sum to the looper? Do I need to create 2 separate patches (violin) and (AG) and switch between the two? Or can I create 1 patch using separate routing (paths 1A and paths 2A) to and somehow sum them to the looper? I was trying the latter idea of 1 patch with two separate paths (1A for guitar and 2A for violin) but guitar ends up being pushed through path 2a, thus picking up all the violin fx. Attached is my current patch. Can anyone help?
  8. I have just got my hands on a Helix LT in the last two days and updated to the latest firmware and the latest Helix editor. I think I'm sort of getting the hang of the looper and buttons for controlling it. I've made some short loops and then noodle over top of them. But if I make a mistake on the first take on my loop (let's call it the base loop), how do I immediately cancel that loop and start a new base loop? Is there a single button switch that can do this? I know that the undo button works fine if I try to do an overdub and don't like it, it cancels out or erases the second overdub track, as expected. There is nothing about this in the manual or in searching the knowledge base. Thanks
  9. Just wondering if this is something in the works or can it be done. Looper should have a little more time and an xtra track to record.
  10. agrimaldi74

    External Looper in FX Loop

    Not sure if already posted elsewhere (I couldn't find it). If I want to have more than the 20" (?) loop that the FH is capable of, or if I want to record multiple tracks and store them for future use, one solution is to use an external looper. I could put it just on the AMP Out connection and then go to my amp and it should work fine, right? But if I don't have an amp available and I normally use the headphones connected to the FH, I could connect the external looper to the FX send/return connections and have it in the FX Loop module. And now the question is: if I do so, I always have the reverb after the FX Loop, and I cannot swap them (I know that on Ideascale there is already a suggestion to let all module movable everywhere). In this case, if I record the loop with the reverb on, what happens when I start playing it? The recorded track gets "reverbered" again? And what happens if the looper is playing and I change the preset?
  11. Hi everyone. My lovely HD500x does not "record" in my loop for more than about 15 seconds, when it begins recording again in a new layer over the other one. What I want is to lay my first layer down until I turn it off (after 30 seconds) then record the next one on top of that. Help? Many thanks! :)
  12. brandonvu1997

    M9's Footswitch Activated By Itself

    My M9's record footswitch seems to have a habit of turning itself on. Whether I'm activating another pedal or turning on a separate preset, it would just start recording a new loop or turn on the reverb I have set to it. It's quite annoying and I can't use it anymore. I've tried looking at the footswitches inside, and one of the springs was a little weird. I switch the little screws that pushes and activates the switch for the record and stop switches, and the problem was moved to the stop switch. I decided to temporarily switch the bad screw/spring to the tap tempo so I can still use it as a looper, but the problem came back to the record after 10 minutes of playing! I also found that the footswitch itself doesn't click like the others do when you press it. Anyone have any ideas?
  13. mgriffith

    Helix with External Looper

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone can give me some guidance on how I can use my Helix with an external looper (Boss RC-3, for example)? I am not using an amp. My Helix goes to my studio monitors. Where in the chain do I put the RC-3? I just got my Helix and am really loving it. I just don't know how to use my RC-3 with it. Thanks! -Michael
  14. Guitarguy28469

    POD HD500X Looper issue

    Lately when I record anything on my looper and I stop the recording, the playback volume is at less than half volume. Anything I play over that is very loud in comparison. Please help! Thank you
  15. slipper_man

    Helix looper routing

    Hello, I use a guitar that has acoustic and electric outputs. I can see how I could set up Helix to have two separate paths for these, and route them to separate outputs. I'm wondering if it's possible to use the looper on both paths, even if the paths were mono? I sometimes do the same thing with vocals - loop a guitar and a vocal a la KT Tunstall/Ed Sheeran etc, and again Helix looks ideal, but from reading the manual and watching demo videos I can't see for sure how I would do this, since the looper is just a stereo block. Could you advise how to set up the routing? Could I have two separate paths and then have a Merge block just before the looper with the paths panned hard left and hard right, and then split them again afterwards? I guess the ideal would be to be able to run multiple looper instances, but if there's a workaround then I'll be happy anyway.
  16. When you're in latched scene mode, and you enter and then exit the looper, you're not in latched scene mode anymore...And so you have to press Loop+3A to re-enter scene mode :( This is RIDICULOUS. So after recording a loop, I have to hold in Looper, to get out of the looper, then press Loop + 3A to enter scene mode again, and then choose my scene. That's a hold press, a double press and another press just to change the sound while looping (if you're using scenes like I do). Surely this is a bug!?
  17. I cant seem to figure out why I am not being given the option to add a looper to the block selected (after the "verb) in my chain. Ive included a picture below to clarify. I obviously want my looper to be at the end of all my effects and the switchable amp models so that all the changes I do are recorded properly for play back with loops. must be something I'm doing wrong because ive seen other chains where the looper is on path "2A" Thanks for your time.
  18. In looper mode, when you stop recording, it immediately drops into overdub mode. If you don't stop playing the riff exactly when you hit the stop recording button, you'll over dub that first note. That causes volume of the first note of the loop to double. I'd prefer that you aren't dropped into overdub immediately, and instead have to press the rec/overdub button again to start recording a new layer. Is that configurable anywhere? I can't seem to find it.
  19. Hey, I connected Helix via USB+camera connection kit to my ipad and the Quantiloop (ver 2) looper app. When doing that, the buffer size parameter on quantiloop is stuck at buffer size 128 (not a problem to change to 256, 512, 1024 while not connected to helix). When I record a track in quantiloop like this, I can send the midi commands from helix to the app on the ipad without any problems, but I get the recorded sound back with clicks/pops... and I think it has to do with the buffer size... This is annoying, but except for that quantiloop looks like a cool app! (BTW - no problem when using Loopy HD in a similar way...)
  20. jistraminclowre

    DL4 Power Issue

    Hi guyz, I am having a constant problem about my delay unit. At first it started freezing during loops, it used to be ok if I replug the unit, it used to keep working like that. But eventually it started not to turn on, I had it repaired last week, the repairman told me that the issue is really prevalent in most of the DL4s anyway, I got it back yesterday, I had a performance, it worked really fine but now it decided not to turn on again. Actually it was working just fine this morning, i was messing around with some live looping stuff. And then bum! it freezed, (i wish it had a ctrl alt del button lol). I need help. Did any of you have this issue? p.s: 1-i'm not running it with the batteries, 2-i'm pretty sure that i'm using the right power supply 3-yes i tried another power supply
  21. I use a DigiTech JamMan Stereo Looper. Which connection scheme would you prefer? "FX send -> external looper-> FX return" or "monitor out -> external looper -> monitor in ". Or something else? Why? I would like to record/overdub different sounds, e.g. Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, therefore the simplest connection scheme "guitar/bass -> external looper -> FH's guitar input" I would not like to use, because then my looper records the dry, unprocessed instrument signal, which always runs through the currently chosen FH signalprocessing. Cheers Peter
  22. Hi, I am with a company designing a custom midi controller that we wanted to have work with the M9. We are using Arduino to implement the controller. I have the looper doing play/stop and record via midi, all of which work great. When I tried to implement overdubbing, the M9 does not respond. I am sending a midi control change message with controller number 50 and a value of 0 on channel 1. I have tested this by sending the midi message to Abelton, which recieves it correctly and verifies this is what is being sent. I have also tried implementing it via Arduino's midi library and via their serial.write sending the message manually. I checked the midi input in setup as well, and have tried it both as channel 1 and omni. Another weird thing is that when the M9 is in record mode and receives this message it goes into playing while overdubbing, but once the M9 is playing the message does nothing. Really unsure what is wrong here unless our M9 is just defective, I have exhausted every other factor of error I can think of. I am going off the midi controls listed in the manual here: http://line6.com/data/6/0a060b316ac34f0593fca717b/application/pdf/M9%20Advanced%20Guide%20-%20English%20(%20Rev%20A%20).pdf We are on a deadline to have this working so any help is very much appreciated. Thanks!
  23. It appears to me that I can record and play a loop as long as I'm in the tone patch only. After switching to another tone patch or after switching off my Helix, the phrase is gone. Is there a possibility to store a loop-phrase assigned to a patch, so that I could record a loop at home and call (play) it on stage while playing a second phrase live?
  24. jazzjam

    assigning looper pedal

    1-I want to assign the Helix looper function to al my patches and activate by a footswitch 2-the first single path has run out of space how do I add more patches
  25. Hi all - I'm a new HD Pro user, and a complete noob when it comes to multi-FX units, looping, etc (used individual stompboxes for years and years, however). Hoping for suggestions / answers to a tricky situation I need to solve for a particular song: "Moonchild" by Iron Maiden, which I'm doing with a tribute band that I just joined in the Dave Murray role and which just added this song to the setlist for a gig coming up in 3 weeks. In this song, there is a single acoustic guitar under the start of the intro. As the last acoustic chord rings out, a distorted, sustained power chord swell comes in underneath, and shortly after that the other guitarist comes in with a melody. So I need to execute that power-chord swell, while the last acoustic chord is still ringing out. The overlap between the two different sounds is not very long, but there does need to be a little overlap between the decay of the acoustic chord and the distorted power chord swelling in. Can I do either of the following to achieve this, while keeping the two tones separate, and if so, how? (1) Use some sort of effect on my acoustic patch to prolong the sustain of that last chord while I switch to a distorted tone, turn my volume knob down, hit the low-E power chord, and then swell it? Or: (2) Record that power-chord swell as a loop, and trigger the loop right after I hit the last acoustic chord so it comes in while the acoustic part is still ringing out, and switch to my distorted rhythm patch while the loop plays back? The real Iron Maiden does this song live today using three guitarists - Dave does the acoustic part, Janick hits the power-chord swell, and Adrian comes in with the melody. When Maiden had only two guitarists, they did this song live with the intro as playback from the album, then switched to live playing at the beginning of the verse as the band ran out onto the stage (as they did with Aces High when they started the show with that song). We've gotta do it with only two guitars. I'm running the HD Pro with mono output into one channel of a Marshall 9005 power amp, output mono into the speaker cab with the other channel unused. So if any suggestions involve stereo operation, I'll have to change my setup somewhat. Thanks!