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Found 67 results

  1. So I thought I was having a brain drain. The tap tempo / tuner button is going slightly off kilter. The tap tempo works fine. But the tuner will not activate. I did a complete dusting out of the guts and prior to realizing what I was seeing I replaced the tap tempo / tuner footswitch/spring/plunger assembly (yes I has a few new parts from previous spare parts purchase for my other M13 I traded for a Helix). Then it struck me, hmm ... the tap tempo is working so maybe not the button - Duh! Well then I accidentally switch off one of my time based echos and the darn tuner works, Hmm, try it again and same thing ... tuner works. Switch to another scene ... no tuner love. Move expression pedals up and down and I get tuner love back but after a second attempt to get the tuner to respond I have to turn off my echos FX on that scene again. So, anyone else have this happen and found the real solution? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dennis
  2. On the M13....It sure would be nice to find some "secret" documentation other than the Line 6 "advanced" manual with more MIDI CC#'s or better yet PC#'s that aren't in the book... Is there anything out there like this? example:: I want to be able to use 1 scene per song. I am using a voodoo lab pedal switching system running dirt boxes. Lets say each of my songs has 3 parts. An intro, verse, solo, etc. I would like to stay within that scene, switching to an entire section on each part change A, B or C. This way I could have my three parts per song and have a total of 48 songs at my disposal. (corporate coverband gigs) If this possibility doesn't exist, couldn't this feature be added in an update? I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this. Thanks.
  3. I've recently started playing Rocksmith 2014 on PC and was looking to see if I could play through my M13 and amp rather than use the sound & tones from my laptop. An article here says that you can definitely play through an amp by using a guitar splitter http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=208747982. Do any of you know if I can output from my guitar into the Mono Input, then output to my amp (Blackstar 5) via the Mono output and output to my laptop from Output Right via the Realtone cable that comes with the game. I'm wary of trying in case I damage any of my equipment... Many thanks
  4. I just received my M13 (my first pedal board ever) and tried to change the scene-folders. But to my surprise nothing changed when I selected scene-folder 2, 3 or 4. Is this a mal function or is it a handling issue? In my understanding if folder 2 - 4 are empty there should be at least 12 empty effects in the folders. Thanks for supporting a pedal newby
  5. It would be awesome if there were an adjustable frequency filter in the Smart Harmony effect that would allow the signal to pass un processed below the filter setting and processed above the setting. Is this possible?
  6. Today on a quite big gig, the tuner knob didn't work all of a sudden, no matter how long or hard I srtepped on it. Switching off and on the pedal doesn't change anything. I read in some other entries according this problem, saying that a factory reset will not help. I did a lot of work on two complete setups, therefore I'm hesitating to do this anyhow. What could cause this malfunction? Is there any 'dirty' trick to repair it, or must I send the unit back?
  7. Overview: I use an M13 normally without any issue running into a Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue. Read about the 4CM method and wanted to test it since the Blues Deluxe has an effects loop, so I ordered a pedal snake. Got everything set up where it tested fine without adjusting where the send/return fell within the individual effects (FX) banks (i.e. Pre-all). So, then I went into the M13, set up a new scene for testing. For each FX bank, I dialed in the same effects: phaser, chorus and flanger at default settings so no matter what effect bank I chose, each effect would be at the same settings. I tested this and each bank played each effect properly. (in order, bank FX1/phaser, bank FX2/phaser, etc.) I then went into scene setup and set the effects loop for PostFX1, and went to test the difference between the effect in FX1 and FX2. Immediately I heard that FX2 was not applying the effect. The same occurred for FX3 & FX4. I then tested the chorus and flanger similarly - FX1 played the signal with the effect applied while FX2, 3 & 4 played the signal without the effect. I can't figure out why this is happening - I am guessing it is some simple setting but can't find it. Can anyone help?
  8. So I've seen these other stompbox/ midi brand boards and there are companies that make magnetic labels you can put on those boards to know what effect you have on which pedal. I searched and searched for something similar for the m13 stompbox but nothing. So I spent a few hour rigging up my own labels. I used magnetic printer paper. Got pictures of regular guitar pedals and edited them down to a 5/4 ratio. And printed them out. I'll post a picture of the finished product tomorrow
  9. Hi, I got an M5 Stompbox Modeler for the pas 2 years and i really like it. Problem is, since the past few months, i have a problem. If the M5 is on and the effect (lets take heavy distortion for this example) is activated (which means the red light on the on/off is there) the sound is completely fine. BUT if i just press on the ON/OFF button, i'm supposed to hear my clean guitar settings that is coming out of my amp (its pretty much like that for every pedal in the world lol pedal effect off=amp's sound) The problem is that when the effect if OFF, i can't hear anything like if my guitar is no plugged. All my cables work fine (i tested every single one of them) and its only when the effect is OFF that it doesnt work. So i can't use it on stage now because if i just turn off my distortion, i dont have any sound coming from the amp :P If anyone can help me thatd be cool :) (btw i'm not an expert in electronic stuff so telling me codes and stuff will just confuse me xD just explain what you mean and that should be good :) )
  10. I just picked up a Fender Hotrod amp and have my M13 hooked up using the 4 cable method. The Fender manual tells me to use TRS cables between my effects and the amp's FX loop. I know the advantages of balanced connections, but does the M13's FX send and return support a balanced connection or would I be throwing good money away on cables that won't perform any better than regular instrument cables? (I do have a bit of noise with the 4 cable method set up, but I'm pretty sure it's a ground loop issue).
  11. I am a fan of line 6 products and I am looking to add effects through the effects loop of my amp to set up "scenes". Which device would work best? Should I go with the FX100 floorboard or one of the m-series stopboxes? Thanks! By the way, I didn't know which category to put this under so I put it up a couple of times! Apologies for the redundancy!
  12. I am a fan of line 6 products and I am looking to add effects through the effects loop of my amp to set up "scenes". Which device would work best? Should I go with the FX100 floorboard or one of the m-series stopboxes? Thanks! By the way, I didn't know which category to put this under so I put it up a couple of times! Apologies for the redundancy!
  13. I am a fan of line 6 products and I am looking to add effects through the effects loop of my amp to set up "scenes". Which device would work best? Should I go with the FX100 floorboard or one of the m-series stopboxes? Thanks! By the way, I didn't know which category to put this under so I put it up a couple of times! Apologies for the redundancy!
  14. One of the backlight colors on the 2nd screen stopped working. So, when that color is suppose to be lit, it makes the screen text very difficult to read. Does anyone know if this can be fixed? Any info would be appreciated! Thank you!
  15. Line 6-ers, I need help. Just want to know the capabilities of the M13 - as I'm thinking of replacing my HD500 with it. I don't use ANY of the amp modelling on the HD500 - but I use the effects. I currently have to have 6 Scenes to cover 1 gig's-worth of effects. (90's Cover band called Sounds Like Teen Spirit) - on any given gig I would use Fuzz, Distortion, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, talk-box, delay, trem, leslie, compressor, whammy up 2 Octaves, Whammy Down 2 octaves, pitch up 5th, pitch down 3rd, wah, synth, Clean-boost - though I have an EP-101 for that now. It's not impossible - but it is annoying to have to jump back and forth for songs. It works, but It would be greate to get all effects into 2, or Ideally 1 "Scene". My questions: ONE Can I setup 12 effects on one scene - Drives in A, Mods in B, Delay/synth, etc. in C, and so-on. and then be able to turn on any 4 effects at once? E.G. - for Nirvana songs - could have distortion, and chorus on (one in A, one in B - then for Rage songs - could have Flange, Pitch, Whammy, on (A, B, C)? I guess the root of my question is - are you able to setup the M13 like a REAL pedal board - with the only limitation being that you can only have 4 effects on at the same time? (1 from each of ABCD columns)? TWO Does the M13 model input impedances of the individual pedals being modelled? (Like the POD HD 500 does?) Can I change this setting? I couldn't find anything in the L6 documentation on the M13. But the modelling of input impedances, While awesome, was a huge tone destroyer for the 4CM with my current Amp - so I had to set the global input impedance of all effects at the highest impedance (I think 3.5Mohms) to compensate. THREE Does the FX Loop take up one of the blocks on the M13 - or is it virtual...set it n' forget it? (I think I saw in the manual, that you can put it anywhere.) Thanks in advance for your feedback. Grunge on.
  16. Hey all, first post here. Hoping you can help me with a question about my m13! I'd like to use the particle verb to keep a droning sound playing while my band re tunes in between songs. The problem is that engaging the tuner cuts off the reverb/delay tails. Is there any way to let the tails ring while using the tuner or would I need to use an additional tuner before the m13 (hopefully not because I prefer not to spend $100 for a redundant function). If not is there any possibility of this being an option in a future firmware update? Greg
  17. Hello people! I'm brand new to the Line 6 forums. I'm having a few issues updating the Firmware on my LINE 6 M13. The pedal is awesome (when it works). So everything stopped working and i stopped getting sound out of it. When I hook up my cables, you can hear this buzzing when you turn the overdrive effects on, so there definately is a connection there, but when you plug the guitar in nothing comes through. I have of course tested out all cables and everything. So I did some digging and I am on something like 1.07 firmware, and I need to upgrade to the newest one. I've been following the instructions that I found here (http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/effects-controllers/m5-m9-m13/m13-firmware-update-instructions-r364) They are easy to follow but still nothing. I've tried it using MIDI-OX utility. I download the Sysex file, and follow it step by step. When I'm in MIDI OX and I send the file through to the unit, my little USB Midi device lights up (it has LEDS for Midi in and Midi out, and the Midi Out is flashing indicating that it's sending midi data through the out cable). My poor old M13 just sits there, on the display it says 'Waiting command' I get all the way to the end sending the Sysex data over, but it looks like the M13 is not recieving it. Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with this and if anyone has successfully done it!
  18. I just picked up a used M13 and I love it! I also bought an SKB PS-55 pedalboard that also rocks! The SKB has two 1.3 amp 9 VAC outputs and I'm hoping to power my M13 from one of those jacks so that I don't need to also plug in the wall wart that comes with the M13. I saw some archived comments about this issue, but nothing recently posted about it. Has anyone tried this? Any feedback on how it works? Is the draw of the M13 too much for the 1.3 amp output of the SKB PS-55? One other thing I'm considering is putting a y-cable between the two isolated 1.3 amp 9 VAC outlets to make a 2.6 amp 9 VAC power supply. I'm pretty concerned about this, but I did talk to some of my friends that are electrical engineers and they seem to think that it should work without problem. Of course, it's not their equipment that might get fried if it doesn't work! Any thoughts on the this 2nd possibility? I'd verify that the two power outlets are truly isolated (check continuity between the hot leads to make certain there is no bleed-over there. If someone has considered and tried this, please let me know.
  19. Hello all! Quick question in regards to the M13. Ive had it for almost 2 years now and Im in love with it! I recently bought an expression pedal (Moog EP-3) to control my delays and verbs but am having a little technical difficulties. When I hook up the EP-3 to the M13 and set the parameters for "heel down" (0%) and "toe down" (100%) it reads/registers what I want, the only problem is, when I start to use it both "heel" and "toe" down become my "heel down" (0%) setting and somewhere in the middle is my "toe down" or 100% setting. The EP-3 has a polarity switch on the bottom of it. When I switch it to "other" it accepts my settings, but only lets me use the pedal for one heel to toe shift. After that, I lose control of the parameter entirely. It also has some sort of pot on the side of it. When I turn this, it just affects the 0% after I set it. Meaning If I want I can change 50% to be the new 0%. But it still does the same thing as when its all the way up. except it only controls 50%-100%. I also contacted Moog on this issue. They said switch the polarity switch and tell them what happens. The have yet to get back to me on my reply. Im sorry if this is a little wordy or confusing. Please let me know if I need to re word anything! Any help is GREATLY appreciated! Thanks in advance! -Matt Smith
  20. Is it possible to use an external MIDI device to control the pitch setting in the Smart Harmony effect. I have an expression pedal and currently use that, but I can only toggle between 2 pitch settings. I want to be able to sweep from one pitch setting to another while hitting every note in between. Thanks c
  21. Hello, I have a new Rocktron midi raider & patchmate. I put the patchmate on midi channel 1 and the M13 on channel 8. When I try to command the M13 nothing happens. Does anyone know what I do wrong or what I've forgotten. Hopefully someone who can help me.
  22. Hi! Ive had my m13 unit now for a year or so and it has worked flawlessly! I love it and its my main effects unit. My issue is, I sat down to practice from a big event I have coming up in the next few days and like normal I plugged everything in as normal and switched everything on but as soon as i engaged ANY switch on the m13 it cuts all my signal and sends an awful hum that simply doesn't let anything else through at all. I've tried multiple cables and different scenes on the unit and every patch does the same thing, lets through signal when the whole unit is bypassed but as soon as an fx on the unit is chosen it cuts all signal and sends a hum that can't be navigated around! Please Help!!
  23. I like the sound coming out of my amp with my m13, with a good mic it records well. I would like to know if it is possible to have the tempo on the m13 controlled by my daw so everything jives in my session. can I connect the m13 to my interface (rme ucx) and have the temp controlled this way? I love the idea that the bpm in my protools session would match my m13.
  24. Hello, Last time I had a practice, for some reason the screen for Effect #1 on my M13 started flashing for no reason (I hadn't even touched any of the buttons). I tried to turn it off and back on, but when I did it was now in updating mode where it was waiting for a command (Can't remember exactly what it said). I had tried a couple of different combinations of buttons while power cycling it, but ended up getting it to come on. When I got home, I did a search online and I think the recommendation I found was to do a factory reset of it (through the Setup screen). I did it. Today I had a practice again (hadn't used the M13 since the factory reset) and soon after we started playing, the screen on Effect #1 started flashing again. Everything still seemed to be working, so I ignored it. Then all of a sudden, the Delay turned itself on (Effect #3). When I pressed the button to turn it off, the button for it actually changed from Green (what it was supposed to be) to Purple. Again, I tried to ignore it, but then the Tube Compressor (the selected effect from #1) started changing to a bunch of different effects. Needless to say, I had to stop playing. I tried to do another Factory Reset but it still kept doing weird stuff afterwards (I was too annoyed at this point to take note of what it was doing, but it was basically more of the same like wouldn't stay in tuner mode while I was trying to tune, etc. Any ideas of what the problem could be? Thanks, Anthony
  25. Could I use a midi controler to change the scenes on a line6 M13 so I don't have to keep going to the scenes window when am playing live? I find it annoying to press so many buttons when am playing live especially if it is mid song and I go from a lead tone to a delay, I have looked at using a midi bord just to change scenes then it's just one button and I am away, but from looking online there is like no useful information to get me started so any help would be grateful.
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