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  1. I am a fan of line 6 products and I am looking to add effects through the effects loop of my amp to set up "scenes". Which device would work best? Should I go with the FX100 floorboard or one of the m-series stopboxes? Thanks! By the way, I didn't know which category to put this under so I put it up a couple of times! Apologies for the redundancy!
  2. I am a fan of line 6 products and I am looking to add effects through the effects loop of my amp to set up "scenes". Which device would work best? Should I go with the FX100 floorboard or one of the m-series stopboxes? Thanks! By the way, I didn't know which category to put this under so I put it up a couple of times! Apologies for the redundancy!
  3. Line 6-ers, I need help. Just want to know the capabilities of the M13 - as I'm thinking of replacing my HD500 with it. I don't use ANY of the amp modelling on the HD500 - but I use the effects. I currently have to have 6 Scenes to cover 1 gig's-worth of effects. (90's Cover band called Sounds Like Teen Spirit) - on any given gig I would use Fuzz, Distortion, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, talk-box, delay, trem, leslie, compressor, whammy up 2 Octaves, Whammy Down 2 octaves, pitch up 5th, pitch down 3rd, wah, synth, Clean-boost - though I have an EP-101 for that now. It's not impossible - but it is annoying to have to jump back and forth for songs. It works, but It would be greate to get all effects into 2, or Ideally 1 "Scene". My questions: ONE Can I setup 12 effects on one scene - Drives in A, Mods in B, Delay/synth, etc. in C, and so-on. and then be able to turn on any 4 effects at once? E.G. - for Nirvana songs - could have distortion, and chorus on (one in A, one in B - then for Rage songs - could have Flange, Pitch, Whammy, on (A, B, C)? I guess the root of my question is - are you able to setup the M13 like a REAL pedal board - with the only limitation being that you can only have 4 effects on at the same time? (1 from each of ABCD columns)? TWO Does the M13 model input impedances of the individual pedals being modelled? (Like the POD HD 500 does?) Can I change this setting? I couldn't find anything in the L6 documentation on the M13. But the modelling of input impedances, While awesome, was a huge tone destroyer for the 4CM with my current Amp - so I had to set the global input impedance of all effects at the highest impedance (I think 3.5Mohms) to compensate. THREE Does the FX Loop take up one of the blocks on the M13 - or is it virtual...set it n' forget it? (I think I saw in the manual, that you can put it anywhere.) Thanks in advance for your feedback. Grunge on.
  4. Hey all, first post here. Hoping you can help me with a question about my m13! I'd like to use the particle verb to keep a droning sound playing while my band re tunes in between songs. The problem is that engaging the tuner cuts off the reverb/delay tails. Is there any way to let the tails ring while using the tuner or would I need to use an additional tuner before the m13 (hopefully not because I prefer not to spend $100 for a redundant function). If not is there any possibility of this being an option in a future firmware update? Greg
  5. So... I got a EVH 5150 III 50w. The M13 is looking like the perfect fit (latch scene mode to change channels/effects). I have 3 questions and I know this has probably been explained over and over, but I am new to this unit. I am looking to run it in 4 cable mode with expression 1 as a volume and expression 2 as a wah in front of the amp. Is this possible? Is there any way to have the M13 midi control both the channel switching on the amp AND the amps effects loop (the EVH channel switch is a 4 button)? I basically want the effects loop ON at all times. Last, if I can run it like this, is there any way to add a clean boost in there somewhere? I need to bring up the volume on channel one on the amp a bit without muddying (this amp has a shared gain & volume for channels 1 & 2, but for clean cleans there IS a volume difference between 1 & 2). Ideally: Guitar - Volume/Wah - amp. Through the loop: noise gate for ch2&3, chorus, phaser, flanger, delay, reverb. Trails ON for delays and reverb (Think Rush Limelight end of solo into last chorus). I'm currently using a POD XT Live with all of the modeling off, with the midi for channel switching AND using the preset volumes to control the channel volume 1/2 issue ... BUT the wah sounds like lollipop in the loop, along with the rest of the in-front effects.
  6. I just picked up a used M13 and I love it! I also bought an SKB PS-55 pedalboard that also rocks! The SKB has two 1.3 amp 9 VAC outputs and I'm hoping to power my M13 from one of those jacks so that I don't need to also plug in the wall wart that comes with the M13. I saw some archived comments about this issue, but nothing recently posted about it. Has anyone tried this? Any feedback on how it works? Is the draw of the M13 too much for the 1.3 amp output of the SKB PS-55? One other thing I'm considering is putting a y-cable between the two isolated 1.3 amp 9 VAC outlets to make a 2.6 amp 9 VAC power supply. I'm pretty concerned about this, but I did talk to some of my friends that are electrical engineers and they seem to think that it should work without problem. Of course, it's not their equipment that might get fried if it doesn't work! Any thoughts on the this 2nd possibility? I'd verify that the two power outlets are truly isolated (check continuity between the hot leads to make certain there is no bleed-over there. If someone has considered and tried this, please let me know.
  7. Is it possible to use an external MIDI device to control the pitch setting in the Smart Harmony effect. I have an expression pedal and currently use that, but I can only toggle between 2 pitch settings. I want to be able to sweep from one pitch setting to another while hitting every note in between. Thanks c
  8. Hello, I have a new Rocktron midi raider & patchmate. I put the patchmate on midi channel 1 and the M13 on channel 8. When I try to command the M13 nothing happens. Does anyone know what I do wrong or what I've forgotten. Hopefully someone who can help me.
  9. I like the sound coming out of my amp with my m13, with a good mic it records well. I would like to know if it is possible to have the tempo on the m13 controlled by my daw so everything jives in my session. can I connect the m13 to my interface (rme ucx) and have the temp controlled this way? I love the idea that the bpm in my protools session would match my m13.
  10. Hi! Ive had my m13 unit now for a year or so and it has worked flawlessly! I love it and its my main effects unit. My issue is, I sat down to practice from a big event I have coming up in the next few days and like normal I plugged everything in as normal and switched everything on but as soon as i engaged ANY switch on the m13 it cuts all my signal and sends an awful hum that simply doesn't let anything else through at all. I've tried multiple cables and different scenes on the unit and every patch does the same thing, lets through signal when the whole unit is bypassed but as soon as an fx on the unit is chosen it cuts all signal and sends a hum that can't be navigated around! Please Help!!
  11. Hello. James here, So I'm new to these forums, and couldn't find much insight into what I'm about to ask. I'm trying to set up a scene on my M13 detailing three specific tones used by John Mayer. Tone 1 : from Where The Light Is - GRAVITY(LIVE) : Tone 2: from Where The Light Is - BELIEF(LIVE) : Tone 3: from Letterman - CROSSROADS(LIVE) : As far as equipment is concerned: -Fender Blacktop Strat, 2 Humbuckers -Fender Frontman 15g -Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler So that's that. If you guys could provide me with some insight on how I could achieve these sounds, that'd be helpful. Thanks. James If possible, I'd like to make this thread dedicated to the JM fans out there.
  12. Ok so my M13 just decided to stop showing anything but the color display. Everything works fine but there are no words to read and this makes it pretty useless. I've tried resetting to factory but it still doesn't work. HELP!!!!!!
  13. Could I use a midi controler to change the scenes on a line6 M13 so I don't have to keep going to the scenes window when am playing live? I find it annoying to press so many buttons when am playing live especially if it is mid song and I go from a lead tone to a delay, I have looked at using a midi bord just to change scenes then it's just one button and I am away, but from looking online there is like no useful information to get me started so any help would be grateful.
  14. johnrobb

    Hd500x Vs M13

    Hi - I currently use a M13 using the 4 cable method with my Blackstar amp and it sounds good - for the most part I use modulation & delays on the M13. I'm thinking of replacing it with a HD500x to get additional features for recording. My primary question is can the HD500x function as a pedalboard, in the same way as the M13 does? (No amp modeling, just effect chains). Anyone here compared them? Thanks, John
  15. I currently own a line 6 pod 400, and I have the opportunity to purchase an M 13. I like my pod, but I wish the userinterface was easier. I also like the fact that it has amp modeling and an XLR out.I run direct out into my church's system, as it is a small church.I have just discovered the M13, and it looks really easy to use and has lots of effects. here's my question: can I use the M13 for effects, and the HD400 for amp modeling and xlr out? If so, whats the best way to connect them? Im sorry if this has been asked before, this is my first post in the forum!
  16. I was wondering if there are any users here that have a Boss FV-500H next to their M-series. Thing I'm curious about, is that if u use this pedal as an expression pedal, will it also still function as a volume pedal. (not the volume of the m5/m9/m13) And how does this work? If no effect is selected the pedal just works as the volumepedal it's intended to be? Or do you have to make some sort of alteration to it. Thnx ps. I know the Ernie Ball is great...but i'm not paying over a hundred bucks for a volume pedal.
  17. Hi. I always wanted to add some new effects to my loved spider valve, especially the octoverb and particle reverb, so, I buy a Line6 M5 and I want to show you how I use both together. Guitar -> Spider Valve -> preamp out -> M5 in -> M5 out -> power amp in MIDI = Spider valve midi out/thru -> M5 midi in. Sorry my english, is not my native lenguage. Bye
  18. Hello! So... the Pod HD500 just got upgraded :) and I was wondering if you guys know if there's gonna be an upgrade for the M13 Or do you think Line 6 has forgot about the stompbox modelers? :(
  19. Hello guys! My brother's birthday is coming and I really want to surprise him, but I'm not sure whether to get him the M13 or the Pod HD500X, I need to confess that I never tried either of those two He has a really bad 80's amp and a mixing console where keyboards and vocals go to the PA Which one is better and why? He is an FX experimental guitaris t, knowing that which one is better for him? I'm a complete noob when it comes to digital proccesors and I just want him to have the best Thats why I need your help Thanks in advance. :)
  20. Mono/Stereo Table for the M-Series. Special Thanks to JimRyanLine6 who originally researched and created this list. True Stereo - Left input goes to the Left output, Right goes to the Right output, effect is added to each channel separately. Mono - Left input and Right input are summed to mono, effect is added to the mono signal which goes to both the Left and Right outputs. Stereo Thru/Mono Effect - Left input goes to the Left output, Right input goes to the Right output, Left input and Right input are summed to mono, effect is added to the mono signal which goes to both the Left and Right outputs. Stereo Thru/Stereo Effect - Left input goes to the Left output, Right input goes to the Right output, Left input is processed to create a stereo effect and mixed with the Left and Right outputs, Right input is processed to create a stereo effect and mixed with the Left and Right outputs. The difference between the last two is a mono effect will sound like it is in the center of the stereo field, a stereo effect will lay across the stereo field. mono_stereo.doc
  21. Total Looper Recording Time: 30 seconds (60 seconds with half-speed enabled) Ins and Outs: Stereo Input through two 1/4" mono inputs (L and R), stereo effects loop (Send and Return each has stereo L and R 1/4" jacks), and stereo output through two 1/4" mono outputs (L and R). All inputs and outputs are unbalanced instrument level. Additionally, two 1/4" jacks for 2 expression pedals Expression Pedal: Use Line 6 EX-1 or an expression pedal with a passive 10K ohm mono linear taper pot, using a standard 1/4 inch mono instrument cable Power Adapter: Included Line 6 PX-2 only (Specs: 9V, 2000mA, 2.5mm barrel diameter). No battery power option available Product Dimensions: 15.5" (L) x 12" (W) x 3.5" (H) Weight: 10.2 lbs Q: How many total effects are there in the M13? A: With the latest 2.04 Firmware update found at, there are 109 total effects available on the M13. Q: How many of each type of effect is there on the M13? A: Distortions/Comps/EQ/Volume: 30 Modulations: 22 Filter/Pitch: 26 Delays: 19 Reverbs: 12 Registration & Warranty Q: How do I register my M13? A: You can register any Line 6 product to your account here: Registration. For more detailed registration help, please see the Product Registration F.A.Q. Q: What is the warranty on the M13? A: Twelve months from the date of purchase. Authorized Line 6 Service Centers, will need you to provide a copy of the purchase receipt to validate date for warranty processing. Please be sure to have those materials ready, should you need to get your unit serviced under warranty. Troubleshooting & Service Q: How do I perform a Factory Reset on the M13? A: You can perform a factory reset by entering the Setup screen and turning the Model Select knob on FX UNIT 4 until the corresponding parameter displays ‘RST FACT?’ You can then press down on the Model Select Knob twice to reset the unit. You can also re-install the flash memory to return the M13 to factory settings. Q: Does Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler include guitar amp or cab modeling? A: Nope. Just stompboxes. Q: Will the looper still work while I'm changing sounds and scenes? A: Absolutely. Once you have captured your looped creation, leave it repeating and go back to using any of the effects. Q: Where's the tuner? A: Press and hold down the TAP TEMPO button to activate the tuner. When activated, the tuner shows up in the LCD. By default, once the tuner is activated all signals are muted. Q: What is a "Scene"? A: A "scene" is a pedal board arrangement on your Line 6 M13 Stompbox Modeler with 12 available effects, up to 4 at once. Q: How does Latch Scene mode work? A: You can switch between the different Scenes (presets) of the M13 with a single button press. You must first go into the M13’s SETUP menu (hold the Looper Controls button for a few seconds), and in the FX3 screen, turn the middle knob in the bottom row clockwise to change the SCENE mode to ‘LATCH’. Now exit the SETUP menu (hit Looper Controls again) and press the SCENES switch to view the different Scenes of effects. Now, when you press on each of the Scenes footswitches, it will call up the Scene, but you will remain in the Scenes view allowing you to change to a different Scene of effects with a single button press. Q: How many scenes are there and how do I access them? A: With the 2.01 update, you can create and save up to 12 different scenes in one Scene Folder. With 4 Scene Folders, you get 48 total scenes on the M13! Press the scenes button to access the scenes and turn the MODEL SELECT knob on FX Unit 1 to access the additional folders. Q: Can I backup my scenes to my computer? A: You can backup your scenes via MIDI. Check out the M13 Scene Backup document. Q: Where can I get the factory scenes for my M13? A: You can regain the factory scenes on the M13 following the reset procedure described above, or you can download the individual scenes from the Institute of Noise website. Q: Which expression pedals can I use with the M13? A: We recommend using the Line 6 EX-1 or the Mission Engineering EP1-L6 expression pedals. You can also use any other expression pedal containing a 10k Ohm Potentiometer. Expression pedals allow you to change stompbox controls using your feet so you can adjust the sound while you play. On the fly, you can modify the length of your delay time, dial up the reverb mix, or change the depth of your tremolo. Q: One of my LCD screen's color appears to be different than the other LCD's that have the same model family selected. Can I adjust the color to match the other displays (i.e. I have 4 cascading Delay models and screen #2 appears to be not quite as "green" as the other 3)? A: Yes. Power off the unit. Hold down the "Model Select" knob of LCD screen #3. Power on the unit. You can now adjust the relative color of each LCD display screen relative to the other ones.
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