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  1. Can you tell me please any currently available dongles that will work with the M20d
  2. I have gone through the exercise of converting a bunch of files to MP3 and putting them on my SD card to use as break music. On my computer everything looks fine. When I put the SD card into the m20d and go through the add files to media player exercise, every MP3 file has a duplicate file the has a prefix of "._" (a period and underscore). These files are non-playable and can not be added. The issue is, I can not use the "select all" feature. I have to manually select each file manually to add to media player. This is very time consuming when you have a lot of files. Anyone else encounter this, and is there a solution or work around?
  3. How does everyone run their FBS procedure? Do you run it after all the auto trim procedures are complete? Do you run it with just monitors turned up and FOH off or both on? Do you raise the level of each mic one at a time until something starts feeding back?
  4. I know how to create groups for input channels but I'm not seeing how I can create groups or busses for outputs. I would like to have the ability to control the 4 monitor volumes simultaneously once I have them dialed in. Is this possible?
  5. Soooo...I bought the Stagescape mixer a couple of months ago. Love it so far! I've done a lot of forums reading, skimmed through the manual, watched a lot of videos, and played with the unit a fair amount. I'm getting ready to do our first gig with it, 5 piece country rock band. For me, there's a certain level of anxiety that comes with this first time adventure and it's probably in part due to not being a sound engineer. Anyhow, I'm thinking if I had a process or workflow map of setting up the M20d properly for the gig I may have a fighting chance. Does anyone have or can share with me the high level steps you take to set-up the M20d for your band? I "borrowed" some of these from other posts, but this is what I've come up with so far: Pre gig set-up - Stage with mics and instruments - Use canned pre-sets for starters - Set up monitors Gig set-up - Masters all down (some monitor level ok) - Set vox levels to unity gain - Set all other instruments to -5db - Auto trim Kick and Snare independently for baseline (mic) - Auto trim the overheads while drummer plays full kit (mics) - Re-autotrim all three drum channels. - Auto trim bass independently (line level input) - Auto trim guitar (mic) - Auto trim keys (direct) - Auto trim vox mics seperatly - Record sound check song(s) - Tweak FOH What am I missing? At what point should I ring out the room? Does someone have a preferred process for doing that? All pointers welcome. Thanks Martin
  6. Hi all, Using the Stagescape M20D, I recorded my band practicing last night and would love to know how to play back just selected tracks so I can jam along with the recording. I realize that I can import the tracks (drums, guitar, keyboard, and vocals) into my DAW, create a mix for me to practice along with on guitar, and then jam to that, but it would save me some steps if instead I could just play back the recorded band rehearsal using the M20D, somehow mute the guitar track, and then jam along with that, through the M20D. So what I'm trying to do is play my guitar through the M20D while I jam along with a recording made with the M20D (and being played back on the M20D), while muting selected tracks (the original guitar track in this case). Does anyone know how to do this? I scanned the manual and am not finding any obvious references to it. Thanks for your help! Scott
  7. I recently acquired a stagescape mixer to use in combination with my L2T speakers and Helix. My question is; is there any point in connecting the helix in the chain via L6 link? I run the chain as follows - M20D to L2T to other L2T. But I connect my helix to the mixer via line input section. Should I be adding in the helix at them via L6 link....will it even serve a purpose? Before I had the mixer the chain was helix to L2T to L2T. Just not sure if there is a benefit to keeping the helix in the L6 chain, or if it would even work that way. Does anyone have any input? Thanks!
  8. Hello Community: to those of you who do gigs with the Line6 PA system: what levels do you set on the Master out on the M20d, and where do you set the Level pot on the M3M/Ts facing the audience ? In medium/small venues i mean...bars, small stages... Is it better to keep it high on the mixer ( -10dB ?) and low on the speakers...or keep the speaker level knob on the middle notch position, and then adjust on the mixer...sorry for the maybe mundane question but i got no experience live with this PA and will have some in the near future possibly... And no, i can't try this at home!:-) Cheers, Alberto
  9. Hello, i find great that the M20d can record the full band while playing...the sound quality is excellent too. I noticed though, that the level of the recorded file is extremely sounds loud when played back on the M20d itself ...but when imported into a computer, for example into Audacity, you can see the waveform is a very thin line....and playes back extremely soft. You need to normalize the audio to get to a "normal" volume. Is there anything to do on the M20d to set the recording level higher than this ? Many thanks if anyone has noticed this before...
  10. Hi I've just bought a new M20D. On very first power up the screen locked up. I power recycled and the system booted up correctly. However, it still periodically locks up on power up. Initially I was able to use the multi-track record function, writing to a USB. But now the system won't read any USB I plug in - I can't create a folder or start a recording session. This is a brand new system - Line 6 what is the issue as this seems to have been a problem with the system since you first released it. I running v1.20 firmware so according to the web site the latest [sic] version. Cheers Dave
  11. I sold a StageScape M20d to a customer. He recently bought a new PC with WIN10 and uses this only for music recording and producing. He has a fresh system installation and no unused software installed. Is in fact the driver from 2015 the latest one available? To be honest I can't imagine that this update period fits the needs in these times of quick updates each and everywhere. Anyway, the customer has the following problem: As soon as the M20d is connected or he tries to assign audio inputs in Cubase the system hangs and the only way to get out of this is to turn off the PC complete and restart it. Is there any solution and will this driver be updated at least one day??? Thanks for a quick answer.
  12. This year, the retail price for the M20d has dropped $500. For those of us who paid last year's price, its disappointing. I understand that the price needs to reflect the market. But dropping the price was not the only option. The M20d is a powerful platform. Upgrading the operating system to add more value could create more interest and breathe new life into the product line. What do you guys think?
  13. Hi! The M20d ASIO driver is not designed as an audio interface driver for full multi-track DAW purposes. Why? Is it possible to wait for a new driver or better to sell this mixer? ((( Thank you.
  14. Greeting folks, having just bought my first DAW (PreSOnus Studio One), i proceeded to link my PC up to the M20d; sadly, Windows does discover the M20d and lists it in the general Devices list...however it does not complet the initialization properly, and does not elect it to be an Audio Device. Rebooted both, disconnected, reconnected...something's missing in my Windows install...any similar case in here ? M20d is running the latest SW 1.20. Appreciate any hints! Alberto
  15. Can you connect Helix to a stagescape mixer via L6 LINK? If so what parameters can you control?
  16. Hi, I tried to connect my helix via xlr direct into the m20d (also tried into L3t and from L3t out into the m20d). There was quite a bit of clipping going on even though the meter was not showing any clipping. I wanted to to trim (using the auto trim option in m20d) but the mixer could not adjust saying "signal too hot". It is a bit weird since I did not have the impression I played very loud. In the helix I did just update to firmware 2.2 and all global settings are on "default". The xlr out is set to line level. The big volume know was set to the middle position. Very strange. Anybody has experience with that? Tks Markus
  17. Hi, I tried to connect my helix via xlr direct into the m20d (also tried into L3t and from L3t out into the m20d). There was quite a bit of clipping going on even though the meter was not showing any clipping. I wanted to to trim (using the auto trim option in m20d) but the mixer could not adjust saying "signal too hot". It is a bit weird since I did not have the impression I played very loud. In the helix I did just update to firmware 2.2 and all global settings are on "default". The xlr out is set to line level. The big volume know was set to the middle position. Very strange. Anybody has experience with that? Tks Markus
  18. I did a factory reset on my M20d and it seems to be stuck on the "setting up stagescape m20d (please do not turn off power) for over a half hour now. don't want to turn it off for fear of screwing something up. Any help would be appreciated
  19. Hi all, In iOS 10, Apple started adding a notification message when you opened up certain apps saying "app name may slow down the performance of your ipad' Line6 addressed the issue here: In iOS 11, apple will prevent legacy apps from running at all (at least that's what the 10.3 beta version of iOS suggests). IOS 11 is due in September and if that is the case that apple will be turning off 32 bit apps, can line6 confirm they will be updating the app to support 64 bit on the new iOS? Or whether I should ensure I never update my iPad above iOS 10? Thanks David
  20. Hey! First of all, thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your help. I've been using a Stagescape m20d to monitor in studio rehearsals for a while now, and I've had no problems with it. Recently I decided to start recording said rehearsals into a USB flashdrive in order to review the music we're writing and make adjustments. I don't need to work on these recordings much, I just import them to cubase on my PC, where I can listen to them. Worked well for the first 3 days and then it started to produce slowed down recordings... how much they are slowed down varies, sometimes it's barely noticeable and sometimes the recording is well over 10bpm slower than recorded. Any idea why this may be happening? Thanks
  21. Hi Guys, Just wondering.. Does anyone have any advanced settings advice on what deep tweaks have worked for them with the deep effects parameters on the M20d regarding the reverbs and delays, and have made their effects sparkle a lot more in a live situation? The standard fx sound ok, not great though to my ears. Just wondered. We're a 3-piece live cover/pub band with 3 vocalists. Thanks very much.
  22. Hi Guys, Our band plays at a lot of venues with interesting sound control requirements. We run an M20d as our mixer into my Nexo sound system - we run that as per normal, but the venue is trying to cover a large area with many rooms, so they order us to plug a stereo feed into their in-house ceiling system, so that our main mix I pull from stage gets piped throughout various rooms in the venue.. So I run straight out of the M20d stereo main outs into my PA and mix that for audience directly where we're playing, but how do I patch that same mix into to the house system. They usually have two XLR inputs (left and right stereo ins) on the wall side of stage we need to plug into.. On my old desk I had a summed stereo out with separate gain knob I could use. How should I do it on the M20d - it doesn't have such a thing.. Thanks, Stu
  23. Hi Guys, I've got a few of our band's songs recorded on my M20d ('inputs and main mix' on my SD card), and when I'm sitting at home using them to soundcheck our Nexo gig PA, I notice that, whenever a channel has audio recorded, if there's signal present, there's a realtime spectrum analyser wave jumping around on the screen in behind the settings, when I'm in the deep tweak section of the 6 band EQ setting. This is on my vocal mic channel, as I'm trying to tweak the sound of it. Is this just for display purposes of what realtime frequencies are firing, or is there some tangible/operational way it can be utilised to improve sound?
  24. Hi Guys, I apologise if this has been covered in depth. I can't seem to find any clarity on this stick model yet though. I just bought a Linksys Cisco AE2500 USB wireless dongle for my M20d. Yes, I know it's got an "A" in the model name, and the compatible dongle stated was just an E2500 - but I took a punt on buying this one, as the E2500 is almost non-existent in my country (Australia). Anyway, I plug it in to the M20d, and wait for it to initialise/be recognised, but nothing happens - the M20d just says "Status: No network adapter present". So is that it then.. give it a bin burial? I had hoped both models would be virtually identical. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  25. Hey Guys, I have a few songs our band recorded to SD card a while ago on my marvellous M20d, about 16 tracks in all I think, but since I and the band recorded them, we've changed our channel assignments and main mix setup on the desk to be unrecogniseable to the old recordings. How can I import the old recordings to the new channels, so everything sounds right? At the moment, channels are all over the place for the recording.. effects are weird, drums are coming out of vocal channels etc.. not pretty! Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks Very Much, Stu
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