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  1. Hi, I tried to connect my helix via xlr direct into the m20d (also tried into L3t and from L3t out into the m20d). There was quite a bit of clipping going on even though the meter was not showing any clipping. I wanted to to trim (using the auto trim option in m20d) but the mixer could not adjust saying "signal too hot". It is a bit weird since I did not have the impression I played very loud. In the helix I did just update to firmware 2.2 and all global settings are on "default". The xlr out is set to line level. The big volume know was set to the middle position. Very strange. Anybody has experience with that? Tks Markus
  2. Hi Guys, Our band plays at a lot of venues with interesting sound control requirements. We run an M20d as our mixer into my Nexo sound system - we run that as per normal, but the venue is trying to cover a large area with many rooms, so they order us to plug a stereo feed into their in-house ceiling system, so that our main mix I pull from stage gets piped throughout various rooms in the venue.. So I run straight out of the M20d stereo main outs into my PA and mix that for audience directly where we're playing, but how do I patch that same mix into to the house system. They usually have two XLR inputs (left and right stereo ins) on the wall side of stage we need to plug into.. On my old desk I had a summed stereo out with separate gain knob I could use. How should I do it on the M20d - it doesn't have such a thing.. Thanks, Stu
  3. Hi all, I use my new M20d as a submixer for my drums ( as long as the band .. still .. does NOT understand what a excellent machine this is, hahaha !) 1) Doing Multitrack on the SD-Card works well. But I didn't find out jet at what point the recording is grabbed. Is it Post-Trim and Pre-"any DSP" ? Probably also Pre-Highpass ? 2) Next issue is that Stereo-Master is recorded Pre-Fader which trashed all my (first) recordings. I had to "mute" Master-Out as it lies on Faders on the main mixer - and they don''t want to get the Drums twice - one via the four Sends (Monitor Outs) and another from Master. I would like to have the choice to record the Master-Out at Pre-Fader ! Possible ? 3) and that's also a wish: a integrated Metronome ! .... would be "nice" ! Thanks and have fun with M20d !!! Peter
  4. I did a factory reset on my M20d and it seems to be stuck on the "setting up stagescape m20d (please do not turn off power) for over a half hour now. don't want to turn it off for fear of screwing something up. Any help would be appreciated
  5. Hey! First of all, thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your help. I've been using a Stagescape m20d to monitor in studio rehearsals for a while now, and I've had no problems with it. Recently I decided to start recording said rehearsals into a USB flashdrive in order to review the music we're writing and make adjustments. I don't need to work on these recordings much, I just import them to cubase on my PC, where I can listen to them. Worked well for the first 3 days and then it started to produce slowed down recordings... how much they are slowed down varies, sometimes it's barely noticeable and sometimes the recording is well over 10bpm slower than recorded. Any idea why this may be happening? Thanks
  6. Hello folks, another disconcerting tale to tell I'm afraid. It has happened to me before on various occasions, but this time (last weekend) was the first time the M20d screen froze solid on me without any external doodads attached. No SD card inserted (for recording or playback), no WiFi dongle, no nothing. Just a single microphone and a stereo line in. As usual, when you operate the M20 so that people can see it, a tech aficionado stepped up to have a closer look at it, and wanted to know if this could be operated like a standard mixer. Sure, I said, look right here, "Show faders", show the faders it did, the encoders worked just fine, but as soon as I went on to demonstrate sliding a fader up and down - kaboom, frozen. None of the encoders worked. The only thing that would still react was the main volume knob. I had to reboot the unit to regain control. Now I'm sure someone is going to come up to explain that it's usually the cables ;) or that I need to update my firmware. Well, it's on 1.2 like probably everybody else's. Also, I don't think it's a hardware issue with the touchscreen (if so, then why did the encoders quit working, too?). I maintain that the firmware is still bug-ridden and that it's HIGH TIME somebody got their act together and fixed it. Before the freeze the guy had asked me how much the unit cost, and where to buy it. He was really eager to get one. After the freeze, not so much. In other words, he was horrified. I told him to give the Behringer X32 a closer look.
  7. Hi Guys, Just wondering.. Does anyone have any advanced settings advice on what deep tweaks have worked for them with the deep effects parameters on the M20d regarding the reverbs and delays, and have made their effects sparkle a lot more in a live situation? The standard fx sound ok, not great though to my ears. Just wondered. We're a 3-piece live cover/pub band with 3 vocalists. Thanks very much.
  8. Hi Guys, I've got a few of our band's songs recorded on my M20d ('inputs and main mix' on my SD card), and when I'm sitting at home using them to soundcheck our Nexo gig PA, I notice that, whenever a channel has audio recorded, if there's signal present, there's a realtime spectrum analyser wave jumping around on the screen in behind the settings, when I'm in the deep tweak section of the 6 band EQ setting. This is on my vocal mic channel, as I'm trying to tweak the sound of it. Is this just for display purposes of what realtime frequencies are firing, or is there some tangible/operational way it can be utilised to improve sound?
  9. Hey Guys, I have a few songs our band recorded to SD card a while ago on my marvellous M20d, about 16 tracks in all I think, but since I and the band recorded them, we've changed our channel assignments and main mix setup on the desk to be unrecogniseable to the old recordings. How can I import the old recordings to the new channels, so everything sounds right? At the moment, channels are all over the place for the recording.. effects are weird, drums are coming out of vocal channels etc.. not pretty! Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks Very Much, Stu
  10. It's been 3 years now... Is anything at all happening with the M20D? Any firmware updates planned.. any new patches being developed.. anything that resembles development, evolution, or even interest of any type? Could one of you Line 6 Techs, just one time, throw us one scrap of information on it?
  11. Hi Guys, I'm fully sick as a sound guy, and I mean that in a BAD way. I'm totally useless - never have I had the knack of pulling great sound. I'm a very experienced live gig muso, but I really can't pull live sound to save myself. As much as I have tried, I can't seem to make our 3-piece band sound clean/good quality at our live pub gigs with my beloved M20D - maybe because I'm busy playing? Might any kind souls out there be interested in getting my trio band's M20D soundcheck file emailed to them, and having a crack at engineering it properly for me on their M20D, then email it back to me so I can upload the settings etc back into my M20D for a presumably WAY more pro-quality sound? Is this possible with the M20D? I'd be happy to pay for your effort, particularly if you're a professional live engineer, or just a monster with the M20D? Hoping someone might get in touch to help out. I love this thing, but I'm sinking rather than swimming, and the pub bosses aren't happy..! Cheers, Stu.
  12. People just seem to be posting problems on here so I thought i would offer some balance by a report on a gig i just did. I was nervous about running sound for this gig as it was really complex. 6 different bands, all with wildly different sound requirements, some of them quite big names in their day so didn't want to stuff up! I sound checked as much as I could but invariably there were going to be people turning up and plugging in right at the last moment. I am very pleased to report that the gig went fantastically and sounded incredible. I did have all acts saved as setups in the desk which helped but the thing that really made my life easier was the ability to quickly set up a whole channel in seconds just by dragging it onto the screen. In one moment, a violin player and a percussionist with a Cahon appeared to play with a band and I had no idea that they were coming at the time of the sound check. The workflow was simple: Drag the instrument onto the screen, assign a channel, check level and they are good to go. I honestly don't think I would have coped with the night on a 'conventional' sound desk. ...oh and the sound quality..(all line 6 speakers)- Comments from the band members and the audience, They couldn't understand how I had managed to get it all so clear in such a short space of time. So here is a big thank you and a well done to Line 6. Brilliant products.
  13. hey... i just expirienced one more problem with my m20d. it seems that monitor "a" dies after 20 minutes of playing. the cables have been checked and the active monitors run very fine on all other monitor outputs of the m20d. suddenly, without any reason, the signal is back on but much too loud and the feedback destroys the running song. this is not cool!! after updating the system to the actual firmware the "screenfreezings" seem to be away but now i got that monitor problem instead. anybody else experienced that problem? since the device is more than 1,5 years old i guess i will have no chance to get it repaired within the guarantee-period. and i'm not willing to pay hundrets of bucks for crappy software-workings. sorry.
  14. Finally got to use my M20d and L3m's last night, other than a few operator problems the system was fantastic. The speakers have a great flat sound and were more than able to handle keyboard,guitar,banjo,mandolin and various brass instruments. I set up everything using presets a little bit of EQ tweaking and listening back to the quick record and good to go in 30 mins or so. It wasn't a massive room and we didn"t use monitors instead setting one of the L3m's at the back of the stage and angled slightly in. It was an open mic night and we had no problems with any feedback, everyone could here themselves and the acoustic players commented how good their instruments sounded. All I can say is that the system sounds great and does everything I expected and more. Recorded the whole show easily onto SD. Couldn't get the samsung dongle to work but in fairness didn't have time to mess with it. Have bought the apple kit anyway. BIG THANKS TO SiWatts69 who gave me some advice after I messaged him, he is really active on the forums and always keen to help and offer advice. i know there are lots of other digital mixers coming onto the market but this system is really easy to use and sounds great.
  15. I've found that when recording channels plus main mix that the resulting recording is not very loud. Is there a way to increase the levels for recording purposes without increasing the output of the main mix? It seems that a low volume performance turns into a low volume recording. Comments and suggestions are appreciated.
  16. I ordered an M20D through Sweetwater (still waiting for it to be shipped) but have since read numerous posts and am worried by what appears to be the lack of support from Line 6 regarding updates, etc. I placed my order nearly 2 months ago and am still waiting for Sweetwater to receive inventory. Should i cancel my order and go with another board such as the Studiolive, Touchmix or x32 or will it be worth it for me to stay patient?
  17. I need to utilize the iPad app, I tried recording to a USB but ran out of space after recording the inputs and main mix for about 1:45 hours. It was a 16gb card What is the biggest we card that the mixer will take? I currently use the usb to connect to a wired network through an apple lan adapter and it works great Is it possible to hook up a wifi USB adapter and a usb hard drive to record to or is a large sd card the only option with wifi?
  18. I just got off the phone with Line6 support who confirmed my dilemma. Here’s my situation: Solo acoustic artist Want to record every show Have an M20d, L3t, & L3m Love the L3t acoustic modeling Haven’t been able to recreate the same tone/body with M20d DSP effects/presets If I plug guitar into L3t and take its Mix Out back to the M20d, it competes with L6 Link (feedback loop) Bottom line, if I want to use M20d (which I do for recording, vocals FX, setup/scene recalls, etc), I can’t use L3t's acoustic modeling So… Has anyone found the right M20d DSP chain and dialed in the best combo of FX presets to emulate L3t’s acoustic modeling? If so, can you please share the chain & each block’s settings? I will also post this feature request as an idea for their next firmware update here ->
  19. Hi all, I seem to have an issue with either my trim tracking, OR (most likely) my understanding! I had some pretty vicious level drops on instruments and vocals so have chosen to turn off trim tracking on each channel to help prevent this. However, trim tracking seems to switch itself back on...? Can anyone help please? Thanks Ross
  20. Hi All, Just a small piece of advice needed from all you experienced engineers! I have always added fx such as reverb and delay on to vocal channels etc but not really fully understood how best to set the send and return levels. It always sounds ok but it would be nice to hear how you guys all do it?! Am I correct in assuming that the return levels are global and therefore one should dial in the amount of reverb required using the send level? Or should I set the send levels to 0.0db and use the return to control the effects levels? Thought I understood this but the more I think about it the more I realised I don't! Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  21. can you use a 64gig thumb drive or is 32 the limit. thanx
  22. When using the L6 link for mains and monitors the main XLR's could be monitor sends 5 and 6 also XLR mon sends could be mon sends 7, 8, 9, 10 giving a total of 10 Aux sends... Or a box that can be plugged into the L6 link with the stagesource speakers that has multiple XLR outputs for additional Aux sends. NOTE: I know what I've said in the past about Ideascale but I have tried at it once more. ​here is a link to it:
  23. Anyone out there come across this? During setup using auto trim the input flashes "too hot". Now, I think I understand why this is but really not sure why it would happen as the I/P should accept this type of connection. I have the output (Redbox DI assume it's active) from a Hughes and Kettner tubemeister 18 amp connected direct to input (10) and ended up setting the trim manually (to +8db) I should have probably gone lower than this as the recorded signal once imported back into the Reason was well into the clipping region. I guess my questions are: 1. Does input "too hot" mean that the auto trim wants to apply a negative dB? 2. What does the auto system do in this case? leave the value at some pre determine level 3. is 0 dB trim valid? Jason
  24. Not sure that this is an actual problem but seemed very apparent at the time and appears to have cleared up based on some rerouting so just looking for some opinions. I'm just curious to find out if it a potential cable issue or just the way the balanced line in's handle this as it was the mix of balanced and unbalance inputs. Worst case I hope it's not the start of a fault This is what I was doing had a zoom RT-223 drum machine hooked up to i/p 15 using a unbalanced 1/4" jack cable, output from zoom is line and unbalanced I think. Had a Blackstar HT20 (Emulator out line balanced) hooked up to i/p 14 using a balanced 1/4" TRS. Auto trimmed both RT 14dB, HT 10dB set the faders to about -3dB and -1dB respectively and started to jam along with the drum machine. After about 2/3 minutes got a very noticeable drop off in drum level (hadn't touched a thing) so watched on deep tweek to see if the auto tracking algorithm was changing trim. No change I could see, switched off trim tracking to see if this had an effect nothing changed on the level . Continued to play along and level seemed to go back to original, again other than turning off trim track hadn't touched a thing. So after a few more repeats of drop off then recover some time later decided to reboot. Same thing happened again only the amp had decided to copy the fault and level dropped off on this too, then came back. This is what I did moved drum to i/p 12 re trimed and set-up level and left HT20 in i/p 14 unchanged. Level issues so far no problems and it's been running like this for a few hours. So do the balanced line in's not like unbalanced line connections and somehow it effects all (13-16) i.e is it a common multiplexed ADC or is there something weird going on. Opinions?
  25. Hi, I have just ordered the M20d mixer, but before it arrives I want to prep my backing track files for it. I bought the M20d mixer to have more control over our backing tracks. I am planning to run the backing tracks from my MacBook Pro (clean audio stems exported from my Logic Projects). I want to set the mixer up as if my backing tracks were "real" instruments. My question is: do I just export my stems with added compression, eq etc. or should I export without them. My concern is that fx the bass drum preset in M20d will double process the sound, fx EQ. What do you guys do? Sincerely Niels
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