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  1. So I am in a quandary about whether to purchase a second m20d vs an analog mixer. I know the obvious benefits of the dsp, etc., per channel of having 2 m20ds, but am concerned about the potential delay of having too many A/D conversions going on in the recommended setup in the FAQs (the main outs of the first into 2 channels of the other)... What are your thoughts? Would it be a better option to purchase a 16 ch. analog board or another m20d? I'm looking to mix 16 ch. of vocalists and drama mics (lavs and headsets) in addition to a full band. Thanks!
  2. Hi! I have just purchased an M20d. For now I love it - the simplicity, the sound, the design... But I hate it for not having enough channels :( So I have to put up amplification for a friend of mine in a week, and his band will be using: 1 keyboard drum kit: (7 mics) 1 bass 2 guitars 3 vocals 3 back vocals and some one with a mic running around That totals 16 mics, but M20d only have 12 mic inputs.... What strategy would you recommend? cutting down number ob drum mics? putting back vocals on one mic? I do still have my old mixer available (Yamaha MG166cx), with 8 mic inputs... But how to integrate it with M20d? Put the drum mics on Yamaha, and run it to one of the inputs on M20d? or set-up as much as I can on M20D, and then run it to stereo channels on Yamaha, also putting the rest of the mics on the Yamaha? Thanks!
  3. I had planned to report in on my initial use of the system, including the 3Ls that this group virtually DEMANDED that I get ( :)) in a previous but now hidden thread ("To Sub or not to sub, that is the question"), but I don't think Line6tony (with whom I've been in contact) has had any luck finding it - so.. thought I'd start a new thread. In short - it was flawless! The M20d worked as it should have, and it really is quite intuitive. The L3s was not an issue at all - it made the sound really full. I had FBS enabled and it did what it needed to do in the admittedly odd space - (an open-air courtyard, concrete/tile floor, brick wall on one side, brick/stucco/glass on the other, open in back, tile behind us). Played with a keyboard, drums, bass guitar, me on acoustic guitar, 5 singers... even hooked up a Mackie 15" Thump for a monitor... absolutely everything did what it was supposed to do. I was even able to record the whole Easter Sunrise service and it worked without a hitch (Sandisk Extreme 32g class 10 SD card). Happy camper! And thanks to all who encouraged me! Larry
  4. Just got my 2nd L3T to go with my JTV 69 and HD 500x... Traded in 2 Mackie 450v2s and an 1801 sub. I currently am using a Presonus 16.4.2 and got the Studio One Professional software to go with it... Wondering if the files from the M20D can be edited by the Presonus software. I actually was able to do some nice recordings with it, and have some $$ invested in it, so as I think of going to the M20D I'm wondering if I also need different software. Thanks! Larry
  5. I am looking at getting the M20d and had a couple of questions: 1. Does each channel have a multi-band compressor? 2. Can a channel's compressor be triggered by a threshold level from another channel? e.g. Can I duck the bass behind a kick hit?
  6. Hi all, I had a gig last night which was the first real test of our new stagescape system. Happy to report that it sounded amazing and everyone was totally impressed with our sound so I am a very happy sound man! We were running the m20 into l3's as mains and l2's for monitors. There were however a couple of anomolies which I'm scratching my head about. Because we were in a bit of a rush to set up and sound check I didn't have much time to investigate at the time but I'm wondering if anyone might have experienced similar. I'm running version 1.1 software on the mixer. The first was during the sound check. I tried using quick capture. We had a bass direct, guitar direct, mandolin and 2 vocal mics. All channels recorded and played back fine with the exception of the guitar?! It was coming through the PA fine so it wasn't a level issue. Has anyone had this before? Second one was a recording issue onto SD card. I have read all the posts on this and I'm aware that there are a few quirks with this at the moment. The issue was this: The first half of the gig recorded beautifully. I pressed stop at the interval and then record again at the start of the second half. When I got back home and insterted the card into my pc there were empty files for the second half.. No setup changes, didn't remove the card. Literally just pressed stop and then record again....There was plenty of storage space on the card, it was a clean 32gb card at the start of the gig. Would welcome any thoughts on the above. I'm loving the system and as I'm fairly new to the desk I am completely open to the fact that the above may have been down to pilot error but I would love to get to the bottom of them for next time. Thanks in advance.
  7. With as awesome as the m20d is it lacks surprisingly in the media player department, not in sound quality by any means but in functionality, there should be a bar with an indicator that can be used to advance through or quickly rewind to any part of the song and a "whats playing now" box or area to display whats playing now and whats up next. I've noticed that when trying to scroll though the playlist sometimes the song would start playing when my finger touched it. So maybe a scroll bar would be helpful as well. Also an automatic playlist option so the m20d could scan the media used (USB/SD) to find the songs on it much quicker than me adding from 1 folder at a time. I think a firmware update could fix this quite easily. any thoughts or suggestions? and what do you think with your experience?
  8. After our last gig I was thinking about this, possibly taking a good thick extension cord and cutting it and different lengths to get from one side of the stage to the other, from the first L3T and L3S and then passing by each of the 3 L2M monitors of course before coming back to the other side of the stage and passing by my other L3s and L3T then back to the M20D where I have a monster pro power conditioner 3500. Each stop I would install a utility box with a duplex receptacle. I'm thinking of maybe cutting the power cords of each speaker because they seem to be kind of long so that they're the perfect Lenth to come to the floor behind unit tied in directly to the utility box, then possibly adding the Line 6 link cable to the extension cord with tape. I think this would make for a pretty quick hook up just roll out the extension cord and connect everything at each stop. I think this would definitely tidy up the mess. Any questions comments or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Let me know how you guys deal with it.
  9. Hi My Name is Don I'm a Line6aholic Help Me, I'm addicted to Line 6 and the buy it now button at American musical and and it doesn't help that they both offer the payment plan that makes it even worse. It all started way back with the first flextone, I fell in love with it. I thought it was the best amp I ever played out of. Then I moved on to the flextone 3 and thought I would never buy another amp again. But of course Line 6 had to put out the DT50. So what did I do? you guessed it... Then I had to get the HD500 oh and don't forget the JTV69s to complete my dream rig. Now you would think I would stop there but noooo... I bought the Relay g30 wireless for all my other guitars, "don't get me started there"... well now that I had the dream rig I figured what the hell I need a new PA so what did I do buy it now, buy it now, and of course buy it now. Had to get the L3T just to see if that would work for my dream rig plus vocals and acoustic but is one enough? Two is always better. You know where it goes from here the Stagescape M20d now I have the dream stage although I haven't sprung for the subwoofers yet , crap why did I bring that up... Now my new addition is the HD Pro X. Now it's like I'm waiting with bated breath to get the next email from Line 6 telling me about the next addition to my Line 6 inventory. I do love Line 6 and it never lets me down, it gets better and better all the time... Thanks Line 6
  10. I looked around manuals and I couldn't find anything about using a USB hub and a wifi adapter at the same time to remote with an iPad and record or playback a USB flash drive or USB hard drive. I will try this myself some time but I haven't got a iPad yet so has anyone had success doing this?
  11. I have the M20D and I totally love it. We're a three piece band and it gets challenging when we want to play something that has multiple guitars or a keyboard in it, so the solution we use is to create the backing track in Pro Tools, save it as an MP3 file, and then play it via an iPod, and perform along with it. The iPod was a bit inconvenient and we wanted to centralize audio control while playing live, so we've copied the MP3 file to the SD card in the M20D, added the song to the M20D's play list, and added a foot switch to the M20D to trigger the audio file to play. Problem is, once the file finishes playing and the song is over, the M20D's media player keeps looping the MP3 file, over and over. The foot pedal I got is a really nice unit that has toggle switches for "Momentary" vs. "Latched" and also for reversing polarity. Although I haven't played with the polarity, switching from "Momentary" to "Latched" hasn't made any difference; we play the backing track and perform along with it, and then it loops and begins playing again. I haven't been able to find anything about this in the Advanced manual. Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get the track to just play once without looping? Thanks for your help! Scott
  12. Anyone know if there are any compatibility issues with the M20d iPad app and iOS7?? I couldn't find anything on the Line6 news, FAQ or forum pages addressing the iOS update?? We have a live gig in a couple of weeks and I don't want to find out then if there are issues. To be safe, I'll probably just stick w/ iOS6 until after the gig.
  13. Version française. Deutsche Version. The 1.20 firmware update for the StageScape M20d features a new fader view for enhanced control on touch screens and Artist Presets. ****Please be aware that if you are updating from firmware 1.00 directly to 1.20, the update file will state that you are installing version 1.32. This is a typo that will be fixed in the future and it will have no affect on your firmware 1.20 installation or functionality.**** IMPORTANT NOTICE: This version of the StageScape firmware works only with StageScape remote app v1.10. Please update your StageScape remote app on your iPad when updating your StageScape firmware. When updating firmware, have ONLY the SD card or USB drive that is being used to install the update plugged into the StageScape. This update is available from this web address Be sure to select StageScape M20d under All Products, click the red Go button, and you will be able to download the Firmware 1.20 update. You will have to download this file and save it to a SD card or USB thumb drive. Insert that device into your StageScape M20d, go to the i menu, Show System Settings, Update M20d, Update System Firmware. The update file will have to be in the top hierarchy of your media device. Firmware install files will not be recognized if they are placed in a folder. Be sure to unplug any other media device (USB, SD card or PC) from your StageScape that is not being used for the firmware update. New Features Bug fixes: Output preset recall resetting output level Minor bug fixes Fader View: With the new 1.20 firmware, the perform mode now has a fader view option on the touch screen of the StageScape M20d. This allows you to view and manipulate levels for your inputs, monitors, global FX, and main mix as virtual faders on the touch screen. You can also control your trim, pan, and global FX send levels with the rotary encoders under each virtual channel strip. Artist Presets: Brad Madix and Daniele Di Giovanni Brad Madix: Rock Kick - Aggressive rock bass drum. Sits in the mids when you really lay into it, somewhat more natural when played quietly. Rock Snare - A "fat" rock snare with a bottom that is shaped using the dynamic eq. Pushes up the low end for that "arena rock" sound. Drum Buss Crush - Crush a drum sub mix. Really pumping compression. Scary on its own, but blend it back in with the uncompressed drums and the whole kit will come forward. A little goes a long way. Rock Bass - Big mid boost to get the bass to pop out in the mix Rock Guitar - Bright and cutting. Best for leads. Vocal - Bright and clear without sibilance using the de esser Brighten up that male vocal without it getting too "essy". Daniele Di Giovanni: Grand Piano (PianoMic)- Earthworks PianoMic at its best Attention, cette version du firmware StageScape a une nouvelle vue fader pour un contrôle augmenté sur les écrans tactiles et les presets Artistes. ***Si vous installez firmware 1.20 sur 1.00, la mise à jour indique que vous installez version 1.32. C’est une faute de frappe. Ignorez ca. Il n'aura aucun effet sur ​​votre firmware 1.20 ou l’installation.*** Attention, cette version firmware fonctionne uniquement avec l’application StageScape Remote 1.10. Donc vous devez mettre à jour l’application StageScape pour l’utiliser avec la nouvelle version du firmware. Débranchez tous les appareils USB de votre StageScape sauf l’appareil avec le nouveau firmware. Vous pouvez trouver la mise à jour ici : Sélectez le StageScape M20d sous « All Products » et cliquez « Go ». Téléchargez le Firmware 1.20 et sauvez le fichier sur une carte SD ou clé USB. Insérez la carte ou la clé dans votre M20d et cliquez sur le menu « i », « Show System Settings », « Update M20d » et « Update System Firmware ». Placez le fichier directement sur la carte SD ou clé USB et pas dans un dossier sur la clé/la carte. L’appareil ne trouvera pas le fichier si vous le placez dans un dossier. Débranchez tous les autres dispositifs du StageScape M20d que vous n’utilisez pas pour la mise à jour. Corrections des bugs mineurs. Fader View Avec la mise à jour du firmware 1.20 le mode perform a une option Fader View sur l’écran tactile qui vous permet de voir et manipuler les niveaux des entrées, moniteurs, Global FX et du mix principal comme curseurs sur l’écran tactile. Vous pouvez aussi contrôler Trim, Pan et Global FX niveaux d’envoi avec les encodeurs rotatifs dessous les canaux. Presets Artistes: Brad Madix et Daniele Di Giovanni Brad Madix: Rock Kick: Grosse caisse rock agressive. Très naturel si vous le jouez doucement. Rock Snare: Basses formés avec l’EQ dynamique. Augmente les basses pour un son « arena rock ». Drum Buss Crush: Compression massive. Jouez-le avec une batterie non compressée. Rock Bass: Un boost pour les mis. Rock Guitar: Très bien pour le joueur principal. Vocal: Pour on son très clair. Daniele Di Giovanni: Grand Piano (PianoMic) – Le PianoMic de Earthworks à son meilleur. Das Firmwareupdate 1.20 für StageScape M20d erweitert Ihr M20d um zusätzliche Schiebregler für mehr Kontrolle und neue Artisten Presets. ***Achtung, wenn Sie von Firmware 1.00 auf 1.20 aktualisieren wir das Update Ihnen anzeigen, dass Sie Version 1.32 installieren. Dies ist ein Schriftfehler, der in Zukunft behoben wird. Ignorieren Sie diesen Fehler, denn er beeinträchtigt die Funktionalität des Updates nicht.*** Achtung, diese Firmware Version funktioniert nur mit der StageScape Remote App 1.10. Wenn Sie die Firmware aktualisieren, entfernen Sie bitte zuerst alle anderen SD Karten und USB Sticks abgesehen vom USB Stick oder SD Karte, auf welcher die neue StageScape Firmware abgespeichert ist. Dieses Update können Sie auf der Internetseite finden. Wählen Sie das M20s unter All Products aus, klicken Sie dann auf Go und dann sollten Sie das Update auch schon sehen. Laden Sie sich hier dann Version 1.20 herunter. Speichern Sie es dann auf einem USB Stick oder einer SD Karte ab. Stecken Sie diese dann in den M20d. Auf dem M20d gehen Sie dann auf das i Menu, Show System Settings, Update M20d und Update System Firmware. Die Datei muss sich direkt auf der SD Karte/USB Stick befinden un dort nicht innerhalb eines Ordners. Fehlerbehebungen: Kleinere Fehlerbehebungen. Neue Schiebregler: Mit der neuen Firmware Version 1.20 ist der Perform Modus um ein Set Schiebregler erweitert worden. Mit diesen können Sie Input, Monitor Global FX und Main FX Pegel auf dem Touchpad einstellen. Außerdem können Sie Trim Pan und Global FX Pegel via der normalen Drehknöpfe verändern. Artisten Presets: Brad Madix: Rock Kick: Agressives Rock Schlagzeug. Klingt sehr natürlich wenn man es ruhig spielt. Rock Snare: Die niedrigen Frequenzen sind per dynamischem EQ geformt. Drückt den Bass außerdem nach oben für den typischen Arena Rock Sound. Drum Bass Crush: Extreme Kompression. Mischen Sie diese dann mit unkomprimiertem Schlagzeug um einen einzigartigen Sound zu bekommen. Rock Bass: Boost für die Mitten. Rock Guitar: Perfekt für den Lead. Vocal: Für klaren Sound. Daniele Di Giovanni: Grand Piano (PianoMic): Earthworks PianoMic.
  14. When [if] will we get android pad remote option??? :huh: I don't wan't to have to buy an ipad, I have a mac book pro why can't I use it or when will I be able to use it or my android? somebody in cahoots??? :o LOL just kidding ;) seriously though is it even on the table before I drop another $400-$500 bucks?!?!?!? I guess what I mean is if there is not ever any intention on Line 6's part to do so I will get an ipad but this is the only reason I would. :( also will a 1st gen ipad work? I've seen them for $150...
  15. Am looking at the M20d at present and have a question. The videos say to click onto an open encoder to create a group. What if I've got too many channels plugged in and I want to run a 4 way monitor mix. Is there a way of viewing layers (other than pan, fx, level, trim) or creating a custom arrangement for the encoders? Many thanks
  16. Is is possible to use the M20d as a personal monitor mixer? Just like the Roland M-48? The roland m-48 uses cat-5 connectors, and I was wondering if the AES/EBU connection can be used for digital signal input other than the L6 Link? I wanted know if I can use the m20d as a slave mixer (onstage).
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