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  1. I recently bought a second hand M9. Signal chain will be mostly be: Guitar > shure GLXD16 > M9 > mixing desk/PA.. Occasionally it will be: Guitar > shure GLXD16 > M9 > Amp Do I need to put a DI box into the mix, after the M9 or does it not matter/need one? (I will be using this with an acoustic guitar)
  2. Keyboardist here, For the last few months I've been using the M9 in conjunction with my main stage keyboard. I'm very happy with the fx so far and was wondering if it is possible to run two keyboards through the unit while maintaining dual mono output (so one output channel per keyboard). That way I could utilize the fx for both keyboards at the same time while still having independent channels. I run the m9 to a direct box for front of house. Just wondering if this is a possibility. If not, is there another unit that could accommodate this feature?
  3. I am trying to use my M9 almost exclusively as a looping pedal and have run into an issue. I want to record loops and use my expression pedal as a volume control to control the loop volume. I have assigned the expression pedal to the FX slot where I have a volume control and it does work, however, since the M9 is at the end of my chain, the expression volume controls the ENTIRE SIGNAL I want to be able to just control the loop volume with the pedal and be able to play over the loop at any volume. I can't figure it out. Pre / Post doesn't seem to make any difference. Any thoughts? There is not a ton of info about using the M9 as a looper, I have been searching. thank you!
  4. I've upgraded from a Spider iii to the Spider Vmkii and I am blown away by the versatility of this modelling amp and the numerous built in effects that it has and that I can assign and control with the shortboard Mkii that I already had. However, I want to use some effects through a Boss rc30 looper. I have a ZoomG2 but don't really like the effects and lack of clarity that it produces and so I have been looking at getting a Boss ME80 to feed effects into the looper and also use as a multi effects pedal through the amp. I can't see that I would need the amp modelling of the pedal, as the Spider has that covered. I only play at home, so I won't be gigging with this set-up. I also don't want to spend a fortune on something like the Line 6 PodGo only for looping purposes as it will be doubling up a lot of the effects in the Spider V. I know that the ME80 is 7 years old now so my question is, is there something which offers multi effects without the amp simulations which would be more suitable. I have considered the M5 pedal, but may want to use more than one effect at a time to the looper. I also may want to use an octaver to add bass lines, so any suggestion would need to have an octave function. For a hobby guitarist, it is a pity that I can't feed the effects from the amp through the looper as there are some great bass tones and other sounds on the Cloud for the Spider V! Are there any other solutions or considerations that I am missing?
  5. I'm no longer able to get tap-tempo enabled effects to switch over to tap-tempo mode. Moving knob 1 (middle, upper row) all the way right or left fails to set the effect to tap mode; the display only shows miliseconds and never switches over to quarter notes. I've done a factory reset and have the most recent firmware. It doesn't matter which FX unit or row the effect is assigned to. The knob changes the miliseconds just fine. Anyone seen this before?
  6. Clumsy me, while stomping I sometimes hit the model select button, with tragic/comical results. Can really mess me up at a gig. Have to find a little cap, like one to a toothpaste tube maybe, that would fit over the model select button, so this can be prevented. Would have to find just the right size, glue a strip of rubber inside so it stays, has to be snug but not so snug that it will press the button when I put it on... it's a whole thing. Has this ever happened to you?
  7. Well after 3 years of faithful service I just discovered that the Model Select knob on my M( does not function properly when it's pushed. Either I have to push it numerous times or from specific angle to get it to change an FX type. Fortunately I have already had my patches in place but this looks like a problem that is only going to get worse. Anyone here experienced a similar problem? Anyone here know of a fix? Yes, I opened a ticket with Line 6.
  8. Line 6, what are the chances of getting any updates to the M series? Every couple years I do some research to see if there's anything new or exciting going on with the M Series. My hope was that with the M5 added to the lineup that the M Series platform was not dead and that Line 6 would update some patches or add some new effects. It's such a valuable pedal, I'd gladly pay for new effects or software improvements. I have the Strymon Timeline and the Eventide H9 but the M9 has always managed to keep a place on my board. I must say that the ongoing customer relationship with Eventide through H9 has be spectacular. Would love to see a model like that developed that involves the occasional update. Thanks, John Michael
  9. Total Looper Recording Time: 30 seconds (60 seconds with half-speed enabled) Ins and Outs: Stereo Input through two 1/4" mono inputs (L and R) and stereo output through two 1/4" mono outputs (L and R). All inputs and outputs are unbalanced instrument level. Additionally, two 1/4" jacks for 2 expression pedals Expression Pedal: Use Line 6 EX-1 or an expression pedal with a passive 10K ohm mono linear taper pot, using a standard 1/4 inch mono instrument cable Power Adapter: included Line 6 PX-2 only (Specs: 9V, 2000mA, center tip positive, 2.5mm diameter). No battery power option available Product Dimensions: 10.5" (L) x 7" (W) x 3" (H) Weight: 2.3 lbs Q: How many total effects are there in the M9?A: With the latest 2.01 Firmware update, there are 109 total effects available on the M9. Q: How many of each type of effect is there on the M9? A: Distortions/Comps/EQ/Volume: 30 Modulations: 22 Filter/Pitch: 26 Delays: 19 Reverbs: 12 Q: How do I register my M9? A: You can register any Line 6 product to your account here: Registration. For more detailed registration help, please see the Product Registration F.A.Q. . Q: What is the warranty on the M9? A: Twelve months from the date of purchase. Any Authorized Line 6 Service Center you visit will need you to provide a copy of the purchase receipt to validate date for warranty processing. Please be sure to have those materials ready, should you need to get your unit serviced under warranty. Troubleshooting & Service Q: How do I perform a Factory Reset on the M9? A: You can perform a factory reset by entering the Setup screen (press both B1 and B2 at once) and navigating to the Screen with the MIDI, GATE, Display header and turning the Model Select knob until the corresponding parameter displays RST FACT? You can then press down on the TAP footswitch then the Model Select Knob together twice to reset the unit. You can also re-install the flash memory to return the M9 to factory settings. Q: What is a "Scene"? A: A "scene" is a pedal board arrangement on your Line 6 M9 Stompbox Modeler with 6 available effects, up to 3 at once. Q: How many scenes are there and how do I access them? A: With the 2.01 update, you can create and save up to 6 different scenes in one Scene Folder. With 4 Scene Folders, you get 24 total scenes on the M9! Press 3A and the TAP button at the same time to access the scenes and turn the MODEL SELECT knob to access the additional folders. Q: Can I backup my scenes to my computer?A: You can backup your scenes via MIDI. Check out the M9/M13 Scene Backup document. Q: Which expression pedals can I use with the M9? A: We recommend using the Line 6 EX-1 expression pedal. You can also use any other expression pedal containing a 10k Ohm Potentiometer. Expression pedals allow you to change stompbox controls using your feet so you can adjust the sound while you play. On the fly, you can modify the delay time and feedback, speed of your tremolo, or sweep the pitch on the Pitch Bender effect. Connect an expression pedal to your M5 Stompbox modeler. Start with the pedal in the toe position. Once you have your effect parameters settings as desired rock the expression pedal to its heel position. Now set your parameters to your desired settings. As you move your expression pedal from heel to toe, you'll see all of the adjusted parameters move between these settings. All parameters affected by an expression pedal will show a pixel notch at the top indicating a parameter's setting for the toe position of the pedal. You'll also see a notch at the bottom that indicates a parameter's settingwith the expression pedal in the heel position. Additionally, if you don't want a parameter adjusted by the expression pedal, set the parameter's knob to where you want it with the heel down, then do the same with the heel up.
  10. M5/M9/M13 BACKUP INSTRUCTIONS *** This procedure is also explained in the M9 Advanced User's Guide and M13 Advanced User's Guide REQUIRED: A MIDI sequencer app such as Cubase or a sysex app -- if you don't have a sysex app installed, do a Google search for MIDI Ox (Windows) or Sysex Librarian (Mac) then download one or the other and install it. And ONE of the following: A MIDI interface that connects to your computer via USB (download the current Driver for it if you don't have it installed) & 2 MIDI cables OR A MIDI - USB interface such as the M-Audio Uno that comes with attached MIDI cables. You may need to download & install the latest driver from the manufacturer for this device. When your MIDI interface, Driver and sysex app are ready to go, follow PROCEDURE instructions below. Windows: Saving Scenes & Folders: 1. Run MIDI OX. You can do so from Start > Program Files > MIDI OX. 2. Set "Pass Sysex" & "Start Display" to On by clicking on the the 'REC' & 'SYX' boxes at the bottom right of the main window so it is highlighted blue. 3. Now go to View > Sysex. A Sysex View and Scratchpad window will open. 4. Go to the Sysex menu & select "Receive Manual Dump." When selected, you will see a window appear waiting on info from the M9/M13. 5. In Setup Menu of M9 (Press the 1B and 2B buttons at once, then press the MODEL SELECT knob 3 times until the display shows MIDI in the top left) or the M13 (hold the 'Looper Controls' button), select 'Dump All' to backup all your scenes, 'Dump Folder' to backup the current folder, or 'Dump Edit' to backup the one scene you have currently selected. Press the TAP button and the 'MODEL SELECT' knob at the same time on the M9 or just press the 'MODEL SELECT' knob on the M13 to begin the dump. Click 'Done' in MIDI OX when complete. 6. Under the 'Display Window' of MIDI OX, click 'Save As' and save it as a Sysex file type. Loading Scenes & Folders: 1. Run MIDI OX 2. Go to View > Sysex. A Sysex View and Scratchpad window will open. 3. Under the 'Command Window' menu, select 'Load File' and select the Sysex scene or folder file that is saved on your computer. If you are attempting to load an individual scene, it will be recalled to your current scene location, so change to the scene location on the M9/M13 you would like to overwrite. 4. Again, go to the 'Command Window' menu & select 'Send/Rec Sysex.' The display on the M9 (FX Unit 4 on the M13) will flash 'Receiving MIDI - Standby.' Once complete, your scene(s)/folder are now loaded. You do not have to set anything on the M9/M13, it will simply load the individual scene to the current location or load all the scenes in one shot once it receives the file. If you are loading a folder, it will load to the same folder location that it originated from. So, if you saved Folder 3 from the M9/M13, it will load back into the Folder 3 location on the hardware regardless of which Folder you may be looking into. **Note - Using 'Send Sysex' does not work. MIDI OX screen will read 'Sysex Receive' although it is sending to the M9/M13. MAC USERS: Saving Scenes & Folders: 1. Open Sysex Librarian. 2. You should already see your MIDI interface (or 'USB Uno MIDI Interface') listed in the dropdown menu at the top. If not you will need to download & install the latest drivers available from the manufacturer. 3. Click the 'Record Many' button. Use this even when backing up an individual scene. A window will appear showing it is awaiting info from the M9/M13. 4. On the M9/M13 select either 'Dump All' (all scenes), 'Dump Folder' (current folder), or 'Dump Edit' (current scene). Press the TAP button and the 'MODEL SELECT' knob at the same time on the M9 or just press the 'MODEL SELECT' knob on the M13 to begin the dump. 5. Once complete, you can rename 'untitiled.syx' in Sysex Librarian by clicking the name once it is highlighted. Loading Scenes & Folders: 1. Select the Sysex file you wish to load. 2. Click 'Play'. You will see 'Receiving MIDI - Standby' in the display on the M9 (FX Unit 4 on the M13). Your scene(s)/folder is now loaded. Again, if you are loading an individual scene, it will load to the current location you are in, so select the scene you wish to overwrite BEFORE loading the backup file. If you are loading a folder, it will load to the same folder location that it originated from. So, if you saved Folder 3 from the M9/M13, it will load back into the Folder 3 location on the hardware regardless of which Folder you may be looking into. M5 Backup Procedure: With a MIDI interface and a sysex application, you can back up all your M5 presets to your computer. This makes it easy to build a custom preset library, or exchange presets with others. To backup your presets, or to dump the current preset, follow these steps: 1. Turn bottom left PARAMETER KNOB to set your MIDI Channel (Ch. 1-16 or Omni - the default is Ch. 1). 2. Turn the Model Select knob to select DUMP ALL? (to back up all 24 presets) or DUMP PRE? (to back up your current preset). NOTE: There is an error in the M5 Pilot Guide.pdf regarding the following step in the SysEx dump procedures. Please refer to the information here for correct behavior: 3. With your computer set up to record sysex, press and hold ON/OFF while you press down on the MODEL SELECT knob. Repeat this to confirm or press TAP to exit out, if you choose. 4. The M5 will immediately transmit the sysex file to your computer, creating a backup of your Scenes that you can store and recall at any time. To load presets back into your M5, simply transmit the sysex file from your computer into the M5 via MIDI. This will immediately load the data into the M5's memory.
  11. I love the simplicity and tone of the Bass PODxt Live, thus I'm still carting it to every bass gig I play at. However, I also have the M9 and happened to plug the bass into it with the Sub Octave was a life changing moment. All the fuzzes and distortions on the Bass PODxt sound thin because you can't run an effects chain and a clean bass chain simultaneously to maintain the low end lost in the distortion effects. But sweet baby of chaos...that Sub Octave Fuzz is more doom than Conan the Barbarian after a two week bender. Now, to keep with simplicity, is there a way I can upload the Sub Octave Fuzz model into the Bass PODxt Live? Is there an update? A hack, I dare say? I don't want to mess up the signal chain trying to squeeze the M9 before the PODxt Live. Much obliged for your help, RS
  12. I´m a long time M9 user considering to upgrade to the HX. It would be great, if anyone could answer me the following questions: How is the synth section? Do the synth models (Synth-o-matic) still have those unnavoidable volume increaseses like in the M9? How is the tracking? What about the new synth models? Do the time based effects in the HX react precisely to an incomming (or the HX´s internal) midiclock? At least for me it´s quite hard to sync most of the time based effects except the delays in the M9 (Seek-Wah, Tremolos, …). Is it possible to control parameters of external midi devices with an expression pedal plugged into the HX? Have you tried using the HX as a midicontroller for external devices? If so, what´s your experience? Planning to put together a small but very effective setup with the HX, Adrenalinn 3, Boss DD 500 and a Korg X 911. Adrenalinn 3 and Korg X911 in the effects loops of the HX, Boss DD 500 after the HX. Can report here about it, if anyone is interested. Thanks in advance for answers...
  13. There are any contruction diference between a 5 year old M9 and a new one? Components, Firmware, etc!!! Thanks a lot DO
  14. Hi guys, need a little help here. My screen start working fine and after seconds or pressing nobs it gets crazy (like in the pic) and sometimes unreadable. I bought the stomp box in US but use it in Argentina with a custom power made for 220 instead of 110. sometimes it is also suddenly turn off and on. thank you for your help!
  15. Hello! I am wondering if it is possible to create a blank preset with no effects or a true bypass without having to double tape my preset button when in screen mode. I am using midi to switch channels on my 5150 iii. I would just like a quick way to switch to my distortion channel and have no effects on it.
  16. My expression pedal will work fine in most of my 6 Scenes, but there are 2 where it refuses to effect any parameters in any of the FX. Is my M9 broken? Any ideas? Thanks in advance... ~ LL ~
  17. So I've seen these other stompbox/ midi brand boards and there are companies that make magnetic labels you can put on those boards to know what effect you have on which pedal. I searched and searched for something similar for the m13 stompbox but nothing. So I spent a few hour rigging up my own labels. I used magnetic printer paper. Got pictures of regular guitar pedals and edited them down to a 5/4 ratio. And printed them out. I'll post a picture of the finished product tomorrow
  18. Hi, I got an M5 Stompbox Modeler for the pas 2 years and i really like it. Problem is, since the past few months, i have a problem. If the M5 is on and the effect (lets take heavy distortion for this example) is activated (which means the red light on the on/off is there) the sound is completely fine. BUT if i just press on the ON/OFF button, i'm supposed to hear my clean guitar settings that is coming out of my amp (its pretty much like that for every pedal in the world lol pedal effect off=amp's sound) The problem is that when the effect if OFF, i can't hear anything like if my guitar is no plugged. All my cables work fine (i tested every single one of them) and its only when the effect is OFF that it doesnt work. So i can't use it on stage now because if i just turn off my distortion, i dont have any sound coming from the amp :P If anyone can help me thatd be cool :) (btw i'm not an expert in electronic stuff so telling me codes and stuff will just confuse me xD just explain what you mean and that should be good :) )
  19. My M9's record footswitch seems to have a habit of turning itself on. Whether I'm activating another pedal or turning on a separate preset, it would just start recording a new loop or turn on the reverb I have set to it. It's quite annoying and I can't use it anymore. I've tried looking at the footswitches inside, and one of the springs was a little weird. I switch the little screws that pushes and activates the switch for the record and stop switches, and the problem was moved to the stop switch. I decided to temporarily switch the bad screw/spring to the tap tempo so I can still use it as a looper, but the problem came back to the record after 10 minutes of playing! I also found that the footswitch itself doesn't click like the others do when you press it. Anyone have any ideas?
  20. I have an M9 and M5. Use them in my A & B rigs. Delay/Echo has eluded me. I don't guess I have the patience. I play in a cover band and we are doing Her Strut by Bob Seger. I know Pete Carr played lead on the tune and supposedly used an Echoplex. I can't seem to get either EchoPlex model to do that repeat after each riff. Any ideas as to achieve that? Thanx in advance for helping this old man.
  21. Hey, My M9 is frozen. Strange configuration of color leds. Step by step: In the middle of the rehearsal today, the m9 stop working fx unit 2. I thought it should be only the buttons (any problem of physical contact) and continued playing. By the end of the song, it seems i was right, beucause other effects were working but effects or scenes selected by buttons of fx unit 2 couldnt be acessed. After another song, only my tap tempo was working well. Then, i stopped to examine. The tap tempo works well and i can still acess the looper by holding it, but now ALL the 3 fx units buttons werent working. After this, i take my M9 home and power on and 1 - the lights configurations doesnt match with any of my scenes. And 2 - There is one red led (?) and one led with no light. - 3 neither the tap tempo or looper are working now Does anyone have any ideia of what to do? I have tried to backup my scene but absolutely nothing happens. I have no idea of what could be the issue, thats why i wrote the step by step. Im sorry for the confusing expression and if im repeating another topic but i couldnt find any similar topic and im really in a hurry because my gig is this thursday and i have used it in all rehearsals. Thanks for attention, Rafael
  22. Hey Guys, I just wondered if anyone could tell me how the global noise gate works in DSP bypass mode. I had read that the gate only works when effects are activated but on my M9 it seems like it's working all the time when I'm in DSP bypass mode even when no effects are engaged. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Thanks!
  23. I have recently purchased a line6 MP multi-pedal. Recently the 2 far left buttons (above and below each other) do not work when I press them. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  24. Hi all, I recently purchased an M13 unit, but one of the effect channels is giving me this unusual jumps in parameter value please check the video... Has anyone experienced this before? any Idea about how this could be resolved?? Many thanks!!! Fred
  25. A couple of months ago I bought a M9, thought it was the perfect solution to pull a few pedals off my board, just to learn that the pedals I wanted to model are one that the M Series can't do! The M9 was meant to replace my: EHX Small Clone Boss TR-2 Fulltone Deja-Vibe The chorus model on the M9 sounds pretty bogus and doesn't even come close to the Small Clone. The Opto-Trem model gets in the ballpark of my TR-2 but sounds a little odd. The Uni-Vibe model sounds pretty awful. My question is- Does anyone know if Line 6 plans to update the models? If not I'm going to have to get rid of the M9 I just bought and put my Small Clone, TR-2, and Deja-Vibe back on my board... or look at a better modeling pedal. Thanks for the help!
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