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Found 6 results

  1. Dead Mic In... I have had this issue since the first time i tried to use the mic input... i didn't discover this until just before xmas when i tried to set up a streaming channel on youtube and twitch, where i was going to use my Helix for all audio capture. having experienced a 3 week turnaround on a previous repair with the UK service agent, am reticent to send my Helix away again as i use it to record daily. i have had to work around this by using my Presonus USB audio device for the mic, not ideal and. a pain in the arse when recording in Studio One, as i have to change audio device to record vocals after guitar or other instruments with my Helix. based on this, i have got a sponsorship deal with Positive Grid to do my streams with their stuff (Bias FX Elite), as i can use a USB audio interface (mic in one side, guitar in the other)... less of a faff around! if there was some form of loan unit, even if repaired/replaced units, that would make the wait acceptable... but 3 weeks to have a scribble strip replaced and the expression pedal re-calibrated to go back to zero is really not acceptable for a unit that costs over a grand! there seems to be a lack of spares stocked here for some reason... for a flag-ship product i expect better support internationally. having worked for a major amplifier manufacturer in the UK and distribution of high end custom USA guitar brands (Hamer and Ovation), we endeavoured to sort out customer issues in days, not weeks.
  2. I was trying to set up my line 6 ux2 but when I got to the mixer there was no mic input. Help!
  3. Hi Line 6 forum, My question is: Is it possible to use the gaming headset microphone as an input into the UX2? If yes, How is this achieved? I've unboxed from new and fully installed PODFarm v2.59 & Line 6 Monkey/ Authorized my UX2 to my PC. My objective is to use the UX2 as a voice morphing/ changer for creative gaming purposes. My audio and microphone headset is a Logitech G633 running the up to-date v99.0.10 software. I've browsed many forums and tutorials over the past 6 hours and have tried the basic adjustments i;e: Adjusted the UX2 dials and enabling the phantom +48V button, changing the POD Farm mixer INPUT: Mic 1 and tried the various other inputs, enabling UX2 as default through Windows 10 sound settings and disabling all other audio and recording inputs/ outputs. Any clarity or result would be much appreciated, cheers.
  4. Hi All, This is my first post as I'm new to the Helix, so hi to everyone. I have had my Helix Rack now for about 3 weeks. I have been using the mic input for a few small solo gigs and it was working fine. I tried it at my next job and nothing no matter what i have tried the mic input would not work. Things I have tried so far: My mic's I've been using - Shure beta 87a with phantom power on, and a Shure beta 58 - both these mic's work fine in my normal PA system. Brand new mic cables 3 of them, nothing . All these cables work fine in my normal PA system. I have re-flashed the firmware still nothing. All the other inputs and out puts are working fine. Is this a fault with the Helix as I have seen other posts with the same problem. Thanks for your help.
  5. Just ordered a mic preamp and it's on its way.. I want to connect it to my Pod HD Pro X & as far as I know the best way to do this is to connect it to a line level input. However, in the manual it stated that the line input in the Pod HD Pro X is unbalanced. Now the real question: Will it deteriorate its sound if I connect my preamp to an unbalanced input? or is it better if I connect my preamp to the mic input and set the mic gain on the pod really low. Btw here is the chain going to look like: Shure sm7b > Preamp > Pod HD Pro X. I really dont want to buy an audio interface since the one in Pod is good enough to connect to my daw. Although, I'll buy one only if I have to :mellow: Thanks.
  6. Hi all. I would really appreciate if someone from Line6 and having understanding of the internal processes will answer this questions. So basically I use Line6 POD HD Pro as an audio interface and FX loop. The chain is the following: Bass -> Bass Amp -> XLR line out -> POD HD Pro XLR front mic in (-> optionally a few pedals in the FX loop of the POD, but we can skip them) Evidently, my goal is to record with best signal/noise ratio and get no overdrive in the (pre-)amps, so I set to max possible gain on the bass head but keeping low enough not to produce any clipping. Then comes the bass head line out level and POD mic preamp level (I guess this is 'gain', not 'level') with additional posibility to do -20db using a small button near the XLR socket. I don't use this button, set the POD mic preamp level to min and rise the bass amp line out level again as high as possible such that I don't clip on mic input of POD. And here comes the question. With all these settings the recorging level is relatively low. I need to say that it is not very low, it is normal, but I would expect getting at least to, say, -2 db or 0 db when I clip at mic input. Currently the fast attack of a note, which produces slight clipping in the mic preamp will be recorded at peak of approx, -8 db or such. Why should I waste dynamic range? Are there any knobs to turn and get the signal back, but not increase the volume after digitization either in hardware or software. Regards, Egor.
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