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Found 385 results

  1. I've bought a midi controller to use it with pod farm 2 and I have 2 problems. 1) I can only use the program changes and not the "midi CC". 2) Sometimes when I change presets using the midi controller, Pod Farm takes some seconds to change the preset. Why? Btw, the midi controller is an "Icon G Board BK".
  2. Hi, I am controlling the POD HD500 via DAW while there is playback going on. I am successfully managing to switch between presets (although I must say that latency of switching is a bit annoying, but I can work around that by sending messages a bit in advance). I have a part, where I want to play a whammy (pitch shifter) with expression pedal. I assign it to EXP2. However, when I start playback, both EXP1 and EXP2 become lid and I can not control the expression pedal. I can switch the HD500 off and turn it back on and then I can control EXP2 (without playback), but again once I start the PC sending commands I can't seem to control the expression pedal. How can I solve that? Also, what exactly does CC# 59 (the manual says its Exp Toe on/off toggle) do? I cannot figure it out.
  3. Hello everyone. I currently use a Pod HD Desktop and love it, but this post isn't exactly about such. I enjoy its features but am saddened by the lack of midi inputs, virtual or physical and was wondering if I could rig it up to one of the Fbv boards (most likely the express). My intention would to use a daw to send midi signals to the fbv, then have that switch between patches in my Pod as necessary for my live show. I know the mkii fbv boards have a single midi input, so I was wondering if it could be used this way or not. Essentially, if you don't understand what I'm trying to accomplish, the guy in this video is doing the same thing, just using physical midi output from a computer interface into a physical midi input on his pod. I would be doing the same, except Daw's midi tracks > Fbv > Pod. Is this possible? Thanks in advance ^_^
  4. Dear forum members, I'm new to midi programming, so I'd love to ask you a couple of questions. I just purchased a Diezel D-moll amp. I'm connecting my POD via the 4 cable method. Also the amp has a MIDI input, so theoretically the channel controlling is possible, but I have no clue how to set up my POD, please advise. The programming of the Diezel is piece of cake, please see page 16. The amp will remember the incoming midi signal. How do I set up my POD presets to send a midi signal? I read the manual, so I know that I can assign specific midi messages to footswitches, but I don't want to press a footswitch twice, i want to switch with a single step. For example, I'd love to have a clean tone on the 1st banks A preset, a crunch tone on the 3rd banks A preset, and a distortion on the 3rd banks A preset. "A" preset is controlled everywhere by FS5. How do I make FS5 work on different banks? What kind of midi signal should I send out from my POD device to change the amps channel when switching presets. Thank you very much for your answers! Cheers! Alex
  5. I think I already know the answer to this question but just want to double check before I manually program all my presets. Can you set the midi controller setup to be global? Or alternatively is there a shortcut to copy the midi controller settings from one preset to another?
  6. Every time I open Vyzex, no MIDI ports of any kind are detected. I've tried everything from the troubleshooting PDF. Nothing has helped. I am running windows 7 on a laptop without ANY logitech software for the Pocket Pod. On the port selection screen where it says, "Select all of the ports you intend to use with this program" nothing appears in the box beneath. I've tried all the PDFs for troubleshooting that came with Vyzex and am losing patience. If it helps, my search for LVUSBSTA in the registry turn no results whatsoever. I've also attached all of the windows pertaining to the MIDI trouble. Hopefully, it turns useful. I'd greatly appreciate help with this matter. It shouldn't take more than 2 hours of failure to continue failing to load one custom tone on the Pocket POD.
  7. Hallo, I have recently installed the KB37 interface onto my new computer. Everything works well except but when I using the MIDI input, the notes are getting stuck (not the physical kewboard but the sound produced by the virtual instrument). The only way to get these notes unstuck is by hitting the note one the keyboard that was stuck. Also, when rapidly playing a sequence of notes (but not unrealistically so) some are not being picked up in the headphones or the DAW (reaper). I have also tried to updated the USB firmware in monkey but this fails (error code: 8007105 Firmware Verify Failed). When restarting monkey, it says that the latest USB firmware is installed (1.08) but I'm not sure if this is correct. Any assistance would be most appreciated
  8. Hey all, I usually only use my PODs for home recording but I've been considering using my HD300 live as a multi effects unit. I'm not interested in using the amp models live since I'm quite satisfied with and like the sound of my amp. If I'm not mistaken the HD300 has a "pedal board mode." I've also been wondering if this board would be capable of operating my amp's midi channel switching. It would basically be like using the pod like a GLab gsc only there would be no stomp boxes as the pod has all the effects. Anyone tried something like this?
  9. Hi, I am trying to control the presets/expression pedals on POD HD 500 from my PC DAW. I just bought a USB to MIDI cable that works perfect with one of my MIDI keyboards. However, when I send a message (maybe a wrong message, but nevertheless) to 51 port of POD HD 500, which is supposed to be FS1, it definitely switches the FS1 on, but then hangs the POD completely so that it is not operational - no buttons work, nothing is responsive. Is that normal? Cheers, Sergey
  10. Hi there, I've been taking a look at the Advanced Manual (as well as these forums) and can't seem to find the *full* internal MIDI implementation table. In the manual there are some references to some controls, like the looper and footswitches, but I'd like to know how to access –if possible– every effect (and parameter within) as well as Amps params. Basically I'm looking to change the values of some parameters within the fx chain by pressing an on board foot switch (alternating between max and min values, somehow like the expression pedal). I know I can hack something similar by having a duplicated effect with those different params and asymmetric switching, but that's not the point :) Also, I'm not looking for doing this thing from a remote controller, although I guess it would be feasible just the same. If that isn't possible and someone from Line6 is reading this, I think it should be both fairly simple and awesome. Also, it'd be great to be able to have foot switches behave in either latched or momentary fashion while we're at it! Really looking forward for some help :) Cheers!
  11. Hey everyone, So I'm trying to use Cubase to automate patch changes within my POD 2.0 basically so that when I record the guitar effects will change according to what is programmed. I've already been able to get Line 6 Monkey and the Line 6 Editor to work with the POD 2.0 via midi. I've followed the tutorial posted here to the best of my ability substituting the POD 2.0 for the Axe-Fx and I've gotten down to the part with the In-Line Editor. http://stratamania.wordpress.com/ Would someone be able to tell me if this is the correct procedure and if the POD 2.0 can actually be automated by Cubase? Also the other problem I'm having is figuring out what the program numbers are and where I can find them. Would someone be able to tell me how to do that? Thanks in advance!!
  12. Hi, Hoping for some answers here. Just got an HD500x. Is there a way to assign midi cc to a stomp switch w/o having to select an effect onboard. I want to trigger each of my analog stomp boxes looped thru my voodoo labs pedal switch with a button on the HD500x. Is there a way to do this? As near as I can tell, I can only do this with the tap, looper, and toe switch. Please advise. Thanks.
  13. I have a POD HD Pro and recently acquired an ADA MP-1 preamp,. I have the MP1 in the FX loop of the Pod, and it's working quite well. I just ordered a midi cable. The ADA is a Midi preamp. Is it possible to set up MIDI to change the ADA preset based on my pod patches? So pod patch 1A the ADA is on preset 1, Pod patch 1b the ADa is on preset 2, etc? Would love some tips on how to do this if possible, but i'll also take "it's possible, read the manual" if anyone knows it can be done - thanks!
  14. Hi, I own a POD HD500 which I use for solo gigs. I generally leave it in looper mode with an acoustic guitar so I can do solos. However, I find the looper feature restrictive in that once I get a loop going I can't change sounds (for soloing) without exiting looper mode. I also have to switch my sound back to my clean sound before going back to looper mode. This constant switching between modes means that solos are less seamless, there's always a (musical) delay at the start and end of each solo. Is there some way to program extra midi commands into the looper buttons so that when I press the "play" button, it automatically switches my sound to a different patch as well? Currently I'm considering buying an external loop pedal which seems like a waste. Andrew.
  15. Could I use a midi controler to change the scenes on a line6 M13 so I don't have to keep going to the scenes window when am playing live? I find it annoying to press so many buttons when am playing live especially if it is mid song and I go from a lead tone to a delay, I have looked at using a midi bord just to change scenes then it's just one button and I am away, but from looking online there is like no useful information to get me started so any help would be grateful.
  16. Please, please Line6; make a video on how to set properly the HD500 as a midi controller for Dt amp series!!! This thing is drive me CRAZY!!! I want to be able to save other paramethers (mic or cab type)...the manual (midi implementation guide) it s not easy to understand... for now i can only send midi message on channel one? I am a bit confusing....sorry
  17. Hi Guys, I own a POD XT and have no problems sending MIDI to it to change a parameter or patch as the track plays. However, the POD X3 does not show up in any DAW or Audio MIDI setup as a MIDI device that i can send data to. I can send parameter changes via MIDI using an m-audio MIDI controller but not from the computer which is what i want. All drivers are up to date, using OSX 10.8.4 and like i said everything works fine with the XT. I must be missing something simple? Help please!!! and thanks in advance.
  18. I have a UM-3G usb/midi interface connected to my vettaII and the linbe 6 edit will not see the vetta ll as connected. I have reinstalled java , everything is installed an hooked up right... I have no idea what is wrong... any help possible is appreciated ...
  19. Hello, first I would like to appologize, I am asking this on behalf of a friend whom is Japanese, and can not make this post in English. Please understand I am translating this for him. I'm 99% sure I am getting this all correctly. I am familar with audio equipment to some degree, but not to the extent that I can help my friend. He is using MacBook/Apple 10.6.8 and is running Logic Pro 9, and would like to use POD FARM 2 together with the MBV EXPRESS MKII. When he launchs POD FARM as a stand alone application while the MBV is connected he is able to effect the controller pedal and see the desired affect inside the application. i.e. He physically moves the pedal with his foot and the pedal is seen as moving inside the app. However, when he launches the plugin within Logic, the physical pedal does not affect the pedal within the plugin. Instead on whatever track is slected the fader is manupilated. It seems that Logic is recievcing MIDI data instead of the POD FARM plugin. Thank you for your help!
  20. Hello the forum! Lately I've been working on hooking my HD500 to a PC via MIDI for automated patch changes in a live setting. So I'm looking for a .midnam file (http://www.midi.org/dtds/MIDINameDocument10.dtd.html) defining HD500 as a midi device for DAWs (ProTools in my case)... I'd appreciate if anyone shares a link. If none, I'll be finishing my custom one anytime soon, and if anyone's interested I'll be willing to share it. Does make your life a bit easier when you don't have to remember all the bank, patch and controller numbers and values while preparing a live set. Regards, Dmitry.
  21. Hello, recently bought an interface Pod HD Pro X, but the MIDI function is not available in my IOS, how do I use the MIDI input and output on my Protools? grateful, Marcio Mello of Brazil. Anyone here had the same problem? Marcio Mello
  22. I am trying to map program changes sent to the Timeline. Currently the Timeline sees 1-to-1 from the Pod, meaning as I step through my Pod presets the Timeline will follow sequentially. I don't want to have to match the position of the Timeline's presets to that of any given Pod Playlist that I'll be using for live performance - I'd like to map each Pod preset to a Timeline preset by sending a simple program change. I have followed the POD Advanced User Guide to the letter, but it persists in sending program changes to the Timeline sequentially. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks in advance for any help!
  23. I have hd 300. I want to know if this thing it is possible. Instead to play the guitar through pod hd 300 ,I want to play a midi file which contains guitar riffs and hear it ,with phones or an amplifier. Lot of thanks to the people`s which explain me the settings . Do I need a MIDI - OX or what?
  24. First, connect the FBV via USB to the computer and use the FBV Control software. In the File>Open menu, select the ‘Gearbox’ preset for the FBV. This will store on the FBV automatically. Close FBV Control. Then, start Gearbox with the FBV still connected to the computer. Go to the Edit>Preferences window, and in the ‘MIDI/Control’ tab, select USB Audio Device for MIDI Input. Hit Apply and then, OK. The FBV will now control certain parameters of the program including Wah/Volume sweep and toggling. If you would like to change the behavior of the switches, you should than exit Gearbox and go back to FBV Control once again to assign MIDI CC Toggle messages that correspond with what they want to control in the program. You can reference the chart for Gearbox MIDI CC messages starting on page 2.14 of the following Gearbox MIDI CC Reference Guide: http://line6.com/data/6/0a060b316ac34f0593546810e/application/pdf/MIDI%20Continuous%20Controller%20Reference%20-%20English%20(%20Rev%20F%20).pdf
  25. Hi, I'm trying to do something which I think it not possible, but who knows ? I try to command my Whammy 5 with the Pod HD. What I would like, is the Pod HD to send a specific Program Change command when I select a tone, so I can set the Whammy to a specific program for that tone. I can do it by assigning MIDI to one of the FBV controller switch, but then I have to press it to make the program change. I'd like to skip that part (lazy is my second name) and have it done automatically when I select a tone. Any idea how I might achieve that ? Thanks Olivier
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