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  1. I have an old Korg keyboard that I'm trying to hook up through the Helix to macOS Sierra (10.12.2). Garageband recognizes the Helix. It's setup to use it as a midi interface, but I'm not getting any sound. Using brand new cables, too. I'm using a midi monitoring tool to intercept messages. Nothing is coming across the wire apparently. I see program change messages when I switch banks, however. Anybody know how to get note on/off messages working?
  2. Hello! I have a Helix LT, updated to latest version, 2.21 and I'm using it to send MIDI notes to my Sub 37. I've set them up in the Command Center and it works well most of the time. I've got the display set in Stomp mode so I can see the Notes each button is programmed to. These icons light up when depressed, and go dark when I lift off. However, sometimes throughout the night, they get stuck "on" . and clicking on them has no effect. I have to changes presets back and forth to get these to reset properly. Please advise! Sid.
  3. My goal is to have the HD500X send midi to turn on/off channel A on the Lehle 1@3. Practical application is to turn off the virtual HD amp in an HD500X patch. This will mute the DT25 and allow the signal to pass with effects to the Lehle switch connected to an Avatar 45 Watt. Turning on the virtual HD amp will switch off Lehel channel A, muting the Avatar and allowing signal to pass to the DT25. The Lehle can receive (and send) midi on any channel and can be programmed to respond (channel on/off) to incoming midi. http://lehle.com/EN/Lehle-1at3-SGoS Need some help with the HD500X midi side...
  4. This is probably another thing I'm just finding out that everybody else already knows, but it might address a concern I think I've seen on here before. On a Snapshot change, Helix only sends a MIDI CC message if the CC value in the new Snapshot is different from the current Snapshot. There may be instances in which you want an On (CC=0) or Off (CC=127) message to send regardless of whether the new value is different. I ran into this because I didn't want the natural behavior while I was editing the preset. When I changed a 0 to 127 and changed Snapshots to test it, I couldn't tell if I'd gotten it right, or if it just did't send a message at all. This is probably pretty obvious to most, but the solution I had was to realize that Off is actually 0-63 and On is 64-127 and Helix doesn't know you are using them as O/Off messages, just that 0 and 1 are different messages. So I used 0-7 for Off and 120-127 for On and the message was sent every time. Can anyone spot any downsides to this I'm not seeing? Any uses other than during editing Snapshots?
  5. Channel Switching via Midi is effectively being done through the Bank/Program side in the Command Center. However, I can not figure out exactly how to keep the LED ring illuminated, AND to turn it off when I change channels. It's switching but the led is acting like a momentary switch and not latching. Any idea as to how to resolve this issue? Assigning an effect like EQ doesn't resolve this issue because it acts like a pedal at that point. you have to physically turn it on and off.
  6. I suspect this is like looking for a needle in a hay-stack.. On the off extreme off chance, is anyone using their Helix to control their Bogner Hafler Triple Giant via Midi? I'm planning on using it in a 4CM type setup with a power amp. I guess I'm just curious to see if anyone has had any success in getting it to change channels via midi with their Helix. Thanks. (NOTE, I really don't expect many replies given the rarity of this unit, however any help or input is appreciated!)
  7. The Helix manual contains some information about receiving MIDI plus the list of CCs and whatever. What it does not cover is how to program the Helix to set up MIDI for controlling other devices. There are all sorts of features and controls that are not even mentioned in the manual. People who are into MIDI in a very big way are used to building elaborate and complex systems that, once the fiddly work is done, are easy to use and make a huge impression on the audience. We are eager to incorporate the Helix in to our setups - taking it from being a cool and fancy FX device to the level of being a key part of the MIDI system. I saw a YouTube video about how use the Helix to switch channels in a lunchbox amp, but I haven't found much more. If there is someone out there (preferably a techie from Line 6) who could put together a couple of pages on this, I am certain that most of us could make good use of it and would be most appreciative.
  8. I'm pretty sure there's currently not a way to do this, but is anyone aware of a way to trigger specific notes in the 3 Note Generator via MIDI note on/off messages from an external controller such as a sequencer or keyboard controller? I know Helix can transmit note on messages via footswitch assignments, but can it receive and interpret/apply them? If not, is that a feature that could be implemented in a future firmware release?
  9. Hello guys ! I'm wondering if there is a way to use the Helix as a midi controller for an Android/iPad tablet in order to turn pages on PDF files. The aim is to turn the pages of my lyrics files stored on the tablet. This would be great, and would let me avoid the buying of a specific pedal for this.
  10. Hey guys, my issue is this: I need to get my Helix to tell my Voodoo Lab control switcher to switch channels on my mesa boogie Roadster. I'm currently using the Helix with the four cable method. What i'd like to be able to do is change channels per snapshot within a preset. For example, snapshot 1 is clean on channel 1, snapshot 2 is grit on channel 2, etc. What I'm doing is going into the command center and using the instant messages to try to accomplish this. If I select the 1st lightning bolt and set the CC# to 80 it should turn on channel 1 via the control switcher. I've had limited success in doing this. Next, I go into snapshot 2 and then click command center and select the next lightning bolt and set a new CC# for that and save. I do the same thing for the next two snapshots (I've got the top switches set to stompbox mode). What I cannot understand is why the Helix doesn't allow you to select the first lightning bolt only for snapshot 1, the second lightning bolt only for snapshot 2, etc., just as you would do for effects and other parameters. It appears as though the Helix is sending all 4 messages at once no matter what snapshot I'm in. The result is that I cannot get it to work with the Voodoo Lab Control Switcher and it's absolutely essential that I figure out how to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm beyond frustrated.
  11. uelef

    Midi in snaphots

    I own a Hughes & Kettner Tubemeister 36 and I am using it via the 4 cable method with my Helix. The Tubemeister can be controlled via Midi – I succeeded in changing the Tubmeister's sound from Clean to Crunch and Lead with the footswitches in Helix. I used the CommandCenter to assign the footswitches to the amp's channels. But what I want to do either is to create different sounds with the Helix‘ snapshot feature. Is it possible to send an Midi command (e. g. for the Clean channel) to the amp when activating Snapshot 1, another Midi command (e. g. for the Crunch channel) on Snapshot 2, etc.? I did not find any option to assign a Midi command to a snapshot … Thanks for your answers! Ulf
  12. Is it possible to plug in a Digitech MC7 midi footswitch into the midi in of the pod hd to control it? For example, I need to change presets quickly on stage and I've had this footswitch laying around. I have searched for hours on the subject and there is very little information regarding it... Thanks for any help.
  13. I updated my Helix to version 2.21. Everything seems to be fine, except that I play with my Roland GR-55 guitar synthesiser connected to my Helix. Whenever I change my patch on the Helix, it would immediately change the patch on the GR-55, as I have configured the Helix to do. This, however, no longer seems to work since I upgraded to version 2.21. Am I missing something? Does anyone have any ideas?
  14. I have a set list that mimics the first 16 banks of the Firehawk. All is functional and named in pedal. Don't know if I can share a set list with anyone but would love to. I'm currently working on the next 16 banks for full control. Effects vol and wah all work from pedal with a single midi cable . Any one interested let me know. Flash
  15. Has anyone had any success in getting the Helix to pass through MIDI Song Select messages? Background - I'm trying to set up some automation in my rig, including getting my drum machine to select the correct song. It's a Boss DR-3, needs a MIDI Song Select (i.e, F3 xx) message to work properly. I've struck out in getting the Helix to pass that message through. Anyone have any insight on this? I've tried sending the initial messages to the Helix via both USB and MIDI, doesn't make a different in what gets passed through. Also - my Helix MIDI global settings are (tho I've tried just about every combination) - MIDI Thru - ON - MIDI Over USB - ON - MIDI PC Receive - Both - MIDI PC Send - Both
  16. I am trying to control the amp channel via MIDI (in addition to the '4 cable method'): eg. Clean patches should use the clean amp channel. When you use any patch or foot switch on the HD500, a MIDI signal is sent that you cannot edit of disable (I think). I believe this is so that any other connected Line 6 gear knows what the HD500 is doing. Unfortunately some of these signals (eg from the Loop footswitch) change settings on my amp (a Blug amp1). Does the Helix and/or LT send these sorts of MIDI signals for other Line 6 gear? Can they be controlled?
  17. good evening. does anybody know if a chart with all the default settings (effects & co.) exist for POD XTs? something like below: preset comp (gate) stomp mod delay cab/ a.i.r. 2A off off off off on 2B on on on off on 2C on off off off off 2D off off off off on i'd need that to program better a Behringer FCB1010 UnO and, due to midi messages exchange, i need to know which ones are active in each preset, to avoid sending every midi message at changing bank/preset.
  18. Hello everyone, I have 2 x POD HD500s, my original road-worn thing with broken pots and jacks etc and a near-new one I have just bought. I would like to somehow link them together so that the new one will control both PODs with the output of both being available at the 1/4" outs of one only. Any tips from anyone...? Many Thanks, Anthony (Australia)
  19. Hey everyone. I got a POD X3 bean and a M-Audio UNO MIDI-USB interface and i'd like to connect them to my computer (which is a Mac). However, as far as I'm concerned, the X3 bean does not have a MIDI output/input (which is kind of odd since the lower-end POD 2.0 does) and I'm trouble here.. What I want to do is very simple: just use my headphones to listen to what i'm playing in my guitar through the POD and to music playing from my computer at the same time. If I connect my headphone to the headphone jack in my POD and connect the POD to my Mac directly via USB, I can use the POD as my soundcard, right? So any sounds coming from the computer would be played through the POD to my headphones in the same way my guitar playing would, right? Most of the time I'm just playing along songs I have here, and if i can just play something on iTunes and hear it on the same headphone I'm using with my POD that would be great, it would solve most of my problems. With this can I also record stuff (simple stuff, just using GarageBand or whatever...)? And I'd also like to know if there is any way around this MIDI problem with the X3.. I figured the MIDI would be a good way to control the POD via computer. Using direct USB connection, I cannot control the pod using the computer, right? Bummer... Is there anything I can do to this? Thanks!
  20. When I plug in the usb to the computer, it always shows all buttons as unassigned in the foot control application. I've tried on both mac and windows to set everything to custom Midi CC controls and save the default file. But when I unplug the usb cable and reseat it to confirm the device has captured the settings, it reverts back to unassigned. Is the device broken? Am I missing a step?
  21. Hi. One of my bandmates is searching for a minimal-solution to get his ENGL E660 Savage SE noiseless, which produces a lot of noise in HighGain. The ENGL E660 Savage SE has a MIDI-Switch which allows to switch up to 4 chanels. The Floarboard would be connected to the effect-send/return of the amp. The budget device we are searching for should offer… MIDI-Send to switch the 4 amp chanels min. 4 footswitches for direct choice of 4 patches / chanels a descent Noisegate a descent Delay / Reverb maybe a Tuner Which L6 Device would be the way to go in your opinion? The POD XT Live, the M9 or something completely different?
  22. Hey everyone, I'm looking into purchasing a chase bliss audio brothers pedal to add to my board. I haven't used the midi commands on the Helix to control any external pedals and wondered if these two were compatible. Not sure if this is a obvious or not but I haven't worked much with midi controls and want to start utilizing this ability in the helix. I like the Idea of being able to switch banks on the chase bliss pedal from the Helix. Anyone have experience with this one? Thanks.
  23. optimus_7

    Need Helix Help.

    Fellow String Slingers... I need help with an issue. My use case for the Helix is FX only - I have 2 VERY awesome amps that get me every tone I'll ever need. Because I'm using Helix only for FX - AND because Helix can have up to 32 blocks in a chain - I was really hoping to add an external MIDI controller (like 12 extra buttons.) and be able to use it to control the FX on/off of the blocks NOT controlled by the Helix pedals. I play in a 90's cover band - and Basically my main sounds are easily accessed through the built-in pedals. The bonus of having up to 10 pedals on the unit at a time has been great. But, rather than switch patches for some of the other crazier effects, I'd like to have an external MIDI Controller turn on/off some fx Blocks with the push of a button. When Helix originally came out - I was hoping the Helix Control could connect to the Floorboard and unlock up to 20 combinations of buttons at a time - but no dice..(YET?) SO - the issue I'm having is - I connected my old HD500 to see if the concept will work - but I can't find ANYWHERE in the controller config, or the manuals, etc. where the parameter for On/Off is set? You can use an external controller for any of the other parameters on an effect - but not "on/bypassed". Reading through the literature - it almost seems like you would need to have an effect assigned to an existing pedal on the Helix, then cc that pedal with one of the reserved CC numbers - which is totally useless..and redundant. Also - any plans to make External amp control polarity configurable so that you can control what channel is on when the LED is lit. (I.E. clean= LED off, dirty = LED on) I saw this was a feature request on Idea scale. Finally - is there a way to configure Helix such that, when the expression pedal moves past say 5% an fx block turns on, instead of having to push the EP button. (I think I've seen elsewhere that the answer is "no") Basically for Auto-engage whammy, in my case? Am I missing something stupid? Or are these just limitations? Also - Eye Candy: Grunge on.
  24. Hey guys! I'm running an X3 Live pedalboard when I'm playing live. I've done a little bit research already, but am a little confused. I'm trying setup changing my patches via MIDI from Ableton or Logic, preferably Ableton in a live situation. I've brought a USB MIDI cable (attached a picture), but not sure if I'm doing it wrong or even if I have the right sort of cable. Any help or tips would be really appreciated! Thanks
  25. Look that pretty FBV 3... easily the most appealing MIDI foot controller out there. But they have again missed the opportunity to have the best MIDI foot controller by omitting MIDI DIN connections. You still can get a MIDI-USB to MIDI-DIN converter as the Kenton MIDI USB Host MKII but... at 125€. A very expensive price for a device that only does one thing. But .. what would have been the supplement in the price of the FBV3 if already included MIDI DIN In/Out? Probably just a few dollars. At least they are considering adding the possibility of changing the color of the LEDs, based on the proposal I made in ideascale. But it bothers me a lot to have to spend 125 € extra on a fcking USB converter due to a bad design decision, which in addition they have already committed many times, again and again, with all those prior FBVs. All this could also be applied to the Helix controller, of course. Here the case is even more blatant, because it can not even be used as a USB MIDI controller. Guys, have you seen the sad panorama regarding MIDI foot controllers? Old models such as the Boss FC-300 or the Yamaha MFC10, expensive and limited. Or other very expensive artifacts offered by esoteric brands... When you have the one (or two) that could be the best MIDI foot controler in the market, only if you add MIDI DIN inputs and outputs. You also missed the IOS connectivity by ommiting a direct standard 9V AC connector. (as the ipad cannot feed enough juice to the FBV3 thru USB) Why, Line 6, WHY? What strange reasoning has led you to omit such things?
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