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  1. I am wondering if the Helix will route through MIDI commands from its hardware MIDI connectors over USB to an iPad? I already have the Helix hooked up to an iPad Mini 2 via USB (and the camera connection adapter), and using MIDI from Helix to control the iPad works great. However, I would like more footswitches. I would like to hook up an additional MIDI foot controller to the Helix's MIDI ports, and have those commands passed through the Helix over USB to the iPad to control various apps. Is this possible? Trying to see if this will work before I shell out the cash for a controller. Thanks!
  2. hansc

    MIDI control of amp

    Thinking about buying a Helix and have a question.... can the Helix send midi signals to my mesa TC-50 and replace my 6 button footswitch.... it controls the 3 channels, fx loop, reverb, and solo volume controls. Id like to get where i could push a switch on the Helix and have it include all the effects i want and also send cc signals to my amp( to change channels for example). Im thinking i would just need to attach a MIDI cable from the out of the helix, to the MIDI in of my amp. Regards, Hans
  3. Hello Does anyone try amplifi fx100 or firehawk to connect livid instruments guitar wing with wireless or bluetooth connection? is it possible? I use guitar wing with ipad app. thanks.
  4. hi people, nice community here have been fan from line 6 since my beginning i've seen it grow. I'm getting my self in the recording world i start easy and affordable, did some research and stumble across Studio one 3 really popular among starter (me). But i did have a tiny problem, studio 3 can't see my line 6 pod hd pro (probably cause i'm doing it wrong ). Hope someone here could help me BTW S/o from #MTL :)
  5. I've been using an HD500 for a long time, and it's upgrade time. I play electric violin, and MIDI-controlled Whammy 5 is an integral part of my rig. I have a Molten Voltage Osmosis, which selects presets, sets Whammy pedal position, and also calls up presets on my Source Audio EQ. From what I've been reading, I will probably have to keep at least the Whammy, and probably the Osmosis, as well. Right now, I'm looking to set up the Helix rack in an 8u rack, with drawer-mounted pedals, and probably a rack EQ. I like having access to a hardware EQ at all times. My first question: Can the Helix floor/rack floorboard send more than one MIDI command at a time? Three to five commands would be nice. If I could leave the Osmosis at home, I might be convinced to get the floor processor instead of the rack version. Second question: Can the floorboards be set up with completely customized layouts? For example: Top row: bank up, preset 1, preset 2, preset 3, looper, snapshot 1 Bottom row: bank down, MIDI command 1, MIDI command 2, MIDI command 3, snapshot 2, tap/tuner Third question: Can a 3rd party controller(FCB1010, HD500, etc) be set up to access presets, snapshots, send MIDI PC/CC, tempo? I'm not concerned with changing preset parameters during performance. If the presets and snapshots are all MIDI accessible, then I will be able to do just about everything I want. Fourth question: Are there any internal LFO, like the Fractal processors have? Last question: Is the input impedance seriously topped out at 1 Megohm? I have a good preamp, but I never had to use it with the HD500. Not a huge deal, but I was really surprised at that.
  6. Hey, I connected Helix via USB+camera connection kit to my ipad and the Quantiloop (ver 2) looper app. When doing that, the buffer size parameter on quantiloop is stuck at buffer size 128 (not a problem to change to 256, 512, 1024 while not connected to helix). When I record a track in quantiloop like this, I can send the midi commands from helix to the app on the ipad without any problems, but I get the recorded sound back with clicks/pops... and I think it has to do with the buffer size... This is annoying, but except for that quantiloop looks like a cool app! (BTW - no problem when using Loopy HD in a similar way...)
  7. I bought this pedal to use with logic pro x/mainstage to use in controling my plugins, it works great. My question is. Is there anyway to send midi?/data back to the pedal to maintain synch status led when turning on and off different effects? As I switch through patches, i cannot maintain synch of led, I am a programmer. so i could write a midi? plugin just or this, if necessary. Anyway, any ideas/expanded technical details would be great. Thanks
  8. Just posted a Custom Tone to the CUSTOMTONE site called "MIDI CONTROL1" to show how to set up your floor unit to use as a Transport control in a REAPER DAW. It has been tested in REAPER only but may/should work in most MIDI compliant DAWS. The one issue is the "RECORD" command which is not universal but determined by the DAW'S creator. The Code should be notated in their documentation. Here are the notes as entered on the download page: This is NOT a sound Patch file although I have added six blocks in path 1 A and B. This is a TEMPLATE to use as a startng point to build a patch that has MIDI TRANSPORT CONTROL for the REAPER DAW and possibly other DAWS as well. Delete the Blocks in Path A and add your own! Using Footswitches 7,8,9,10 and 11 in STOMP MODE you can transmit REWIND, RECORD, PAUSE, STOP and PLAY commands to your DAW. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE note that Footswitchs 7,8,9,10, 11 must not be assigned to any Blocks or you will cause a real mess! In the GLOBAL settings the MIDI/TEMPO settings to make this happen are: Midi Base Channel = 1; Midi Thru = On: MIDI Over USB= On; MIDI PC Send/Receive = On Set the FOOTSWITCHS Global settings to: Preset/Mode switches = Preset/Stomp; Stomp Mode Switches = 10 Switches; Up/Down Switches = Banks Of Course, you may want to set these to someting else when not working with a DAW which is fine. I have a Bank set for DAW patches and others set for "LIVE" i.e. not recording patches. Switching back and forth on Globals in no way effects your patches Once these Global settings are made: The MODE Button (6) will switch between: Bank Mode: switches 1 and 7 provide Bank up/down + switches 2,3,4,5 provide patch A, B, C, D AND switches 8,9,10,11 provide RECORD, PAUSE, STOP and PLAY as it is in "Stomp" MODE). The Stop Mode: Switches 1,2,3,4,5 provide Block select On/Off in either Path 1 or Path 2. What matters is that NO BLOCKS ARE ASSIGNED TO SWITCHES 7, 8, 9, 10 11 Switches 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 are now assiged to the the REWIND, RECORD, PAUSE, STOP and PLAY functions. You can go to the Command Center in either the HELIX or the HELIX Editor and see the commands and assignments. All the command messages are "MMC" (MIDI MACHINE CODE) except the RECORD command. That code is a "CC toggle Command Code-toggle). This code is defined by the DAW and is defined as CC#28 in REAPER. Other DAWS may have a different code and you will need to refer to that DAW's documentation and change the number in order for the RECORD switch to work. Good Luck - Bo Baker ( listed as Gary Baker on CUSTOMTONE)
  9. autay622

    Midi Clock Sync!

    How is it possible that this feature is not part of the Helix? With all of the capabilities. I need to sync my timing effects up with Ableton. Please fix this in a firmware update soon, or I will have to return/sell!
  10. On the M13....It sure would be nice to find some "secret" documentation other than the Line 6 "advanced" manual with more MIDI CC#'s or better yet PC#'s that aren't in the book... Is there anything out there like this? example:: I want to be able to use 1 scene per song. I am using a voodoo lab pedal switching system running dirt boxes. Lets say each of my songs has 3 parts. An intro, verse, solo, etc. I would like to stay within that scene, switching to an entire section on each part change A, B or C. This way I could have my three parts per song and have a total of 48 songs at my disposal. (corporate coverband gigs) If this possibility doesn't exist, couldn't this feature be added in an update? I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this. Thanks.
  11. Hi I'm getting a Hughes Grandmeister and need some help to conect my M13 via Midi to the head to control the banks from hughes .. he has a Midi input/out and 128 banks of memory that are controlled by a footswich ... how can I use the M13 to control him? Help please
  12. Hi Guys, anybody tried synchronizing tempo on Helix with MIDI CC from DAW? I used to this with POD HD and it worked fine but doesn't seem to work with Helix. Here is what I do: Helix manual says Tap Tempo is MIDI CC #64 with values 64-127. So I assume any value in this range is fine. As DAWs often don't send the same CC value repeatedly, I send values 127-126-127-126 etc. in sequence. Nothing happens, preset tempo stays the same. Just to check on something more obvious I change the CC to 57 (FS10) and voila, now the footswitch diode blinks rhytmically. So my setup seems fine, sending CCs works fine for #CC 57 but #CC 64 doesn't seem to affect Helix. Anybody tried and succeeded or has any hints? I'm on the latest firmware 1.10 and drivers (coming with Helix app 1.11). Helix is connected via USB to my Win 8.1 laptop. I tried sending the MIDI CC messages from FL Studio and Cubase, the same result (i.e. nothing...). Thanks for any help. I think I'm gonna raise a support ticket now...
  13. Hi, We would like to know if it's possible to synchronise the loop tempo of the pod with the session tempo of Ableton Live ? We used the midi input of pod but the tempo wasn't right (120BPM in live / 119.8BPM recognized by the POD) and the loop didn't keep synchronised... Any ideas please ?
  14. Hi Guys, I am battling to get Ableton Live 9 to change Snapshots on the Helix. I have my presets setup under Setlist 7 User 5 & want to change the different snapshots of a patch via Abelton. I setup the midi clip to change to the correct Setlist,Bank, presets & Velocity (0-7) to change in Ableton, but it keeps going to the Factory Setlist "18A Nothing Else Matters". I think I am over looking something, but can't figure it out. I am trying to achieve this is the session view.Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated!!! Regards Jason
  15. So I'm trying to find out if there's a way of using my old floorboard as a midi controller for my MAC (logic/mainstage). Obviously it sends some sort of signal over CAT5 which I could hook up to my MAC but is there any way to get the 2 talking? Anyone??
  16. I'm trying to use midi triggers with my POD HD bean. like at a certain time it'll go to a certain effect. is this available with the bean? i read about gearbox. i need more help...
  17. Hi, Do you have any experience on controlling your stage lights from Helix? Of course, not directly connection DMX cable to Helix :) , but using Helix midi capabilities to control a DMX box or computer which then controls the lights. Did you ever thought on this or you don't find it interesting at all? regards, Ricardo
  18. Hi I'm trying to use a midi controller to control a floor pod plus. I have a midi controller that I use with my trusty Zoom G9.2tt. It works perfectly. Zero latency. When I use it to send my CC signals to the pod plus, there is some terrible latency .. over 500ms I'd say. Let me point out that the signal goes straight from the controller to the pod .. there is no computer involved. It's just standard midi. Any ideas what could be causing this? Cheers dudes.
  19. A quick setup, I have the Helix Rack and am using it with other devices like the Eventide H9. I know that via midi I can send a PC to the H9 from Helix via the Command Center. My question is if I have an expression pedal connected to the Helix, in my case it would be via the Helix Control, would I be able to use that expression pedal to send a CC via midi to the H9 so that I can adjust (as an example) the delay feedback of a particular H9 preset? Thanks
  20. Hi guys, Long time L6 user but never posted here. :) I've both Firehawk 1500 and Helix. Very happy user. As the Firehawk has some really nice FX I would like to experiment and use out of my main Helix chains, would be awesome if the Helix could toggle on/off those effects via MIDI. As far as I can tell, MIDI on the 1500 is just working to change patches, but this seems odd to me as there's nothing preventing Helix to send Toggle command to the Firehawk which seems ready to receive MIDI. Also asking myself why adding a full MIDI section just to change up/down patch. Anyone know if we can use Helix, or any other third party MIDI controller, to toggle effects on/off on the FH1500? If the answer is no as it seems, is there anything preventing this to be a future update? Would be really awesome and the cherry on the cake to be the perfect companion for the Helix. Thanks everyone.
  21. Sometime ago I watched a video on Periphery's live set rig and I learned that they used a DAW to send MIDI signals to their Axe-Fx to switch patches during their performance. I was curious if the Helix is capable of this and if there is a good tutorial to set it up.
  22. Hi, I am with a company designing a custom midi controller that we wanted to have work with the M9. We are using Arduino to implement the controller. I have the looper doing play/stop and record via midi, all of which work great. When I tried to implement overdubbing, the M9 does not respond. I am sending a midi control change message with controller number 50 and a value of 0 on channel 1. I have tested this by sending the midi message to Abelton, which recieves it correctly and verifies this is what is being sent. I have also tried implementing it via Arduino's midi library and via their serial.write sending the message manually. I checked the midi input in setup as well, and have tried it both as channel 1 and omni. Another weird thing is that when the M9 is in record mode and receives this message it goes into playing while overdubbing, but once the M9 is playing the message does nothing. Really unsure what is wrong here unless our M9 is just defective, I have exhausted every other factor of error I can think of. I am going off the midi controls listed in the manual here: http://line6.com/data/6/0a060b316ac34f0593fca717b/application/pdf/M9%20Advanced%20Guide%20-%20English%20(%20Rev%20A%20).pdf We are on a deadline to have this working so any help is very much appreciated. Thanks!
  23. Greetings! To preface the below, I have searched high and low for a real answer for my issue. I hope that I am able to find what I'm looking for here! Problem: I have 4 snapshots in Preset "001" that I am trying to integrate MIDI with to switch channels on my Carvin Legacy 3. Snapshot 1: "Clean" - I'd like the Helix to send CC #81 over Channel 1 (MIDI talk, of course) Snapshot 2: "Crunch/Dry" - I'd like the Helix to send CC #82 over Channel 1 Snapshot 3: "Crunch/Wet" - I'd like the Helix to send CC #82 over Channel 1 Snapshot 4: "Lead" - I'd like the Helix to send CC #83 over Channel 1 CC parameters #84 and #85 control Legacy 3 boost and reverb functions respectively. I do not intend to use these at this time. I have tried going into the Global Settings and was successful in assigning CC #81-83 to my Helix Floor unit. I can find the toggles grayed out in "Stomp Mode" and can switch the amp channels in stomp mode. I CAN'T trigger the changes in Snapshot mode, however....I'm perplexed. Super perplexed. Can someone walk me through the steps that I need to take to set this up? I want to have this as a guide to take with me in the event something happens. I play in a band that travels internationally and due to time constraints, I'm basically freaking out inside. We are going from Michigan to New York and then on a cruise ship to Bermuda in literally less than 30 days now. Any assistance will be super appreciated! Disclaimer: I'm new to the Helix and this forum. Save me pls.
  24. I’m not sure if this is a software or hardware problem but now it’s really driving me crazy. Since acquiring my Helix at the end of November 2015, I have been using it at the heart of of my studio set up, effectively replacing my old POD HD500 and Focusrite Saffire Firewire interface recording system. Essentially the Helix is connected via USB to my 6 month old, 3.3GHz iMac Retina 5K (with 32GB of RAM installed). From new the Helix has had every update done, up to the latest firmware v1.06.5 on the release date16th Feb and the Mac is now OS X El Capitan 10.11.14 (installed 28th March, a while after problems started). My near field powered monitors are cabled to the Helix 1/4†out sockets with gold plated jack plugs and my Variax then hooks up on the dedicated input. In addition my, very old (if it’s good enough for Brian Eno then it’s good enough for me), RolandED PC-180 MIDI keyboard controller which uses the old school DIN plug to input MIDI data to the various software synths available in GarageBand or whatever, goes to “MIDI in†on the rear of the Helix. I have to say that the swap over was quick and painless (i.e. no drivers etc.). Everything simply worked perfectly normally, as it should, until about 2 weeks back (early March) when things started to get very weird. Any audio from iTunes or via the internet seems to function normally. It’s when I playback a GarageBand/Logic X track, it will start out O.K., and then after very short while (less than a couple of minutes) the audio degrades to the point where it sounds like it is running through a bit crusher effect, spluttering and popping until it ultimately fades into silence. This then becomes a system wide problem, screwing any and all up audio coming from any other source, iTunes, YouTube etc. The only way to clear the bug is by switching back and forth to the iMac onboard audio, except on returning to your favourite DAW it happens again, and again, and again. Apart from the audio output being screwed, the MIDI has also ceased to work properly. Any pre-recorded MIDI played back O.K. until the audio channels start to go flakey. Using the PC-180 keyboard I can get soft synths to trigger intermittently on single notes in GBand, but in Logic - not a sound, nada, zip, zilch, zero. It’s totally bizarre, because nothing has really changed - once the recording system had been set up, it was, fire and forget, nothing else required. It just worked! O.K. To try and figure this out I wanted to go through everything in the chain. First hurdle - cannot test the Retina iMac and FocusRite because the interface is FireWire400 into the module and the Mac is Thunderbolt to FW800 crossover. ARRGH! Right! I decided to connect everything up to the old iMac, how it had been pre Helix days. So I have the Focusrite patched to the MIDI keyboard on DIN, that sends/receives audio and MIDI via FireWire and outputs audio to the monitors. Yep - that works just fine, no stuttering, soft synths respond to slow swelling chords and fast single note sequences. So, now I use Helix as the hub, in the way listed above except this time it’s the old Mac running GarageBand. Well, I think you can guess what happens - correct we are back with the spluttering, stuttering, crackling popping and fading audio and flakey MIDI. Now don’t get me wrong but, when it comes to this hi tech MIDI sort of stuff, friends and associates usually ask me to fix it for them (hence the handle “data commandoâ€). I’ve been using computers and MIDI for over 30 years, in 1984 I owned an early Roland JX3P - the first synth with MIDI - which was hooked up to a Yamaha CX5M II MSX Computer System, and later to an Atari 1040ST (1986) running Sternberg’s Pro24 Sequencer (early version of Cubase). I still have a collection of rack mounted vintage synth/sample,FX modules e.g., Roland U110 and D110, Yamaha TX81Z and SPX90, Kawai K3M and K1M plus an AKAI S950 and XE8. Oh yeah, there is a Roland GR33, BOSS GT6, PODXT Live and a HD500 along the back wall, and a Korg digital drum machine in a box somewhere in here. Please note: on the iMac I have done all the usual “fix it†stuff - repair permissions, reset SMC and zapped the PRAM/NVRAM. There must be someone out here in Helix land who can maybe give me a clue has to WTF is happening - please help! And while I’m at it - why does Line 6 and the Helix state audio sample rates of 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96KHz. On the Mac only 48 can be selected - surely some mistake? See attached png. At the moment this whole shebang is totally FUBAR!
  25. I picked up a Beatbuddy drum pedal and I have it plugged into the POD HD500x through MIDI. The problem I'm facing is the time clocks are off by .08 bpm. Does anyone have any thoughts to calibrate or correct the time clock sync?
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