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Found 445 results

  1. Hey All, I have set up a patch to control a live looping app on my iPad via MIDI. It uses MIDI CC messages to trigger functions in the app. All works great there! However, I have the LEDs color coded to functions so i can identify them quickly, but the LEDs are always in the DIM state unless I am stomping on the switch. Is there any way to set the LEDs to always be lit fully? It would be very handy to be able to do. Thanks!
  2. Hey everyone, I just got a awesome Spider MK 2 HD100, and iam really happy with it, but it has come with the older floorboard with no connection to pc so I have bought a midi to USB cable to connect from the head into my pc but everytime I begin the firmware update i get a few popup windows open saying everything is ok click "yes" to proceed and then tick the user agreement and then i get a error window with the code 8000000, any clues please? Windows 10 btw. Cheers. Shaun.
  3. mdorren

    HX Effects to H9

    Can't get my HX to control the H9 expression via midi. I also can't get the H9 to receive midi clock from the HX. Anybody doing this already? Thanks, Marty
  4. Hey guys! Having a MIDI problem with my Helix/Roland RC505 looper. Trying to send a CC to turn channel 1 on the RC505 on/off, which I've done with other devices. Have set the appropriate channel (1) and MIDI CC#1 to a switch, and it's not working. However, when I switch to CC Toggle mode, it will send the note only with a toggle and turn the channel on, which is not economical for my purposes - just wanna be able to turn my "chorus" guitar sound on while also turning the right channel on! Thanks for any help. :)
  5. Hello, I'd like to connect an old roland GI-10 to helix and play some vst that i have on my pc. Does helix forward midi notes from the midi in to usb as it does any audio interface with midi ports?
  6. My Helix seems to be sending MIDI PC messages out on USB (to my iPad ) whenever my variax is connected via VDI and I change guitar models via the knob on my JTV. How can I stop this from happening ? I Need to send MIDI over SB via footswitches set up in control Center so cannot just turn the "MIDI Over USB" option off. But the option to send out MIDI PC messages is turned off as shown in the photo ) but yet HELIX is still sending out PC when models are changed. Is there a way to prevent this?. Judging by how the settings are set in this picture I would have expected that MIDI PC should be filtered out - 3 of the 4 options - all to do with PC - are off.
  8. Has anyone had issues/experience with snapshots AND using HELIX to control external gear via MIDI? I use helix to run Ableton Live via MIDI notes that are assigned to (momentary)footswitches in HELIX. This has worked perfectly in STOMP mode as long as I've had my HELIX, but I recently started working with snapshots and LOVE the flexibility. Here's the problem I'm having: It seems that my HELIX is learning which footswitches I'm stomping to control Ableton, so when I recall a snapshot, the switches I have stomped are ENGAGED, and the note value of each switch changes to C -1. I've tried using MIDI CC's instead of notes with no success either. If anyone has any input or help, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  9. I've had my Helix Rack for about 2 weeks and I'm really enjoying it. I'm having an issue and while I have workarounds I'm looking for some input. I use the Helix in 4CM with an analog looper (RJM Rack Gizmo) and my amp (Mark V). The looper responds to MIDI CC as well as Program Change messages. I currently have Program Change messages disabled on the Helix and am using CC either as an instant command or assigned to a footswitch. I use these to switch channels and enable the 3 OD pedals I have in the loops. The problem I'm having is related to saving the state of a CC Toggle assigned footswitch to a snapshot. From what I can tell the Helix does seem to attempt to save the state of the footswitch but when I select a new snapshot the "enabled" CC Toggle switches don't seem to have any effect. Also, currently active CC Toggle footswitches dim the LED as expected but the appropriate CC message doesn't appear to transmit to disable the loop. I realize that I can use Instant CC messages and have been doing that as well but I'd like to assign my loops to a FS on some patches. Is anyone else using the Helix like this and have you been able to use Snapshots?
  10. Hi All, First time poster here so please be gentle. I'm also going to get in early and apologise for the bad forum etiquette of two topics in one post but until i receive an approved post this is the only one i get today. I have just received my Helix and been working through it to put together a configuration that works for me. currently i'm using snap/stomp and using 'mode' to see 8 stomps at once. pressing preset up/down together to see 8 snapshots. Briefly, I am planning on running the Helix as my single user interface to control : - Internal Helix effects, - Effects loop pedals, - A separate dB11 effects loop extender (midi controlled) - Bias FX on iPad (midi through usb) - Onsong on iPad (midi through usb) So my first question is, Is there any way to 'bank' through stomps within a preset? As it is possible to load many more than 10 stomps in a single preset, i was hoping there might be a way to cycle through pages of these using the FS1 and FS7 but i can't find it. The second question is a little more convoluted. I have midi commands set up through command centre to trigger from FS8-11 and named these (being careful to remove all other assignments from these FS) and that works great to control Onsong through usb midi (previous/next song, scroll up/down). What has thrown me is that if i press 'Preset up and down' together to display snapshots on all 8 FS, i find that the midi commands in FS8-11 are still triggered as i select a snapshot from that row. I was hoping that the snapshot would suspend the momentary midi program change commands under these 4 switches and then re-enable them for use once the snapshot is selected. Has anyone else come up against this and found a solution?
  11. erdraven

    X-Y Pad

    Hello, I don't know if this has been answered already, but can you use an XY pad like Matt Bellamy to control the POD HD500? Has anyone tried it? Could it be done? like this
  12. Has anyone managed to get the Helix working as a proper MIDI controller for Helix Native 1.10 in Tracktion? I am currently using Tracktion version T6. I was able to set the Helix up as a MIDI controller with no problem for other Tracktion plugins' parameters but Helix Native will only show me two parameters, 'Wet' and 'Dry' levels, that can be assigned to MIDI control or automation. I have set up the parameters that I wish to control within Helix Native using the "Automation/Controller Assign" tab but the assigned parameters/controllers do not show up anywhere in Tracktion when I try to assign the Helix as a MIDI controller to them. Tracktion's internal automation envelopes can't seem to see my Helix Native parameters either. The "Learn" function in Tracktion does not help and also can't see any Helix Native parameters. Am I missing a step, is this a Tracktion problem, or is this a Helix Native issue with automation and MIDI not being properly implemented yet? Maybe I am just missing part of the procedure. Has anyone successfully set up automation and MIDI on Tracktion for the Helix Native plugin? If so, could you please post up your procedure. Thanks!
  13. Hi all, is it possible to control any of Natives parameters (volume/wah/delay feedback) with an external expression pedal? I've tried all sorts of routing inside Cubase Pro 9 and I can't seem to get the two sides hooked up in the same way I can with Guitar Rig/Amplitube etc. I get the impression I should be able to, but somehow can't. There's a very good chance I've overlooked something obvious though :) Is it supported yet? I'm running the latest update 1.1.0. Thanks, Jon
  14. Hi guys, So, I'm using my 500X as an "amp" with multi effects stored in presets. I'm controlling everything with my TC Electronic G-System where I also have distortion pedals in my loops. Sounds real sweet and I'm super happy with the setup! Presets works fine 90% of the time, but sometimes I want to throw in a stompbox on the 500X when I've used up all the effects on the G-system, which also can work as a MIDI controller to the POD. For example, I send MIDI CC #055, which corresponds to POD FS5. Problem is, that the POD has reversed CC commands, in comparison to probably ALL THE WORLDS other MIDI capable units out there?! The POD listens to 0-63=on and 64-127=off. So every time I change a patch on the G-system, the pedals on the POD turns on. NOT what I want to do... Anyone knows why it is like this? Really strange MIDI behaviour in my opinion, as the majority of MIDI controllers is the other way around... Hope that Line6 can implement this in a firmware update, to be able to "reverse" MIDI Controller Change messages!
  15. Hi is anyone using Helix with Ableton Live? So far, I have had some success using Ableton to automatically switch between patches and snapshots using Midi Envelopes. This is fantastic for when I am playing live (we also use Ableton to play keyboard backing tracks and generate a click track for our drummer). However, I find the midi switching behaves quite randomly at times. Sometimes the midi connection seems to drop out completely, sometimes if I hit play on the song it fails to switch to the correct patch. Today I have been setting it up to control looping. I managed to get the looper to automatically begin recording, drop-in an overdub, stop and start again....as I needed it to. I was thrilled. Then, suddenly, it starts behaving oddly. For example, it will rapidly flick between overdub in and out, even though the Midi envelope is set to a single number. Frankly, it is driving me nuts! I'm using a brand new 2017, Macbook pro. I'm using a USB connection to Helix. Any help will save me from madness. Thank you in advance, Simon
  16. Hi, I did some searching and didn't seem to find anything to help with the following... Trying to use my Novation Impulse Midi Controller keyboard as a "convenient" way to adjust parameters like gain or volume. when I go into controller assign and configure the the CC that I have the keyboard dial set to, nothing happens. when I open my DAW, I can see the messages are showing up properly. I have tried switching between USB and MIDI cables. I've also tried the "learn" function. It seems like the MIDI messages aren't being recognized by the helix for some reason. Help would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure there are some amazing things possible but I'm having difficulty just scratching the surface with Midi. thanks, Rob
  17. I need help programming my ART X11 midi board with my POD 2.0 Is there an easy way of doing this? At the moment it just runs through the patches 1 a b c d then 2 abcd etc... But Id like to be able to set up patches myself Its an older pod 2 so the floorboards dont exist anymore Can any one help? Do I need to program the pod or do it from the X11? Thanks guys any help would be appreciated
  18. Hi all, I was wondering if it is possible to control external gear via MIDI with Helix in snapshot mode? I would like to select a snapshot and in that snapshot select the correct program on a Whammy pedal and activate it. I've tried it but I got no success. I remind have read somewhere in the manual that controlling MIDI devices is only abailable in stombox mode? this seems unlogical to me as at least in preset mode should be able to do it, but not sure about snapshot mode... Thanks!
  19. Hi I can't seem to get my setup to work I purchased Pod Farm 2,5 Platinum standalone to use with my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 v2 USB but when I try to set it up Pod Farm doesn't recognize the inputs. I can manually select the hardware to tell Pod to "use this device" but to no avail. I can get my interface to work well with Logic Pro X and GarageBand but I really wanted to to back to Pod Farm for versatility's sake on tone, and it's such a letdown that I can't get this to work at all. Anyone know how to fix this problem? Because I've tried EVERYTHING that the manual says setupwise and I'm starting to feel like I've spent 250 bucks for nothing and this thing doesn't work on Mac as advertised on standalone with this interface. I'd appreciate some help on this. Thanks in advance.
  20. Hi all, I have an FBV3 on order. Am I able to use the FBV3 to control external midi devices (e.g. Atomic Amplifire) by using the USB port on the FBV3? i.e. If I am connected to my Spider V240 (by RJ45 connection) can I also control the Atomic Amplifire (or other device) via the USB (type B) port? Any assistance is much appreciated. Cheers Paul
  21. Is it possible to use the midi in/thru on the Helix to feed midi notes to a soft synth on my computer via a usb connection? I got it all hooked up to the midi send on my keyboard and my DAW was only recognizing one note/chord every 5-6 seconds. It would ignore all other input in the interim. If anyone has a walkthrough on how to set this up I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  22. Hi, I just bought used POD XT with broken usb port. I've tried to authorize connecting via midi ports, but license manager does not detect the device. Can I authorize it through the midi at all?
  23. So I'm geeking out my gear completely. Variax, Helix and Tripleplay. My issue is getting Helix to send program changes to Tripleplay. It has it's own channel in Helix and I set up the volume as a fade from guitar to synth or back. I've tried INSTANT from the Command Center but can't get it to move synth patches when the Helix changes patches. I could use some insight on this. I can't be the only one who is doing this. BTW I haven't tried to do any other MIDI controller settings yet. This is all going through a PC laptop.
  24. Hey, I want to run my processor like AXE FX where you can put that into a studio session and program effect presets change at any downbeat you want during the song. Right now I have my HD 500x processor plugged in to my computer by USB, and Studio One has it programed as an external device. Now I need to figure out how to bring it into the session so I can place effect presets.
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